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League of Legends: Urgot Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Sep 122012
Urgot, the Dreadnought
Urgot, the Dreadnought

Urgot, the Dreadnought is a champion with dissidents. Some may be impressed by his power through pain while others may be horrified by the extremes that technology has gone to. As there are supporters of his approach there’re enough people to give him power and thus enable his steady advance through Zaun; to Noxus. With such methods, only time will tell how far he will go in the terrain of politics and warfare. What’s sure is that whoever, whatever stands in his way on the battlefield will be grinded to mince meat; literally. Before such an end befalls you, better be acquainted with the disguises the Urgot may employ in his pursuit of power.

Giant Enemy Crabgot
Giant Enemy Crabgot Splash Art Giant Enemy Crabgot Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Urgot as a large crab monster.
Model: Major model changes for Urgot.
Particles: New blue particles for Echoing Flames, Corrosive Charge, Purge and Fear Beyond Death.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New squishy sounds for his emotes and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: With little in the way of setting but much personality this is an attractive splash art. A storm over the sea is all the context we get. It’s not much but it’s enough. The only thing that matters is that the little, sketchy boat is most probably doomed.
Urgot appears like a true behemoth of the seas. The upper part, above the surface, shows magnificent use of light. The shading is fantastic and photorealistic in places. The same can’t be said about the viscous water around and the effect of the rain doesn’t convince either. The darker areas also conceal details but the effect is excellent. Below the surface the story continues. Here we can notice the magnitude of Urgot. His body appears diffuse as it should with a good use of blur. The major elements are visible and even the light makes a great spectacle underwater. The right claw can appear sketchy, especially the inside of the claws, and the legs may be a bit too blurred. Regardless, this is blur put to good use. There’s nothing else to see in the sea to the point that areas feel empty and don’t even reflect their underwater features. Specifically, such areas don’t need to be filled in but need to feel like water.
Overall, this is a splendid splash art that presents Urgot as a fearsome titan of the seas. What the splash art lacks in depth of context it compensates with that of the portrayal. Perhaps the piece doesn’t display Urgot as clearly as it should but the spectacle gives a good reason. Truth be told, if some issues can be excused, this can very well join the select group of League of Legends’ best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Giant Enemy Crabgot was and still is a weird skin with a peculiar appeal. Now far from being bizarre his monstrous physiognomy is closer to regular expectations of a mutated crab; sans meat grinder or extra mouth or plainly weird opening in the abdomen; which is somewhat unsettling. Truth be told, the model follows what would be expected of a stylised crab monster while making room to respect Urgot’s classic design. There’s nothing particularly bad but the model doesn’t have any salient features that make it stand out.
Particles are a straightforward affair. For all abilities, except Disdain, visual effects are painted blue. There are a couple of new additions beyond that, though. The first, Corrosive Charge throws a spiked ball, which could be some sort of marine creature but simply looks like a round ball. The second, Fear Beyond Death throws bony spikes or something of the sort and the chains used for the execution are replaced for more suitable tendrils or tentacles; though they are really thin and simple in look. The leftover steam during the execution can be excused for a sea monster but there are more fitting choices and the yellow explosion mixed with the blue particles makes the execution feel in need of a pass of polish. Also unsuitable is the classic, yellow auto-attack particles which surely don’t fit the blue particles.
While Disdain doesn’t show any differences in the visual department it does so in the aural side. With wet exoskeleton, Crabgot moves making squishy sounds as he advances. The same is used for emotes and recall which adds consistency and personality to the skin. Sadly, that’s as far as it goes: no other action receives such an update. There is also the processed voice-over which makes the voice less artificially enhanced and more organic, in theory. It’s noticeable but also a rather subtle change that sound better said than heard.
Overall, Giant Enemy Crabgot is a good skin with some inconsistencies and a derivative style. The adaptation mostly follows the usual choices with only the meat grinder feeling a bit off-putting if physiological implications are considered. The particles are simplistic and the sounds interesting but unexploited in potential. While the skin is cheap it never adds up to something really cohesive and fully appealing. It’s not that there’s nothing to like it’s simply that there’s nothing remarkable.

