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League of Legends: Vi Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Dec 212012
Vi, the Piltover Enforcer
Vi, the Piltover Enforcer

Vi, the Piltover Enforcer arrived at the League of Legends to apply the law and smash faces; preferably simultaneously. If her punk style isn’t eloquent enough about her personality then her gigantic hextech fists should be. Besides, as her makeup and clothes attest, she’s conscious about her aesthetic and likes to look her best when assaulting and battering evil-doers. Therefore, to prevent the use of any excessive force, we offer a skins’ review to help in choosing a nice outfit.

Neon Strike Vi
Neon Strike Vi Splash Art Neon Strike Vi Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Vi as a futuristic crime fighter.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists plus new glow for her suit. New textures for her teacup when taunting Caitlyn.
Particles: New particles for Blast Shield, Vault Breaker, Excessive Force plus Assault and Battery.
Animations: New shades toggle for her taunt and new recall.
Sounds: New sounds for Blast Shield, Vault Breaker, Excessive Force, Assault and Battery plus recall.
Splash Art: The background shows the buildings and lights proper of a futuristic city as well as the wreckage that Vi leaves behind. While the buildings are well designed the lights are so intense that they mask most of the details; only on the left can they be better appreciated. Vi is well depicted with impeccable shading and ample detail. The pose shows a bit of her front and back so while a full look isn’t possible it manages a reasonable balance. All things considered, it’s a great portrayal of Vi backed by a great background; though it could be better.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Neon Strike Vi is a skin that delivers an attractive and fitting concept in an effective and pleasing way; with more than a few nods to Franky from One Piece. The model is a outstanding as it marries restraint with appeal. While the tight suit does expose Vi’s lean figure it isn’t revealing. Besides, the emphasis of the skin is on showing a cybernetic take on Vi instead of simply removing clothes. The suit is nicely decorated to avoid a plain look and the boots match the cybernetic fists with a clean and practical design; though the platforms don’t seem that practical. Regardless, it’s a plausible amount of visual flare that follows Vi’s tattoo, hairstyle, fist stickers and overall look; she’s tough but knows how to look good. The particles aren’t particularly striking, just a re-colour, but help match the colour scheme of the suit. Additionally, not all of the sounds are distinctly different but Excessive Force in particular sounds quite nice. One last thing to note is the recall, which is a little gem that adds a lot of personality to the skin and Vi. On the whole, it’s a satisfying skin that manages to adapt Vi’s steampunk style to a cyberpunk future.

Officer Vi
Officer Vi Splash Art Officer Vi Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Vi as a sexualized policewoman.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists.
Particles: New particles for Vault Breaker, Denting Blows’ attack speed buff and Excessive Force.
Animations: New recall and Caitlyn taunt animation.
Sounds: New siren sounds for Assault and Battery as well as recall.
Splash Art: To start with, the background has a tendency to be too diffuse and mostly hint at a city of progress. Furthermore, the motorbike covers most of the piece. So, despite its slick design there isn’t much to see. Fortunately, the cameos by Caitlyn and Jinx make it a bit more relevant. Vi’s look, just like her companions is highly stylized but remains appealing; though it presses how believable their poses are. Regardless, the portrayal is effective and eye-catching with some nice use of shading and lighting. All in all, it’s a good splash art with a background that could’ve revealed more about the setting but that, ultimately, adds to the piece.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For all intents and purposes, Officer Vi is a re-model that exposes Vi’s physical beauty but does little else. The clothes are a clear parody of a policewoman and while Vi looks very attractive that’s all they do. The sunglasses seem a tad too big and the hextech gloves barely hint at the style of a police car. In essence, Officer Vi is a nice looking skin but that’s all it is. The idea seems fitting but the execution is so straightforward that it hardly exploits it as much as it could’ve. For fans of Vi or Halloween, it’s a reasonable purchase but if you expect more than looks then this isn’t the skin you are looking for.

