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League of Legends: Vladimir Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Sep 252012
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper

Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper isn’t a vampire but comes really close with his blood magic. The hemomancer can dress in wildly different outfits: some further his refined look while others rely on his vicious power. Read his skins’ review to figure out whether Vladimir is able to make his elegance and sadism co-exist.

Count Vladimir
Count Vladimir Splash Art Count Vladimir Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Vladimir styled in black: black clothes and hair.
Model: New textures for Vladimir.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Among a graveyard Vladimir poses totally clad in black. The mist on the graveyard is appropriate and, considering it’s during the night, the lack of visibility is understandable. However, this results in a background that looks repressed and lacks relevance; not to mention that the left area is simply a patch of black. Vladimir’s portrayal is unconvincing: the cloth looks drab, the metal alright and his visage bored. On top of that, the floating blood ball feels solid and massive instead of liquid. In conclusion, a low quality splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Count Vladimir is a plain re-texture of Vladimir, the result is a stern visage and leather clothes but it hardly amounts to anything significant or even attractive. On the contrary, it seems to actually give a simpler, less interesting look that makes a purchase rather questionable. Still, fans of black leather may find the style appealing to their tastes.

Marquis Vladimir
Marquis Vladimir Splash Art Marquis Vladimir Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Blonde Vladimir wearing elegant embroidered clothes.
Model: New model for Vladimir.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: While the night is a good excuse to have a dark background the lack of clarity makes the setting difficult to discern. The characteristics of the gothic city behind Vladimir are mostly obfuscated but at least he’s clearly depicted. His clothes look good but there are too many folds which seem artificially placed. Besides, the texture of the materials makes them look like plastic; the same can be said about the leather, hair, skin and blurry blood. The composition of the piece isn’t bad but the implementation disappoints.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Aristocratic elegance is quite suitable for Vladimir and Marquis Vladimir allows him to enjoy the pleasure of wearing an embroidered coat in addition to fine trousers and boots. The exquisite clothes and hairstyle provide a refined style that makes violence inappropriate and unbecoming of such stature. Therefore, while this skin gives him an impeccable look it also makes the visceral blood magic rather unsuitable. Regardless, the contradiction between looks and actions adds depth to the experience and helps make Marquis Vladimir a unique skin with an interesting, old fashioned feel. The Crimson Reaper is a refined predator and Marquis Vladimir is a great exponent of his nature and so highly recommended.

Nosferatu Vladimir
Nosferatu Vladimir Splash Art Nosferatu Vladimir Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Vladimir with the aspect of a classic vampire.
Model: Minor model changes for Vladimir.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Over an old wall covered in webs a mysterious shadow advances. With claws forward it seems to approach its destination like a predator its prey. The setting provides an excellent frame for Vladimir and his depiction is really interesting. He seems to have been surprised just before attacking his victim and stands in the very moment when deciding whether to proceed or shift his attention to the new presence. The portrayal also helps: the skin is pale and shiny while the clothes are mute and simple. Actually, the cloth looks a bit sketchy at times but overall the look is good. On the whole, a very nice piece that perfectly capitalizes on its promising concept.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nosferatu Vladimir is minimal in terms of changes but the impact of those minuscule changes is astounding. The end result of changing Vladimir’s head, hands and altering the clothes is that of a classic vampire that is as appealing as it is nostalgic. Nosferatu Vladimir capitalizes on the core of Vladimir just like the film did in 1922: it’s a classical take on the modern vampire. Merging both concepts it’s not just fitting, it’s natural. At its price more is to be expected these days but there aren’t any other remarkable options at this price point. In conclusion, Nosferatu Vladimir is an excellent skin despite its minimalism and makes clear that a good enough concept can transcend a limited execution but it’s a bit expensive for a re-model.

Vandal Vladimir
Vandal Vladimir Splash Art Vandal Vladimir Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Vladimir dressed as a biker gang member.
Model: New model for Vladimir.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: When darkness isn’t enough to cover a background, smoke will do. That is exactly what happens in this piece: the smoke cover is so thick that the city and riders behind are almost imperceptible. Vladimir’s depiction is alright yet his stance is a bit strange: he seems to be leaning to a side but his body contorts in a rather unnatural way. The motorbike looks good but just like Vladimir or the background the quality isn’t good. In conclusion, it’s a splash art that can and should be much better.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The look of a punk biker is definitely well executed, albeit with a rather plain outfit, yet the concept of a biker gang appears ill suited for Vladimir; despite the Lost Boys reference. Not only does his classic self dress like a noble but his skins usually capitalize on elegance and refinement. Consequently, the punk style brings an unclean informal style that ends up feeling forced onto Vladimir. Alternatively, the style goes well with the use of blood as a weapon: they both are explicit ways of showing internal aggression. Therefore, Vandal Vladimir is a strange skin that suits his ways but not his style.

