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League of Legends: Galio Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Feb 152013
Galio, the Colossus
Galio, the Colossus

Galio, the Colossus stoically watches over Demacian lands. As guardian he waits for the time when his titanic might will be needed. It’s said that he keeps the uncontainable power of mages from scarring his country; as it had in the past. However, without magic he has no means of fuelling his will. Such is the ironical fate of this extraordinary titan. In the direst of times, the Colossus will walk again and legends will be rekindled anew with more tales of Galio’s battles. For now, he stands dormant seeing decades go by. The most long-lived also tell of how magic affects his appearance. Perhaps we should go through the records and see the many faces of Galio’s past.

Enchanted Galio
Enchanted Galio Splash Art Enchanted Galio Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Galio as a gargoyle made of dark stone enchanted with blue magic.
Model: New model for Galio.
Particles: New blue particles and magical dust for his abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A misty mountain range and a dimming sky that lets some stars shine. Trees are dwarfed besides the moss-covered colossus. His advance recreates the landscape. More than context, we have a setting for Galio to walk through and give the awe-inspiring sense of scale that is so lost in-game.
Speaking of Galio, the central area consisting of head and torso looks rather clear but the legs start to get diffuse. The idea of his left wing and arm being diffuse makes sense due to the titanic proportions. However, the waist and thighs are within the visible area. Galio’s body also suffers from uneven depictions. Stone and metal at times look sketchy and in other areas quite attractive; the moss seems a draft leftover. The energy body appears plastic and wile the gaseous forms are interesting they are contained as if the Colossus were a toy. On top of that, the close perspective aims to impress with his size yet prevents a really good view of his physiognomy.
All in all, there’s an interesting portrayal that feels unfinished. The idea of showing scale is somewhat wasted due to how irrelevant that is in-game. The setting says nothing and the depiction of Galio has several ups and downs. It manages to present an idea of Galio’s look but doesn’t make the most of it.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For being a re-model, mostly as there are familiar lines, Enchanted Galio stands apart from the classic persona rather well. It has a somewhat darker style effusive with magical power; especially when Colossal Smash is ready to be used. When it’s not the model appears subdued, opaque and a bit dull. Still the body is colourful despite a simple lower body. The magic crystal at the core looks like drab plastic but the design of the body makes for a distinct appearance that catches the eye. Less lean than Classic and incorporating plates like ornamented shields Enchanted defines a florid identity. It’s a pity only the passive ability feels really different. The other abilities are re-coloured blue: a change that cements the proposed identity; auto-attacks remain untouched. There are also particles of glowing magic added to the abilities which is a welcome. Regardless, it’s all a timid effect that adds the necessary cohesion to the skin’s style with a touch of extra personality but without incorporating anything novel.
Therefore, as a re-model it’s a rather nice skin. It has some issues but the identity of Enchanted Galio stands out. It only needs some extra touches to feel distinct.

Hextech Galio
Hextech Galio Splash Art Hextech Galio Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Galio as a mechanical gargoyle.
Model: New model for Galio.
Particles: New blue particles for his abilities and auto-attacks.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Rubble, dust, and bent metal is all the setting conveys. There’s a suggestion of further buildings but not much can be gathered from them; except that Galio is huge. The tiny people in the Colossus hand further push the point of his size; even if in-game that’s irrelevant. The blue light that bathes them is a great touch. It almost echoes the traditional discoveries of gentle giants by father and son; or their creation. Nothing in concrete can be gathered though.
Galio’s portrayal has some great touches like the aforementioned light over hands and forearms. The arms also display quite detailed surfaces on the right but the left starts to show thicker brushstrokes. By the time we reach the head and back the draft tendencies are notorious. If we are to see at his legs and lower body then the sketch is fully in view; the intense light would highlight the complex design of Galio not conceal it. The wings are a side hint with little room to express themselves. The saving grace is the several lights on Galio’s body which tend to be attractive though their effect on nearby surfaces is uneven.
On the whole, this splash art gives a brief presentation of Galio as hextech machinery. There are great touches but also bare and sketchy areas that simply don’t contribute, not to say that they disrupt, the good intentions of the splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With clear steampunk influences Hextech Galio is an interesting re-model that brings the mechanical nature of this version of the Colossus to the forefront. The artificial body has a design that at time seems torn between form and function yet manages to convey some practical use for most of the choices; like the shoulder lights. At its core, the outline is recognisable for a robot with the addition of Galio’s classic physique. Regardless, the combination fits the steampunk robot effectively. It’s also worth noting that the skin seems quite subdued until Colossal Smash is ready. The glowing lines on the wings and tiny orbs on the hands make the skin come alive with magical energy. Often is the case with Galio’s skins that only the passive’s particles receive relevant changes. However, while the rest of the abilities and auto-attacks transition to a blue tone similar, yet brighter, to Enchanted there’s a little else to consider. Winds of War gusts leaves hextech patterns behind as they fly and Shield of Durand spreads lines of magical energy on the ground. While they are simple touches they are relevant to further define the skin’s identity. It’s also worth noting that in his death animation he doesn’t turn to stone; which makes sense but nothing steps in to substitute that event. Of course, a processed voice-over to make Galio sound mechanical would be fantastic but is probably way beyond the skin tier’s capabilities.
Ultimately, Hextech Galio fulfils the fantasy it presents. The mechanical Colossus is ready to go but only fully alive when the passive is on. This makes the skin appealing but in need of some extra touches.