Debonair Vi
Debonair Vi Splash Art Debonair Vi Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Vi as an elegant and refined lady.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists. New textures for her teacup when taunting Caitlyn.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: From the look of things we find ourselves in an empty hotel, though the table in the front changes one’s mind to a casino. The dusky lighting makes the scenery look dull and its emptiness doesn’t help matters. Still, there’s enough happening in front of us: Vi doesn’t seem to be happy. The bright colours used for her depiction fill the piece with life but the unnecessary blurriness that starts on her right arm and extends towards the left compromises the view. Fortunately, the rest of her looks nice enough as she can clearly demonstrate her strong personality; even if only a small part of her elegance is visible. In the end, it’s necessary to mention that this piece is connected to Debonair Ezreal’s. It adds to the composition but it feels disconnected and a bit convoluted of a mechanism. To close, it’s an ambitious splash art that ends up being only a nice portrayal with too much diffusion.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A suit may be formal clothing but it can give a good amount of elegance and style. Debonair Vi relies on that but the result isn’t as good as expected. The suit has a certain futuristic air but the multitude of colours stay in disharmony. Additionally, her shoes seem uncomfortable as their design is coarse. The hairstyle is just alright as it seems more functional that actually stylish. The only thing that stands out is her fists: the art deco aesthetic is attractive and manages to bring some cohesion to the otherwise discordant elements. In conclusion, Debonair Vi is a skin that tries but doesn’t accomplish its intention yet it has its good points. The clothes’ design is a bit all over the place and her fists do what they can to make it better. It’s an option better left for dedicated fans of Vi or collectors.

Demon Vi
Demon Vi Splash Art Demon Vi Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vi as a dangerous demoness.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists. New animated wings and tail for Vault Breaker, Assault and Battery and recall
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: It could be a chaotic plane of existence or a cataclysm ravaging the earth but, whatever it is, it surely isn’t alone. The ambiguity of the setting doesn’t help state a clear context. There’re some random rocks, the parched earth crumbling to pieces but that’s it. It’s not clear what is going on only that there’s disaster everywhere the eye can see but where exactly is another guess.
Vi flies towards us amidst the blurry rubble and the comic book style of her depiction makes sense. The perspective doesn’t allow as clear a view of her as one would prefer but her cleavage is plainly visible; obviously. Perhaps the perspective should’ve been different, even the action, as the elaborate and iconic design of her hextech fists is lost as they are never displayed in all their hellish glory. The same happens with her wings and, inexplicably, her left thigh seems uncovered; she needs to search for more resistant trousers.
Ultimately, the piece does what it sets out to do: make a straightforward presentation of Vi. The result is effective but there’s room for improvement for the simple reason that much more of Vi could’ve been shown. As it is, it works but it seems simplistic and inefficient.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance Demon Vi may be a bit too deceptively simple. After all, she’s dressed in sexy clothes, much like her Officer uniform: high-heels, bare midriff and all. In spite of the demonic-styled hextech fists Vi’s aspect doesn’t go far from a costume. However, when she gets to work, and it shows that she enjoys it, then Demon Vi clarifies that there’s much more to her than pretty looks.
The new particles, backed by simple yet satisfying crushing sounds, make the infernal visage come to life. While Blast Shield’s plain red circle won’t impress anyone Vault Breaker can certainly kidnap people’s attention. The flapping wings and tail open the stage for the bloody trail that Vi leaves behind. Such trail is echoed by Denting Blows, once the bonus from the three stacks is reached, and the glyphs left by every stack delineate the theme further. The same bloody feel happens when Excessive Force is activated and when nicely applied to an unsuspecting enemy. Assault and Battery also benefits from the introductory services of the wings and tail but its particles aren’t impressive as the previous abilities are; which is unexplainable in an ultimate. They amount to a reddish explosion that, frankly, disappoints after the great spectacle that the other abilities provide. The new recall mixes her infernal nature with her classic non-nonsense attitude which is a good touch.
Overall, Demon Vi is quite a good skin but it feels uneven. The particles are, for the most part, fantastic and the sounds make a good job at supporting them. However, her new model is disappointingly simple, perhaps wings and tail should’ve been permanent instead of intermittent, and Assault and Battery fails to impress as it should when it finally connects. The idea behind the skin is awesome but the execution doesn’t fully grasp it. Therefore, this demoness version is quite a good option for fans of Vi but a sale is advisable.