Blood Lord Vladimir
Blood Lord Vladimir Splash Art Blood Lord Vladimir Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Vladimir as an imposing master of blood wearing heavy armour.
Model: New model for Vladimir, new blood in his hands, new glow for his armour’s gem and faint surrounding mist of blood.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and emotes.
Animations: New animations for Tides of Blood, Hemoplague, emotes, running, tower channel and death plus four new animations when standing idle.
Sounds: New splashing or haunting sounds and grunts for his abilities plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: Blood Lord Vladimir’s splash art is just a portrayal of Vladimir. The background tries to convey the image of a gothic castle but it’s as obscure as it is plain. Conversely, Vladimir’s armour is quite a spectacle framed by an impressive vessel covered cape. In contrast to this, in-game the armour looks much simpler and the cape only has a black-red gradient on it. Additionally, the blood ball looks flat and unimpressive. Still, the jewel in the breastplate looks eye-catching and Vladimir’s intense stare coupled with his red eyes and pale hair make for an interesting style. In conclusion, this is an uneven piece that while concentrated on doing only one thing doesn’t actually perform it well.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Blood Lord Vladimir is an impactful skin thanks to the interesting concept and a letdown because of the implementation. The new model is quite elaborate but doesn’t compare to the notion given by the splash art. Vladimir’s physique appears plain and monochromatic even if his armour has an attractive design and some good use of colour. Regardless, his aspect struggles to deliver the idea of pure power that the skin constantly boasts about. In particular, Vladimir appears faded and sickly despite his broad frame and evocative armour. His naked hands also miss some protection with a clawed design; proper of a predator like him.
In addition to this, the voice over is so focused on presenting Vladimir as an unstoppable force that it becomes empty and boring. It turns into a constant reminder of Vladimir’s alleged might while losing the charm and plays on words of the classic voice over. Besides, the new blood particles are attractive even though they are languid mists instead of impressive streams of blood; which appear to be reused between actions. On top of that, most of the animations show minimal differences with the classic ones and so are difficult to notice.
Finally, the lack of significant new sounds surely doesn’t help the skin. More emphasis on the splashes of blood and the haunting tones is noticeable on the abilities but it’s a subtle difference. In the heat of battle they are too similar to the classic sounds and, on the whole, it’s only a stressed adjustment on the classic aural landscape. For a legendary skin, the sound department seems rather tepid.
To sum up, the problem with Blood Lord Vladimir is that its concept of an all-powerful armoured blood mage isn’t effectively implemented. Considering its price, it’s a skin better appreciated by Vladimir’s most dedicated fans.

Soulstealer Vladimir
Soulstealer Vladimir Splash Art Soulstealer Vladimir Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vladimir as a harvester of spirits.
Model: New model for Vladimir.
Particles: New particles for his orb, abilities, auto-attack, recall and death.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The mist barely allows the twisted trees and ruins to surface. The well kept windows in the remains of a wall stand in contrast to the heavy ambience. Before all this a figure wields an obscure power: between darkness and light something unearthly is at work. The feel of the piece is very well done as it easily communicates an oppressive air. However, the background is simplistic and, ultimately, empty. Fortunately, Vladimir looks wonderful with his display of magical prowess. The fantastic colours and precise lines make for a great depiction of textures and supernatural power. Thus, the splash art becomes a great portrayal of Vladimir with a nice feel to it but framed by a plain setting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a skin that aims to change part of the core identity of the Crimson Reaper Soulstealer Vladimir accomplishes its goal. The skin takes some of the elegance away and adds a degree of flamboyance and a clear predator feel. The appearance also exemplifies Vladimir’s specific command of the supernatural. That is reinforced by the ethereal particles and sounds; though the recall is mostly for show. Therefore, the skin maintains the nature of Vladimir but with an interesting eerie air. In the end, Soulstealer Vladimir is an expensive skin that tries to justify its price with its great concept and appropriate execution. The theme could’ve been further developed but as it stands it’s a worthwhile choice though better caught on sale.

Academy Vladimir
Academy Vladimir Splash Art Academy Vladimir Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Vladimir dressed as a classy, stern teacher.
Model: New model for Vladimir.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Four cool students posing at class; maybe between lessons. The intellectual can evidently be found by the blackboard, the aristocrat reassuring his looks, the tough guy displaying his might and the lady absentmindedly checking her phone as the sunlight bathes her clothes. To start with, the arrangement of the piece allows each champion to claim a part for themselves. The classroom is serviceable as it conveys a setting but is a bit diffuse to display any specific details. The people seen at a corner are almost unidentifiable and the notice board looks sketchy. At least the champions’ portrayals are clear but the sharp quality of their depictions contrasts too much with the draft-like quality of the background. Regardless, they manage to expose part of their personality like Ekko’s echoes, Vladimir’s elegance or Darius strength. It’s only Ahri who seems lost and even out of the picture with only her eye-catching tails to grab attention. Fortunately, the champions don’t compete for attention and, even if they don’t really work together with a unified objective, manage to coexist in a certain harmony.
All in all, it’s an effective splash art that shares the available room between the four champions in a reasonable way. There’s a bit of their character in each depiction and the context is clear. More could’ve been done but the result is definitely good.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: This elegant and even noble student looks more like a stern, or perhaps even diabolical, teacher or headmaster of a college; either is a role that Academy Vladimir fills better. The clothes are elegant, as no less would suit the aristocratic Reaper, and despite the jacket appearing too tight the idea of class is conveyed. The huge cuffs are an unnecessary exaggeration that seems added to please the classic aesthetic; just like the ever standing scarf around his neck. The idea of long cuffs could be a fashion choice and the scarf is a good fit for his style. However, the cartoony approach makes Vladimir look somewhat ridiculous which isn’t something that works with the elegance that the rest of the skin tries to propose.
On the whole, Academy Vladimir has a good idea behind it that is sabotaged by a tyrannical adherence to the classic style and some ambiguity. For fans of the Creamson Reaper it can be an adequate diversion but Vladimir can do much better than this.