Commando Galio
Commando Galio Splash Art Commando Galio Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Galio as a Demacian commando.
Model: New model for Galio.
Particles: New fire-like glow for Colossal Smash. New indicator for Hero’s Entrance.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: There’s a modern city of skyscrapers that climb to the clouds. In an open area, in the middle of it all, a Colossus does his best Hulk impression. The tank smashing goes straight to the point: Galio is on the other side so things are to look grim for the inhabitants of this place. That’s assuming there are any, not because they’ve been evacuated, but because the blurry depiction of the city makes it look made out of newspaper. Even the sunflare effect isn’t convincing.
Speaking of the Colossus, we find him in quite an impressive portrayal that shows his might quite well. His size isn’t as evident unless we consider the tank but that’s no issue. The surfaces of the right arm are a spectacle of detail which clashes quite evidently with the much simpler torso, head, blurred left arm and tail; though the glasses are quite interesting. The smashing effect is quite eye-catching and particles make for a sober yet vivid show. It’s a pity though that the wings, like the body, are so uneven with photorealistic lighting on the right against a draft feel on the left and further down the right one. The pose also doesn’t allow a good view of Galio as the right arm practically conceals the whole of the lower body.
Adding it all together, this is a splash art that easily catches the eye. A closer look reveals a paper-thin setting and a patently uneven quality of depiction. Regardless, it makes for a good presentation of a Commando Colossus.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: While overloaded with items Commando Galio clearly communicates the army concept behind it. In fact, wings aside he looks like a generic burly soldier without much to set him apart; except for his fashionable golden sunglasses and stylish armour. Taking into account the metallic visage and wings might allow for an interpretation of a mechanical soldier or one trying a new portable flying kit. Nevertheless, neither idea is given much weight in the execution. It’s Galio as a soldier without much attention given to the interpretation. The adaptation, though, is effective in its fanciful way. As with other re-models Colossal Smash’s particles help the skin stand out but in this case aren’t as necessary or effective at making the skin catch the eye. The fact that the classic particles mesh so well with the skin’s colour palette also disguise their lack of change.
Overall, Commando Galio is a skin that ticks the box it has to: soldier. The appearance is clear about its intentions but lacking in exciting interpretations or features; except for Colossal Smash. Regardless, if you only expect the basics then Commando Galio delivers.

