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League of Legends: Miss Fortune Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Oct 162012
Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter
Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter is a charismatic champion with quite a playful attitude. In spite of this, her skins are limited to different set of clothes and guns; sometimes also hair dyes. Regardless, she surely knows how to make the most of her sex appeal; one would think. If you need to make advice rain, so as to strut in a nice dress, then take a shot at her skins’ review.

Cowgirl Miss Fortune
Cowgirl Miss Fortune Splash Art Cowgirl Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune suggestively dressed as a cowgirl and wielding huge revolvers.
Model: Major model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Some dirt, some wanted posters, some wooden buildings, more than a few birds and lots of sky; at noon it seems. The setting is lacklustre and there’s little that can be gathered. At best, this was a duel.
Miss Fortune is the star and the perspective makes it clear that, again, she got her man. While lines are clean and shading is soft there’s a subtle rough feel to the colours that suits the hard life of the Wild West. The use of blurs is rather sensible even if a bit arbitrary. In other words, it may not convince as proper optics but the focused and out of focus elements are reasonably displayed. A disadvantage of the perspective is that it doesn’t give a good look of Miss Fortune’s whole body. For example, her legs and arms are largely invisible. What is visible is enough to get a general idea of her look which the revolvers certainly help; even if the left one looks quite sketchy. Her flowing hair framing a smug yet satisfied visage adds the necessary dose of charm to her portrayal. Strangely, her face doesn’t look like Miss Fortune much. She doesn’t look bad but doesn’t look like it’s really her.
All in all, this is a splash art that goes for effect and it succeeds. There are obvious sacrifices that need to be made and while there’s a degree of context the setting is barely suggested. This can make the splash art feel empty. The portrayal is the only relevant element depicted and while it’s good it also has its share of issues. This results in a piece that communicates style, one fitting for Miss Fortune, yet ends up feeling light on content.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Cowgirl Miss Fortune is a skin with a very specific appeal that relies on showing Miss Fortune’s lean figure with some Wild West sprinkled on. From the waist up there’s nothing new, even Classic Miss Fortune shows as much cleavage. However, the lower body presents us with a mix of chaps and jeans that manage to preserve the modesty of this bounty hunter; unlike the former inadequate incarnation. The look isn’t unfitting for Miss Fortune’s playful and alluring personality and stays within good taste while maintaining her enticing personality. So it all ends in a nice cowgirl look: the clothes are well designed with decorating fringes plus the revolvers and hat, though oversized, are nice. All things considered, Cowgirl Miss Fortune’s a good skin for fans of the Far West, as long as they don’t mind the unavoidable dose of sex appeal, it delivers its theme well.

Waterloo Miss Fortune
Waterloo Miss Fortune Splash Art Waterloo Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune wearing a stylized early 19th century French military uniform.
Model: Moderate model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: For being so diffuse and even foggy the background manages to provide a setting. It’s mostly men and their reactions to Miss Fortune’s order. It may very well be that she’s a general in a great army. Or, she could be the admiral of her own fleet of ships from Bilgewater; as the classic Miss Fortune would be. What’s clear is that she’s giving the orders and not everyone is happy with them. That may be Napoleonic enough.
Miss Fortune’s portrayal, in the pursuit of style, omits her legs. Still, her svelte figure is clear and the exposed midriff gets a prominent display. The shading is quite nice and the colours soft making for a suitable, delicate depiction. The sharp lines and vivid lightning ensure that Miss Fortune catches the eye and doesn’t let go. The problem is that, uniform aside, there’s nothing novel; even if the guns are very detailed they are too similar to classic to stand out.
This all added up, results in a straightforward portrayal of Miss Fortune with just a little context behind it. The piece is appealing but that’s mostly because Miss Fortune is. Take her out and there’s nothing noteworthy. So, at least the basics of a presentation card are covered.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Waterloo Miss Fortune passes for a stylized version of a French soldier but the concept isn’t a good fit for her. There isn’t much connecting a bounty or pirate hunter with the early 19th century French army. Even if you consider privateers or corsairs, the golden age of piracy was long gone by the time. In spite of that, the appearance isn’t bad but it can’t escape the heavy adaptation to Miss Fortune’s classic base and it shows: the classic design senselessly permeates the theme. Regardless, the message comes across. So, Waterloo Miss Fortune is a good skin if taken for what it is. The theme is portrayed and so the concept is delivered but tinted with an evident layer of fancy style.

Secret Agent Miss Fortune
Secret Agent Miss Fortune Splash Art Secret Agent Miss Fortune Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune dressed as a seductive spy and wielding silenced guns.
Model: Major model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: It’s a real pity that the background is so diffuse as the interesting art deco style of the casino or bar is largely wasted; it also feels patronising that such a tool must be used. What little is noticeable is attractive but as much as the lady responsible for the bullet holes; in the piano and several people.
Embracing the familiar femme fatale spy Miss Fortune has no trouble being attractive. The colours are soft as well as the shading and at times too soft; to the point that the pearl necklace appears diffuse. This makes for a stark contrast with the almost photorealistic dress which stands out, perhaps too much, from the measured surroundings. While the general effect is good it seems like dress and Miss Fortune were depicted in two different styles. The shoes also seems somewhat small and the foot lacking the appropriate shape. That problem also continues up the leg. It’s a subtle effect but instead of sexy it makes her lower extremities have an unnatural feel.
Regardless of some issues, the scene is a classic homage to a female spy. There’s nothing subtle about the splash art though but it’s appealing. Much of the appeal relies on Miss Fortune but it couldn’t be different with her around.

Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Secret Agent Miss Fortune literally places her in the shoes of the archetypal femme fatale of spy films. It definitely suits Miss Fortune and works perfectly with her personality, manners and abilities. The dress has an elegant blue tone but the pattern on the cloth is difficult to notice; if it survived. The golden guns look sleek and lethal; quite befitting her. Unfortunately, the skin shows a propensity to imitate Jessica Rabbit: from the hair to the clothes the similarities are evident. That choice affects the skin as it deviates from the sexy but deadly spy towards an inoffensive cartoon fetish. Besides, the new stockings, in imitation of the Mafia skin, add nothing to the theme and, along the gloves, seem like a cheap way of covering her. In spite of that the result is appealing though certainly flawed and inappropriate for its high price. All things considered, Secret Agent Miss Fortune is a classy skin and unless you can’t see Miss Fortune without a hat it’s a nice choice despite the unnecessary imitations and limitations.

Candy Cane Miss Fortune
Candy Cane Miss Fortune Splash Art Candy Cane Miss Fortune Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune wearing a Christmas-inspired clothing and wielding candy canes.
Model: Moderate model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A Christmas tree, a poro-patterned sofa, gifts and a couple of mischievous poros in the search of a nice present. It’s a basic setup for a portrayal that seems rather laid back.
Miss Fortune seems to be reclining on a bear cushion; one that isn’t enjoying the added pressure. In terms of lines they are clear but the move from her waist to her hips seems abrupt; the proportions aren’t right. Colours are soft with a water-coloured feel that offers some nice use of light in many areas and a sketchy touch in many others. We need only compare her face to her hat or forelock against her hair. The stance doesn’t say much, even if we get a good look at her right boot. She seems to have shot recently and is satisfied about it and that’s all. The face does appear a bit different from the classic one yet it’s not a major issue. What doesn’t help is that her arms and the perspective conceal her dress and don’t allow a clear view at her look.
All in all, this is a simple piece that shows Miss Fortune surrounded by Christmas paraphernalia. She’s attractive, as always, but such reliance on her appeal isn’t enough to hide the issues in the splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Candy Cane Miss Fortune is a simple and uninspired Christmas skin. The dress, hat and boots are as plain as they could be while the candy cane guns are just alright. In fact the skin seems to have been made with little effort. The result is simply sexy Christmas Miss Fortune. In spite of this, the overall aesthetic is attractive as few would look as good as Miss Fortune wearing a Christmas hat. In conclusion, it’s a skin with some value besides being a collector’s item for dedicated Miss Fortune fans but in the end not much would be missed.

Road Warrior Miss Fortune
Road Warrior Miss Fortune Splash Art Road Warrior Miss Fortune Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabitant wielding sawed-off shotguns.
Model: Major model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Desert, hills and an extreme blur to make it clear that we are moving at high speeds here. The motorbike is the only other relevant element. The heart painted on the fuel tank is the only Miss Fortune touch we find. The general design is of a classic motorbike timidly turned post-apocalyptic with a few extra screws and spikes; also stabilisers for some reason. Leave all that behind, clean and polish the paint and we have a classic as good as new.
For all the personality the bike lacks Miss Fortune makes up for. Her smirk as she shoots behind her evokes her identity well. As is usual, colours and shading is soft and nice on Miss Fortune but it can seem a bit sketchy in places; like her fingers or hat. The blur doesn’t help and her face can look too cartoony. The perspective doesn’t fully hinder a good view at Miss Fortune unlike the initial impression. The added fan service isn’t entirely out of place in a character like Miss Fortune but in a post-apocalyptic wasteland it may not be the ideal place to find it.
Overall, this is a splash art that ends up being too direct. The context is barely exposed with only Miss Fortune being a relevant element atop her shy motorbike. It suffices yet feels lacking in general.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Road Warrior Miss Fortune is a demure looking skin that still manages to appeal with its interesting concept. The wasteland survivor appearance is accomplished but the limited colour palette is unusual considering that any piece of clothing would be suitable, regardless of colour, in a post-apocalyptic realm. Nonetheless, the pastiche of different clothes and elements work as an effective Mad Max reference. The sawed-off shotguns are an integral part of the look that are a bit exaggerated. They are well designed but appear too new, large and clean plus they sound like guns. Additionally, they are identical to each other which seems like a missed opportunity to continue the uneven design of her clothes and make the feel more believable. On top of that, for some inexplicable reason, the wasteland seems a good place to wear high heels; something that the previous version of the skin avoided. This is an unnecessary and underhanded attempt at sex appeal that actually degrades the overall theme; just like the v-string belt. In the end, Road Warrior Miss Fortune looks too tidy and pristine for a wasteland inhabitant and her gear strikes as a bit fanciful, boots included, but makes up for it with an, overall, appealing execution of a good concept at a low price.