Dark Waters Vladimir
Dark Waters Vladimir Splash Art Dark Waters Vladimir Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vladimir as a water sorcerer.
Model: New model for Vladimir and new animated collar.
Particles: New particles for his orb, abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: A night with full Moon in a downtrodden part of a city. There are buildings at the sides and a thick fog that conceals the surroundings. There are also bodies on the floor being deprived of a most essential element: their water. Could this also be the cause of the fog or is it being taken advantage of to hide such a terrible act? Perhaps they are completely unrelated.
Vladimir escapes from the fog; for the most part. After all his left arm and hand is blurry. It makes quite a contrast with his oversized right hand and sleeve. The perspective doesn’t account for their size and while they give focus to the accumulation of water it also seems exaggerated. Vladimir appears only from the waist up making one wonder if the water on the floor is entirely his; it will be at this rate. Perhaps the problem is that the water on the floor looks rather murky and solid like mud, that which acts as decoration behind his head looks like plastic and that which is being collected like glass. Overall, water, for its relevance, doesn’t receive the stellar portrayal it should. Skin looks dull and even diffuse as well as Vladimir’s hair but his clothes are clearer as well as the dim metal; perhaps it’s starting to rust from so much water but it just looks dull. Thus, we have a portrayal that seems rather interesting yet marred by a pervading lack of lustre.
In fact, the same can be said about the piece as a whole. The setup is interesting and while a full Vladimir isn’t to be found the use of water-powers makes up for it. In spite of all that, the feeling we are left with is one of forced gloom by the use of an oppressive colour palette and dim, dull colours. Instead of the darkness naturally emanating from the scene it’s written on it without the proper appeal it could have. That’s the main problem, the idea is quite good but the realisation doesn’t do it justice.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dark Waters Vladimir turns the Crimson Reaper into a water-bending sorcerer but of the most flamboyant kind. The fanciful clothes and eye-patch lose all modicum of practicality in the name of striking looks; at least, the aim is to be eye-catching. The skin catches the eye but does so with overblown decoration in the coat with hardly much personality in the rest. The white hair may try to make Vladimir look more aristocratic yet one thing is weak in the model: the dark waters. There’s a coat with a sort of watery pattern but only the collar is animated with a subtle wavy movement. More emphasis on that effect, animating the whole coat water texture for example, would better communicated the water theme in the clothes; even if the darkness isn’t there.
Particles are notoriosly solid for resembling water and the orb is a good example: it looks like plastic. At best they resemble blue gelatine that only communicates the water theme when waves are visible; waves which tend to be weak. Sanguine Pool’s splash may be the only moment where water is convincing but the rest of the ability and others lack perceivable fluidity. Hemoplague is rather disappointing for an ultimate. The effect is brief and, whirlpool effect aside, devoid of the theme. The most notorious absence is the sinister power that should taint these waters: they merely behave like normal water but only darker in colour and more solid. Given the nice effects available in so many Pool Party skins it’s surprising to find the particles being so ineffective.
Sounds resort to multiple water splashes without any touch of darkness. There’s one exception to be fair: Sanguine Pool’s deep echo which does give the ability a touch of sinister power. The rest is notoriously poor in terms of personality. It’s water and it’s being splashed, no doubt, and that’s all.
The new recall sees Vladimir channelling his power into a whirlpool that is to transport him. It’s simple and direct but takes advantage of the skin’s theme; even if there’s is no darkness to it. Perhaps something could’ve lurked in the dark waters as he disappears but it’s effective enough, nonetheless.
The result is a skin that ends up rather disappointing. The model makes an effort to grab one’s attention like a hyperactive kid and then it reveals, at worst, plastic-like water and simple splashes. It can be said that the water theme is present but the sinister dose that the dark part is to offer is nowhere to be found. Therefore, this is a skin only for Vladimir dedicated fans.


Champions usually have several interesting options available but in the case of Vladimir the best ones can be the most unexpected ones. Marquis Vladimir is the recommended skin as it capitalizes on Vladimir’s noble aesthetic.