Warring Kingdoms Vi
Warring Kingdoms Vi Splash Art Warring Kingdoms Vi Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vi as an imperial guard.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists. New jade textures for her teacup when taunting Caitlyn.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Brief but effective in context there’s some sort of building where Vi makes short work of an unidentified assailant. There’s much that the setting omits and its secondary nature is obvious not only by how little room there is for it but also by the blur that covers it.
Fortunately, that’s only to give further relevance to the large depiction of Vi. Although dim in colour there’s variety in intensity and tone alike. Some areas are more diffuse than others: compare his thigh or left hand to her left boot or right hand. Regardless, the impressive stance manages to convey her strength without preventing a rather complete view of her aspect. There’s no brilliance in her eyes and the swirls of motion and power on her right arm are solid and threadlike. Still, on the whole the portrayal is captivating.
In spite of an uneven depiction of the champion this is a portrayal that catches attention with its earnest display of raw force. The background fills space more than anything else so, a bit more attention to the setting is possible and would help the context. Nonetheless, this is a magnetic splash art despite its issues.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea of an imperial guard isn’t unfitting for Vi though the choice of weapon, large gauntlets, seems unorthodox; to say the least. With that aside, Warring Kingdoms Vi is an interesting skin that decks the Enforcer in richly ornamented, golden armour. The detailed plates provide ample evidence to her privileged position in the army and also offer a look that can be a tad overloaded at times but that manages to stay interesting. The armour isn’t comprehensive enough to protect her entire body, like her classic persona, but there’s a perceivable lack of exaggeration, though not of decoration, provided we ignore the hextech fists. The gauntlets do ask for an extra dose of suspension of disbelief, though. Fortunately, their evocative design makes up for their impracticality.
Particles tend to be polar opposites in their visual design. While their cartoony swirls are attractive their monochromatic simplicity adds an unnecessary dose of dullness. The auto-attacks are quite nice but Vault Breaker and Excessive Force are more interesting when the fists are being charged with power than when the eventual impact arrives. Denting Blows uses a simple but fitting shield which seems lacking in comparison. The same can be said about Blast Shield: it stands out but looks simple. Finally, Assault and Battery starts somewhat unassuming for an ultimate but the cartoony splash of damage for the knock down surely catches the eye. Even at their best particles feel simple but their designs always makes them pleasing to look at.
Sounds rely on metal scraping for Vault Breaker and powerful gusts of wind for Excessive Force. Both sounds are joined together for Assault and Battery which makes for a nice though timid aural effect, overall. Auto-attacks and Denting Blows don’t sound different enough to be noticeable and are noteworthy for that reason. The recall is a great display of force aided by her gauntlets in the form of a kata which adds a suitable martial angle to her identity.
Adding it all together, Warring Kingdoms Vi is an uneven skin. It has a nice model with some nice particle design and sounds but there’re problems. The particles are simplistic in their cartoony appeal and sounds seem shy supporters. The recall manages to convey all the strength of the skin’s identity, as seen in the splash art, but unlike the actual abilities. This makes for a skin that is attractive but feels underdeveloped.