Mafia Miss Fortune
Mafia Miss Fortune Splash Art Mafia Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune dressed as a member of the 1920’s Chicago Outfit wielding Thompson machine guns.
Model: Major model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: It seems like Twitch’s rat casino has found itself on the wrong side of Miss Fortune’s Thompson machine guns. At least that’s what we can gather in the foggy rain. The anonymous, unidentifiable thugs holding rats are quite clear about the rats’ luck running out. There are blurry glimpses of the city around as well as details about the surroundings and hired muscle that are simply hidden under the patronising blur.
Miss Frotune’s appearance is one of confidence yet in a cartoony way. While colours and shading are soft they can also appear sketchy. This makes for a strange contrast with the sharp highlights of her dress; so sharp that they can feel like silver added on top; even though they are cloth. The heart-decorated machine guns are a great touch not equated in-game; a real pity. The lack of visible legs seems unnecessary as the depiction doesn’t benefit from being up-close; in fact it isn’t that close. Miss Fortune’s svelte outline isn’t ignored but her hair is neglected and simplistic; it actually looks like an unfinished draft. The use of light and shadows is quite good, though.
In the end, the relevant context added to Miss Fortune’s appealing portrayal save the piece. There’s much that is suggested and little that is clearly shown. What is shown doesn’t always enjoy the best of depictions but Miss Fortune manages to remain appealing. Still, the uneven quality of the splash art weighs down on her like raindrops on her hat.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Mafia Miss Fortune provides a refined Chicago style that is attractive yet suitably inhibited for a member of a crime syndicate. High boots, stockings, a mini skirt and matching jacket plus a fedora hat join a pair of stock-less Thompson machine guns to provide an appealing and elegant style for Miss Fortune. Considering the accomplished aesthetic it’s surprising that the Tommy guns don’t sound like automatic firearms. Nevertheless, Mafia Miss Fortune is a nice looking and designed skin that any fan of fair dressed ladies will enjoy. As a re-model it doesn’t offer enough for its price but it remains an attractive option.

Arcade Miss Fortune
Arcade Miss Fortune Splash Art Arcade Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as a stylish gamer wielding light guns.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns plus new textures for her death. New TV for her recall.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Splash Art: The background displays a richly decorated floor and lots of confetti but, aside from an angry Gangplank standing on a game over screen, there’s little to determine a setting: everything is too blurry. Miss Fortune rests on a preposterous seat that is as glamorous as it is fantastic. Her look also follows suit: the clothes are reasonably coloured and the lines are well defined. It could be said that the trophy adds something to the piece too. However, the saturated colour palette, with an indulgent reliance on pink tones, ends up making the piece look diffuse and monotonous. Fortunately, as far as portrayals go it’s effective as it gives a good look at Miss Fortune’s appearance. In the end, it’s a splash art that tries to be more than a presentation card but that doesn’t manage its tools in the best of ways.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As a tribute to 8-bit games Arcade Miss Fortune does a great job. From the recognizable hat to the mirrored Game Boy and yellow stars the Nintendo references are clear; the light guns are also worth mentioning. Her clothing follows her usual style but manages to be casual and appealing on top of the unavoidable revealing facet. The recall is a great homage to light gun shooters and Gangplank’s apparition also adds a touch of her classic lore. Her death also evokes familiar situations. With all that stated, what really takes the 8-bit aesthetic forward is the particles; well supported by the sounds. The pixelated effects are colourful and attractive though sometimes the colours lack enough brightness. Still, the skin succeeds with its many elements in accomplishing its goal. In conclusion, Arcade Miss Fortune is a great, even if expensive, choice for fans of 8-bit games and charming Miss Fortune outfits.

Captain Fortune
Captain Fortune Splash Art Captain Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as captain of a pirate ship.
Model: Major model changes for Miss Fortune and new model for her guns.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her recall.
Splash Art: A ship sinks, prisoners walk the plank and pillaging is rampant: just another day in the job of a pirate. The setting places the action directly into recognizable terrain and even if the abundance of apple barrels is unusual the general feel is attractive. The background is a bit diffuse and while understandable for the ship in the distance it’s not so for the nearby pirates. Besides, it would’ve been much better to instead occlude the background with smoke from cannons and crashing waves instead of simply a blurry fog.
Miss Fortune stands mysteriously on one side of the piece. The sexy but deadly captain looks a bit more slender than her usual self and, perhaps, also younger. Regardless, she still looks familiar and the ambiguity of her presence helps the piece: is she a ruthless captain that turns her back on the repercussions of a battle or is she stealthily approaching a pirate ship to catch a new bounty?
With regards to her depiction the only problem is that not more of her is visible due to how close she stands; which isn’t that bad. The colours are bright and the light makes a spectacle of reflections and shades. Her guns aren’t completely visible which is an issue and her coattails are a bit blurry but there’s nothing significant that negatively affects the portrayal.
All things considered, this is a piece full of context with an unpredictable story waiting to continue or start. The background is a bit diffuse and would’ve welcomed a more creative use of the depth of field. Nonetheless, it wonderfully complements Captain Fortune’s entrancing portrayal. In spite of its few issues, this could perfectly join the exclusive club of the best splash arts in League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For a change of clothes this skin effectively transforms the Bounty Hunter into Captain Fortune. The high boots are somewhat simplistic and don’t really fit the clothes worn at the height of piracy. However, the rest communicates the theme effectively even though in a highly stylized way. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as Miss Fortune isn’t one to ignore looks and her classic enticing style is present. It’s probable that her sex appeal could’ve been presented in a less direct manner but as a fantasy, sexy captain Miss Fortune works.
Her new triple barrel guns are a bit exaggerated yet follow the fictionalized angle that Captain Fortune adopts. Even her recall is a flashy statement of her personality that supports the stated approach. Unfortunately, while Captain Fortune offers a rather appealing aesthetic the price is a bit too much for only adding a new recall on top of the model changes.
In the end, Captain Fortune is an attractive skin and a good choice for fans of Sarah Fortune. Sadly, it’s essentially a re-model with only a recall attached which doesn’t seem sufficient according to what a skin at 975 RP can do. Therefore, it’s a skin that fans should get on sale.

Pool Party Miss Fortune
Pool Party Miss Fortune Splash Art Pool Party Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as a water pistol, beach-going gunslinger.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns and new tranparent pareo.
Particles: New water particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New splash sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Fuzzy and foggy background but full of details. However, the caricaturesque style used for the photography-obsessed champions doesn’t match the style of the piece. It seems that focused on making a hilarious joke style and good taste was sacrificed. The main issue is that some of the depictions border on the grotesque. Therefore, while Miss Fortune’s look may make the crowd wild and they need a good splash of water to cool down the result of such valid context is marred by the unequal presentation. That also extends to the rest of the setting but the responsible is the intense depth of field effect; which also occludes the champion’s daring appearance. For what it attempts it manages to cover the basics: the idea of paradisiacal pool surrounded by palm trees is delivered; though not in the most appealing of ways.
Miss Fortune’s portrayal is the complete opposite of the background: the depiction is sharp with overly saturated colours that aim at photorealism. Sadly, that’s not accomplished. In spite of how attractive Sarah initially appears as one, naturally, stares at her problems start to mount. To start with, the colours are saturated so things appear waxy. There are some water drops running down her shoulders and arms which can be explained as tanning oil but there isn’t much evidence of it on her well shaded skin. Garments and hair don’t have the luxury of such an excuse though. Speaking of her body, her left foot doesn’t have a natural shape. The rather rectangular outline makes it seem like her ankle is inflamed. Also, her legs look a bit short for the proportions of her body, perspective considered, and maybe her arms a bit long. Her red hair looks like painted straw which is ironic given that her straw hat looks like made of wool and the ribbon tied to it bi-dimensional. Her sunglasses have a nose bridge that seems too wide but that may be explained by how far apart her eyes seem to be. Specifically, her left eye is too close to the border of the face and it’s also proportionally too large. Her bracelets, like her earring also appear flat and, together with the anchor necklace, don’t glint with the expected brilliance that gold would have under the bright sunlight. In addition to this, her water pistol seems to take on the caricature style of the background. Although it’s well delineated the colours make it look sketchy.
Not everything is bad and, admittedly the issues aren’t huge though they do add up. For instance, if we keep going down to reach her cleavage, unmissable of course, we see that it’s reasonably tipped to a side because of her pose. Also the satin texture of the swimsuit’s middle section is attractive with believable hues, seams and folds. The upper part of the swimsuit and the pareo don’t have such detailed surfaces and they appear rather simplistic. Especially, when set against the many shades and even imperfections, as one would not expect, of Miss Fortune’s skin. The lounger’s texture is quite vivid yet the coconut drink by her side is a bit sketchy.
When all is considered, this is a splash art that gives a strong first impression that is diluted with many small but noticeable flaws. The background is the most salient which added to the uneven portrayal manage to undermine what should’ve been and impressive display of natural beauty. It certainly is a spotlight, even if Sarah doesn’t convincingly appear to be taking a selfie, yet it gives a sour taste as many of the problems seem perfectly avoidable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Never one to lose her appeal and good looks Pool Party Miss Fortune doesn’t skimp on fashionable clothing. The classy design of her swimming suit matches that of her heart-shaped glasses, her ribbon-laced straw hat, her finely see-through pareo, gold anchor necklace and high-heeled sandals with golden clasps. Even her water pistols are customized to suit her style with hearts at the sides of the water containers. There’s no doubt that Miss Fortune is dressed to kill and armed with suitable weapons for such an occasion.
The most significant triumph of the skin is probably how it manages to portray Sarah as a femme fatale without sexualizing her look. She does look attractive but skin isn’t merely on display it’s all part of her own organic sense of fashion. Her recall even pokes fun at all this attention to style with, initially, appealing and sensible poses which give way to more extravagant selfies.
The particles don’t stray far from the water theme most prevalent in pool party skins. The water splashes from auto-attacks, both visually and aurally, are nice. They are further extended by the spread of water shots in Bullet Time. Unfortunately, they always sound faded out and look weak and inconsequential. It could be said that the splash effect is sensible but also underwhelming. Bullet Time in particular feels like a letdown: her big moment only deploys sparse shots of water instead of a barrage that showers on the enemies to seemingly drown them. The water hearts for Strut are a charming touch that suits her classic and pool party identities. The bouncing and breaking beach ball is a good fit for Double Up and the indicator for Love Tap is adequate. The coconuts used for Make it Rain deviate a bit from the theme and while they are appropriately represented they seem to stand apart from the rest of the skin. Strut’s active, attack speed buff doesn’t receive any change and that’s simply a letdown. The use of dripping water from the guns, hands or wrists would’ve been a straightforward change.
Ultimately, the result is a particularly charming and elegant, beach-going Miss Fortune. Her typical appeal is effectively transformed so that the skin is attractive because of how it plays with her personality instead of how it takes the opportunity to undress her. The triumph of the model and recall isn’t shared by the particles and sounds. The water feels weak and unimpressive and while there are other good choices it never manages to stand out. Given the lack of any other additions and how the extent of changes doesn’t stray beyond the regular additions the price of 1350 RP seems elevated. Nevertheless, for fans of the Bounty Hunter is an option worth considering if they are on the lookout for a skin that displays an equally appealing but more leisurely inclined look at Sarah’s personality.