Butcher Urgot
Butcher Urgot Splash Art Butcher Urgot Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Urgot as a chainsaw-wielding butcher.
Model: Major model changes for Urgot.
Particles: New projectile for auto-attacks and Corrosive Charge plus new drill for Fear Beyond Death.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New auto-attack sounds.
Splash Art: In terms of background the intense blur only allows a guess about how we are placed inside a fridge at a meat processing plant. At least we can assume that those dark brushstrokes that hang under light lines are meat under neon lights. On this side of the bloodied plastic flap door we find the hands of the poor man, apparently, that is to join the rest of the meat; which could be flesh. A hook and a chain add their timid contribution to the bare setting. Actually, this is all classic slasher film content presented in a rather straightforward and uninspired way. It doesn’t stop there.
With his butcher-like look, heavily reliant on known horror icons, Urgot presents his draft-like chainsaw. His body is actually well shaded with nice use of light and clear lines. Even the breath and scars are convincing though the clothes can look sketchy. The same can’t be said as we look at the mechanical body. Partially shown to the point that much has to be extrapolated, it feels like the imposing perspective isn’t taken advantage of as much as it could. We see a part of Urgot, enough with some goodwill, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.
Therefore, the final feeling that this piece gives isn’t one of horror but of referential intentions. It imitates well enough but that’s as far as it goes. It presents Urgot with some flaws and the result is nothing near memorable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Butcher Urgot is a skin recommended to Urgot’s purists provided they don’t mind the strong reliance on the classic base. Appealing horror left behind after the visual upgrade this is a more conventional and perhaps boring take on the concept. The model’s most interesting change is the blood-stained apron, metal mask and dark glove on the pale, undead skin of a slayer. The right arm cannon turned styled dual chainsaws still functions like a firearm so it’s all show in this regard. The legs are also styled different and more colourful than in classic which clashes with the grim colours used for the upper body. Nevertheless, they look good with the Echoing Flames glow on them even if they don’t contribute to the theme.
Particles are almost identical to Classic. There are three exceptions: the buzzsaw in the auto-attack with accompanying sound, the projectile used for Corrosive Charge and the drill employed by Fear Beyond Death. The first is fitting albeit not very sensible change, the second looks like a missile with glowing, toxic capsules around it while the third is like an industrial drill with toxic canisters attached behind. They look like they would suit the Classic persona better than the Butcher one; mostly the last two but perhaps also the auto-attack. However, with so much of Classic in Butcher there’s little that doesn’t really fit.
All in all, this is a straightforward and unimaginative adaptation. The model ticks the necessary boxes as expected and a couple of extra particles are changed which don’t really help much. While it isn’t a bad skin there’s nothing remarkable unless you are a dedicated fan of the Dreadnought.