PROJECT: Vi Splash Art PROJECT: Vi Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vi as a cyborg enforcer.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists plus new animated glow for her back and hextech fists.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall. New particles when taunting Caitlyn.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: As it shouldn’t be surprising coming from Vi her splash art goes straight to the point: beating up cyberpunks. At least one is visible on the left and parts of a robot or another cyborg appear among the rubble; we know very well who’s responsible for it. The metallic floor, broken on the right to reveal the neon lights and streets below, may indicate an advanced facility atop which Vi took care of things. The floor seems too reflective but without showing anything specific; which is a missed opportunity. Still, this all doesn’t add up to much. It does say cyberpunk world but there’s little specific in the whole of the sketchy and diffuse background. At best, it poses a few hints and questions.
Vi stands tall and collected as only she can. With the light shining on her armour it paints her plates in different colours; to the point that it’s not clear how she actually looks sometimes. Perhaps, except for the arms, it looks as if she’s wearing a powered armour but between the perspective and the undetailed lower body not much is clear. Except for her head and torso her limbs look a tad sketchy. Even the attractive holographic glow of her first seems solid and plastic; especially the right fist. Nevertheless, when the piece wants it can impress as the finely depicted visor and face show. Of course, there’s even a bit of cleavage in display; not to forget.
The result is a splash art that catches the eye with an, initially, impactful portrayal of Vi. There’s context but, actually, thinly presented. It doesn’t take more than a closer look for the piece to start revealing its many sketchy areas and add to the disappointment of a great idea that isn’t fully realised.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: To an extent, PROJECT: Vi is the natural extension from steampunk to cyberpunk of the Piltover Enforcer. The model verifies it with a cybernetically enhanced body that looks as mechanical as it looks powerful. The torso even references her jacket with a design that can pass as protection but that may very well be mostly style. Regardless of this inclination towards form, colours are rather dull. Vi appears monotonous which wastes the chance to highlight the different plates and articulations that make up her limbs; for instance. The torso is a bit brighter with a nice dose of blue but it’s a brief dose of colour. Her hair is stylish and the visor not only makes her look serious and deadly but also reinforces the cybernetic angle; echoed by the hextech fists’ design. The hextech fists, by and large look to be a mechanical variation of the steampunk originals. The strong and heavy feel remains but they don’t have the lean, advanced hi-tech feel they probably should. Perhaps that would’ve overlapped with Neon Strike Vi but PROJECT has a distinct design that would’ve helped with that.
In terms on particles, there’s no doubt that the new distorted glow and small arcs of energy that cover the hextech fists is the highlight. Being most always present they add an eye-catching and attractive dose of holographic power to her main weapon and cement the cybernetic angle. There’s no doubt that this is an addition that allows PROJECT: Vi to stand out anywhere; any time. Auto-attacks also employ the familiar PROJECT rectangular design for her punches’ trails. The circular blasts on hit also follow the design which gives them a consistent digital style. This is followed by the rest of abilities. Blast Shield also displays geometric shapes inside the shield which make it look more complex and advanced. Charging Vault Breaker shows a satisfying, flowing effect which is followed by an all too brief but attractive trail thanks to the concentric circles and distorted rectangles. Denting Blows stacks look quite attractive thanks to the complex design and animation. The large ‘V’ indicator with a triangle splash is a good reference to her name and rather eye-catching too. Unfortunately, not everything is as eye-catching and satisfying. Excessive Force reuses classic assets and, to make matters worse, the blasts only consists of a few curves made of rectangles. This leaves the attack feeling hollow and weak as well as inconsistent due to the classic remnants. Assault and Battery doesn’t share the same problems yet it can feel a bit underwhelming. Borrowing Vault Breaker’s trail and concentric circles means that the ultimate feels too familiar and not unique. The effect isn’t identical, granted, but it’s rather similar which added to the simple and sparse design of the hits makes the ultimate feeling not as impactful as it should be.
Sounds have two main components. The main one, used in auto-attacks, is the metallic clank of each hextech fist hitting something. Abilities rely on energy sounds with Vault Breaker’s charge being a highlight. The energy can sounds a bit crystal-like which makes attacks seem fragile yet also gives an identity to the aural landscape. It has to be mentioned that Excessive Force disappoints feeling weak and derivative instead of being a powerful explosion of power. The echoes added to Assault and Battery help in that regard and give a booming power to the ultimate; even if the result is still not impactful enough for such ability. The processed voice-over adds the artificial touch to her voice necessary for the cybernetic adaptation.
Her recall states the rivalry nowhere else to be seen with PROJECT: Jhin. It’s a good idea but one that needs to be further supported beyond a single recall. Browsing through different PROJECT targets is quite interesting but to make her unexpected passion for catching her rival relevant more development is necessary. At least, PROJECT: Jhin should also reference the rivalry yet he does not in any way.
In the end, PROJECT: Vi is a skin that easily catches the eye. The model is effective even if unsurprising but the particles steal the show. In particular, her hextech fists with animated distortions and arcs. Being constantly an attractive effect it makes the skin rather pleasing to look at. The abilities and auto-attacks are uneven and the sounds have good intentions but don’t always deliver. Still, the cybernetic feel is certainly present and the skin manages to appeal. There’s no doubt that PROEJCT: Vi ends up too centred on her hextech fists yet it can’t be denied that it has a significant feature to attract.