Star Guardian Miss Fortune
Star Guardian Miss Fortune Splash Art Star Guardian Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP (742 RP, 45% off if you own Pajama Guardian)
Concept: Miss Fortune as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars with her twin familiars Boki and Baki.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New Bullet Time, standing idle, high speed run and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A night sky and a beam of red light are the frame. There’s nothing else to see except for Boki and Baki catching a star; one can guess. Their fuzzy and nicely shaded appearance stands out in the piece as it gives a clear and enjoyable look as they seldom appear in-game; and when they do they are rather small to notice much about them. In fact, the use of light and shadow in this duo is great.
Miss Fortune also enjoys great use of light and shadow as her dress demonstrates. With soft shading and playful but attractive folds for her skirt, even if the petticoat looks sketchy, the dress stands out. The gold does look dull but the softness of her outfit is rather appealing. Her weapons follow a bit in that direction but are decidedly sketchy. They may be sharing on the cartoony style of her hands and head which can look like a draft, especially her hair, in comparison with her clothing. The contrast of styles is too noticeable and can’t be explained by the intense light beaming behind her. The star-patterned tulle behind her is displayed in an eye-catching way though its appearance is much more dramatic than the otherwise shy look of the dress’ tail in-game.
All in all, this is a straightforward splash art that shows some really nice shading for clothes and familiars but that looks certainly sketchy. The result is effective and the closer look at Boki and Baki is definitely welcome but Miss Fortune could’ve made do with a more consistent and interesting portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although Star Guardian Miss Fortune could very well be called Shooting Star it’s a skin that ends up convincing thanks to its unequivocally consistent and appealing execution. Dressed in white and red with golden linings Miss Fortune stands apart with her own style. Her short dress also shows a short tail and her hair blonde and red matches the outfit’s style. The boots and gloves are simpler in comparison but the dress is the one to catch attention. Her new guns look a bit like toys. The design is practical but fantastic and the stars floating in front of the muzzles, added to the florid ornamentation, corroborate that this aren’t conventional firearms. Looking subtly aggressive yet with a touch of playfulness Sarah has her personality as a Star Guardian.
Particles are direct yet appealing. In all cases, they replace bullets with stars with colourful trails behind them. There are variations in size and colour but that’s the extent of the changes. Fortunately, even if the basics seem limited much is done with them. Auto-attacks show a multi-colour trail that stands out thanks to its contrast of tones; which is a welcome and even necessary choice given Sarah’s reliance on auto-attacks. Love Tap shows a large star-shaped explosion and Double Up uses a more colourful trail. Strut changes hearts for stars and adds a golden trail while colourful, animated glows for her pistols are used when active. Make It Rain sends stars falling in a bicolour trail but their impacts sees star silhouettes exploding against the ground; which is a nice change. In comparison, Bullet Time appears simpler: yellow stars with red trails behind. The contrast of colours between the darker reds and brighter yellow is nice; especially the subtle yellow trail of the stars. Besides, impacts show an appealing star-shaped impacts which are also used for auto-attacks. As said, the design doesn’t show much variety with stars used left and right but colourful trails help break the monotony. The stars still don’t feel particularly deadly but they do feel magical and are appealing when well framed.
Sounds mostly use soft, bouncy whistles that end in cushion hits for impacts. With Love Tap impacts end in a clear ringing. Double Up impacts are brief twinklings except when the bounce falls on the ground in a smoky puff. Strut gains movement speed with a twinkle each time and attack speed with an energy tone. Make It Rain sounds like quick, high-pitched impacts of small bullets in an approximation of magical shooting stars. Bullet Time has low shots with playful whistles for the stars’ flight though her classic laughter may show her as more manic than the skin intends to. In spite of this, Bullet Time stands out in the aural department which often feels too soft and inoffensive.
Animations are few but interesting. The new standing idle stance shows Miss Fortune’s confidence in a suitable, feminine way for a magical girl. Her high speed run, used in homeguard, sees her flying in a somewhat traditional super-heroine pose flanked by her familiars; which works rather well, actually. Bullet Time also sees her familiars collaborating as they join the barrage of stars while Sarah floats in mid-air between magic and the strength of her shots. It’s a good touch to make her ultimate more special and an ability that stands out despite its flaws. The new recall is mostly a demonstration of magic that’s made more interesting thanks to Boki and Baki’s help.
All added together, Star Guardian Miss Fortune is a straightforward skin but one where each element is effective and adds to the identity of the skin. The design is quite consistent to the point of being limited yet manages to add enough touches to keep the cohesion without ending in repetition; a rather fine balance that feels near the breaking point. In spite of playing near the edge the skin never crosses it so that there’s enough variety to make the magical girl style attractive. Ultimately, her personality remains pure, classic Miss Fortune which sometimes seems at odds with the perhaps more naive and apprehensive attitude expected of a magical girl. Still, it makes for something that stands apart from the traditional; even if that aspect isn’t that well integrated. For a fan of Miss Fortune, this is a good albeit imperfect skin and for a fan of mahou shoujos this is a magical girl that won’t hesitate to face danger.

