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League of Legends: Warwick Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jun 142012
Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun
Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun is no longer man or animal. He’s something between killer and victim of his past, desperately seeking redemption. Voracious for the blood of criminals his mind reminds him that he wasn’t always more than a monster and the memories painfully stab at the frail conscience that he regained after his transformation. No matter how much he kills, how much sinful blood he spreads, his tainted past can’t be changed. Perhaps there is some hope in future transformations, which may affect his mind more than his body, depending on what truly lies at his core. Some say that he may be seen as a different kind of wrath but that he will always remain a beast. A dangerous statement for sure. In all legends and rumours there’s a bit of truth so take a look to find out more about Warwick’s past, present and future.

Grey Warwick
Grey Warwick Splash Art Grey Warwick Model
Category: Exclusive (Refer a Friend reward)
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Warwick as an spectral werewolf.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick.
Particles: New pale eye glow and trail for Blood Hunt, new pale particles for his abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A foggy night conceals the horror that some can look up close. The castle is a dim outline whereas the fire and terror spread around it. While the background econimises details with efficiency it doesn’t fail at delivering a sensible setting. Surroundings still feel bare and generic but there’s a setup.
Two unsuitably blurry soldiers stand before the behemoth of a werewolf that is Warwick. His head is nicely lighted with a messy sharpness that stands out too much. It almost looks superimposed over the diffuse body of monotonous grey shades. In spite of this, the body reveals muscles, scars and armour well enough. When we reach legs and tail there’s just too little detail to identify anything concrete besides a general silhouette. The spectral sword that stabs Warwick adds an extra dose of supernatural; especially with its shards and glow. Regardless, it seems rather conservatively proportioned considering the ridiculously large fangs and desperate growl; which appears as a dislodged jaw. It might be worth mentioning that the helmet that Warwick wears gives a strange idea of his face. It seems to imply the presence of four eyes even though in-game it’s clear that there are only two. As openings they seem small enough to offer good protection but terrible visibility.
All added together this is a splash art with a good setup that feels particularly uneven in all areas. The setting can be intriguing but ends up bare. Warwick has an interesting appearance that is unevenly depicted with an abrupt contrast between the crisper and less detailed areas. The splash art works but with obvious problems.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It should come as no surprise that Grey Warwick is quite a conventional skin. The idea of showing him as a more traditional werewolf isn’t bad; as the former Feral Wawick demonstrated. However, the changes are rather minute with the change of fur colour being the major feature. Then there’s armour instead of hextech augments and a spectral sword that doesn’t look even half as supernatural as it does in the splash art. The rest is all familiar Warwick without even a single characteristic that stands out; fur colour aside. It should be noted that the restricted colour palette makes Warwick look rather monotonous and homogeneous. There’s little difference between the tones of armour and fur and everything seems to mesh in a single grey mass.
Fortunately, there are new particles to make the skin more appealing though they are a subtle affair. The abilities take on a pale white tone that fits the glow of the sword on his back. It’s nothing groundbreaking but helps the faint supernatural feel of the skins which would be otherwise absent.
Overall, this is a passable skin for those that managed to get it. It does have something to offer and isn’t actually bad looking. It can look somewhat boring though and there’s little to be excited about despite the appealing concept. Therefore, for those that were unable to get Grey Warwick they’ll find that they are missing little.

Urf the Manatee
Urf the Manatee Splash Art Urf the Manatee Model
Category: Limited
Price: 5000 RP
Concept: Warwick dressed in Urf’s skin.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Gold, sparks and a pedestal with busts that look like narwhals is all the background displays. At best it’s a surreal representation of victory and triumph. In more practical terms it’s a confused mess with little in concrete. If there’s some sort of celebration with fireworks it’s so chaotic that little can be guessed. Fine, actually, it’s a tribute to Urf’s splash art but it asks for some effort to notice.
Warwick appears rather clearly among this chaos. The lighting on his body is rather good but the arm holding the laurel wreath is and his legs are noticeably blurry; especially the arm. Still, a general idea of his look is possible. His gold-enhanced right arm is a stark contrast with enough detail so as to leave scratches on the bust it rests upon. The body and head have good shading and while the manatee suit isn’t full of detail the surface’s texture is plain. It doesn’t look like proper skin, instead the suit looks like a purchased, worn-out, plastic reproduction that isn’t worth recommended for its quality. The classic Warwick face is clearly displayed, at least, so that he’s easily recognisable; the thing on his back much less so.
Without doubt, this is an uneven piece with a setting that says little and leaves much to be desired in terms of proper context. The portrayal is effective but uneven and somewhat unexciting. There’s some effort to show the classic Warwick fury but it’s all familiar stuff.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A gatling gun on the back crowned by a laurel wreath, a golden spatula vambrace on the right arm and several laurel leaves decorations on vambraces gives some ideas that the manatee suit confirms: it’s an Urf homage. In addition to this, that’s all the skin consists of; big bad wolf underneath included. Urf the Manatee is as straightforward a skin as it could possibly be. There’s some artistry in the references but they tend to look forced more than naturally incorporated. There’s also the fact that we have a werewolf wearing a fresh animal’s pelt. While it’s nothing as explicit as to feel disgusting it also isn’t exactly hilarious either; it may depend on personal taste.
What is clear is that Urf the Manatee is a simple skin without lofty aspirations. It’s content on keeping the classic Warwick under a modest tribute that is neither evocative or funny. It’s clear what the skin intends to do so it’s entirely dedicated to Urf fans. If you aren’t one of those that embraced the April Fool’s entry of Urf as a champion then it’s a skin with too narrow appeal to be of interest.