Another nice option is Soulstealer Vladimir. Even though it changes part of his nature the result fits him even if his quotes don’t mix well with the theme. Still, it’s interesting as well as appealing. The price is an obstacle though so a sale is advised.

Academy Vladimir a student that feels more like a sadistic teacher or headmaster. The idea is definitely good but the strong conformance to the classic lines leaves the skin being less elegant and a bit foolish looking. Thus, it can be an option for Vladimir fans that look for something different but there’s better to be found.

Dark Waters Vladimir is a skin that catches the eye with its flamboyant model but lets down once its solid water particles and simple, splashing sounds appear. There is a degree of water in the skin to fulfil the theme but no real darkness. As a water wizard, Vladimir works but hardly does he carry the sinister power that he has everyone accustomed to.

Moving onto legacy territory we find a very interesting skin such as Nosferatu Vladimir. Nowadays, we expect more from a skin at this price but the attractive aesthetic can’t be denied. The implementation is limited but the result is attractive and Vladimir doesn’t really have better options at this price.

Still in legacy land, there’s also an extremely simple re-colour: Count Vladimir. In spite of the interesting name it may be a flatter look than his classic one.

A couple more options remain that aren’t the best they could’ve been. For a more roughed up look Vandal Vladimir is a fitting alternative. It doesn’t suit the elegant refinement proper of a predator in sheep’s clothing but has a distinct aspect.

Finally, dedicated fans will find Blood Lord Vladimir an interesting, even if unconvincing, option. The idea behind the skin is surely appealing but the blasé execution doesn’t bring out the best in this legendary offering.

  68 Responses to “League of Legends: Vladimir Skins’ Review”

  1. Zero you can make Brand skin’s review..? Plz… 🙂

  2. Zero, I have a question. I bought Soulstealer Vlad on its current sale (975 RP) but I thought back to Blade Queen Lissandra and saw that the two skins offer pretty much the same, just with different themes (souls and iron blades). So my question is which skin is better made in your opinion?

    • To be fair both seem rather similar. That is, the concept has great potential but the execution does just enough to make it come to life. It could even be argued whether the skins belong to their high price of 1350 RP. Maybe there’s something we simply aren’t noticing but both skins feel like missed opportunities.

      If we had to pick one it would be Soulstealer Vladimir because the particles and sounds are more convincing. Both Blade Queen Lissandra and Soulstealer have flamboyant models but the Blade Queen’s particles feel like a re-colour and the sounds barely noticeable. The only noticeable addition is the iron maidens; which could’ve even been used better.

      • I do agree with you Zero, I was quite excited when I first heard about Blade Queen Lissandra. I’ve always thought that Riot made her particles look “sharp” and “blade-y”… but.. her particles turned out to be “recolors” and not quite “sharp”. I really really wanted to buy that skin, but the particles really disappointed me; therefore, I decided to take my tokens back. However, on the other hand, Soulstealer Vladimir caught my eyes. Everything about this “Soulstealer” skin is JACKPOT! I mean, every particles, every look… it makes you (the player) feel like playing a different champion. I’d recommend Soulstealer Vladimir (though, I never bothered buying him, well, because I never play Vladimir)

        • It’s a real pity that skins at 1350 RP fail to justify their price. Re-coloured particles can be understood when they are fitting and the price is lower. However, at this level more is to be expected.

          Soulstealer Vladimir’s particles and sounds are definitely better and the concept is a great fit for him. Still, while we think that the skin is good it requires something else to really justify the price. After all, while Soulstealer isn’t after blood he still behaves the same so an additional twist would help cement the unique and appealing identity.

  3. One thing worth mentioning, is that imo Soulstealer Vlad has a bit of an identity crisis, in the sense that his model, particles etc try to push the idea that he is a soul harvester, yet his dialogue is still exactly the same; all he says are blood puns, which seems a bit lost on a ‘soul harvester’. No mention of spirits, only talking about blood, which doesn’t really connect with the idea of souls. It’s my reason why I’m not going to get him. What’s your opinion?

    • We agree, there is an obvious inconsistency between the theme and the voice-over. Maybe the skin should’ve treaded into legendary territory and become a full-fledged soulstealer. As it stands, there is an air of soul harvesting but it’s not as cohesive as it should be.

  4. I love Vladimir and really wanted to see which skin you would recommend. Tbh the only thing I like about Blood Lord Vladimir is the hair and how realistic the blood looks (forever disappointed in the lack of puns in his dialogue). Definitely agree that Marquis is his best skin but unfortunately for some reason I don’t find it particularly appealing. I guess I’ll have to wait for his next skin. Hopefully it will not disappoint (year 2019 here I come)

    Soul Stealer was like being whacked over the head with a wet mop. Yes it reinvents Vlad but I think it clashes with his…personality(?). The voice-over doesn’t fit this skin at all and I find the skin lacking in its execution. Something didn’t go right somewhere along the way.