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Splash Art Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Model
Category: Ultimate
Price: 2775 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as an exosuit-wearing, space bounty hunter.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns.
Particles: New particles in each exosuit for her abilities, auto-attack, high speed run, joke and recall. New particles for her death and switching exosuits.
Animations: New animations for her Zero Hour guns, emotes, standing idle, high speed run, death and recall plus new animations in each exosuit for Bullet Time. Adapted animations for abilities, auto-attack, critical hits, standing idle, walking and tower channel.
Sounds: New sounds in each exosiut for her abilities and auto-attack. New sounds for high speed run, death and recall plus new voice-over for Miss Fortune and each exosiut version of EXO; her suit AI. New quotes for taunting certain enemies, killing champions, killing with Double Up and Make It Rain, buying certain items, placing wards, recall and respawn.
Splash Art: Behind, a large starship goes down while another, or a space station, insinuates itself in the distance. Perhaps the explosions and fires on the starship have caused a large amount of smoke because all the background is grey. Besides a few metallic parts that fly like projectiles on fire there’s nothing else to see. By and large, the backdrop is quite simple and certainly ineffective in terms of context.
Miss Fortune is the responsible for all this destruction and she seems quite calm and collected about it all. This may strike as surprising as her thrusters or jets seem to barely be working but she may trust her exosuit. A quick glance reveals that the portrayal has sharp lines with detailed surfaces and soft colours. The highlights are nice but the use of light and shadow seems weak. In fact, her right arm and gun look rather flat and even a bit sketchy. Other areas are much nicer like her flowing hair, the energy on the left gun and the reflections on the metal. Regardless of how relevant her sex appeal is, it’s obvious that her cleavage wasn’t to be ignored but it seems to be focused even more than in it is in-game. Her face and expression seem rather cold and calculating without a hint of the playful Miss Fortune attitude but perhaps it’s not the time for games; and Sarah knows when to get serious.
Overall, this is a splash art that concentrates only on the base exosuit; Scarlet Fair. The representation lacks much context and the background is an utter disappointment and completely undeserving of an ultimate skin. The portrayal is appealing even if imperfect so the splash art could be said to be functional. That is a problem. For an ultimate skin a way should’ve been found of displaying her other exosuits; perhaps available to be switched as part of the background. There should be context and we should be able to see a snippet of the Gun Goddess’ adventures instead of an, ultimately, simple portrayal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune draws from a very clear anime aesthetic to present a futuristic bounty hunter with hi-tech weaponry. For that fact, the anime preview art was probably a much more faithful and sincere presentation of the skin than the splash art; just consider the dance for instance. Form-fitting suit, metal boots, stylish hair and jetpack with guns is nothing novel but it sure fits the proposed bill. In this regard, it’s a successful skin in that it delivers on what it promises. The exosuits are certainly derivative and there’s nothing original in any of them. On top of that they do feel rather similar to each other. They only show differences in colour and guns. The guns are quite distinct though Zero Hour, with its animated barrels, stands out more than the others. The rest of the model is only changed in textures. The changes are noticeable, especially Zero Hour and Royal Arms. Unfortunately, Scarlet Fair and Starswarm look a bit too similar to each other. The change of hair colour is peculiar: it helps with differentiation but seems a weird change to make.
For particles we have ups and downs. The bad is that Love Tap, in practice, has only re-coloured indicators and Strut particles are merely re-coloured between exosuits while the hearts are very similar to Classic, just transparent and with different colours it looks like. However, the circular grids that surround Miss Fortune and her arms for the active stand out; even if it’s a little addition. The rest of the particles depend on exosuit in use, here’s a summary:
– Scarlet Fair (base): blue beams of energy with a soft high-tech feel.
– Zero Hour: blasts of raw, concentrated energy with a hint of dark matter.
– Royal Arms: powered bullets encased in energy blasts resembling artillery.
– Starswarm: pure energy fuelled by concentrated dark matter.
There’s no doubt that the feel of energy is shared and is a theme that prevents a unique feeling to each exosuit. Even Royal Arms with its more ballistic inclined approach ends up feeling energy-based. Regardless, they are visually different, even if only superficially, so they manage to stand apart. Sadly, they also look weak and certainly far from lethal.
In the realm of sounds we also find that they mostly resort to energy. The aural landscape is good support for the visuals, though. Added to the particles, the sounds provide a different feel to each exosuit. The feel is still superficial but it’s noticeable. Here’s a summary of each:
– Scarlet Fair (base): soft energy sounds with a touch of electricity for high discharges.
– Zero Hour: rebounding, muffled energy suggesting volatility and instability.
– Royal Arms: bullet-like blasts as if automatic guns firing hi-tech bullets.
– Starswarm: sharp blasts of light energy fit for an automatic energy gun; though Make it Rain is unexpectedly muffled.
There’s no doubt that we aren’t discovering any new ground here. Just like in the visuals, the result is nothing surprising or remarkable and energy stands above all; even ballistics for Royal Arms. Fortunately, there’s enough difference between the exosuits yet the sounds never manage to add a deadly touch to the attacks. The new voice-over delivers on what’s expected of Miss Fortune, especially the approach taken by this skin: sexy, tough bounty hunter. In spite of what should be expected, EXO, the AI, doesn’t particularly feel different between exosuits but interacts well enough with Miss Fortune.
Animations are a weak point of this ultimate skin; which is baffling to say the least. Most animations are merely adapted from Classic so that they work better with her new exosuit. Few animations would be used in combat like the high speed run of Strut; provided Miss Fortune manages to achieve a high enough speed. There’s one saving grace and that is Bullet Time, here’s a summary of each animation:
– Scarlet Fair (base): classic Miss Fortune madness but on auto: the exosuit takes care of it all which only amplifies it.
– Zero Hour: a distinct and even detached pose that lets the gun do the talking; which doesn’t suit Miss Fortune that well even if it stands on its own.
– Royal Arms: practically a homage to Classic Miss Fortune but with a touch of auto-guns thanks to the flying cases.
– Starswarm: is a more stylish take on the Classic Miss Fortune version, less overt but with more swagger.
It’s a small thing but it helps add much needed personality to each exosuit. Given that outside of this specific instance Miss Fortune behaves exactly like her classic self it’s an ineffective attempt at developing an identity but it’s surely better than nothing.
When we add it all together we find that Gun Goddess Miss Fortune isn’t really a bad skin but it’s not at the level of what an ultimate skin is expected to offer nowadays; the lower price is reflection of that, even if it isn’t that much lower than usual. The adaptation is appealing but unimpressive while particles and sounds are shallow and, frankly, lack impact. The unique animations for Bullet Time are a good step in the right direction to develop a multi-faceted identity but such an attractive aspect stops there. Truth be told, the concept arts are more interesting than the safe approach of the final skin. In the end, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is a mix between Pulsefire Ezreal and Spirit Guard Udyr or a more sci-fi approach to DJ Sona. It’s neither strictly worse nor a step forward as Elementalist Lux tried to be. Besides, it lacks a unique feature to make it special; transformations are nothing novel for an ultimate. For what it offers, it’s alright with different and interesting exosuits. However, the shallow adaptation and lacking animations are things to take into consideration. An early sale is strongly recommended given how Gun Goddess Miss Fortune can feel like a legendary plus in many ways.

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune
Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune Splash Art Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP (742 RP, 45% off if you own Star Guardian)
Concept: Miss Fortune as a magical girl wielding the magic of the stars with her twin familiars Boki and Baki, in a pajama party.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns.
Particles: Star Guardian particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: Star Guardian animations for Bullet Time, standing idle, high speed run and recall.
Sounds: Star Guardian sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Diffuse but cosy, we can reasonably expect the pyjama party to take place in a bedroom but the armchair in the middle hints at a living room or perhaps some other room that is being trashed in a pillow fight; there’s also a bookcase on the right. Fitting, no doubt, but with everything so diffuse details about the environment are lost. Worse yet is that those which are visible like the board game on the floor, biscuits on a bowl and toys lying around are disappointingly sketchy.
Amidst this feathery chaos we find a selection of Star Guardians donning their familiar-inspired pyjamas. The portrayals are uneven, the farther away the champions are the blurrier they get. On top of that, colours are saturated and they lack vibrancy which give the portrayals a lacklustre feel. Take for instance the highlights on hair strands: they look rather dull while the hair looks flat-out waxy. The good news is that each champion has some room to show a bit of their personality. Truth be told, each Star Guardian manages to stand apart from the others in more than looks. Regardless, their actions could’ve been more tied to their personality and their portrayals less partial. We are dealing in subtle tells from the poses instead of clear messages coming from what and how they do things.
In general, this is a splash art that joins five champions in a sensible setting and manages to show them in a good light. Portrayals could show each identity better and if we talk about the quality of the depictions and the background then it’s simply a letdown. This results in a functional piece which could’ve been much more interesting.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Miss Fortune always knows how to look classy and a pyjama party is no exception. While references to her familiars, Boki and Baki, are measured, the pyjama is rather cute and believable. We aren’t talking about anything extraordinary but it does fulfil its premise: a Star Guardian in pyjama. That’s all there is to see and, frankly, it may be too little for fans of Star Guardian Miss Fortune and hardly fitting for combat. In comparison to Star Guardian, Pajama Guardian only offers major model changes as the base is quite clear: the guns are the same as Star Guardian’s, for example.
Overall, Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune is a nice re-model for fans of Star Guardian. Expectations should be set according to what the skin can offer: a cute pyjama for Star Guardian Miss Fortune. With that in sight, it delivers. As an alternative to Star Guardian, however, there’s no contest: Star Guardian triumphs.

Bewitching Miss Fortune
Bewitching Miss Fortune Splash Art Bewitching Miss Fortune Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Miss Fortune as a fancy witch.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns plus new flames for her guns.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The first thing that strikes the viewer is how dark colours are. There’s barely any contrast so that the power of strong shadows disappears. The background is too foggy so that we can only see the gate of, assumedly, a mansion and a few other elements that make a setting for Miss Fortune. She also suffers from the intense fog so that the end result is unexpected for her: instead of shining with her personality she seems to be concealed by the sombre colour palette. Still, her stance is a classic pose for her personality and the play between gun and Moon is a good touch.
Overall, it’s surprising that a piece which should emphasise darkness via contrast with light can be so dull. This negatively affects Miss Fortune’s portrayal which should catch the eye and refuse to let go.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Dressed as a sexy witch is hardly anything surprising for Miss Fortune but it is fitting. Perhaps the problem is that one would expect something a bit different to stand apart from so many skins based on Sarah’s sex appeal. Fortunately, the witch costume, while sexy, is also cartoony and and so it’s also attractive in its design. The candle-guns are the most promising new aspect of Bewitching Miss Fortune.
Particles for shots naturally adapt to bullets of flame of various colours. The spectral mists that surround them are nice but the bullets tend to be simple and, colour aside, lack significant differences. Thus, most abilities, ultimate included, feel similar visually and lack distinct features. The consistency is remarkable but ends up being monotonous. Exceptions are the bats and misty glows of Strut in its passive and active sides, respectively.
In terms of sounds we find twinkling added to supernatural tunes to give some personality to shots’ raspy, hollow blasts. The twinkling seems a little too cheerful as the cartoon aspect doesn’t remove the supernatural style of the theme. Being the most notorious aural addition, it seems an odd stand out.
The recall aims to play with a witch’s magic powers and a fairy tale pumpkin but it seems a whimsical mix that doesn’t add to the personality of the skin.
The result is that Bewitching Miss Fortune relies too heavily on the single flame-bullet design and doesn’t focus sounds and recall on the supernatural aspect. In spite of this, it’s a skin with appeal yet Miss Fortune has many other and better realised options in her wardrobe.

Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition
Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition Splash Art Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition Model
Category: Promotional
Price: 100 Prestige Points
Concept: Miss Fortune as a fancy witch with a coat of gold.
Model: New model for Miss Fortune and her guns plus new glow for her guns.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: If there’s one thing that this re-coloured splash art fixes is how dull looking Miss Fortune looked. It stands out a bit too much from the dull background and the colours certainly are an ill match for the sombre intentions of the context. Nevertheless, even if colours are a bit drab Miss Fortune’s portrayal is much more appealing and her look is also easier to notice than in the Bewitching Miss Fortune splash art.
In spite of the evident re-colour that this splash art is the result is an improvement. Miss Fortune is able to display a bit of her light and that’s only a good thing when she’s supposed to shine.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Evident at a distance, Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition offers a coat of golden paint over the base skin but there’s more to it than that. Sadly, nothing good. For starters, gone is the skirt and the candle-guns. Trousers and guns move Miss Fortune closer to a royal bounty hunter than a witch. The magical mini-cannons that become her guns seem rather aristocratic and fitting for so much gold but lack an interesting identity.
Particles receive a heavy, thick and homogenising coat of golden paint which makes all abilities look almost the same; even more so than in the base version. To top it off, gone are bats and mists. Instead, we have golden glows and sparks which, also, aren’t interesting because they feel generic.
Sounds have a different tone but the aural landscape is recognisable. There may be differences but there’s nothing notable, it really feels like the same sounds processed to feel new.
The recall only changes some colours to the same scene.
Truth be told, Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition is a clear step down in personality for the skin. Less witch and more Classic Miss Fortune the insistence on gold hardly adds enough of an aristocratic touch to give the skin a different angle. Fans of Bewitching Miss Fortune are clearly better off with the base skin. The only worthwhile aspect is for a golden-coated version of Miss Fortune.