Heartbreaker Vi
Heartbreaker Vi Splash Art Heartbreaker Vi Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Vi as an armoured knight in a gold and red, heart motif.
Model: New model for Vi and her hextech fists
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall. New particles when taunting Caitlyn.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: There are many confused and dazzled people in the arena perhaps wondering what really was it that hit them. It was Vi, the clear marks on the ground are almost a signature. The background gives the context for the scene but it’s also brief. There’s no detailed content as everything is very out of focus so much so that the audience is merely a sequence of coloured dots. The richness of the carpet and surrounding podium is lost this way.
Vi kneels before Queen Fiora being knighted for her valiant efforts. This allows a rather good look at Vi’s golden armour. The plates appear somewhat dim and while some scratches suggest that it’s a consequence of extensive and intense use it’s not enough to justify the dull effect. The weak use of light and its shy effect on metallic surfaces certainly doesn’t help. Cloth appears rather soft and nicely shaded, sometimes suggesting the texture of velvet; which is rather fitting. Vi’s face seems a bit different to her usual self. It’s not the lack of a defiant smirk but the big eyes and sharp features don’t seem familiar, even though there’s a resemblance. In the end, even if proportions feel awkward at times, it’s a nice portrayal which presents her florid new look well.
Thus, we have a good context and a good portrayal making for a splash art that has a message to tell and does so with relative effectiveness. It’s not a perfect piece but it a nice, connected piece with something valuable to show.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: In spite of the oversized vambraces the armour of Heartbreaker Vi strikes as one belonging to a knight. The vambraces also pass as shields which may seem a rather defensive stance but they are put to good use as bludgeoning weapons. The heart design is clear but also elegant and doesn’t monopolise the look. There’s a nice contrast of colours on the plausible ornamentation for the most part; vambraces not included. The hairstyle seems not to match the general style due to its sobriety but it’s not an important clash.
Particles display a consistent design of hearts for glows and trails alike. The former employ large hearts while the latter several small ones. They look good but it’s the golden highlights employed in Blast Shield and Denting Blows which break the monotony and catch the eye. The puff of smoke from Excessive Force reminds of perfume, and its sound too, which is original but disconnected from the rest of the adaptation. There’s a bit of that in Assault and Battery but more subdued and with more emphasis on a heart blast which makes the ultimate a good summary of her abilities but less unique.
Sounds are few, actually, but the ones that stand out are rather nice. Vault Breaker has a distinct harp and the puff of perfume from Excessive Force is quite nice. Assault and Battery combines the two into a less distinct but fitting summary. Unfortunately, auto-attacks don’t seem to have new sounds and Denting Blows third-attack chime is too shy.
The new recall is straightforward and clear, in other words, pure Vi. The petals are a delicate touch with contrasts well with the smashed heart on the ground. While it’s nothing groundbreaking it works well.
All added together, Heartbreaker Vi is a skin with a cartoony approach to the heart theme it so obviously communicates. There’s little that’s original about the skin and what there is, like the potential puff of perfume in Excessive Force, sees no connection to the rest of the skin. The shield-vambraces are also interesting but the fists are still large. Turning the heart-shields into a tiny shield and sword, with heart design if necessary, would’ve allowed for a more appealing knight of hearts theme. Still, it’s a nice skin albeit straightforward, perhaps too much, in its adaptation.


Some release skins choose to re-imagine a champion under a wholly different light. This is the case with Neon Strike Vi and the result is actually quite good. The cybernetic style retains the core features of Vi while adding a fitting futuristic feel. It can be considered flashier than Classic Vi but it suits the character nonetheless.

A sexy demoness with a love for crushing whatever stays in front of her sounds rather interesting. With that in mind Demon Vi tries to make the most of the idea and succeeds in many aspects but also lets down in other relevant ones. Fans of infernal skins will find much to like but due to its uneven nature it’s better to get Demon Vi on sale.

Officer Vi is an interesting alternative in terms of looks. However if you want more than that you won’t find it in this skins. If you are looking for a skin that re-interprets the champion and adds on top of good looks then Neon Strike Vi won’t disappoint.

Sadly, Debonair Vi isn’t a skin that does much to appeal. The clothing doesn’t convince and the fists, despite their lean design, can’t salvage the whole affair. It’s a skin that has its charm but that isn’t really brimming with elegance.