Big Bad Warwick
Big Bad Warwick Splash Art Big Bad Warwick Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Warwick dressed as a granny like the Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Fuzzy and deeply foggy is the background but with the help of the recognisable outline of a certain red-hooded, Tibber-holding character the cosy, old cottage acquires relevance. The significance is also helped by the clear portrait with broken glass on the right along a rather nice looking cup of hot tea. The bed may not be enough to hold the whole of Granny but, at least, blanket and bed sheets have a nice texture unlike the sketchy wood of bed and table.
This all would amount to little without an evocative depiction of the Big Bad Wolf. With sharp lines and shading Warwick receives a rather eye-catching portrayal. There’s ample attention to detail from the delicate lace trim of the dress to the vicious polish of his fangs. Sadly, the quality isn’t homogeneous. The legs, back, head and arm do look a bit diffuse even if they effectively convey the comprehensive disguise. One arm is also concealed behind the large body and the glasses don’t convince with their murky transparency just like the jewellery looks plastic. The tears on the fabric also add the feel of a draft to the dress despite some good lighting visible nearby. Still the overall effect is illustrative of the fairy tale with a familiar and classic scene nicely brought to life.
When all is added together, the imperfections of the splash art are many but they don’t prevent the message of the piece from being communicated. In fact, it can be quite well presented in certain areas thanks to the merits of the conception. The flaws do let down and degrade what could otherwise be an impressive splash art. Nevertheless, this is a piece that works quite well as a peek into the fairy tale.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It takes no effort to notice that Big Bad Warwick is quite a straightforward skin. The old fashioned dress, nightcap, glasses and slippers along with some jewellery give a rather clear picture of the Big Bad Wolf disguised as Granny. The oven mitt is a less natural choice though fitting. The rolling pin additions on the back, though, are flat out puzzling. They make little sense except to cover the remnants of the Classic look.
The concept draws heavily on Little Red Riding Hood’s tale and the execution makes no effort to elaborate on it. It’s effective but too direct with a few inconsistent adaptations. Regardless, it’s clear about what it tries to evoke. For a fan of a cross-dressing, people-munching, evil wolf the skin is good enough. The core of the skin is the Big Bad Wolf reference so the skin gets the job done but without any amount of flare.

Tundra Hunter Warwick
Tundra Hunter Warwick Splash Art Tundra Hunter Warwick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Warwick as a white ice-werewolf.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick.
Particles: New white eye glow and trail for Blood Hunt, new white particles for his abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New frosty sounds for Blood Hunt and Primal Howl.
Splash Art: A forest is barely distinguishable behind the strong blizzard that blows relentlessly. Actually it looks like some wind and snow but the setting is so diffuse that an extra degree of drama is necessary to explain things. At any rate, none of the characters present seem overly concerned about the weather inclemencies. What is of concern to the viewer is how weakly presented the forest is; almost as a suggestion. It frames the action but seems bare and inconsequential.
On the left we find a figure running away with some glowing artefact. The hood and practical clothing brings Spellthief Lux to mind but the beard dispels such a fantasy. Thus, it seems like a missed opportunity to link two skins that usually exist without connections. Even if Lux wasn’t the chosen candidate a more relevant figure instead of a generic character would’ve give more meaning to the scene. Perhaps it’s Lux in disguise, the body is thin enough, but we are probably getting ahead of ourselves with suppositions.
Warwick’s portrayal doesn’t save the piece either. His partial depiction only gives an unclear view of his aspect. The idea of a hulking werewolf with white fur is perceivable. However, the ice modifications that transform his right arm and affect his back tend to take a backseat. The rag being torn between claws and the scarred, glowing blue eye add some drama to the pose but that’s as far as it goes. With only half, at best, of Warwick visible with noticeably diffuse areas on his body except the head the portrayal isn’t as exciting as it could be. It lays the basics but doesn’t capitalise on the best features.
All things added up, this is a splash art that shows Warwick’s tundra style but in a conventional way. There’s the intention to add meaning with fleeing prey but not much can be deduced from the depicted scene. While the piece works in a minimum sense it’s also marred by wasted opportunities.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For being a rather modest skin Tundra Hunter Warwick manages to forge a shallow but identifiable identity. The model keeps most of the classic werewolf intact with changes only to his brief gear. What stands out the most is, unavoidably, the white fur and the ice arm and shards on his back. The frost or ice magic modifications don’t feel connected to the white werewolf idea. In fact, there’s little indication of why it makes any sense. The ice arm can still be considered visually attractive but the back shards seem imposed by the need to satisfy the demands of classic design.
Fortunately, the most distinct feature, the white fur, is supported by some new colours for his particles. Blood Hunt stands out with a white glow and trail for Warwick’s eyes which make for a distinct contrast with the usual dark tones of the battlefield. The re-coloured effects used in the abilities only stand out for their white colour but stand as a representation of the ice powers lingering after the modifications of the tundra. Conversely, for some unknown reason, Blood Hunt’s trail leading to enemies and auto-attacks keep their yellow slashes. This is not only inconsistent with the white particles used for the abilities but also with the ice-angle and white look used for claws and fur. The addition of frosty sounds for Blood Hunt and Primal Howl adds a touch of polish to the theme’s presentation.
All added up, Tundra Hunter Warwick is a humble skin with low aspirations and uneven results. Regardless, it manages a white-based appearance that is distinct and appealing enough to be worthwhile. Surely, the skin doesn’t aim high but it also doesn’t ask for much. With its modest approach, Tundra Hunter Warwick is a modest but enjoyable change of look.