Gatekeeper Galio
Gatekeeper Galio Splash Art Gatekeeper Galio Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Galio as a demonic keeper of the Underworld.
Model: New model for Galio and new flame between his horns.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, death and recall.
Animations: New animations for his abilities, auto-attack, high-speed flight, death and recall.
Sounds: New scraping sounds for his abilites, new sounds for his death and recall plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: Tall bridges, spear-wielding gargoyles and a procession of doom to a non-existent gate. The setting suggests much and, while there’s a valid context, specifics are particularly sparse. It could be said that the Gatekeeper is the gate but that also sounds like pushing it. The aforementioned stands guard and also provides light with his horn-flanked flame. The size of the colossal Gatekeeper makes the men carrying their souls in their hands, or some light, insignificant.
Unfortunately, the portrayal of such a monumental figure seems lacking. Whereas a grim and gritty depiction would’ve fit perfectly instead we get a cartoony one. The better shaded areas are the head and upper body as the tendency to hide everything behind smoke is clear when we reach the arms. Colours are also quite similar to each other which make not only Galio but also the whole piece monotonous. The homogeneity doesn’t contribute to the oppressive feel of doom that it actually could define. The wings are a sketchy hint and the light sources on the arms and shoulders are a timid effort in comparison to the intense though simple head flame. At least, it allows the horns surface to impress with their shading.
Truth be told, this is a disappointing splash art. The cartoony style spoils what otherwise could’ve been an exercise in darkness. Even if we ignore that, we find a context brimming with potential only to be relegated to a diffuse suggestion; as if it could compete with the magnitude of Galio’s portrayal. That given a good depiction, as the one offered is uneven and fails at taking advantage of the florid appearance of the Gatekeeper. Its potential ends up bursting at the seams to the point that it makes the splash art more interesting that it can be by itself. Still, problems are noticeable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The demonic nature of Gatekeeper Galio matches his classic physiognomy quite well making for an easy transition. In fact, as a furry demon with artificial, magical wings the skin manages to set itself apart from the classic identity and embrace its concept well. The model with its regal golden-lined armour, floating wings and familiar yet effective devil body conveys the demon lord idea with some originality. There’s no doubt that Colossal Smash also adds to the distinct personality with its subtle highlights on the wing’s panes and flames on the vambraces. When such particles aren’t about the skin turns off a bit but the flame burning firm between the horns states that not all power has been snuffed yet.
Sadly, the rest of the abilities don’t echo the great work of the passive. Their visual changes are as timid as their animations. They incorporate spectral maws and flames but always in a subdued way that neither deviates much from Classic’s design nor really fits such an eye-catching demon lord. Their sounds only receive minor scraping tones added to the Classic base; perhaps to add some additional horror. The animations convey a more defiant personality that is suitable but still largely based on the classic one. The use of dark silhouettes with glowing eyes for Justice’s Punch and Hero’s Entrance is a good touch that adds to the skin’s theme.
There are a few extra touches like the high-speed flight animation, shared with Shield of Durand, the new death and recall. They all help further the demon lord identity though there’s only so much that they can do; being secondary activities to the main set of attacks. Much is based on Classic and for a legendary skin in this day and age it’s no longer acceptable. Even the new voice-over is succinct and brief without adding additional quotes beyond the basic ones.
All added together, Gatekeeper Galio is a skin with an attractive concept and a barebones execution. It does all the changes it has but with the feel that the shortest path was chosen whenever possible. The result still manages to be appealing due to the sheer power of the concept which unavoidably permeates many of the changes. Nonetheless, as a legendary skin, it’s an example of times gone by but implemented with current technology. As such it can’t but disappoint.