Miss Fortune has quite an assortment of skins and she covers many concepts though she’s usually limited to clothes and firearms. Mafia, Road Warrior and Secret Agent Miss Fortune are the recommended skins. They all have distinct and appealing looks and, in the case of Road Warrior, also a low price. It’s a pity that Mafia and Road Warrior Miss Fortune’s firearms don’t have a matching sound for her shots but that shouldn’t detract from their great looks.

Another possibility is to join Captain Fortune in her adventures. This skin has an iconic though fictionalized look that is both attractive and stylish. It may not be realistic but good looks are certainly present. The problem is that for new clothes and a new recall we are asked for 975 RP. At such a price we expect much more from a skin so fans may be better of catching it on sale.

One of the most expensive option currently is Arcade Miss Fortune but it’s worth considering. Its appealing 8-bit nostalgia is finely realized and the clothes manage a charming look without merely exposing flesh. While it’s better to catch the skin on sale, it’s still an alternative with a clear and attractive theme.

Another expensive option is Pool Party Miss Fortune. The model is a charming adaptation of her classic personality to a visit to the beach. All her elegance and style is present without relying on raw sex appeal to make Sarah interesting. The particles and sounds have some good touches but the water splashes feel weak and underwhelming. Still, fans of the Bounty Hunter will find that it’s a skin that offers a leisure inclined alternative that captures the best of Miss Fortune.

Still in the expensive tier Star Guardian Miss Fortune is a straightforward but appealing skin. While features can feel close to being repetitive there’re enough touches to make them varied and appealing. This results in a consistent skin where everything works towards defining the magical girl identity. In terms of personality, there’s some dissonance but that also makes Sarah a distinctly determined mahou shoujo ready for any fight.

Futuristic but with a feel of ultimates of yore we find Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. The concept is appealing but lacks originality. The adaptation is notoriously shallow but the exosuits manage to feel different to each other and are interesting; mostly their potential. It’s not a bad skin but hardly an evolution. The conclusion is that it’s a good skin, despite lacking areas, but doesn’t feel fully ultimate; which the marginally lower price tries to assuage. Consider an early sale.

Pajama Guardian Miss Fortune is a cute change of clothes for Star Guardian Miss Fortune. The model changes are clear as the guns remain the same: it’s an extra to Star Guardian. It offers no competition as a standalone skin to Star Guardian but fans of the aforementioned skin will find it has appeal.

Bewitching Miss Fortune is an, expectedly, sexy witch but also appealing in a cartoony way as her candle-guns demonstrate. Particles lack sufficient variety and sounds don’t have enough focus on the supernatural, like the recall, but there’s still a certain charm in the skin. It may not be enough to make the skin stand out but it still has something to offer. Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige Edition is a step down in personality. It’s only worth is in a golden-coated version of Miss Fortune because there’s little witch left in it.

Secret Agent Miss Fortune is an interesting and classy alternative for shoot-outs. There’s a layer of Jessica Rabbit that dilutes her spy identity but she remains the femme fatale of the story. In spite of not staying close enough to its theme and it legacy label it’s an elegant choice if you don’t miss her hat.

Cowgirl Miss Fortune isn’t a bad choice, especially if you don’t mind the reliance on her sex appeal. Regardless, the skin doesn’t just show skin in detriment of the Wild West theme. Her aspect is stylised but appealing so it’s a fine option that suits her gunslinging ways.

Finally, Waterloo Miss Fortune may be a good skin for army or Napoleon Bonaparte fans if they don’t mind the stylish implementation; which can be a bit of a stretch. The idea behind the skin is delivered, even if in a fanciful way, so it’s a good alternative with a bit of history to it.

  104 Responses to “League of Legends: Miss Fortune Skins’ Review”

  1. Mafia Miss fortune has a different auto-attack sounds, just like Mafia Graves.

  2. Impressions of Arcade MF? She is using an upgraded base model, though I think the rigging is the same.

    • The idea isn’t bad and manages a certain 8-bit nostalgia with the new particles and sounds. The model though, especially the colour palette, doesn’t convince. She’s dressed in the expected way and the saturated prevalence of pink is a bit overwhelming. So far, it isn’t bad but the skin would welcome an aspect that isn’t just another set of sexy clothes for Miss Fortune and more varied colours.

  3. Always here to check ur review before buying any skins! anyway,miss fortune has a new splash for candy cane skin ,do update about it ! πŸ™‚

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. We’ll update her Candy Cane splash art soon as Arcade is coming.

      • well i really like her road warrior skin, should it ever be upgraded to a better skin?

        • What do you mean by upgraded to a better skin? It’s a good skin and the visual upgrade, while not a full improvement, did add some polish. The image on the review is outdated but the text is all up to date. You could say that there are more elaborate skins but for its price Road Warrior is a very good choice.

  4. Just buyed Arcade Miss Fortune yesterday.
    Its a great skin with a lot of nice new effects.
    As you said the colour palette is too pink, but I think its a nice skin compared to others.

  5. I believe Mafia Miss Fortune has new sounds for her autoattacks.

    • We just checked in game Mafia versus Classic Miss Fortune and the sounds are identical. It’s probably the only skin from this theme that doesn’t have new auto-attack sounds.

  6. For the great 975 skins that are out there Secret Agent MF doesn’t deserve 4 stars.

    • In comparison with other champions, perhaps. However, Miss Fortune doesn’t have much else to offer and Secret Agent has a charming style that stands apart from her classic one. Depends on the perspective.

  7. I bought the Waterloo Miss Fortune because it seemed to be the LEAST revealing skin.

    I also bought the Arcade Miss Fortune because of nostalgia/love of 8-bit.

    • Perhaps, actually finding out which of Miss Fortune’s outfits is the least revealing can be a challenge; Road Warrior aside.

      Arcade Miss Fortune is a charming skin and a great choice for fans of retro gaming; as it’s called these days.

  8. In the Conclusion section of Secret Agent Miss Fortune’s review, you mentioned her dress has a blue tone, while it is clearly purple with magenta embroiderment. The skin is certainly lovely but indeed highly outdated, but Miss Fortune is expected to get some visual work (I presume on a similar scale to Cassiopeia or Renekton) after which I hope I will see that skin with a more realistic dress slit (the current one reaches above her waist) and overall better looking, including her hair in that and all her other skins.

    • Could very well be that we missed the colour. As a visual upgrade should be coming we won’t worry too much about it; though we still think it’s blue. We hope that Miss Fortune does get a proper and full visual upgrade and not the re-textures with minor model changes that have been appearing lately. Even though Miss Fortune doesn’t look bad the polygons are starting to show, nowadays, and she certainly requires some soft curves on her, well, design. You know, better modelled to show better, that is, to look better.

      That aside, her actual design could use some work to either make her a proper femme fatale or place her as a credible bounty hunter. Being a bit of each seems like she’s neither of them.

  9. Hola!
    So looking at the Captain Fortune skin, do you feel that it lacking any “new” particles and being priced at 975 will affect the rating? as I feel it’s model is nice, but is only really 750 effort imo.

    • We agree, for being a re-model Captain Fortune should be priced at 750 RP. A recall alone seems like too little justification to get the price up to 975 RP. If we were taking of new particles or animations or even a good amount of new sounds then it would be understandable.

      The new Captain clothing is rather nice but the price doesn’t make it any favours. From what we’ve seen, and if the price stays, then the skin is an option for fans when on sale.

  10. What are your impressions of the Gangplank and Miss Fortune visual updates?

    • Even though the first impression of Gangplank receiving a second visual upgrade despite other champion not even getting one seems bad it’s reasonable. Gangplank’s first VU left him feeling rather generic and besides his oranges nothing stood out. Now, with a second VU, Gangplank feels more unique though the heavy Pirates of the Caribbean is too evident.

      For better or worse Miss Fortune is only receiving a welcome but conventional layer of polish. The homogenizing nature of visual upgrade of late is a bit worrying as human characters mostly change clothes between skins. Therefore, the fact that certain skins start to look alike doesn’t help.

      Arbitrary example: why does Road Warrior Miss Fortune need to wear high heels? One of the interesting facets about the skin was that it was a believable skin that didn’t centre on her sex appeal. We could argue that it fits Miss Fortune’s sexy personality but the skin isn’t about that.

      Another one: why does Secret Agent wear stockings like Mafia Miss Fortune? One of the characteristics that set Mafia apart is that she looks sexy while being reasonably clothed. Whereas Secret Agent has her adapting the femme fatale style with an elegant dress and golden guns. Now the skin has her wear long white gloves and a plain dress without any pattern. Even though she’s more covered it just seems like the skin is being moved closer towards Jessica Rabbit and farther away from a spy. Perhaps she could have some relevant gadgets instead of being a reference that doesn’t apply to the proposed theme.

      Truth be told, visual upgrades more and more become less about improving and more about cutting corners once the classic skin is re-made. There are clear cases of particles from one skin being reused for the classic base, Creator Viktor and Ghost Bride Morgana to name a couple, and then applied to the rest of the skins. The visual upgrade does the same but reaching as far as the polygonal models. For instance, most of Garen’s skins look the same except for some different designs and colours.

      Perhaps it’s high time to make some extra room for each skin and add a few features, they don’t have to be revolutionary, that let them stand out with a unique identity. They certainly should if they plan to charge 975 RP for only a set of new clothes. An example: Mafia Miss Fortune’s machine guns should sound like that; like Gangster Twitch. If more can be done, all the better.