Feral Warwick
Feral Warwick Splash Art Feral Warwick Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Warwick as a chemically enhanced werewolf.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick.
Particles: New yellow eye glow and trail for Blood Hunt, new yellow particles for his abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A mysterious installation where only artificial light shows the way and the consequences of unrestrainable strength. The beast is loose and if it makes its way out of this place nothing will stop it. Unfortunately, a poorly prepared is more prey than hindrance for the ferocity of the beast. In spite of the diffuse representation of the complex there is enough detail. It’s certainly blurred, unnecessarily, which erodes the otherwise visceral quality of its scars. The technician is only partially visible with a brown plastic suit that looks more muddy than plastic. Still, the terror in the body language is a good reflection of the beast.
Warwick receives a decidedly uneven portrayal. On the whole, his stance says little: he’s menacingly advancing in a growl. His lower body, tail and legs, as well as his left arm are dipped into the background fog. They fit in with the rest of the depiction but the difference in clarity is notorious. Also, while the claw marks on the floor from uncaged fury make sense the ones from merely stepping on the floor seem exaggerated. The head, upper torso and right hand have a much sharper display than any other part of the whole piece. In fact the difference is so astonishing because in areas they can look photorealistic. It’s not always the case as the woolly fur on the chest and thready fur on the head demonstrate; a far cry from the fantastic lighting used on the furry surface of the left shoulder. Metal tends to look quite impressive with great attention to reflections but cloth appears waxy. eyes seem artificially supernatural and fangs, like the tongue, merely appropriate.
All added together, this is a splash art with a good idea behind it: Warwick escapes from the facility where he has been enhances. However, both background and portrayal are degraded by the uneven depiction. It does give a good idea of how Warwick looks and what the concept of the skin is. Sadly, its flaws prevent it from being as exciting an spotlight as its potential hints.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For all intents and purposes, Feral Warwick equals to Augmented Warwick. The yellow serum powering the enhancements and powering the machinery is eloquent enough. The artificially improved right arm has an interesting though somewhat cumbersome industrial look. It seems heavy but energised with the mysterious serum. The design of the claws is simple but clear: blades to replace every finger.
The canisters on the back seem brutally added: injected directly into the body instead of connected through tubes. It strikes as a most cruel approach to experimentation which makes them stand out. However, they do seem precariously attached as a prototype as well as inconveniently designed if they are not to prove a hindrance. Still, they have their message to tell unlike the mask. It’s a preposterous addition that says nothing and as protection for the nose seems suboptimal.
The few remaining clothes are enough to keep Warwick’s modesty and tell of his ferocious transformation. The belt-straps seem more stylish than effective even if the ones on the legs seem to work well enough. The fur is a bi-tonal brown affair with some scars on the left shoulder for style. It’s not enough to evoke the classic werewolf feel that Feral used to yet at the same time feels conventional in a cartoony way. It also doesn’t help that the basis of the skin is mostly the classic werewolf body with different gear.
There are some new particles added to the skin. The new yellow glow and trail for Warwick’s eyes is the most salient change. It’s reflects the effect of the otherwise static serum and stands out against the subdued tones of his model. Blood Hunt’s red trail leading to enemies remains untouched which is puzzling; given how easily it meshes in with the green terrain. The yellow effects used for the abilities aren’t always clearly noticeable so that Jaws of the Beast looks identical to classic while the rest appear too subtle a change. It also should be noted that abilities keep red effects untouched which often make them visually inconsistent.
All things considered, Feral Warwick stands out despite it flaws thanks to the eye-catching industrial feel of the skin. The former classic werewolf style is relegated and kept in a substandard version that doesn’t attract attention; which is surprising. After all, most of the skin relies on the classic werewolf nature of Warwick. The few new particles help add some personality to the skin but only as partial support. The skin is unable to transcend beyond a moderate re-model and its only saving grace is the charismatic even if arguable augmented style. Thanks to that, it manages to be an acceptable option despite the price and legacy obstacles in the path to acquire the skin.