Battlecast Urgot
Battlecast Urgot Splash Art Battlecast Urgot Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Urgot as a tank-like robot.
Model: Major model changes for Urgot.
Particles: New particles for Echoing Flames, Corrosive Charge, Purge, Fear Beyond Death and recall.
Animations: New animations for his exhaust tubes, standing idle, emotes, auto-attacks and recall.
Sounds: New sounds for Echoing Flames, Corrosive Charge, Purge, Fear Beyond Death, emotes and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: Dust, smoke, rocks and subtle silhouettes of fleeing people. With some attention one can also distinguish a fellow Battlecast brother joining the action. Still, the setting is bare and its depiction even more so. At least there’s somewhere to stand so that Urgot can make a great display of his look.
That’s probably arguable. The rustic depiction works in some areas to give a more visceral and mechanical feel to the lethal machinery that is Urgot. In other areas it simply looks like a draft: unpolished or even unfinished. That certainly happens with his front leg and right guns. The head and torso look quite good and that extends to the left arm and leg with its interesting though somewhat unconvincing effect; it’s not clear what is really going on. The starting area of the legs is barely visible and the close perspective doesn’t allow a clear view of Urgot’s mechanical figure; which would be ideal as he’s the star of the piece and only real relevant figure.
All added together, the idea of having a rough, industrial feel for Urgot is suitable and appealing. The execution of such an idea isn’t always as effective as it should be. Even if we accept that a close perspective can bring the mechanical terror better up front the depiction has to impress with its personality and attention to detail. Sadly, even if somewhat effective, it doesn’t.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to have Urgot as an unstoppable machine of doom then Battlecast Urgot is what you need. This skin fully embraces the machinery and transforms Urgot into a walking tank with all the necessary assortment of lethal weaponry. Being all machine the design is all function with little but enough given to form. What doesn’t serve a protective function as armour it’s a weapon. The bulky and practical model makes for a believable walking tank with a distinct identity fitting of the Battlecast line.
Particles for auto-attacks and Echoing Flames are quite similar to Classic but with darker flames to reflect the grim nature of the skin. Corrosive Charge becomes a barrage of missiles with an appealing reticule and explosion. Strangely, the missiles seem to leave the launcher at some distance as if they materialise in thin air. Purge shows a red shield around Urgot’s body which is covered by a dim red grid; which is sometimes difficult to notice. The reticule and area of effect circle have a nice design that further brings to mind the militaristic function of this Dreadnought. The shots are just like Classic but re-coloured in a darker hue. Finally, Fear Beyond Death shows a bladed drill of a rather stylish design. The drill produces sparks on hit and the circle of squares is different but simplistic. The flames on Urgot’s body while the drill locks on an enemy is a good touch as a threat of the execution in black smoke that is to come; which is rather dull looking actually.
Sounds are good support for the abilities. Auto-attacks hit stronger but Echoing Flames barely do so. Corrosive Charge has a satisfying sound of multiple shots that result in a brief, low-pitched explosion. For Purge, the shield has an energy sound and the shots a light machine-gun feel that is quite nice. Sadly, Fear Beyond Death sounds weak with a soft metal tinkle on hit. The same applies to the execution which explodes with a soft even if modern tone.
Animations don’t only include robotic adaptations of emotes but also a more fitting, for the Battlecast line, transforming recall. It’s a rather simple transformation but it fits in. While standing idle, presumably, Urgot’s engine makes his body rattle while the exhaust tubes are constantly, regardless of action, shaking; though producing no smoke as they previously did, a pity. Auto-attacks have a very nice change: they use both firearms which alternate shots. These small touches are good additions to cement the industrial identity of the skin.
All things considered, Battlecast Urgot is a great skin that manages to add up several changes to define a distinct identity. There’s some reliance on the classic base but always suitable in the adaptation. The result is always appealing and sometimes very attractive. Unfortunately, the ultimate seems not to be able to capitalise on the great work elsewhere to impress as it should. Besides, further changes, even if small, would’ve completely cemented the Battlecast identity. Nonetheless, Battlecast Urgot is the ideal skin for fans of deadly robots and the Dreadnought.

High Noon Urgot
High Noon Urgot Splash Art High Noon Urgot Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Urgot as a steampunk cyborg in the Wild West.
Model: New model for Urgot.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: With some effort it’s possible to distinguish a train. It’s rather diffuse and so the context isn’t clear. It seems like there’s a bridge on the left and a man before the train and that’s all. Everything is too ambiguous and blurry.
Urgot’s depiction is blurry too if we look at his mechanical legs. It seems as if the interesting design they have is to be concealed for some reason. The man that he holds is more detailed but colours are rather muddy. The same can be said about Urgot. Metal is dim and the fire lacks power so that it seems weak instead of a potential forge of raw power contained within him; something that in-game is simply not present. The napkin covering his face is actually quite nice with good use of light, folds and a decorative pattern on its surface. The hat is rougher but doesn’t look bad either. It strikes as if the portrayal is unfinished with only a few central parts sharpened for release.
Overall, this is a straightforward splash art with a vague draft for a background. Urgot’s portrayal is too unevenly depicted so that certain areas look sketchy and a few others finalised. The basics are mostly covered but only in that a general idea of Urgot can be got.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It could be said that High Noon Urgot doesn’t really know what it is. Urgot is dressed like a bandit, napkin on his face and fancy hat, while his mechanical body is closer to dieselpunk that steampunk; as a train would suggest. He looks different but exactly what his body is trying to tell isn’t apparent. It’s not clear how he would execute people inside his body either as there’s no hint at internal machinery or visible once his body prepares for the ultimate; just classic remnants.
Particles are based on fire and dark smoke. The fire is stylised, simple and very respectful of the classic design. The dark smoke is scarcely used and appears like thin, weak trails instead of a powerful emanation of industrial power. Corrosive Charge’s dynamite projectile is cartoony but appealing. Purge’s range diagram is also nice even if dim coloured. Something similar can be said about Fear Beyond Death’s indicator as the rest of the ultimate looks all too similar to classic; sans final, disconnected, bovine silhouette.
Sounds feel similar to classic but Echoing Flames and Corrosive Charge sound deeper and more powerful while Purge has a lighter mechanical feel which makes it seem more advanced and refined; though only on the surface. Disdain has the train horn as a standout. Fear Beyond Death tries to do the same as Purge but sounds weak and only the train sounds are remarkable. However, with no real train references in the visuals the respective sounds seem out of place.
The new recall is mostly a laugh emote. There’s the stomping too which leaves something to see on the ground but it hardly collaborates in developing the theme.
On the whole, it seems like High Noon Urgot is a skin that casually threw the Old West concept on the Dreadnought and made a few changes without a cohesive design. There’s a bit of bandit, a touch of train as well as some fire and smoke but nothing really that makes the adaptation have a focus. The result is just as uneven as can be expected. There’re a few things to like but not an integrated identity.