  11. Hi, are you going to revise the ratings for the updated skins across MF, Gangplank, and Fiora? Mainly I’m curious about the skins for Miss Fortune since those are more polished.

  12. I know this is a really small thing, but could you update Miss Fortune’s Classic splash art? When she got reworked, they tweaked the splash art a little to change the face and apply an “Instagram filer”.

    • We didn’t think that a brighter shade of red hair warranted updating the splash art. Actually, the more serious tone of the previous splash art may fit her more than the brightly coloured current one. It may be a matter of taste though. We’ll keep it in mind for our next image update.

  13. Hey Zero,
    I decided to save up some money and buy a few skins since I havent bought any for a while.
    I am really liking the new arcade bundle and from there i have the sona, so the bundle for me would be 1350rp for the heca and mf skin. I like them! On the other hand I find Riven’s art very attractive and well-made but I dont really play Riven and the spell effects arent as pleasing to me. I expected a colorful set of spells for an arcade skin and not just this green color. After that, the new project skins were announced. I dont like Lucian, Zed and Yi and I dont like their skins either although in my opinion the Zed one is made with the most effort out of the 5. I like the fiora one a lot and will probably end up buying it as well as the leona one. Well the leona one didnt wow me but I started liking it the more I watched it. The only thing that bothers me is that those are 1350rp skins and their recalls for me are mediocre apart from Zed’s. Another great skin is the Master Arcanist Ziggs. Its AMAZING. The purple explosions and arcane magic element is so appealing to me but the splash art is kinda dissapointing.
    And so I am wondering which way to go:
    -To buy Master Arcanist Ziggs and Project Fiora & Leona
    -To buy the arcade bundle and the 2 project skins
    -or to buy the arcade bundle and the ziggs skin ?

    I am holding back only because I am not sure about the project skins and how worthy the arcade bundle is. The project skins are subject to change and I dont have any idea of their splash arts yet, though I will be very dissapointed if they share 1 splash art together.

    I dont have much time to chose cuz the arcade bundle lasts until 27th I think so here I am asking for your help in the decision making. Thanks again and sorry for making you read so much lol. I just had to pour my thoughts out there.

    • There’s only so much that we can decide based on the PROJECT skins as they aren’t finished yet. From what we’ve seen they look good but the question is whether they’ll be overpriced at 1350 RP or if they’ll have some extras that justify such a high price. In that regard, we look at more than a fancy recall as a 975 RP can have that and there are skins at such a price that do more than many at 1350 RP.

      With regards to the Arcade skins, we think that Sona’s is quite nice and Miss Fortune’s is quite charming. However, Hecarim’s seems unfocused and a bit chaotic with all its 80’s excess. We completely agree that Master Arcanist Ziggs is quite a good skin and that it does make an effort to justify its high price.

      With that in mind, we recommend you buy what you like the most. It sounds like you really like Master Arcanist Ziggs so that should be a target. For the PROJECT skins, we’ll have to wait and see as they could be something impressive, hopefully, or end up not offering enough for their high prices. The Arcade bundle we would only recommend if you really like Sona’s, Miss Fortune’s and Hecarim’s Arcade skins. If you don’t like them all then you’ll be better off just buying the individual skins you prefer.

      We always recommend patience and to catch skins on sale but that is even more important with 1350 RP skins. The difference in price accumulates fast and in the meantime you can save more money, if you desire, or get a better perspective on the skins as you see them released and compared to what is already available. A lot of patience is necessary but there are less 1350 RP skins than others, as it is a recent price, so they can rotate faster than the rest; in theory.

  14. I checked these reviews before picking up a skin for her, but found them to be less helpful considering they haven’t been updated since her visual rework. I picked up her Waterloo skin and was pleasantly surprised at her updated look, especially in comparison to her old Waterloo model which looked completely different according to this page. I’d love for you to maybe tweak these reviews a bit in response to the update, or at least change the pictures of the models that are now out of date. Keep up the good work!

    • Actually all reviews are up to date but in many cases we haven’t been able to update the images yet. It’s something rather time intensive and visual upgrades no longer offer images of the reworked skins. In addition to this, sales no longer provide screenshots of the skins so it’s another official source that we can no longer rely on.

      We’ll try to update the skins images but we only have so many resources and we always try to review skins as soon as possible. Regardless, the text of the reviews is always up to date so you can, at least, rely no that. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

  15. Waterloo Miss Fortune also has new models for her guns just like the rest of her skins. I suppose you simply forgot to update that part after her VU.
    On another note, I read in a comment above how you how you cannot seem to easily obtain clear images of updated champions’ skins like Miss Fortune’s skins. I could easily provide high quality and clear pictures that would be perfectly fitting, but when I posted comments with links in the past they never got accepted it seems.

    • Funny thing about the links, it could be the spam plugin being all authoritative beyond its responsibilities. You could try to give it another try and we’ll have a talk with the plugin.

      If you can offer images we’d be grateful. Not only is taking screenshot, detailed ones especially time intensive, but there are skin that we don’t own. At the very least it could serve to have an updated view of the skins in-game; which is always better than a model viewer. When we have time we can update them with all the detail that we like to go to but seldom have the time to dedicate to.

      You’re right about Waterloo Miss Fortune, it was an oversight. We’ll update it before she shows us how she applies Shock and Awe to her own ends; we can be sure that the Harrowing hasn’t made her any softer.

      • I myself do not have access to all skins either, but I took my time to provide images showcasing some skins in-game, skins which I noticed were either outdated here or simply had the models taken directly from model viewers. These may not be perfect but I believe they are improvements. The links are all on imgur:
        Annie in Wonderland:http://i.imgur.com/0jx8C2G.jpg
        Amethyst Ashe: http://i.imgur.com/f4OsEn5.jpg
        Arctic Warfare Caitlyn: http://i.imgur.com/baEhlb0.png
        Nightmare Cho’Gath: http://i.imgur.com/O4vZgeW.png
        Gentleman Cho’Gath: http://i.imgur.com/fTruliO.jpg
        Tempest Janna:http://i.imgur.com/TktTEGe.png
        Frost Queen Janna: http://i.imgur.com/jnLbroA.jpg
        Sonoran Kog’Maw: http://i.imgur.com/K2sBkFV.png
        Sorceress Lux: http://i.imgur.com/0Pez2S2.png
        Imperial Lux: http://i.imgur.com/mssnG23.png
        Waterloo Miss Fortune: http://i.imgur.com/NKiPjW2.png
        Festive Maokai: http://i.imgur.com/78SOvHO.jpg
        Exiled Morgana: http://i.imgur.com/5u9uJUb.png
        Blackthorn Morgana: http://i.imgur.com/9N3UVkV.jpg
        Victorious Morgana: http://i.imgur.com/iMXBUma.jpg
        Silent Night Sona: http://i.imgur.com/tL7pEZf.png
        Guqin Sona: http://i.imgur.com/2G07j1M.png
        Arcade Sona: http://i.imgur.com/lmqshCe.jpg
        Scorched Earth Xerath: http://i.imgur.com/09lgSpP.jpg

        Take the time to appreciate my contribution.

        • We know very well how time consuming taking screenshots is. We are very grateful for your contribution. We gave the images a quick look and they all seem quite good. We’ll download and update the images later; this Harrowing is taking a toll on every zombie apocalypse survivor.

          Thank you very much for your time.

          • It is no problem, I always like seeing the site improve. I can possibly provide more at some point, but I am not sure when, or where to post them exactly. It can be a bit frustrating when the bots you use to take pictures of abilities like Morgana’s ultimate are, well, not the most obedient.
            Also I would like to ask, what is your opinion on this year’s Harrowing? I mean, all the content released the week after Halloween, the skins not being the traditional Shadow Isles, spooky ones like the previous years. I personally am unhappy with it. Having Harrowing after the Halloween spirit is, well, not as evident, is disappointing.

          • You have certainly contributed to make the site better, thanks. Whenever you find the time make more images if you desire there’s no rush or pressure only gratitude. We’ll try to do our part as well and update a few images too. The bots aren’t always the most helpful, indeed, but minions are quite predictable and can usually serve a similar purpose.

            Sometimes, though, something which should just take a few moments can take a good while as you can’t take the exact picture you needed. The lack of a good replay system doesn’t help either as that would allow for rewind and recapture of the missed activity; maybe one day.

            This Harrowing has been rather strange and anticlimatic. It’s close enough to Halloween so that it could’ve happened at the same time yet takes place after all the excitement of the season has waned. Surely there was the World Championship but in that case it could’ve been better to have it a early and have it finish on the 31st; roughly when the finals were played to reduce the overlap.

            On top of that, it’s unsure what the Harrowing is exactly about. On the one hand, we have a Bilgewater versus Shadow Isles story. Afterwards, Zombie Slayer which has nothing to do with it all. It’s as if there’s a lack of direction on the event. The skins aren’t all bad but they miss an attractive context; especially due to the Shadow and Fortune setup which fits better on the overall mood but doesn’t prepare the field for the zombies and slayers.

            The idea is that they want to have Harrowing events at any time on the year; which sounds rather good. However, ignoring Halloween isn’t the best option. You should, at least, have an event at the time because it fitting and there’s expectation about it. It doesn’t have to be the Shadow Isles as this year demonstrates and the proximity in time indicates that it could’ve fit the appropriate date. For example, it could’ve started two weeks earlier.

            It’s strange but let’s hope that Riot listens. As Sleepy Dyrus says: “We are on Earth, not Runeterra!”

  16. Just watched a vid of Captain Fortune and she has pink diamonds coming from her feet (with the red hearts).

    • We just checked, the marksman update changed the visuals for her Strut passive. It applies, roughly, to all skins so Captain stands on the same ground as Classic Miss Fortune.