Firefang Warwick
Firefang Warwick Splash Art Firefang Warwick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Warwick resembling a fire wolf-elemental.
Model: Moderate model changes for Warwick. New flames for his back volcano and vambraces.
Particles: New flame particles for his abilities.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New fire sounds for Blood Hunt and Primal Howl.
Splash Art: With lots of greys in the background there’s little more than smoke and ash to see. On one side there are some tiny structures and rocks that ought to give a sense of scale; functional and minimal. As far as context goes, not much can be seen. The main idea seems to be that Warwick is a fire elemental with a volcano on his back and the physiognomy of a werewolf. Truth be told, it seems like there are too many running themes added together.
Warwick’s portrayal hardly escapes to the obnoxious smoke and ash covering the whole piece. While that adds to the atmosphere, for instance around the back volcano, in general it only manages to conceal; specifically, his lower body is little more than a silhouette. His head, torso and arms escape in parts from the cover and at times display interesting volcanic activity; like the lava falling between fangs. There are instances of good lighting like the volcano’s maw and the left arm. However, every part of the portrayal is in a constant battle against smoke and ash. In few words: the effect is overused. The pose also conceals much of his body. Although the back is probably the most important area to display it’s not the only one that is ignored. On top of that, what is displayed doesn’t always reflect the three-dimensional counterpart due to a florid artistic freedom.
Adding it all together, this splash art offers an attractive proposition that is compromised by the misuse of stylistic effects. Surely the smoke and ash add to the piece but there’s so much that they end up being a hindrance. The barren setting hardly helps while the abundance of volcanic activity can be misleading given that in-game all fire is focused on the back volcano and unrecognisable vambraces. In summary, a piece with potential but notorious problems in communicating its message clearly.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Even though Firefang Warwick maintains a lot of Classic intact there are significant changes that allow the skin to eloquently present its fire theme. The model isn’t really the best example: a reddish werewolf with plates of rock as armour added to an elaborate left spaulder and vambraces to break the monotony. The volcano on the back seems preposterous and without it the look isn’t far from a stylish armoured werewolf. The appearance isn’t bad but doesn’t communicate the concept.
What effectively puts the fire in Warwick is the flames added to the volcano and the vambraces. They are a natural addition but the vambraces also benefit from Warwick’s activities to leave trails of flame behind during Blood Hunt. The other abilities also contribute to present the theme though their effectiveness varies. Jaws of the Beast received a brief explosion when the maws close on the prey. Blood Hunt benefits the most by intensifying the flames on Warwick’s body and even adding smoke. Oddly enough, the glow and trail of the eyes as well as the trail leading to enemies seems just as red as in Classic. The effect is eye-catching despite the reuse of assets. Primal Howl shyly shows more red which makes it the least interesting ability. Some sounds are added to Blood Hunt and Primal Howl to better reflect the theme but they are a subtle affair. Fortunately, Infinite Duress also incorporates fire-styled claw marks which give an appealing style to Warwick’s ultimate.
Adding it all together, Firefang Warwick’s strength certainly doesn’t lie in the conventional model. The volcano is the only aspect that says fire. Besides, while the look is good it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The fire particles do set the skin apart though in varying degrees. Blood Hunt, despite reused assets, and Infinite Duress catch the eye while Jaws of the Beast and Primal Howl barely contribute. Without doubt, Firefang Warwick is an uneven skin but also an appealing one. It’s classic concept is nicely realised in certain areas so there’re reasons to like the skin.

Hyena Warwick
Hyena Warwick Splash Art Hyena Warwick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Warwick in the form of a spotted were-hyena.
Model: Major model changes for Warwick.
Particles: New puffs of smoke for his abilities.
Animations: New animation for the engine on his back and for his laugh emote.
Sounds: New hyena-like laugh which triggers at random when performing an action and new hyena laugh emote. New engine sounds for Blood Hunt and Primal Howl plus new quotes when starting a match and Blood Hunt.
Splash Art: Ramshackle transport on the left carrying an apocalyptic figure with fire on his body and a better treated and stylish counterpart on the right are the only relevant figures in the emptiness of the wasteland. The high speed at which the vehicles chase Warwick is conveyed without exaggerations though the few visible elements appear too diffuse given that they are catching up.
Warwick’s portrayal mixes the joy of running fast with the unhinged personality of a hyena; assumedly. The perspective certainly isn’t centred on giving a good look of his aspect and the differences in proportions can seem too pronounced considering distances. The shading is also variable with some parts that look great like the metal claws set against sketchy dents on their surface. There’s also an unconvincing mane and blurred left arm to add in front of the clear textures of the metallic wrist and spaulder. The photorealistic muzzle also contrasts the pencilled look of the fur and simple tongue. What the portrayal lacks in sharpness and precision it does compensate with feeling. The expression of sheer joy on Warwick’s face gives relevance to the depiction even if he seems to run as much as he could be hanging on to the back of an unseen vehicle.
All in all, this is a splash art that is more valuable for the emotion is conveys than the quality and quantity of what it shows. As a portrayal it’s a great display of Warwick’s hyena personality. However, when considered as a piece in full the background is lacking and the portrayal too focused on a single aspect.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Embracing the post-apocalyptic style with a combustion engine aesthetic Hyena Warwick is an interesting skin. The Mohawk mane, goggles, patterned trousers, makeshift gear and mechanical hand give a punk personality to Warwick that leaves little room for the ridiculous combustion engine on his back. In spite of such a pointless addition, the spotted punk hyena is well complemented by the random bouts of laughter that actions bring. Sadly, the animation department preferred to give Hyena a unique laugh emote instead of a different running animation for Blood Hunt. Not only is the choice of animation resources questionable but also it makes the skin’s identity take a step backwards with the loss of a unique running animation; thanks to the visual upgrade. That is supposed to be compensated by the animation of the engine but such a subtle and, in general terms, meaningless addition doesn’t help the skin’s theme.
Fortunately, abilities receive new puffs of smoke that contribute in presenting the combustion side of the skin. They aren’t impressive by any means but each shows a little nod to the skin’s theme complemented by a few engine sounds. As in other skins, Blood Hunt keeps the classic eye glow and trail as well as the trail leading to enemies. It does seem like a missed opportunity as a smoke-like effect could’ve cemented the combustion aspect of the skin. It may also be worth nothing that wearing goggles completely conceals Warwick’s wide opened eyes during his joke.
On the whole, Hyena Warwick is a good skin with an interesting post-apocalyptic theme. The punk and combustion aspects of the skin are attractive but aren’t really developed with significant features. They are present, though, and help give the skin a distinct identity. Unfortunately, some unique features have been lost which the new additions can’t compensate for. Hyena Warwick is a good skin but much more in line with the others.