There is no shadow of a doubt that Battlecast Urgot is the recommended skin for Urgot; despite its price. It transforms Urgot into an appealing tank-robot with visually attractive equipment. The new particles, animations and sounds are a great match for the theme, for the most part, though there are some weak additions and timid areas. In spite of what could be better, like the ultimate, it’s certainly an attractive skin and, currently, his best option. Even if the price is high, on which a sale would help, the skin delivers a consistent adaptation that offers a lot to like.

Dreadnought purists will see in Butcher Urgot a good option if they can excuse the evident use of classic assets. The model communicates the theme enough and a couple of extra touches are added without much contribution to the concept at hand. To a point, it’s a skin that does just what’s necessary to cover the basics and barely pulls it off. Unless you are a great fan of Urgot, there are better alternatives.

Giant Enemy Crabgot is a more appealing skin that it used to be but also conventional in its adaptation. It follows the expected stylistic choices and ends up being good but totally unremarkable. There are some good touches in particles and sounds but they tend to be few and far between. While it’s not a bad skin it’s also nothing special in any way.

High Noon Urgot seems like a skin made without rhyme or reason. There’s no cohesive identity and only parts of several Old West elements splashed atop Urgot. The result is nothing short of disappointing. There are a few things to like but they are all disconnected from the whole.

  28 Responses to “League of Legends: Urgot Skins’ Review”

  1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I didn’t see this review until Butcher Urgot went back into the Legacy vault, so I wasn’t sure about buying it and chickened out. I will most definitely buy it next year (if it comes back which I’m sure it will because it’s a legacy skin) but I did buy Battlecast Urgot, and I have to say I agree with you on every point you made about it.
    Definitely a 5 star skin.

    • Not at all, and don’t worry as Butcher Urgot may probably return, at least once per year, if the legacy sale becomes an habit; which it should. As a skin that harkens to an specific aspect of Urgot’s classic theme it’s definitely interesting.

      In the case of Battlecast Urgot, words are unnecessary: its spectacle of destruction speaks for itself.

  2. The Giant Enemy Crabgot is a parody skin design is based on this Youtube video (A remix of the Genji 2 preview at E3)


    • So it seems though the reference feels a tad obscure.

      • While I know this is a very old reply, I felt to add that while the name is certainly a reference to the Genji 2 preview at E3, the skin it’s self is merely “Urgot as crab” and does no more to contain references to the youtube video at all beyond the name

        • Truth be told, it doesn’t seem like too strong a reference to be particularly relevant as part of the review. Still, it’s always nice to know.

  3. Quite precise, but i want to clear osome things.
    Urgot Battlecast is a nice theme and does his job, but it hasn’t grew up too good;

    Counters: If we compare it with other skins with the same price and theme like Kog’maw and Vel.koz Battlecast, we can see a lot of missing things, like a new voice filter, or back antimation, even his shield jsut changed parcially. Also, he is missing the Ult particle that makes you know that you still have resistences up and, even tho they updated the other skins Q, they didnt change anything on this one, that makes me dissapointed, becouse the classic skin Q looks way better for some reason.

    • We agree that the idea behind Battlecast Urgot is good but that the implementation isn’t up to par with what is to be expected of a 1350 RP. That’s why we gave the skin three stars, it’s nice but expensive for what it offers. The truth is that it’s getting behind the times and so newer Battlecast skins deliver more.

      When a visual upgrade for Urgot finally comes things may improve but we can only hope; seeing as how uneven visual upgrades are. For the time being Battlecast Urgot is an acceptable skins but certainly not great.

  4. Would be nice if you could update the conclusion, and maybe the reviews. Urgot may not be good looking, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserved a well-analyzed skin review.