Warring Kingdoms Vi is an uneven skin with a great model and recall aided by shy particles and sounds. The cartoony design of the particles is appealing but they seem plain in their sole colour. The timid sounds don’t help communicate all the force that the skin implies. Still, it’s a skin with a certain charm despite the feel that extra work is necessary.

PROJECT: Vi is a skin that relies too much on the amazing effect given to her hextech fits. The model just works, particles are uneven and sounds aren’t as effective as they could be. Regardless, the skin always catches the eye and even with its problems manages to be satisfying. It’s certainly a skin with problems but it’s also one that knows how to appeal.

Heartbreaker Vi is a nice skin but quite direct. There are a few interesting choices like the shield-vambraces and the puff of smoke in Excessive Force but they aren’t developed further to make the adaptation stand out. The result is appealing but there’s potential for more as what’s offered has been seen before.

  66 Responses to “League of Legends: Vi Skins’ Review”

  1. Neon Strike is also loosely based on the Wondra costume of Jubilee in comics.

  2. You are not aware that this skin is a reference to Franky from “One Piece”? The colours and recall, mostly.

    • There are some similarities but Neon Strike Vi strays more closely to sci-fi than fantasy.

      • Neon Strike Vi’s large gloves and recall are both references to the one piece character, Franky, a cyborg with large hands and fond of making various poses.

        • Perhaps there are some references but the clear sci-fi angle of Neon Strike doesn’t evoke the pirate theme of One Piece. Besides, classic Vi already has large hextech gloves and it’s far from the only skin to display dramatic poses during recall.

          We understand that there’re ground to form a link. However, we don’t see the link as strong or evident enough to add it to the review. If we find something more solid that relates to One Piece we can consider it.

          • She has blue hair and sunglasses, same as Franky, and her poses are exactly like Franky’s.

          • The similarities are there but the theme of the skin is firmly on sci-fi while One Piece goes into fantasy so sets them apart a lot. Still, if there are so many similarities we may add it to the review; at the least so that it’s complete. Thanks for taking the time to change our minds.

  3. With Officer Vi, soon to come out, what are your thoughts on it?

    • It’s quite similar to Officer Caitlyn in that it’s a fetish that while appealing may not have much lasting appeal. If it adds something interesting besides the looks it could be more than just a sexy appearance. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. How do you turn on Officer Vi gloves lights on? like how you can put on Neon Vi goggles on and off?

  5. what are the new particles on officer vi’s Denting Blows’ attack speed buff? I cant tell any difference really. :/

    • It’s a new glow on her hextech gloves, different from the classic glow when the buff is active. Not much, even subtle, but noticeable with an attentive look.

  6. I really wanted the Neon Strike Vi, but I’m not disappointed with Officer Vi. I do hope they come out with another skin for Vi soon! She is one of my absolute favorite champs!

    • We agree that Officer Vi looks good even if it’s only a uniform fetish. Hopefully, Vi’s next skin will be as good or even better than Neon Strike. Nothing like punching problems until they solve themselves; always works.

  7. When will the Debonair Vi skin review be released?

  8. Can you review the new Debonair Vi? Or at least tell me here what you think of it? I really like the splash art and the guantlets look nice, plus it’s cheap. I was wondering if it would be a good choice..?

    • Certainly, it’s already published.

      We agree that the hextech fists look good and the splash gives a nice first impression. Sadly, the suit isn’t as good looking as in the splash artl. It just doesn’t look as lean and classy as one would like. The price is indeed low so it’s an acceptable choice but nothing that impresses.

  9. Are you gunna do debonair vi and ezreal since they just came out?

  10. i just noticed something about officer vi. her unique taunt for cait normally summons a tea cup. But in officer its a donut instead 😀

  11. sorry for spamming this page but i have found yet another thing that you missed. Officer vi has a new particle effect on her q: a police badge appears in front of her.

  12. Hi, I’d like to point out Debonair Vi has a new taunt.
    Your most welcome 🙂

  13. I am thinking about getting a skin for one of my jungle mains, vi or fiddlesticks. I am currently stuck between Neon strike vi and Suprise Party Fiddle. In your opinion which skin is the best overall and which skin adds more particles. Thanks for your time!