Marauder Warwick
Marauder Warwick Splash Art Marauder Warwick Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Warwick as an armoured bandit.
Model: New model for Warwick.
Particles: New particles for Hungering Strike.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Somewhere, armoured bandits attack. The intensely diffuse background makes identifying the setting almost impossible. Is it the outskirts of a town or a desolate road? Much is suggested but nothing is stated.
Ashe shoots a frosted arrow in the air which looks small and weak; even the blurriness doesn’t convey speed. She also struggles to escape from said blur. Her upper body is clearly shown with attractive shading; even if the bow isn’t fully displayed. Her lower body, though, as well as her cape lack definition. At least the dark helmet gives her an air of mystery.
Warwick, despite standing in the foreground, shares the same problems: clear upper body but diffuse legs. On top of that his right arm, and also tail, are blurred even though they aren’t so far back. The fact that his fur is also diffuse doesn’t help matters. Fortunately, his dented armour is detailed and catches the eye, despite his unassuming stance.
All in all, this is an uneven piece with arbitrary use of depth of field. The way the blur is used conveys neither distance nor speed and merely occludes parts at random. The composition is good: bandits on the attack. However, that idea is only suggested, like the background, and the potential story remains undeveloped.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It may seem overkill to cover a werewolf in armour but no one can argue about how dangerous that combination would be. Marauder Warwick provides the Wrath of Zaun with stylized plates to keep his fur safe and an unexplainable handle on his back for the convenience of his enemies. The armour looks effective, for the most part, but the exposed feet, tail, ears and, more importantly, neck makes one wonder about what ideas the blacksmith had in mind. While the plates look practical despite their decorative design the armour seems to direct protection in certain areas and ignore others. In fact, the armour appears more ceremonial than battle-ready which diminishes the fantasy of an effective, armoured predator. The fur-covered neck seems a particularly strange choice given the proposed fantasy.
On the whole, Marauder Warwick is a passable and unassuming skin that seems to play it too safe in all areas. While the former version seemed to let ideas flow free and make a stylized fantasy this one quashes any florid detail in an effort not to exaggerate; which leaves a conventional and uninteresting design. Such preoccupation not to go overboard in the design has removed the personality of the skin. For this reason, Marauder Warwick looks good enough provided that armour-covered is as much as you expect from the skin.

Lunar Guardian Warwick
Lunar Guardian Warwick Splash Art Lunar Guardian Warwick Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Warwick as a celestial protector.
Model: New model for Warwick plus new glow for his golden band and right claw.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New animations for his golden band and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for Blood Scent, Primal Howl, Infinite Duress and recall.
Splash Art: The skies open in a barrage of light, clouds circling the guardian takes hold of the whole world; literally. Perhaps the context doesn’t make that much sense or there’s a deeper meaning that hints at the supernatural aspect of the skin’s concept. At any rate, the setting is bare at best and sketchy at worst; the clouds left and right are clear enough about that.
Warwick’s portrayal is full of impact with a visceral growl that implies that it’s no time for games. The uneven teeth and asymmetrical fangs give Warwick a feral look of unbridled power which is reinforced by one single eye glowing with a touch of power. Still, it’s obvious that the colours are dull due to the extreme intensity of the ambient light. Gold decorations and reflections are subdued and the shading homogenises designs and prevents details from being appreciated. In fact, it’s not very clear how Warwick looks and the glowing band so notorious in-game is relegated to a side ornament.
In the end, it’s clear that this piece goes for the throat. It makes a strong initial impression but a closer look makes one think that it’s unfinished. The depiction is simply too uneven and at its worst disappoints as weak. Truly, not what the first impression promised.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Displaying an elaborate and sometimes overloaded design Lunar Guardian Warwick is a skin that tires the eyes with its array of complex decorations. The right claw, head and back machine have florid, stylised shapes that compete with the simple yet also eye-catching golden band behind his mane. The rest of the body is rather unassuming and dull but where the model tries to show stuff it does so in droves. In spite of all this visual excesses the skin doesn’t go far from being an ornamented steampunk werewolf; emphasis on form instead of function to contrast the classic look.
Particles can dumbfound by their strict adherence to the classic template. In fact, the base design seems unchanged with only some shades changed here and there. There are two salient features. The first is the use of a floral pattern in gold used for Primal Howl, which allows it to stand apart. The other is the yellow added to Warwick’s mane and tail, as well as his eyes, which makes Blood Scent and Infinite Duress much more attractive and distinct; especially with the golden trails employed by the latter. Slashes and bites everywhere are practically identical to classic; auto-attacks show some sparks to try to say that something is different, something small.
Sounds are sparse in what they add new because the classic base is left untouched. For example, Blood Scent still keeps the iconic heart beats but also adds a gong-like sound on top; which diminishes the impact of both. Primal Howl has a single, high-pitched chime when it detonates. Finally, Infinite Duress seems to only add a metal clank at the beginning.
The recall sees Warwick closing a lavishly decorated gate, though not as overdone as him. The action is simple even if meaningful for a guardian. Oddly, the same gate is shared with Lunar Guardian Nasus so that the skins seem linked but the asset reuse makes the gate less special; especially as each guardian is supposed to guard a different entrance to the realm.
When all is added together, we find that Lunar Guardian Warwick is an uneven skin. Some areas are made to catch the eye and not let go while others seems to forget the company they are in. There’s no doubt that the skin has its moments but they are surrounded by dullness. If you can appreciate the good then it’s a skin with something to offer but the issues pile up.