    Btw sorry for the long comment, just wanted to share my opinion lol

    • Your opinion is welcome.

      We agree that Marquis Vladimir can be considered the best, in no small part, due to the lackluster alternatives. Visually, Soul Stealer is attractive but the voice-over does get in the way. Besides, Blood Lord shows its age which means that its flaws become more noticeable.

      Let’s hope that we don’t have to wait until the next vampire-revival for a good Vladimir skin; that would leave us livid.

  5. I’ve noticed that soulstealer vladimir got new particles for his death animation!

  6. Marquis vlad is a reference to Lestat from Anne Rice’s “interview with the vampire.” It’s an excellent book and an excellent skin. So is nosfaratu vlad, again for the reference to the film. Count vladimir is a good skin too as a reference to dracula, but not nearly as good as marquis.

    • Indeed, Vladimir is, in practical terms, the League’s vampire even if he’s actually an hemomancer. Strangely, when he stays within the confines of his vampiric nature he tends to work better than when he strays from it; at least for now.

  7. Soulstealer Vladimir actually has new sounds for his recall as well.

  8. Zero, you know when was Marquis Vlad last time on sale? I could only find 2011. I really want the skin but on a sale.

    • Long time no see in this case. Marquis Vladimir was last on sale by the end of October 2013. Knowing the ever increasing amount of skins versus the tiny size of sales it’s no surprise. It’s a skin that should be high in the priority list to be discounted but, as ever with Riot, no one can say for certain.

  9. Vandal Vlad is most definitely a reference to Lost Boys. Biker/Punk Vampires are a plenty in that movie.

    • It’s true the reference is clear though perhaps not that well known. We’ll think about adding it, as it can be of interest.

  10. Blood Lord Vladimir has new sounds for his abilities which aren’t mentioned. I would also like to point out that the final Conclusion section seems a bit messy. It mentions Vandal Vladimir but not his other two legacy skins.

    • We listened carefully to the Blood Lord and the sounds of the actual abilities are, disappointingly, the same. What we didn’t notice or mention is that he has new expressions when using them. They all seem to be grunts but they add a bit to the abilities.

      With regards to the conclusion it was written before Vandal was made legacy; this site is ancient. We’ll add the other legacy skins to the conclusion as they aren’t as rare to find as they used to.

      Thanks for the notice.

      • I made a careful comparison between Blood Lord and Classic Vladimir and I think there are new sounds for his Q and R only, I cannot notice a difference in W and E. Please do check again

        • We checked again and we only noticed that Transfusion is missing the heartbeat sound but the rest seems to be identical. Perhaps the heartbeat sound is replaced by another sound as part of the life gain. Truth be told, the differences seem to be quite subtle or simply non-existent.

  11. I find it surprising I hadn’t mentioned this before. Blood Lord Vladimir has 2-3 new idle animations, new animations for his autoattacks, and new animations for his E and R (both feature him raising both his arms, while in classic he only raises one arm)
    The particle section should mention the gem on his chest’s constant glow and the everlasting blood mists around Vladimir.
    Finally, the Concept section seems unfinished. The skin entirely changes his personality, not just his appearance. Therefore, I think it would be much more appropriate if it said something like “Vladimir as a dark all-powerful hemomancer/blood lord wearing an engraved armour with a super-natural aspect”.

    On a side note, I find your recommendation of Marquis Vladimir over his more interesting ones (Blood Lord and Soulstealer) to be justified, but the single problem I have with Marquis is how tiny the model is in-game. The skin’s elegance is unquestionable and the price is attractive, so I might get it when Riot fixes his model’s size issue. Currently it is the only available Vladimir skin I don’t own.

    • Almost forgot: His new dance should also be mentioned, since it doesn’t exactly classify as an “emote” in my opinion, which are already mentioned.

    • I almost forgot: His new dance should also be mentioned, since it is not really part of his “emotes” in my opinion, which are already mentioned.

    • The Blood Lord seems to be full of subtle surprises. They better stop here or we’ll send him a plait of garlic; we can’t be kneeling at his feet every time he decides to reveal a new aspect of himself. Who does he think he is?

      We checked him again and there are several additions we didn’t mention but they are all sadly thin and similar to his classic style. We are sorry to find that the auto-attack is identical to the classic one: he rotates between attacking with one or two hands; so stylish of him.

      We did another pass on the review and adjusted things so that it better reflects our view of the skin. Unfortunately, it’s still a skin that’s better on concept than in execution and so it can feel underwhelming; especially nowadays.

      With regards to size, it seems that the Blood Lord is noticeably bigger than the traditional Vladimir; regardless of clothing. It does add to the skin but it’s a bit strange to find him gaining and losing weight; it could be his diet. If that’s the only thing stopping you from becoming a stylish Marquis then you need to have a word with the Blood Lord.

      As far as we know the dance is one of the emotes: joke, taunt, dance and laugh. We always collectively refer to them as such so we think we should stay consistent.