    • More or less Neon Strike Vi and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks have an equal amount of new particles and also sounds. Neon Strike also has the advantage of a toggle for her taunt and a fancy new recall but Surprise Party clearly communicates the mayhem behind its concept. Another difference is that Neon Strike Vi can go on sale and that’s the best way of acquiring the skin.

      You should buy a skin for the champion you like and play the most. If you like and play both Vi and Fiddlesticks a lot then you could wait for Neon Strike to go on sale and, in the meantime, perhaps get Surprise Party. It also depends on which theme you prefer: sci-fi or festive fun. One skin could be a bit futuristic for fantasy and the other just a joke.

      Chances are that neither skin will disappoint you. However, there’s no rush so you can think it with time. In these cases when skins are really good is better to choose based on personal preference. Both skins are well done and shouldn’t let down but, ultimately, the best may lie in the eye of the beholder.

  14. Neon Strike Vi has new sounds for her recall as well. They are even a lot more noticeable than the ones for Officer, so it is surprising they are unmentioned while the ones for Officer are mentioned.

    • That was a clear oversight as Neon Strike Vi has one of the best recalls thanks to the animation and sounds as well as the particles. Thanks for the correction, this is a relevant part of the skin that should’ve been correctly assessed.

  15. Hey, what do you think of the new Demon Vi skin, I think it’s too overpriced for what it offers though it is a appealing look, thoughts?

    • Completely agreed, it’s a nice skin but it does nothing beyond the usual; except for the processed voice-over. The concept is good and the implementation has some good touches, like the wings and tail, but there’s nothing really impressive. If the new appendages stayed in the model and were always animated then it would be something different. As it is, it’s a nice extra but situational.

  16. What do you think about Demon Vi. I would like a review on it please

    • Looks nice but may not be enough for 1350 RP. We’ll have a review ready today if possible.

    • Yes please do a review asap, I already have Neon Strike Vi but really like the looks of Demon too. Before I buy a skin I always check back on your website because I value these great reviews here.
      So don’t leave me hangin here, I know you guys haven’t got anything better to do 🙂

  17. I think the Vi Vi Vi on Demon Vi’s leg is a really subtle addition, what with VI being Roman Numerals for 6 and so it being 666 on her leg, a reference to the number of the devil. Really well made skin.

    • Yes, that a good addition though so difficult to notice that, in normal gameplay, it wouldn’t be appreciated. Regardless, it’s a welcome touch.

  18. Loving these reviews! Whenever I want to purchase a skin, this site will be first on my list to check out. But it will be great if you start reviewing custom skins!

    • Glad that you like the site and hope it’s useful.

      It could be an option but every time we have checked custom skins we find that it’s a chaotic realm. There are all kinds of skins and while there’s some good work many are limited by how much they can do from outside the innards of the game.

      It could be interesting to have a spotlight article for some of the most notable examples, though. After all, many released skins have been inspired by custom skins. We’ll keep it in mind, thanks for the idea.

  19. Should I get neon strike vi or officer vi?

    • We’d recommend Neon Strike, it’s very well done. It has an attractive and fitting theme with a great execution. It may not be perfect but it does a lot of things right. Officer is more of a diversion, something fun for variety. Vi surely looks sexy but that’s mostly all the skin does. It has its appeal but it doesn’t have the impressive display that Neon Strike has.

      Given that they have the same price, Neon Strike easily stands as the better option. That’s not to say that Officer is bad, there’re things to like about the skin, however it’s just not at the same level.

      If unsure you can wait for a sale and get each at half their price. That way you can save some RP and still punch in cyberpunk or official style.

  20. Demon Vi is currently on sale now, but I also see Warring Kingdom Vi is on the horizon as well. Can you give me some of your thoughts about it and how does it compare to Demon Vi? Both are same price, except WK Vi is legacy.

    • Warring Kingdoms Vi has a nice new armour for her. The model ends up as the best feature because while the particles have appealing designs they are simplistic in their monochromatic look. Sounds are shy supporters with only metal and gusts being used alone or together. The result is a skin that is nice but leaves the feeling that it’s underdeveloped.

      Demon Vi shares some of the same problems but with a twist. Conceptually it’s hardly innovative but interesting if well executed. There lies the crux of its problems. The model is disappointingly simple: essentially some sexy clothes. However, the particles are fantastic with fine though simple support by crushing sounds. Still, it’s an uneven skin with an ultimate that disappoints to a puzzling degree considering how appealing her other abilities are.

