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League of Legends: Irelia Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Mar 012012
Irelia, the Blade Dancer
Irelia, the Blade Dancer

Irelia, the Blade Dancer learned that life is like a dance: it begins, has its ebb and flow and ends. Perhaps she wasn’t the most obvious candidate to become a warrior or lead a resistance but the role was unfilled and so she learned the motions. With grace and precision the dance started and ended. Each time she gets ready for a new one. Each stage asks for its costume and Irelia adapts her look and motions as necessary. Here’s what to look out for if you find an array of floating blades around you.

Nightblade Irelia
Nightblade Irelia Splash Art Nightblade Irelia Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Irelia as an armoured kunoichi.
Model: Major model changes for Irelia and new model for her blades.
Particles: New colour for her abilities and trail for her auto-attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New quotes and interactions added to the voice-over.
Splash Art: A chaos of flying bodies and cracked rocks show the incredible power of the figure in the centre. The rest is just a colour to fill the empty space. There’s some context but nothing elaborate or even clear.
Irelia’s portrayal isn’t that clear either. The thick brushstrokes give a raw intensity, a sort of dark power to the portrayal which suits the skin’s style; added to her face it gives a sinister feel that may be too distant from her otherwise serene personality. It also gives the idea of a draft that is waiting for a final layer of polish. Her svelte figure is clear but that isn’t faithful to the bulky plates that protect her and are so dominant in her outline in-game. Besides, the splash art gives the idea that decorations are sparse and measured whereas in-game they pile up on top of each other. On top of that, blades are marginally relevant and partially visible while in-game they are a major part of her appearance.
All in all, this is a splash art that captures a dark feel that the skin doesn’t really show in-game. The background is simplistic and the portrayal not an accurate reflection of the real skin. It does, though, catch the eye with its sinister personality.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Nightblade Irelia aims to provide a dark angle to her martial prowess to resemble a kunoichi. However, that aspect doesn’t really come through. The model is a main contributor. The heavy armour made out of bulky plates combat the agile style of her movements. In addition to this, the notorious ornamentation makes the armour and feel overloaded with decorations to the point of being impractical and cluttered with designs on top of each other which tire the eye. There is a sinister feel that mostly comes off from her eyes, which reflects the splash art’s approach, but it’s too subtle.
Particles are merely re-coloured with dimmer tones to better suit the dark angle. It’s a little change that isn’t always significant but is usually noticeable. It actually doesn’t add anything to the skin’s personality but helps it feel different from Classic with its abilities.
Adding everything together, Nightblade Irelia is a skin that loads up on decorations but despite showing a lot it says little. The skin feels unfocused with its clash of heavy armour and nimble martial arts. It’s different but that’s as much as can be said about the skin.

Aviator Irelia
Aviator Irelia Splash Art Aviator Irelia Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Irelia dresses as an aviator and her blades resemble that of a propeller.
Model: Major model changes for Irelia and new model for her blades.
Particles: New colour for her abilities and trail for her auto-attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New quotes and interactions added to the voice-over.
Splash Art: With Irelia merrily smiling to the camera as planes fly by over the base’s airport the scene seems rather relaxed. That’s probably because we are looking at a pin-up poster which has seen its fair share of use; a favourite it seems. While there’s the possibility that it could be a photograph too the Ionian stamp disagrees as well as the frame; it could be a postcard though. Anyway we look at it, this is a fantastic approach to make the context different, relevant and appealing.
Irelia’s portrayal is very nice. With soft shading, sharp lines and a big smile she looks charming, youthful and carefree. The plane of which she sits looks like a mere afterthought, her pose allows her fine silhouette to be easily appreciated and her clothing is clearly stylised with looks over accuracy. This all only makes sense if we are talking about a pin-up. Her blades are relegated but they are noticeable and make a reasonable frame for her but the high heels, though reasonable, don’t reflect the in-game boots.
All things considered, this is a splash art that uses every feature, even what could be considered a flaw, as an element to communicate its message. The feel of a vintage pin-up poster is effectively captured and which makes the piece memorable. Without doubt, this is one of League of Legends’ best splash arts.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Aviator Irelia doesn’t disappoint but it doesn’t aim for much in the first place. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad skin as it provides a completely new and refreshing take on Irelia. However, an aviator, without a hextech plane, seems unsuitable for a magical battleground; aviator clothing, gear and propeller blades considered. The aviator concept is adapted well into Irelia but it feels more like it was made to adapt than that it naturally flowed into fruition. Or, in other words, it feels more like a charming costume than a true adaptation. Even at that, it’s a nice though heavily stylised as the model shows. The goggles are huge, the hair seems made of jelly, the trousers are much baggier than expected to conform to the classic model underneath and there’s a cleavage not to be missed; even if the splash art didn’t display it despite being a pin-up. The new colours for the particles add something barely different but not really significant to the equation.
If you want to get a refreshing look for Irelia then Aviator Irelia delivers but some people may find it a bit out of place. It’s a nice skin, rather original and even unique but doesn’t go beyond being a pretty costume. It that’s enough then it’s a good option if not, take a star and consider the skin average.