      Thanks for the useful and detailed information it has helped make a better review. The Blood Lord surely approves of that.

      • Oh my, you mentioned some things I hadn’t even noticed, though I was thinking about the running animation but was really uncertain because it is quite similar to classic, but lolking clearly showed me the difference. Anyway, I am happy I can be of help as always! I do love seeing improvement in this site.
        I never really mentioned a size difference between classic and Blood Lord but I wouldn’t really say there is much. It is just Marquis’ ridiculous small size that annoys me. I know it shouldn’t stop me from getting it but I think two skins for him is enough for me for now.
        Also, the dance was my bad, I thought I saw you mention it separately from the emotes in some other legendary skins, but I checked and I was wrong.

        • We are certainly grateful for your help. It’s very welcome as it has helped improve many reviews.

          As time goes by and skins get more complex one can get used to noticing things that before would probaly be ignored. That’s why, from time to time, it’s worth giving complex skins another look in case something was missed.

          The clothing of Marquis is also much less bulkier than the Blood Lord’s armour; as it should. That could be another reason why Marquis seems so small in comparison. Perhaps there is actually a problem with the skins’ scaling. We haven’t noticed but ‘has happened before’; the good Dr. was right all along.

  12. now that the harrowing is here and the Nosferatu Vladimir skin is available, do you think its worth it? i really like how he looks like but it costs 975 for a remodel! i mean haunted Nocturne is 520 RP for a remodel + two abilities with new particles! can i please have your advice on this?

    • We completely agree, nowadays 975 RP for a re-model is excessive; we updated the rating for that reason, thanks. We still think it’s a rather good skin and among the best for Vladimir; mainly due to the iconic concept. Regardless, we would place on the scales how much you play Vladimir and how much you like the skin versus the price.

      It’s an expensive skin, no doubt about it. The question is: do you like it enough to make the 975 RP worthwhile?

  13. Zero, i wish they would make another skin for him. Soulstealer seems a but over priced and so does blood lord. The rest of them only provide model changes, many of which arn’t even available. I wish they would put the effort into a nice 975 skin like we see with highnoon yasuo (just an example, retexture on himself and almost all his abilities, new back animation and new sounds for his dance, all fit into a 975 skin.) Something like soulstealer in terms of what you get, but for 975. What do you think?

    • Completely agreed, there are too many cases of skins at 1350 RP that simply don’t explain their price. Not only don’t they have significant features but they also don’t communicate their theme effectively. Soulstealer is an example of a skin that doesn’t really fit beyond 975 RP. It’s good but it has flaws and isn’t a visual wonder. We can only hope that things will improve as there seems to be too much variance in features and quality of skins between 975 and 1350 RP.

      • The said part is, I don’t think this will happen for a while. Considering both Soulstealer and academy are fairly new additions, its going to be a while before they release anything new.

        • We have to agree with you. Neither Soulstealer nor Academy ended up being as good as they should’ve been but it does mean that Vladimir has received skins somewhat recently. That does mean that it’ll take some time for new ones to arrive. Such is life, we’ll have to be patient and hope for the best.

  14. Would it be appropriate to perhaps mention new textures for Vladimir during his new passive ability, Crimson Rush, on his Blood Lord and Soulstealer skins? Or should those be counted towards his new ability particles? I don’t know, they are technically different textures and not particle effects so it might be appropriate. Perhaps on all his skins, actually?

    • From what we see it seems like a brief particle effect on the coattails and a swirl around his hands. Considering that the effect is used in all skins with modifications when there are new particles we can leave it as part of the particle section. The case of Malphite’s Granite Shield or LeBlanc’s Mirror Image qualifies more like new textures as they happen when there are only model or texture changes.

  15. Do you think soul stealer Vlad is worth it at half price?

    • Perhaps, only if you can excuse the forceful adaptation. Making Vladimir a soul harvester is fitting but the changes are superficial but they give a supernatural style that communicates the theme. We think that the skin should’ve delved deeper into recreating its theme but is good enough. If you like the skin, then the sale is the time to get it. Just be mindful of its limitations.

  16. Since Soulstealer Vladimir is slated to be on sale soon, do you think for 675 rp the skin will be worth it since you originally gave it 3 stars.

    • We stand by those three stars. The changes present the theme but lack depth. The supernatural aspect doesn’t fully integrate into Vladimir and so there’s a clash between the Classic and Soulstealer elements. Regardless, it’s a skin with appeal. If you like it then the sale is the opportunity to get the skin. You only need to be aware of the skin’s issues.

  17. Would you consider 675 a better price for it with all the flaws

    • Definitely though it doesn’t change the fact that they are there. We’d say that a sale is the best opportunity to get Soulstealer if you like it. However, be aware of its issues.