      As you can see, both are flawed skins that have their ups and downs but collectively they are inconsistent. There are things to like in each skin but given their problems we’d advise to get them on sale. In the case of Demon Vi that’s no problem. In the case of Warring Kingdoms, being legacy, it may require some special bundling, for example. In the end, we have to admit that so far none of Vi skins have managed to repeat the rotund success that Neon Strike is.

      • I see. Well glad I have Neon Vi already, but I’ve just been looking for a new flavor.

        • We understand, for all the good that Neon Strike Vi it can only stay fresh for so long.

          Demon Vi on sale sound like a good option provided that you accept its idiosyncracies; mainly the unimaginative model. Warring Kingdoms Vi has a stronger model but the rest isn’t as elaborate even if still effective. However, the fact that both skins seem equally appealing yet Demon Vi is on sale and Warring Kingdoms Vi will hardly come by a discount could tip the scales towards the hellish side.

          It’s mainly a matter of personal preference which skin you like the most as neither is bad. Still, the matter of price is relevant and the sale could be a significant factor to gauge. After all, paying half price for a skin makes a good difference; especially as purchases start to add up.

  21. Can you put her new skin , Warring Kingdoms review ? Thanks 🙂

  22. In your opinion, on which particular Martial Art is Warring Kingdoms Vi based/inspired of? Maybe Kung Fu? Maybe Karate?

    • Most probably Kung Fu or, better said, Wu Shu. Being a skin to celebrate the Lunar New Year its association with the Chinese Spring Festival is clear. Additionally, the Warring Kingdom’s concept is heavily based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel.

      • Thank you for the quick reply and for enlightening me with the desired information. As soon as I read in the review that her recall is based on performing Kata, I immediately associated it with the Martial Arts that include the performance of Kata. I wish you much luck and success with keeping this website active and updated for many years to come! Cheers! 🙂

        • Not at all, we are glad that the website is useful. We used kata meaning a demonstration of martial arts; which is a general maning for the word. It’s is often associated with Karate because of being the source of the word, as far as we know, but nowadays it includes any martial arts; according to the dictionary.

  23. Curious, which skin would you personally recommend between Warring Kingdoms and Project Vi?

    • We’d say that PROJECT: Vi is more eye-catching. The particles added to the fists are great though the skin is too centred on them. Warring Kingdoms is nice but also more subdued and the particles more homogeneous. It’s not bad a skin but doesn’t have the appeal of PROJECT.

  24. Hey Zero, which skin do you think is better? Demon Vi vs Project Vi

    I personally like the Particles on Demon Vi but is unenticed by its simplistic model. I liked the Project Vi sounds as it gives off a technological vibe lol and the model is quite nice however her Glowing fist is bothering me like thats the only focus of the skin thereby making her whole appearance kinda dull other than her glowing fist of course.

    I would like to hear your thoughts about this thanks

    • We completely agree. Demon Vi has great particles but the model is a letdown. PROJECT: Vi’s particles are uneven and there’s a clear focus on the glowing fists. It’s a nice effect but ends up monopolising her style. We still think that PROJECT ends up being a better choice because if you like the holographic aesthetic the skin delivers. Whereas, Demon only partially represents the hellish concept it intends to.

      Neither skin is perfect but PROJECT seems less uneven than Demon. If we are going to nitpick then differences in appeal are subjective and so the skins may not be that different in perceived quality. In our opinion, there’s an extra star for PROJECT but if the glowing fists bother you then perhaps you could take it away.

      • The reason I asked about the two skins is because both of them are going on sale next month May and I can only afford one of them so I’m trying to make the purchase worthwhile.

        Since you recommended Project Vi I’m convinced with it now. However it should be noted that Project Vi is on the Early sale next month meaning its gonna be 975Rp vs Demon Vi on a half price sale XD.

        • In that case we’d recommend to wait for a regular sale on PROJECT: Vi. It’s a good skin but perhaps not the best choice if you aren’t so keen about the holographic fists. Demon Vi wouldn’t be bad but it’s better to focus on what you really like. If PROJECT is the one you like then no point in getting distracted by another skin.

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