Debonair Galio
Debonair Galio Splash Art Debonair Galio Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Refined Galio wearing a suit.
Model: New model for Galio.
Particles: New silver glow for Colossal Smash. New indicator for Hero’s Entrance.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: As a spotlight of Galio this piece is quite direct: it’s mostly just a portrayal. There is a setting barely distinguishable but not much can be discerned about the place. Besides the high, vaulted roof there are some artificial guests that enjoy a drink; most of them silhouettes. All in all the background is rather sketchy and lacking in detail as if a heavy fog was present. Galio, fortunately, appears much clearer even if the close-up makes him appear unnecessarily smug and self-absorbed; the worst aspects of the aristocratic style he may aim to reflect. Instead of looking refined and polite his visage reinforces the mentioned impression and despite playing with a chip he appears sardonic rather than cool.
The surface of Galio’s body is bright and polished almost looking like a precious stone; which is a great touch. However, the saturated colour of his clothes makes them appear waxy and the way that his right hand emerges from his jacket sleeve is simply unnatural: not only is the position wrong but the limb is also too thin for the rest of his arm and body. His lower body also looks diffuse regardless of the fact that Galio is so close. His wings mesh with the background to the point that they seem absent. They also cover a good part of the setting. Even though they could be clearly shown the simple display seems like filler. The act of drinking a potion is a good touch though it’s not echoed by all attendees. Perhaps it could’ve displayed a new fashion around connoisseurs but the setting reveals too little.
In conclusion, it’s a splash art that offers a clear but flawed portrayal with an interesting setting that is merely suggested. There’s potential for much more but it’s all discarded in lieu of a straightforward depiction that doesn’t take advantage of the basic premise.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The class of Debonair Galio is unarguable. The richly stylised suit speaks of elegance and even vanity. The exaggerated proportions speak even more of his self-centred personality than of the cartoony approach. At a glance, the clothes cover the usual areas: shirt, waistcoat, jacket, wide cravat with gem and easily missable dark trousers. The printed cloth on the back may seem out of the ordinary but for the aristocratic inclinations of the Debonair Colossus it seems fitting enough. The wings gem-like surface aims at framing and decorating more than being a serviceable means of transport. The silvery glow of wings and cufflinks given by Colossal Smash makes the elegance even more notorious even if the lack of shoes seems like a questionable concession.
Except for the passive, abilities keep the golden classic look. If the skin incorporated more gold than just the wings’s guard, cuffs and cravat gem then they would suit better. As it stands, there’s too much blue and white which doesn’t mesh with the gold well enough.
There’s also the fact that his scornful face seems fitting for a villain yet there’s no suggestion of such malevolence. This can lead one to believe that Galio feels superior to others to the point of being disgusted by lesser beings: everyone except himself. That may suit the skin but an explicit overload of arrogance doesn’t help in making it any more appealing.
That’s all that is on offer and, for a skin that is more expensive than other re-models, to have an equal adaptation with a less evocative model means that something else should be added to make it special. There’s nothing else, though, which makes the skin feel simplistic. Add to the straightforward adaptation the unfriendly visage and instead of complacent Galio seems conceited. Still, if an elegant suit is all you are looking for then you’ll find it here; under a scornful face.

 Splash Art Birdio Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Galio wearing a bird costume.
Model: Moderate model changes for Galio.
Particles: New fried oil with chicken legs for his abilities and recall.
Animations: New dance, death and recall animations.
Sounds: New cluck sounds for Hero’s Entrance, dance and recall.
Splash Art: Speeding around the city for a prompt delivery is everyday business. Such dedication can cause certain problems like pedestrians being blown away and asphalt being broken to pieces but that’s a small price to pay for a warm meal. The background is surely diffuse and even dull with a notorious lack of brilliance in its colours. It also gives an attractive depiction of the setting where Sivir and Galio make the rounds.
What the background lacks in brilliance Galio’s portrayal offers in spades; from the waist up. The lines are precise, the colours soft allowing a detailed depiction of all surfaces. The use of light and shadow is timid and uneven; perhaps unseen lights and obstacles above Galio can explain it. There’s also the fact that the costume and uniform appear much softer, almost rubbery against the more solid but sort of metallic-looking stone body. Legs are omitted but the pose is reasonable and delivers the intended message.
Overall, this is a nice and effective splash art. It may not have all the quality it should as it’s uneven with a background that isn’t as vivid as it could be. Regardless, it makes for an appealing snippet of what Sivir and Galio are up in their daily working lives.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Let’s be blunt about this: Birdio aims to be funny but after a while it ends up feeling foolish. Sure, there’s quite a bit of mockery to opponents and more than a ridiculous admiration for fried chicken yet it gets embarrassing after a while. It’s not as if the skin is aiming for a sophisticated kind of humour, anyway. The model is actually a clear example of the approach Birdio takes: Galio dressed in a chicken costume with an apron for a cooking angle. That’s comedy in case anyone didn’t realise.
The particles respect the classic design but with a new colour and some bubbles to make the gusts feel more liquid like fried oil. As projectiles chicken legs, in their buckets and all, are added to give that irresistible, funny touch; no doubt. The exception is Hero’s Entrance which instead has a new design on the ground of a chicken head surrounded by fried legs. We are in the presence of true ingenuity here, of course. It may be worth adding that as auto-attacks and passive, Colossal Smash, keep the classic particles the different colour can look odd.
Sounds are sparse with only some clucking added to a trio of actions; only one of which will see use in battle. It can be ridiculous in a fun way to make Hero’s Entrance be backed by clucking; in all its shallow glory. The dance can be mocking and the recall adds consistency but it wears thin after a while.
The new animations are similar in their clucking. Dance is made to mock, the recall half mockery and half joke and the death mostly joke with a touch of mocking. There’s nothing clever or elegant here and it’s clear what the intention is.
At its best, Birdio can be funny due to its ridiculous angle. At its worse, it could be aggravating to opponents as the skin is as much a joke as it is a device for mocking people. The main problem is that even as a joke it soon stops being funny as it lacks any depth. As preposterous as the skin is it’s also shallow but everyone has their own kind of humour; some prefer to be sarcastic, for example. If this is your kind of comedy, you can add a star and take it as a good skin but be aware of the noticeable classic base. If this isn’t what you like in a joke then there are many other options.