Warwick has many skin choices available and while some rise above others the visual upgrade has standardised the panorama. Tundra Hunter Warwick stands out due to the distinct white aesthetic it offers. For a low price the skin does almost as much as more expensive ones while also offering an identity that stands out.

Also worth considering despite a higher price are Hyena and Firefang Warwick. Hyena employs a post-apocalyptic fantasy with a layer of combustion style over it. The skin isn’t as unique as its previous version but it has a clear identity. Firefang isn’t always as clear about its fire theme as it should. Regardless, the fire particles manage to present the flaming personality in an appealing way.

Marauder Warwick is a conventional option that goes an extra step to remove any fleet of fancy possible. While this makes the armour more practical and believable, despite its decorative look, it also prevents it from developing a distinct personality. If armoured Warwick is enough then the skin won’t disappoint.

Within legacy territory, Feral Warwick is the most interesting. The skin equates to Augmented Warwick with an industrial style. The yellow particles don’t always detach themselves enough from the classic counterparts but the eye glow and trail is fantastic. If you can get it during a legacy sale then it’s an option well worth considering.

Lunar Revel, and also legacy, offers Lunar Guardian Warwick. It’s a skin with moments that catch the eye and don’t let go but sailing in a sea of dreariness. For being a special skin it shows that there was some idea to make it stand out but the uneven execution ends up marring any good intentions.

Grey Warwick is a skin with a good ghostly concept that isn’t taken advantage of as much as it could. For the most part, the skin plays close to the idea of a traditional werewolf with a shy a supernatural angle. The idea isn’t bad but it’s nothing remarkable either.

Something similar can be said about Big Bad Warwick. The best part is the tribute to Little Red Riding Hood. That aside, it’s only a costume with little of note, a strict change of clothes in other words. Regardless, for fans of fairy tales it’s a skin that delivers.

Finally, Urf the Manatee is a costume with low aspirations. For fans of Urf it offers a little tribute that doesn’t actually amount to much. For those that don’t care much for that April Fool’s joke then the skin has hardly any appeal.

  63 Responses to “League of Legends: Warwick Skins’ Review”

  1. So the Urf skin did cost 5000 rp just for it? Also, when was it possible to buy?

    • Actually, it was mostly on sale at a 99% discount: 50 RP. Then the price rose to 500 RP and finally reached the listed price, 5000 RP. Pulsefire Ezreal is probably envious.

      It was available in 2010, around April’s Fools Day. Besides, each year a skin including Urf is released around the same time; it seems like the report of his death was an exaggeration.

  2. Gray Warwick has a new artwork, that new artwork is really perfect.
    Change this old artwork πŸ˜‰
    Which fizz skin is better for buy, Tundra or Fisherman?

    • Yes sir!

      That depends on which concept you like the most actually: snow gear or Urf fishing. In addition to this, Fisherman offers a completely new Chomper but Tundra reasonably dresses Fizz with more clothes. Therefore, you can decide where you want the most changes: on Fizz or on Chomper.

  3. Is is worth getting the new Fierce Feral Flarers Bundle?

    I already have Jax/Xin skins

    I already have Assassin Master Yi/Eternum Nocturne

    I have been WW recently and I want to get a skin for him.

    It costs me 1462rp, so do you think it is worth it, considering ill probably never use frozen nocturne. I really do like the WW skin tho.

    (I also have been looking for a Master Yi skin upgrade to go on sale, as Assassin is easily out-classed)

    • If you already have skins that you prefer for four of the five available champions then you’ll be paying much more for a single skin. Feral Warwick is quite nice but next Halloween it could be made available on its own. If not, then the Legacy Vault Sale at the end of the year should be a good option.

      The bad news is that you’ll have to wait to get Feral Warwick on its own. The good news is that you wouldn’t be spending on skins that you won’t use. If you did like the other skins then the bundle would be a good option. However, if you know that Frozen Terror Nocture will be ignored then Feral Warwick becomes expensive.

      Also, maybe you’d rather get another skin for Yi instead of Ionia. Regardless, even if you do like Ionia Master Yi, as you don’t like Frozen Terror you’ll be paying for three skins and using only two. From the look of things, the bundle is not the best of options because you’ll be getting things you don’t want. That’s the classic problem with bundles and as the skins aren’t better discounted than in regular sales with a bit of patience you’d save some valuable RP.

  4. I dont agree with this list at all. Hyena warwick does not look that good. its an ok skin but i wouldnt spend the 975 rp on it. i also dont think that feral warwick is that great either. they made him brown and gave him chains. neither of your top two rated skins are really that appealing to me. they look ok in game im not saying theyre bad but i feel you rated them too highly.

    • It’s possible that the ratings need some adjustments as the review was done a good while ago. We are currently progressively updating ratings to better reflect the current technical standards of skins. Regardless, in general we still think that both Hyena and Feral are the best skins that Warwick has; though the latter is legacy.

      As far as Warwick is concerned, that is without comparing his skins to those of other champions, we think the ratings are accurate. We probably need to modify things a little when a comparison with newer skins is made. However, each review should give a good idea of how each skin from a champion compares to the others from the same champion.

      Besides, this is just our view on the matter and not the ultimate analysis of skin quality. We merely intend to provide our advice so that you can make a better informed purchase. Your personal preference should be the final arbiter on whether a skin appeals to you or not. We simply try to give you a an opinion with which you can disagree to make a good decision.