  18. Hello! (Please forgive me my English, never had it in school and I had to learn it only from the internet) After a long break from both LoL and this site, I’m back, and I’m in dire need of help! Disregarding the price difference, and I mean like totally, fully ignoring it… Choosing from Blood Lord and Soulstealer, which skin would be the best choice? Blood Lord might be legendary, but I’m worried it lacks polish that newly released skins have, which mayby makes Soulstealer just on par quality wise. Having both of them rated the same amount of stars rating doesn’t help me either… haha. And which skin will give me the best “Vladimir” experience?

    • Not bad English for learning online. Truth be told, both Blood Lord and Soulstealer have a similar price so we understand why it isn’t an issue. You’re right, Blood Lord lacks the refined exeuctions prevalent nowadays. The model and particles have a certain roughness to them and there are even some Classic assets reused; something unseen nowadays. It still is, though, the most elaborate skin that Vladimir has and offers more than any of the others. Sadly, there aren’t significant addition to the sounds, new voice-over aside, and the new animations are too similar to the classic ones.

      Soulstealer is humbler skin in comparison but it shows its technological advancements. Everything is polished and so the adaptation is much more smooth. We maintain that it doesn’t do enough to fully present the concept but it’s a skin that shows polish. It’s currently on sale you can get it rather cheap; which is still and advantage over Blood Lord. Especially as there isn’t such a significant difference in the final result.

      In the end, both skins have good concepts with executions that rely on a new model, particles and sounds. It can be a matter of which concept you like the most: the ultimate vampire or the harvester of spirits. In terms of polish, Soulstealer has the advantage but, despite not always being significant, Blood Lord offers more features. Neither is a bad skin for Vladimir but the truth is that they both have their share of problems.

  19. Hey Zero!

    Given how Count & Marquis Vlad have received splash art updates recently, are you going to submit updated reviews to them?

    Thanks for keeping up the good work so far!

    • We will but it will take time. More than one hundres splash arts were updated, in total, and we are finding it difficult to cope with. There are too many reviews that need to be redone so we have to tackle them progressively while giving priority to new content. It’s not the ideal way we’d like to do it but we are trying to do what we can to have quality assessments of the splash arts. Sorry for the incovenience.

  20. Hey, good work on all the reviews i find them so helpful. I got hextech shards for both soulstealer and bloodlord vladimir skins and i dont know which one to upgrade. So regardless of price which of the 2 would you recommend is more polished?

    • Glad that you find them useful.

      Soulstealer Vladimir feels more polished as it’s a more recent skin and benefits from newer technology. That said, Bloodlord is surely more elaborate as it has more additions in particles, animations and sounds; even the model is more complex. In this particular case Bloodlord might be a better option so as to get the most out of the shard. Still, Soulstealer, despite its problems, may end up being more distinct.

      Given that you have shards for two good skins you may want to craft one now and the other latter. The idea being that you can always reroll shards, not sure about terminology, but you may get a better skin as well as a worse one. Back to the skins, both are good and neither should disappoint provided you accept their problems. One is more elaborate and the other more distinct. Conceptually and technically they both have their good and bad features.

      Which concept do you like the most? Does the extra work offered by a legendary interest you? Do you prefer less but more recent and polished? The decision doesn’t just have to be based on technical merits, it also matters what you would like to play.

      • I think I will go with Bloodlord. Since i don’t play Vladimir I can’t see me upgrading both and i could use the essence from deconstructing one of them. I’ve had the same issue with other shards where i have 2 shards of the same champ and i don’t know which to upgrade since price is not a variant. It would be most helpful if you had 2 ratings on each skin one price-relevant and one just quality-relevant. I mean sure firefighter tristana deserves a low rating when you take into account both legacy status and legendary but if you get a shard for it might be really worth it. I know that would mean you would have to add something to each and everyone of the reviews which is needless to do for such a small detail but idk maybe you people find a way to use this idea as food for thought. 🙂 great work and fast reply as always .
        lots of respect to you all

        • Thanks for the kind words.

          While we do take into account the price of the skins it’s more the tier price, which encompasses the different features that a skin can have, that matter the most. We don’t know if rarrty of shards is related to the price tier or simply the price.

          At any rate, you can be sure that with price tiers out of the equation then more expensive skins tend to have the advantage because they have more technical features available for them. In fact, Firefighter Tristana is a good 975 RP skin; a price similar to its sale price at 50% off.

          There are exceptions as Firefighter Tristana proves. However, by and large, the more expensive a skin is the more features it offers so the more valuable to craft it is. That doesn’t mean that it would be a well realised skin. There are many skins at 975 RP that make many others at 1350 RP shudder. While that’s the main objective of the ratings if you take rating and price in conjunction we think you could reach a general crafting guide of skins. The Skin List can help in that regard.

  21. Will you be doing a new review of the new splashes for some of legacy skins? The splash art for both count and marquis Vladimir are very well done now, at least imo.

    • We are delayed as we’ve been prioritising new content. We will eventually review them all but there are over a hundred to tackle so it will take time.