    • The reviews may be old but they are still relevant; mainly because Urgot hasn’t received any significant additions in terms of skins or updates since then. The conclusion is a bit too brief but there isn’t that much to say either. Hopefully a visual update will come soon and we can make a better review for an improved Urgot along enhanced skins.

  5. Would Battlecast Urgot on sale for 675 rp a fair price?

    • To be fair with Battlecast Urgot, it’s his best skin but, by now, it’s a bit oudated for the 1350 RP tier. If you like it and plan on getting it definitely try to get it on sale. It’s a rather nice skin with an effective implementation but not at the level it’s being sold as. The former price of 975 RP, which was increased in one of those genius moves that leaves everyone wondering afterwards, was a fair price for a, nowadays, quite good skin.

      • So 675 is good price since it is on sale right now?

        • If you really want it then it’s very improbable that a better price will appear. Be mindful of the skin’s limitations, though. For a skin in the 1350 RP tier it feels a bit outdated but there’s definitely much to like. Perhaps a visual upgrade will improve the skin; thought that isn’t always the result, ironically. At any rate, as it stands, it’s a good skin and on sale it’s the best time to get it. Just be aware of its idiosyncracies.

  6. Big fan of your work here 🙂 what do you think about the post-rework skins? I cant wait to see this review updated, keep up the good work 😀

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      From what we have seen we could say that Battlecast Urgot can finally justify the price of 1350 RP. Sadly, the other skins don’t seem to have received as much care. Giant Enemy Cragbot isn’t bad and better than before but not particularly special. Butcher seems to have been treated as a leftover with barely any changes. A pity that the visual upgrade couldn’t have been more consistent across skins; especially at the level of Battlecast, which isn’t perfect but is rather good.

  7. update pls

  8. They shoulda made butcher urgot crazier looking, like Texas Chainsaw style, maybe some blood and bone particles appear when you execute some one with ult. A true shame.

    • The particles could and maybe should’ve shown much red with a clear horror aesthetic, for starters. For a skin based on slasher movies there’s little beyond the basic look to communicate the theme. Indeed, it’s a wasted opportunity to make the skin more special; after all, re-colouring particles wouldn’t need much extra work.

  9. There is actually a different sound effect for Butcher Urgot’s auto-attack, though it’s very subtle; you can hear the metal blade making impact at the target. Also, thank you guys(?) for the Urgot review. I was kinda expecting Crabgot to receive 4 stars, due to the changes and theme.

    • Not at all, sorry it took a while.

      It may be too subtle because we don’t hear it. There is a clank when the shot is to hit the enemy but that seems to be the arm-gun reloading. We hear the same sounds in both Classic and Butcher. Perhaps you have a link to a video where we can hear the difference? Thanks.

      Giant Enemy Crabgot did improve but not as much as we would’ve hoped. To be fair, for a 520 RP skin it does offer a lot. However, we find it all rather flat. The skin offers a lot but it doesn’t add up to something special. Therefore, even if it’s cheap, we just didn’t see it good enough.

  10. Hi, i think butcher urgot have chainsaw sound for his aa’s and different projectile for it (a circular saw).
    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VePzEgBS1VE maybe you can hear it there.
    Also Giant enemy crabgot have processed voiceover as u can hear there: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=87fvdtxQOAo
    Maybe im wrong but i think it deserves a check.
    Thanks for the reviews they are awesome!

    • We checked and you are right. The changes are interesting for Butcher’s auto-attack but the Giant Enemy Crabgot processed voice-over, in-game, feels too subtle.

      Anyway, thanks for the information. It’ll allow the reviews to be more useful with more accurate information.

  11. Are there urgot chromas you would recommend for both battlecast and high noon ? High noon disappoints but would like a chroma when the sale comes but can’t decide.

    • Battlecast Urgot’s chromas are rather dim, similar to classic and to each other. They do offer a few new patterns of decoration that make them more interesting than the simpler Classic look. Can’t really say that there’s one that’s better than the others. They are all sublte even in their use of their primary colour. It seems like any could be a good option if you like the main colour and few decorations.Regardless, the darkest, soberer ones seem more fitting for a killing machine.

      High Noon Urgot’s chromas are also timid in their changes but lack the subtleties of Battlecast. Instead, they seem like varied re-colours of several parts. Thus, the most vibrant and different the colours in comparison with classic the more distinct the chroma feels. Truth be told, these chromas seem rather unambitious and compacent.

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