      • “Oh hey a wolf on fire that’s pretty cool”

        “A wolf wearing armor requires a bit more suspension of disbelief”

        Get the fuck out of here, hahaha

        • Sometimes skins can be attractive in concept but disappoint in their execution; Firefang Warwick is an example. Marauder Warwick isn’t a skin that doesn’t work because of its concept but that has problems with how stylised the implementation is. Armour on a werewolf is nothing out of the ordinary in League but fancy designs can only go so far before they result more incredible than attractive.

          We can perfectly disagree in how we see skins. It’s only our opinion and advice on how we see them. If you like a skin then it’s irrelevant whether we think it’s well done or not. We only aim to give as much information for purchases so as to make educated decisions. If you like a skin you are bound to enjoy it and even more if you are aware of its strenghts and weaknesses and can accept it for what it really is.

  5. Up to your usual standards sir.
    I totally agree that Hyena is the best skin for warwick.
    I wish you had given the Tundra one more credit though.
    The textures,illustration and everything in overall seems better than feral warwick.
    Of course,this is only one man’s opinion.
    thanks for the spectacular overview on warwick skins.
    Peace out.

    • Glad that you like the review.

      The concept of Tundra Hunter isn’t bad at all but the implementation doesn’t do much with it. However, Feral Warwick, even though it’s a more traditional skin in concept, is better developed. The thing is that Tundra Hunter is essentially a re-colour while Feral has noticeable model changes. When playing, what matters the most is that get something different according to the price paid.

  6. Marauder Warwick is another paid visual update, although it’s a cheap one (not like Udyr’s). But still a paid visual update.

    • In a sense, you are right. The polished visuals contrast with Warwick’s otherwise dated style. If a visual upgrade finally came for Warwick the skin would welcome some extras.

  7. Hey,nice review,but can you update it? After the new texture update it feels like feral warwick isn’t as cool as other skins (for example Firefang)

    • Thanks, we usually don’t make changes to reviews after texture updated because changes are usually rather tame. In the case of Warwick it’s a welcome layer of polish that makes the skins look better but that don’t affect the core features that each offers.

      Specifically, Feral Warwick still looks good but more refined. We don’t see anything bad about the texture update with regards to Feral. Other skins might look a bit too fluffy for a werewolf but Feral, as far as we can tell, still has it’s charm intact.

  8. Did you forget to update the Grey Warwick and Medeivial Twitch skins?
    You still state that they are obtainable through refferals but they removed the refer a friend program some time ago, you also didn’t update the price which was reduced to 5 refferals for both skins (which, in my opinion, should probably up their ratings a bit)

    I think the skins are unobtainable right now..

    • Now that refer a friend doesn’t exist we may leave them as explanation for how and when they were available. We should update the price though as it no longer makes any sense; thanks for the notice. We don’t think the lower amount of referrals would’ve changed their ratings much but we’ll give it a look.

  9. With the upcoming sales, i was thinking of getting marauder warwick. Could be be more specific of the particle change on his hungering strike, eg what is different about it than the classic because im stuck between marauder and tundra due to TH nice texture. Ty.

    • It’s a subtle difference that is different to notice at normal speed. There’s a red, transparent, trailing claw when Marauder Warwick uses Hungering Strike. You can see it in the top right image of the screenshot.

      If you are deciding between Trundra Hunter and Marauder the new particles isn’t significant enough to give much of an advantage to Marauder; after all it’s more expensive as well. The real difference is that one is a re-model that suits him in armour and the other a change of colours.

  10. Lol what is the purpose the ‘Urf the manatee skin’ XD. It literally has nothing but a model change for 5000 RP. A 50 dollar skin for a 5 dollar value.

    Gj Riot.

    • It initially was quite cheap but only for a while and then the price rose to the ridiculous. Currently, it’s little more than an anecdote.

  11. Are you going to review warwick new splash art? i would be cool

  12. Hi, what are your thought about the warwick rework and their new skins?

    • Classic Warwick has been refined into a more interesting character that stands apart from a werewolf; for better and worse. The skins show a standarization that mostly benefits from the classic polish. They have improved but only with regards to their previous versions. Between them, they look more similar and less distinct than before. We’ll have to give them a closer look to have a final assessment.

  13. Are you going to change the reviews for the re-worked warwick skins?

  14. Please review the rework Warwick skins! They look so much better than the old ones!

    • Indeed they do but that’s because the classic version of Warwick from which they are all based on has improved so much. As far as changes go they all look rather similar without venturing far into the fantasy that each skin is supposed to offer. Still, we’ll try to review them as soon as possible.

  15. Which skin is better to buy: hyena or firefang? Hyena will be on sale this month, however I prefer firefang. What do you propose me?

    • We haven’t seen all the upgraded skins. Hyena used to be more different but also to offer more while Firefang used to be uneven. After the upgrade they look more similar; as visual upgrades tend to standarise the look across skins.

      From what we see of Hyena and Firefang, they are essentially re-models with a few touches here and there. We’d recommend to choose based on the concept you like the most and to get the skins while on sale. Sadly, the upgraded skins don’t seem to be as special as the used to be.

  16. I think that my previous favourite skin, firefang, does not seem as special with the new update as he is no longer on fire, but when you activate w he looks really awesome.

    • Actually, Firefang has improved though it looks more similar to the other skins because of the standarisation that happens with visual upgrades. For instance, Blood Hunt has quite nice particles and the other abilites also have a few nice touches.