      • I noticed after playing Classic today that the diamonds only seem to come out when she’s moving, hence my oversight.

        Also, just a silly comment on the indoors/outdoors question of Road Warrior’s splash. It’s post apocalyptic…everything is “outdoors”.

        • Actually, they are more noticeable when she’s moving but they do appear when only standing still. The problem is that they seem to hide behind the hearts when idle so they can be a bit difficult to notice.

          Well, not according to the many post-apocalyptic stories that about nowadays. It could be indoors but we agree that the most probable is outdoors. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the view of desolation and hopelessness?

      • Can you edit my other post to say that the diamonds come up when Strut goes into it’s 2nd phase. That’s why I thought it was different.

  17. I only discovered this recently on accident, but if Arcade Miss Fortune ignites a target, the 8-bit stabbed heart (that appeared in the old MF W) will appear above the ignited champion. However, I’m not certain if this works will all instances of Grievous Wounds, or just Ignite. (My guess would be the former.)

    • That’s a good question. It’s possible that the new particle for Grievous Wounds was left intact so that every instance of the debuff uses the new visual indicator. We’ll try to check it and update the review as necessary. However, with Grievous Wounds being deemphasized and slowly phased out it won’t be something that a Miss Fortune often ends up applying.

  18. I think it might be appropriate to make a small revamp to the Conclusion section of Miss Fortune’s skin review. For example, Secret Agent Miss Fortune has been legacy for a long time, so you could point out that it’s recommended despite being legacy, if it still is recommended, that is… You don’t seem too pleased with how it changed yet I think it was a fantastic change. Additionally, the final paragraph definitely needs the most change, seeing as how Waterloo is now, alongside Captain, literally her most covered up skin, exposing only her stomach, and Cowgirl doesn’t rely AS much on her sex appeal as it did before when it was desperately showing skin even on her legs. The outfit is more sensible now, even with the unavoidable cleavage.

  19. It’s also worth mentioning that Arcade Miss Fortune has a nice recall sound ?

  20. What do you think about the pool party miss fortune skin that is coming soon?

    • It’s a rather nice skin but we expected a more. Specifically, the model is appealing and sensibly done but the particles and sounds disappoint. They feel week and derivative without real impact. This makes the skin uneven because the model is quite classy and stylish in the manner characteristic of Miss Fortune.
      However, the abilites, whether they rely on the safe concept of water or not, are either weak splashes or unexplained coconuts. Only the beach ball is a good touch though it would welcome a bit of extra punch. The recall is good and that’s as far as the skin goes. All in all, we thought there’d be more and more consistently presented.

  21. You should do pool party miss fortune

  22. What do you think is more worth it? Arcade Miss Fortune or the Pool party?

    • Both are quite charming skins and reflect Miss Fortune’s playful personality rather well. Arcade has an implemenation that does good job at delivering the gaming feel. Pool Party’s execution can disappoint because of weak water splashes that lack impact. The theme is delivered but the result doesn’t impress as it could’ve.

      In either case the concepts are not very serious but they suit Miss Fortune and work with her style. There isn’t really one that is superior to the other because, in both cases, they draw from the classic interpretation and place it in a different environment.

      We see Arcade Miss Fortune as superior to Pool Party but the latter could perfectly be a good contender if its issues were addressed. It’s not that the problems are difficult to solve but that they are relevant in the final feel of the skin. Neither is a skin to avoid, Arcade is better realised but Pool Party does have a lot of charm.

      • ᏚᎾ.. α”αŽ»α†αŸαŽ» ᎾNᎬ ᏚᎻᎾᏌᏞᎠ ᏚᎾᎷᎬᎾNᎬ ᏴᏌY?

        • The one you like the most. Personal preference should be the ultimate guiding light when choosing to purchase a skin. That stated, we find Arcade Miss Fortune a better realised skin that Pool Party. The water splashes seem particularly weak even if they fit the theme. With Arcade Miss Fortune the visuals are more consistent and even if the pixels aren’t the most lethal of weapons they are colourful and pleasing to the eye.

          There’s little point in buying a skin you don’t like because someone says that it’s better or due to the amount of changes it has. If you don’t like the skin then no amount of opinions or technical merit will make it interesting. The opposite is true: you can forgive the flaws of a skin if you really like it. The point is that you should buy a skin you like and know you will enjoy. The reviews aim to guide and inform but they can’t tell you which skin is right for you.

  23. Captain MF or Mafia MF?

    give reasons

    • Firstly, we recommend getting either skin only on sale. Both Mafia and Captain are re-models so at 975 RP more is expected. That said, it’s mostly a matter of preference with regards to the concept. In technical terms the two skins offer the same: new clothes and guns. The question is if you like the elegance of Mafia better or the lore relevance of Captain. The latter also has a new recall but it’s not relevant enough to give it an edge. From what we can gather, the question is which concept you like the most.

  24. I’m planning on to buy a new miss fortune skin but Im stuck between pool party or captain fortune, I already have the arcade one and now i need something that’s like less “extra” than the arcade one(as in more simple) which one would you prefer? THANKS!

    • If you need a simpler skin then Captain Fortune, being a re-model, perfectly fits the bill. Pool Party Miss Fortune is a fine skin though it could have more satisfying use of water; it feels rather weak. In that other regard, it could be considered to give less than Arcade but because changes are ineffective rather than being less; they are roughly on the same level.

      If you just want a simpler skin then there are many re-models like Captain that would suffice. Pool Party Miss Fortune aims at competing at the same level of Arcade. It doesn’t come out on top yet it has its charm. Whether that’s enough to qualify for less extra than Arcade it’s a matter of perspective. At any rate, we recommend to buy the skins on sale to save money. The wait will give time to make the decision; it can also be of help.

  25. Hey!
    You’ve called Miss Fortune a he multiple times in the SG skin review (New particles for HIS abilities, etc.). Just to let you know so you can fix it!

  26. What do you think is more worth it? Arcade Miss Fortune or Star Guardian Miss Fortune?
    I am kind of leaning towards the Star Guardian Miss Fortune skin and really would appreciate your opinion

    • Star Guardian Miss Fortune is a bit more elaborate thanks to the addition of some animations. However, we aren’t talking about huge differences. Arcade Miss Fortune is a good skin and full of charm. If you want to get the most then Star Guardian is the skin. Just be mindful that there isn’t a significant difference so you can perfectly decide based on which concept you like the most; both skins are well done.

  27. Hey Zero, its me again (the indecisive guy) lol. Anyway I was thinking of getting Candy Cane Mf, I really like her outfit as well as he guns, Shock & Awe too. Ive been playing her a lot as one of my Adc so I was considering to get it while its still available its legacy after all sigh.

    The thing is I already owned her Cowgirl, Arcade, Poolparty & Starguardian skins. Do u think its worth it to add Candy Cane to my collection? or Shud I just save up and get a Skin for Champs that needs one? lol so indecisive.

    • Hello again.

      If you like and play Miss Fortune a lot then getting a skin for a champion that needs one doesn’t make much sense. Strictly speaking, no champion needs a skin. You buy one to make playing with one more enjoyable. If Miss Fortune is the one you are playing a lot then she should be the one that gets a skin. If you are liking another champion a lot too then getting a skin for them makes sense.

      With that out of the way, Candy Cane is a simple re-model that is mostly sex appeal. It’s not bad per se but nothing as elaborate as more modern skins. You have a lot of skins for the Bounty Hunter so only you can say if you like and play her enough to justify getting another one. If that’s the case, there are other skins you may also like but now is the time for Candy Cane.

      As a general rule, we’d say that you should buy what you like and would really enjoy. The other reasons can be taken into account but are, at best, secondary. What matters the most is that you have a blast playing with the champions and skins you like and enjoy.

      • Lol if I didnt hold myself back, I would’nt stop until I got all her Skins XD. Seriously tho, after her Update most of her Skins/Model are looking really good despite most being just a remodel even the Waterloo one.

        So if I want her Christmas skin, now is the only time to get it.

        Btw zero, do u know when the Retired/Legacy Vault will be opened again? I remember last time it was around late last year after/during Christmas.

        Thanks again Zero ?

        • Not at all.

          Miss Fortune is one of those champions that doesn’t have bad skins. Sure, perhaps not all of them are stellar but there aren’t really bad choices. For a fan of Miss Fortune that’s only good news.

          Legacy skins tied to an event can only be bought during that event timeframe. Candy Cane is a Snowdown skin so, indeed, now is the only time. As we mentioned, it’s not bad but more could’ve been done with it.

          Usually, the Legacy Vault was opened during the holidays. If we recall correctly, last year or, lately, they changed the opening. They did a partial sale at the end of the year and then another at the beginning of the new year. Then came a retirement of skins. Truth be told, it has been somewhat diffucult to predict. Only time can tell for sure.

  28. In my server, all Pool Party skins are on a 50% off sale at the moment. Would grabbing Pool Party Miss Fortune/Leona/Fiora be worth it?

    • Sure, it’d be the best opportunity to do so. Of the Pool Party skins you mention be aware that the level of quality vaires a lot. Leona is not much more than a re-model while Miss Fortune is elaborate but weak in effects and Fiora rather charming and funny.

      • Thank you, Zero πŸ˜€ I decided to only get Pool Party Miss Fortune since I weighed in the pros and cons. I might get the Fiora one for a friend someday and not for myself since by evaluation, I don’t really play a lot of top lane at the moment. I appreciate these reviews and replies, it’s insightful and provides a second voice to stop me from my semi-impulsive purchases. ^ _ ^

        • Not at all. Glad to be of help. The good thing is that you can always get Pool Party Fiora in the future if you start playing top lane more often. Hope you enjoy Pool Party Miss Fortune.