  22. Vandal Vladimir has a new splashart. (I love your reviews!)

    • Glad that you like the reviews. We are delayed with splash art updates because they are a lot and we always prioritise new content. We’ll try to get to them, eventually, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

  23. just like the film did in 1922: it’s a different take on the traditional vampire.
    Nosferatu was the traditional vampire. Vampires being regarded as sexy is due to recent depictions.

    • You’re right, it wasn’t the best choice of words for what we tried to say. Actually, it’s a classical take on the modern vampire; the other way out, in fact. We probably got confused as the modern, aristocratic vampire has become the traditional image of vampires. However, historically, you are right: vampires were monsters until Bram Stoker wrote about Dracula.

      Incidentally, Nosferatu is based on the Dracula novel but without the rights. It’s interesting that they chose a classic approach to the vampire instead of the refined view of the novel. Thanks for the correction.

  24. I feel Blood Lord has been very unfairly reviewed. Agreed that due to lacking features compared to modern day legendaries yet the same price (1820RP) it cannot receive 5 stars. That would be pushing it.

    But it performs it’s role exceptionally well, turning even it’s glaring flaws into pros.
    Not everyone has to like his epic domineering voice that constantly reminds player of his power.

    And does everyone have to like his base quotes, that have too many blood jokes and dubious lines delivered in a rather sly voice? The answer is yes, they have to like it…wheather they like it or not, because every damn vlad skin has it – unless it’s Blood Lord.

    The splash art is ugly and that’s some solid first Legacy of Kain game artwork “quality”. But oddly enough this becomes a pro when the art’s strongest feature – the face pops into your champion avatar during gameplay. The yellowish, desolate face, that’s contrasted with brimming power and confidence flowing from his two orange eyes is a pleasure to look at.

    One can agree that ingame model shouldn’t look like a KISS band member in gothic armor, that’s a far departure from splash art face-wise. But it’s still way better then core vlad with his dregs and oddball hairdo.

    Him hodling a much smaller blood ball is actually a pro in my eyes. I don’t care about his little blood fountain, i care about seeing his badass armor – the less of the former, the more of the latter i get to see.

    Long story short – Blood Lord is the BEST skin if you feel that base Vlad’s looks and most of all quotes butchered your badass vampire fantasy. As the only skin in Vlad’s arsenal, Blood Lord departs from base vlad with both looks and sounds, while keeping the blood red and vampire theme strong!

    • We agree that Blood Lord Vladimir is, at least for now, Crimson Reaper’s best skin. However, as you note, the skin has problems and hasn’t aged well either. At three stars we don’t think it’s a bad skin at all. On the contrary, it’s good. It’s just not great or excellent. Blood Lord could do a lot of things better yet it’s still a skin with an identity so it has appeal. If that identity could be reinforced and polished it could very well become an impressive skin. Let’s hope for the best when the visual upgrade pipeline reaches Vladimir.

  25. Zero, should I buy Count Vladimir or Academy Vlad? IDK what to choose

    • Count Vladimir is just a re-colour. Imagine Classic Vladimir but mostly dressed in black. Academy fits in the fantasy of the game to a point; it has a modern style. Depends on what you are looking for in a skin but neither is particularly great. There are other options but if we are talking specifically about those two Academy offers more; despite the higher price.

  26. Dark Waters Vladimir has such a cool theme. I really wish he was made better. I wish he actually rose from the water and looked like he turned into solid after W instead of just rising up from the ground. Otherwise W looks really cool. Is it still worth buying if base Vladimir appalls me? I love the theme and the W and the splash art looks pretty nice too (at least better than the others imo), but would Soulstealer be a better choice for the price?

    • Dark Waters as with Soulstealer have the problem that they don’t go deep enough to make the transition from blood to a different element effective. Perhaps Dark Waters works better despite its problems as it’s also a liquid; you could say souls can be liquified or something like that by magic but that’s something else.

      From what you mention there are things that you like about Dark Waters Vladimir. So, is there something in particular that you like about Soulstealer? How is the skin competing with Dark Waters? If you also like Soulstealer then the question is which one you like better. If you just like Dark Waters then it’s the skin you should consider but we recommend to wait for a sale as it’s an expensive option.

  27. Well im in a dissagreement with the Dark Waters Part,yeah the skin lacks effects but remember that initial problem is Vlad,you can barely see his Q and E during a teamfight and thats why his E with DW looks like Blue Lines comeing out of a blue orb,The Q is cool althought,They did the W is the best they could i think,cause remember Vlad abilities VFX are a little…outdated…just like Morde’s,Corki’s And Etc

    • Actually, Vladimir received, not too long ago, an update to his VFX. The model wasn’t changes but abilities were changed to be clearer and look more modern. Besides, there are skins that completely change the style and look of abilities and remain clear about the theme. So, even if Classic Vladimir’s abilities have problems a skin doesn’t necessarily have to share them. Consider Dragonwing Corki as a good example of how abilities can stand out in a skin.

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