  17. When will the new review come of the reworked warwick skins :)?

  18. Grey Warwick definitely has recoloured particles, the same blue/green as his eye glow I believe.

  19. Grey Warwick does actually have particle changes.

  20. Hyena Warwick has a motor sound when he uses E

    • also maybe in recall

    • While we can’t find anything in the recall we did notice that both Primal Howl and also Blood Hunt have some different sounds in Hyena as well and Tundra Hunter and Firefang. Thanks for the notice, we’ll add it to the reviews.

  21. Hey zero I just got Hyena Warwick in my shop for 593 rp. I was wondering if I should buy it or if I should buy Tundra Warwick. What’s your opinion? Thanks for the helpful reviews by the way.

    • Glad that you like the reviews. Hyena Warwick goes on sale at 487 RP so while the discount isn’t bad it’s nothing remarkable either. Tundra Hunter Warwick is simple but good looking. On sale you can get it for 260 RP which is a rather good price.

      In our view, you can perfectly wait for a sale on the skins. The shop doesn’t offer a great discount so there’s no need to rush. Unless you really want the skins now you can save money with the regular sales; it does add up after a few skins.

      Tundra Hunter is simple but eye-catching due to the white colour palette. Hyena is more elaborate yet doesn’t manage to be as effective at communicating its message as it should be. Neither is a bad skin but for the price Tundra could be a better choice if you excuse its modesty.

  22. Hey! Nice review! I think the urf warwick is about get a new recall animation? I think it’s really cool!

    • Glad that you like it. Indeed, Urf Warwick is getting a new recall to make it more special as a promotional item. It goes well in line with the style of the skin and what the splash art displays. It may not be enough to make it a better skin but it’s certainly a good addition.

  23. Hi! Have you noticed the unique voice lines that come with Hyena?
    “Rev up!” when he uses Blood Hunt, as well as some unique lines when he starts a match. I find they really solidify the Mad Max shout-out that is Hyena Warwick, enough to sell me on the skin.

  24. Feral or upcoming Lunar Guardian Warwick? *asking to gift for a friend, he already has Feral*

    • Truth be told, we find Lunar Guardian Warwick disappointing because of its polarised nature. It has some features that easily catch the eye like the glowing mane and tail used in some abilities. Yet, in other cases the skin merely relies on the classic template almost exclusively. Given how special the skin is supposed to be we find such an uneven implementation problematic.

      Feral Warwick also has its share issues; not the least also being uneven. It also has some nice features and a reliance on Classic. The advantage it has is the lower price. The lower price may make help be more forgiving to the skin. Regardless, both are skins with noticeable problems.

      In the end, we find that Feral may be a better option. Lunar Guardian is more ambitious, certainly, but doesn’t deliver. Feral, at least, covers the basics of what is expected at its price tier. Of course, Lunar Guardian, at its best, is more eye-catching than Feral. Truth be told, there isn’t an difference in quality so large that it makes the decision trivial. There are advantages and disadvantages in both skins. We just think that Feral delivers closer to the expectations it lays.

  25. Out of the Lunar Guardian skins, which delivers the most? Or are they all lacking?

    • We prefer Lunar Empress Lux despite owing so much to Elementalist; the shared technology is quite clear. Lunar Guardian Nasus and Warwick have florid re-models which give a good first impression but a closer look reveals issues.

  26. You mentioned the handle on the back of maurader Warwick being unexplainable, but I honestly though that Ashe was supposed to be riding him, the handle being something to hold on too. Not a good explanation but it’s how I took it. Great reviews as always though!!!!

    • Maybe, we didn’t find a reasonable explanation beyond the obvious: a remnant of the classic version which had to be adapted into something. This is one case where such a remnant probably should’ve been eliminated. We understand the need to make a champion recognisable across skins but there are many skins with large changes which can make a champion look completely different. In the end, such a handle even clashes with the design of fantasy armour.

  27. Hey there Zero,

    I think you should update the skin list of warwick skins, It so sad to see Hyena from a 5* to 3*.

    I have a rough choose between Feral and Marauder. Both have cool model but some part like better than other.
    Can you analyze both of them so i can get Pros and Cons to decide which one to buy ?

    • You are right the ratings for Warwick’s skins on the skin list are wrong. That was a clear ovesight, thanks for the notice. With so many skins we didn’t notice.

      Feral Warwick’s industrial style, which is a different take on the Classic persona, is what makes it special. The particles are a little addition that help with its identity. Marauder is all about the armour because it’s its most prominent feature and also what the skin is focused on. There’s nothing else to speak of in Marauder.

      With Feral you get the same Classic Warwick but with a rougher fantasy, so to speak. Marauder plays it too safe, unlike the previous version. so that the armour doesn’t even have a special style to mention. In other words, Feral may seem more tied to Classic but does offer a distinct, different take on Warwick. Marauder is simple and straightforward.

      Still, if you like the idea of an armoured Warwick then Marauder surely delivers. If you want something a bit more interesting that keeps the core of Warwick intact, not that it’s optional, then Feral is the better choice. There’s a difference in price but, on sale, it’s not particularly significant. Feral does offer more even if it costs more.

  28. Hey Zero I got the gold chroma for Lunar guardian would that raise the rating of the skin? Im not sure how i feel about it.

    • Not really. It would provice an alternate look but chromas don’t add anything substantial or new. They chang what’s already there and some do have nice looks. However, we haven’t seen a chroma that noticeably improves a skin. You could like the look of the chroma better than the base look but that’s another matter.

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