  29. Miss Fortune got a splash update so can you update the images :))))

  30. There have been leaks about a new MF skin but regardless of it being possibly true or nah, what do you think of a legendary Popstar Miss Fortune skin? Would it fit her or would she seem a bit too ‘old’ for it? Not sure of how her skills would fit into that theme but if it is true, I’d be surprised at how Riot could create smth that would fit her skills to the skin theme

    • We don’t think Miss Fortune wouldn’t fit as a Popstar as she behaves a bit like a diva. We aren’t sure of her age, she wouldn’t tell, but by now divas come in all possible flavours. We are sure that Riot will find the way to adapt her to the Popstar style; well or not.

      We’ll have to see if going legendary would be necessary as Popstar Ahri shows. If done well it could be a show of fireworks and other special visual effects but we need a lot of music which is an aspect that Sona may deliver better. In the end, it’s a matter of how they adapt Miss Fortune to the Popstar theme.

      By the way, careful about mentioning age around Sarah. She can run pretty fast in those heels of her and she’s got good aim; must be comfortable heels…

  31. Hi again, Zero. Just a heads up, there is a new ultimate coming: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. Shocking as It was kinda out of the blue. What do you think of it?

    Personally, the models look like chromas of each other. Having a distinct difference would be better for clarity. But the animations sounds promising. Also, the goddess theme does not seen to be expanded upon. Yea, I know it isn’t goddess as in an Omni-potent being but they could have tried a big harder with the models.

    So far, the particles haven’t been shown so I await.

    • From what little we’ve seen the skin seems interesting but not a step forward in ultimate territory. Even with its faults Elementalist Lux tried to add to the gameplay with its evolution on forms; which only works properly in SR as it’s tied to game length. Perhaps there are ways to change Gun Goddess Miss Fortune’s exosuits with gameplay in mind but too little is known. What we’ve seen is that the different exosuits are identical except for colours and guns which is disappointing. Let’s hope that the particles and sounds of each manage to save the skin.

      There’s too little information right now. For example, we haven’t even found an official preview announcement from Riot on either the site or the boards even though it’s been referenced in several sites. Seems odd that such an important skin would not have an article on the LoL site in a clear spotlight. Perhaps there’ll be more official information later and we can get a better idea about the skin.

  32. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune’s concept arts were way better than the product in PBE right now…They could keep the different guns and colour, but return the halos to give each form a distinct personalityβ€” as they said that we could change forms depending on our mood…At the moment, it just doesn’t seem like that. More like picking a chroma…

    • We agree, the concepts are more interesting than the final result. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune seems to have ended going for the tried and true instead of trying to innovate a bit; at least within LoL. While the particles and sounds add personality to each exosuit the truth is that the different models are very similar. The guns are different, granted, but the rest is practically a chroma.

      If we look back we can see other ultimates doing something similar but that was then and they often had something else to make them stand out. With GGMF that’s not really the case, the transformations are what stands out the most and they aren’t as special as they should be. While we don’t think it’s a bad skin there’s tons of wasted potential.

  33. With all the negative feedback from the reddit echo chamber, it looks like the GGMF skin is destined to a 1-star review if they were the ones to write it. >_>

    Needless to say we are eagerly awaiting your take on this when it finally gets released, Zero!

    • We don’t see Gun Goddess Miss Fortune as a disaster but as a disappointment and a wasted opportunity to keep advancing in ultimates. It’s a skin that fits perfectly near Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona but doesn’t belong as the successor to Elementalist Lux. If we compare the skin to DJ Sona it actually offers similar features.

      However, if we expect a skin that takes what the previous skin did and tries to move forward, as Elementalist did, then GGMF simply doesn’t deliver. It’s not a bad skin if we compare it to old ultimates but it feel like a regression instead of a step forward.

  34. I don’t know but…GGMF’s model is very tiny in-game atm in PBE… :/ Not sure if it’s worth…

    • If there’s a scaling problem with Gun Goddess Miss Fortune’s model in-game then it should be fixed for release. That doesn’t sound like a problem inherent to the skin design but instead a bug or glitch that has to be solved.

      Whether GGMF is worth buying depends on what you expect from the skin. It’s surely isn’t the successor to Elementalist Lux it should be. However, as a skin in the vein of Primal Guard Udyr or DJ Sona it’s not far off the mark.

  35. People been complaining about how the new MF skin is bad compared to Elementalist Lux but in my opinion, it beats DJ Sona and Spirit Udyr skins, what do you think. Also as a bonus, the price is cheaper than the DJ sona and Spirit Udyr even though I think GGMF is better than those 2.

    • We think it’s close to Spirit Guard Udyr and DJ Sona. It’s certainly not as ambitious as Elementalist Lux and also lacks a unique feature. For example, there’s nothing unique to the skin that no other does. With Spirit Guard Udyr it’s evolving each from and with DJ Sona it’s remixing music. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune simply has the choice between four somewhat similar versions.

      The price is lower but not by much. Besides, that’s no excuse to make a subpar ultimate. At any rate, it would be something between legendary and ultimate. A problem is that there’s no unifying link to the different exosuits. They are simply options which isn’t bad but also lack distinct identities. To a point, it’s like four skins in one. Truth be told, it’s not a terrible skin but it’s not really a good ultimate either.

  36. There’s adapted animations on her auto-attack? Like what, exactly? I seem to be blind…it just looks so much like base anim

    • It is the base animation but adapted to the new model. In practice, the modifications are minimal to accomodate the exosuit, nothing more. That’s a huge problem of the skin: most animations are essentially the same but retouched only to work with the new model. For an ultimate skin there’s no excuse, it’s a disappointment.

      • Needless to say, I felt bad when a friend gifted me the new “LULtimate” skin…I’m grateful of course but it just breaks my heart to see that potential could not be more explored…

        DJ Sona is actually more fulfilling because of the icons making you have different dynamic backgrounds with Kinetic, Concussive, and Ethereal. With Elem. Lux and GGMF, it’s just the base form… πŸ™ Riot could’ve extended the skins’ release and added more effort/variety to additional features, at least. Like they did with DJ Sona.

        The Lux icons were great. But the bg stayed the same. The GGMF icons (excluding the portrait) are just the same ol’ heart with the base form background. πŸ™

        • We agree that while Gun Goddess Miss Fortune has appeal it’s also superficial for an ultimate skin. DJ Sona has her music, Elementalist Lux the combination of elements but GGMF only gives you the choice between four exosuit that aren’t that different from each other: they all feel energy based even when they shouldn’t; like Royal Arms.

          GGMF isn’t a terrible skin but Riot should’ve definitely worked more on it. Each exosuit needed to feel unique and the skin have a feature that makes it feel ultimate. As it is, it simply doesn’t fulfil the expectations of an ultimate skin.

  37. Great reviews, in your opinion what do you think Riot could have done to make this GGMF skin 5 stars?
    I think they have a hit a creative wall.

    • For starters, new animations that showed a different identity for each exosuit, like Bullet Time does, would’ve helped a lot. The particles and sounds also need more differentiation because even the ballsitics of Royal Arms feel like energy. Everything feels energy based and each exosuit should feel unique.

      To reach five stars the skin would’ve needed to innovate with game-play built on top of the exosuits. For example, each exosuit could power-up by doing different actions, relevant to each identity, to some extra flair. It could be all cosmetic, understandably, but making each exosuit stand on its own could make the fact of choosing your favourite at any given time more relevant.

  38. If I’m looking for a cool-looking skin for Miss Fortune, what skin should I buy?

    • We would need a more narrow definition of cool-looking. After all, Miss Fortune never looks back; at least she tries to. If we take it as eye-catching then perhaps Arcade is worth mentioning. It’s skin with a distinct identity and is visually appealing.

  39. How do you feel about getting gun goddess miss fortune at the 1820 price in august?

    • It’s certainly the time to get the skin. As an ultimate this is the only discount it will see; at least until Riot invents something new. It’s true that the skin isn’t at the level of an ultimate but as a legendary, sort of as they can be bought for 1350 RP, it’s a more palatable option.

      Gun Goddess Miss Fortune isn’t a bad skin per se but hardly a good ultimate. It’s a legendary+ to give its tier a name. Therefore, this early sale is the best option to get it. If it were a normal ultimate the price on the early sale would be higher; as was the case of Elementalist Lux: 2450 RP.

      In other words, if you like the skin then the early sale is the time to get the skin. If you don’t like it then the price won’t be able to make the skin better. In that case you are better of with one of her other skins.

  40. Good Day Zero,

    I’m an avid reader here I made a comment on your reviews on Caitlyn’s skins(ADC Main Diamond player on Philippine Server). I own 124 skins, 1 Ultimate 13 Legendary and 31 Epic skins. Before I thought it was common sense that higher tier skins are generally better but after reading your excellent reviews it made me think too. But my problem now is I’m confused whether I should get Arcade or Star Guardian Miss Fortune. They both look pretty cool in my opinion but I don’t have a preference since It’s a lady(no sexism intended. With Ezreal I chose Star Guardian because you rate it 4β˜† and the Arcade 3β˜†(if my memory serves me right). LMAO I do talk a lot but I want to know your opinion. If you have to choose between the two which will you pick and why? XD Please bear with me, hahahaha.

    • No problem, we are glad to help.

      It’s true that both Star Guardian and Arcade Miss Fortune are quite good but there are a few differences. For example Star Guardian has a few new animations and we find that the particles are more florid than Arcade. While it could be said that pixels can’t feel that strong there’s some really good pixel art in other skins; like Arcade Riven’s Broken Wings.

      In this case we think that Star Guardian is a bit better in terms of visuals but it’s a close call. After all Arcade Miss Fortune does have a cohesive implementation. We’d say that you should choose that skin you like the most base on the concept: both are well done. Still, Star Guardian seems a bit more elaborate than Arcade.

      With Ezreal it’s a bit different when comparing Star Guardian and Arcade. While both are good skins we find Arcade not as memorable as it could be. The particles are shy and there isn’t a feature or an addition of elements that make the skin feel special. It’s not a bad skin but we expected the skin to be more cohesive in its presentation.

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