As per usual, a visual upgrade tends to homogenise the look across skins. Galio manages to overcome this problem thanks to models that make an effort to stand apart from each other; though there are evident similarities. Being that most skins are simple re-models with few extras it’s more a matter of choosing a favourite concept. Regardless, Enchanted Galio is a skin worth taking into account. It has a distinct identity that isn’t fully developed yet manages to convey its attractive magical theme. It really comes alive with the help of the passive but still manages to be appealing.

Much the same can be said about Hextech Galio. The mechanical Colossus idea is clearly conveyed but the skin seems subdued when the passive isn’t collaborating. With some extra work, it would fully recreate the magical side of hextech besides the mechanical and become a complete creation.

Commando Galio follows the same trend of adopting a new model and some changes for Colossal Smash. The result is a skin that looks like a soldier but that lacks any interesting interpretation. It’s a straightforward adaptation with little that stands out. It’s effective, though, so if the bare minimum is enough then it’s here.

The legendary option is one that seems taken from times of yore and updated only as much as necessary. Gatekeeper Galio has a wonderful concept with some clever touches in its implementation but also with several choices in the adaptation that seem to avoid extra work. The result is a skin with much appeal brought down by an unexpected reliance on the classic persona. Being a legendary skin, it leaves a mixed feeling between the letdown of the execution and the appeal of the concept.

The elegance given to Debonair Galio thanks to a stylish dinner suit and decorative wings speaks of class. His disdain for others, as represented by his face, may be another aspect of the same thing. If it all works together it doesn’t prevent the elegance from being a more interesting feature than the scorn. Thus, with such a simple proposition the skin struggles to appeal.

Birdio is a skin that can be a ridiculous joke and also a device for mocking people. It lacks any sophistication as it’s a skin that just wants to be funny. This makes it a shallow proposition that may not suit everyone’s style of humour. If you like it then it can be a fair skin; add a star then. If not, there’re many other options available.

  32 Responses to “League of Legends: Galio Skins’ Review”

  1. Galio’s classic splash art just… makes.. me …want… to … cry
    Its so…. beautiful :’o

  2. I actually quite like Enchanted Galio. Ok, I may be a bit biased considering the skin is based on Chernobog and I am proud of my Slavic heritage but I find it quite nifty. Sure I would have liked it more if it had the complimentary particles but oh well. That works too.

    • As far as re-textures go Enchanted Galio is quite nice. The problem is that it’s all the skin offers and the theme is realized in a superficial way. We agree that it’s a nice skin but it’s also a wasted opportunity. It seems there are too many of those.

  3. Between Enchanted and Commando Galio,which one do you personally prefer?I really want one of them,but I’m not sure which.

    • We’d recommend Enchanted Galio. Both are modest skins that only offer new textures but Enchanted is more eye-catching and the concept is more interesting as well; even if its great potential is wasted. Neither are particularly great skins so if unsure better wait for a sale or a better skin for Galio.

      There are quite a few champions that are in dire need of some interesting and attractive skins. Hopefully they won’t be forgotten.

      • Hah thank you 🙂 I got Enchanted and I won’t ever regret it xD Galio is very under-rated,but powerful.

        • Not at all. We agree that Galio is a hidden dragon with a lot of power. It’s a pity that he doesn’t receive more attention; skins in particular. Maybe soon with some luck.

  4. After I carefully read your review and found some skin videos,I sadly find this champion have nothing worth to buy.I mean not many people are willing to spend 1820 to buy a Gatekeeper Galio .Gatekeeper Galio have some new animations,but his reference is boring.

    • Sadly, we have to concur. Gatekeeper Galio is the only skin that goes out of the way to feel special but it just can’t prevent showing its age. We can probably agree that it’s high time that the gargoyle got a remarkable skin that does something impressive with him.

  5. While I do agree with most of the things you said about Debonair Galio, skin is definitely worth it’s price.
    It does have it’s flaws, but for 750RP, you’re getting a fresh version of our fave gargoyle on plate.

    Splash art is phenomenal, it’s so elegant and imo they did a pretty good job with it. It’s hella fabulous in the loading screen aswell. Sure, it lacks that WOW factor that most of the newer skins have, but it’s still a nice piece.
    In-game, it looks fine. All of the debonair skins are ‘blah’ when it comes to their model, and Galio is not really an exception. However, I do love the ‘shiny’ wings, and colours of his suit are pretty cool. I agree that he looks a bit bland, though.

    I do understand your point of view though, as it’s a skin with a LOT of potential.

    • We agree, Debonair Galio is a good skin but needs more to be captivating. We don’t give much value to the splash art, besides being a presentation card, because in-game it’s relevance is negligible. However, the model is rather nice, classy and polished. Such refinement also comes by the hand of newer technology that his other skins, Classic included, lack. Therefore, it’s a matter of a fine skin thanks to the outdated competition. That’s not to say that it has no merit but it wouldn’t have the same effect with an updated Galio.

      The potential is there and ready to be tapped into when the visual upgrade comes; as is presumedly scheduled. The question is whether a skin at 750 RP will receive enough attention to make it more than acceptable. It’s a great opportunity that is often wasted but it should be considered. Re-releaseing skins after a visual upgrade would be a good way of refreshing a champions wardrobe and appeal.

  6. Something’s wrong with the Enchanted Galio link in the picture.

    • Sorry but we just checked both splash art and model screenshot and they worked without issue. Could you elaborate on what the problem is?

      • “The image “http://www.strategyzero.com/images/LoL/SkinModel/EnchantedGalio.jpg” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.”

        Could just be an issue on my side. If so, nevermind then.

        • That’s strange. We tried with four different browsers and the image worked. Perhaps it’s a problem with the CDN. We haven’t made changes to that image though. If it doesn’t sort itself eventually please do tell us and we’ll try to investigate further. It could be the start of something bigger. Better to be prepared then.

  7. Are you going to update this for his champion update?

  8. Based on what we’ve seen on the PBE and his update reveal and whatnot, what are you first impressions of the skin updates in general?

    • We find that the Galio visual update combat the usual homogeneity resulting from redoing all skins at once in the model department. However, so far, as far as particles and other extras go there’s nothing added to finish the identity that the models present. That’s particularly notorious when a bluish skin retains the classic particles. A simple change of colour would help a lot in that regard; not that the models are perfect either so it would compensate for a few problems.

      All in all, we find it a standard visual update that more than upgrade it simply keeps everything up to date with the new classic Galio; which has nothing on the old one. In other words, he seems like a new character entirely.

  9. hey, take a look at this

    im pretty sure enchanted will be his recommended skin in the future!

    • We think that Hextech Galio ended up with a better job at defining the skin’s identity. We like Enchanted but the particles tend to feel recoloured. They have some floating particles added but they don’t have the same strength as the designs added to Hextech’s Winds of War and Shield of Durand.

  10. Galio’s reworked skins have been revealed go have new particles, with Enchanted and Hextech having recoloured or completely redone abilitiy particles. I’
    d like to know your opinion now that these have been unveiled.

    • Both Enchanted and Hextech Galio have certainly improved a lot. The new particles are a great touch though we find that Hextech’s manages to define a more distinct identity than Enchanted. The latter’s particles feel mostly as a re-colour despite the magical dust added. It’s all quite good nonetheless but there’s one that has more strength in its message than the other.

  11. Hi Zero, i’m a big fan of you.
    Love the work, dedication and reviews.
    So ? When will you do a update review on the updated Galio ?
    So much have changed.

  12. Your thoughts on the new Birdio skin?

    • A joke that can get obnoxious as a way of taunting opponents. It has its appeal but we don’t see it as a particularly good option.

  13. Did you notice that the birdio skin is mythic for some reason zero?

    • It could be an error or an indication that the skin is promotional in some way. Truth be told, skins have never been known for respecting categories. We’ll have to wait and see what Riot does with it.

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