Infiltrator Irelia
Infiltrator Irelia Splash Art Infiltrator Irelia Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Irelia wears full cybernetic armour for a futuristic cyberpunk world.
Model: Major model changes for Irelia and new model for her blades.
Particles: New electric particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New energy sounds for her abilities plus new quotes and interactions added to the voice-over.
Splash Art: With a city reflected on the crashing glass that once was the crystalline surface of a skyscraper we find that the time to stealth is over. The composition which shows us a reflection of the city is interesting but also the image of the city is quite distorted so that little can be appreciated. It looks like a modern city but how far technology has advanced is a mystery.
Irelia’s portrayal doesn’t make things much clearer. The dynamic, dashing stance captures the feel of an action scene but also conceals a good part of her suit. Add to this the little blades on top, which are unclear and not faithful to the in-game look, and we have a clear problem. For all the appeal that the cartoony portrayal has it’s not a very eloquent representation of Irelia. The lines and colours are quite good for the most part, the outer regions tend to be diffuse, but Irelia’s depiction seems convoluted.
Overall, this is a splash art that catches the eye with its action but ends up making quite a few sacrifices of function in the name of form. That doesn’t ruin the appeal of the piece but does compromise its utility as a useful spotlight or Irelia.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With an air of hi-tech, a bit of thief, a tad of special operative and a pinch of kunoichi we have Infiltrator Irelia which doesn’t embrace any are fully but combines them to make a combination which hints at technology and subterfuge but doesn’t delve deep into it. The model is a somewhat generic suit that looks modern, stylish and even brings to mind a comic book character. There’s nothing specific about the model that states anything concrete besides the stealth with some advanced technology so the result is unavoidably ambiguous. One thing that is nice is the shape of the blades which make a decorative shape when placed in duos when Irelia stands still.
The new particles majorly re-colour the classic ones with a darker tone. They also add some streaks of electricity which help bring up the technological aspect of the skin. It’s a subtle, except for Flawless Duet’s streak, and measured approach but it’s also pleasing to the eye. It does feel quite underwhelming though that in some abilities, especially Vanguard’s Edge, the electricity is barely present.
Sounds employ different energy tunes that support the abilities with distinct charging-up audio. They reinforce the electrical blades angle and make the skin feel more interesting. Unfortunately, Vanguard’s Edge barely shows any different but other abilities, especially Defiant Dance, make a good effort to stand out.
The new recall doesn’t communicate the theme very well. Floating in midair without the aid of some electricity or energy makes the recall seem disconnected. The final pose is a showy, agile, stealthy touch that is superficial.
In general, Infiltrator Irelia is a good albeit uneven skin. It has a theme that isn’t concrete but provides an air of hi-tech stealth which can be subtly perceived in the skin. The approach sometimes makes the adaptation feel superficial but at its best it’s a skin with appeal. The legacy label doesn’t do the skin any favours, though.

Frostblade Irelia
Frostblade Irelia Splash Art Frostblade Irelia Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Irelia wearing ice-based light armour and blades
Model: New model for Irelia and her blades.
Particles: New frozen breath and frozen air for her blades plus new ice particles for her abilities, auto-attack and high speed run.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New ice sounds her abilities and auto-attack plus new quotes and interactions added to the voice-over.
Splash Art: Ice, sky, snow and a blizzard are all that the background seems to show. Suitable for sure, meaningful only partially and sorely lacking in context. There’s barely a setting and certainly no meaningful element to support Irelia’s portrayal to the point that the background feels like filler.
Irelia’s portrayal may aim to show her as a collected and lethal ice warrior. The hair made out of ice shards looks weird like a plastic wig. In-game it looks a bit more like hair so that it doesn’t strike as artificial. The pose implies movement but doesn’t say anything concrete about Irelia. It does allow for her svelte physique to be appreciated and a moderately good view of her general appearance can be gathered. However, the ice blades, despite their relevance, are relegated and too small.
On the whole, it’s difficult to know what was the aim behind this splash art. It seems to try to go for show but it’s not very effective at it while it sacrifices utility. Thus, it ends up only making a partial statement of how Irelia looks without any support to it.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Covering all the bases with effective and appealing changes Frostblade Irelia is a fantastic skin for the Blade Dancer; despite the loss of her beautiful mane of hair. The frost hair is certainly something that sets her apart as it breaks the classic outline but one has to get used to its simplistic look. The new blades look like double-edged short swords which is also different from the usual metallic blades. The new suit is more conventional but captures the warm clothing against snow that it aims to. The fact that it’s rather frugal with decorations allows Irelia to look more practical even if her legs look flat.
The new ice particles are wonderful. Every ability, and especially the auto-attacks, communicates the frost theme. Highlights include Ionian Fervor with maximum stacks which surrounds Irelia with frozen air. The snowflakes on the ground left by Flawless Duet are also eye-catching. Shard of ice are used in all abilities and while they are more notorious in some they are noticeable in all; even Vanguard’s Edge which relies so much on the blades.
Sounds provide effective albeit unimpressive support to the visuals. With icy sounds in the form of crystal-like tones each ability is reinforced in their feel. There are no real highlights as sounds don’t strive to stand out but instead collaborate with the theme; which is a practical approach.
The new recall is mostly a show of dancing blades with a dancing Irelia in the middle who floats for some arcane reason. The snowflake formations of the swords do add to the theme even if it’s rarely used in comparison with all the dance.
The result is that Frostblade Irelia represents its theme very well. Not everything is noteworthy and the skin isn’t loaded with features that stand out. However, it’s a very cohesive adaptation that realises its concept without fault. Even if there’s nothing original here there’s a lot to like and it sure is an excellent choice for fans of Irelia.

Order of the Lotus Irelia
Order of the Lotus Irelia Splash Art Order of the Lotus Irelia Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Irelia as a lotus warrior.
Model: Major model changes for Irelia and new model for her blades.
Particles: New colour for her abilities and trail for her auto-attack.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New quotes and interactions added to the voice-over.
Splash Art: A lotus flower floats on a lake where the reflection of Irelia can be seen; the extreme blur of the flower is annoying. The idea is quite good even if partially realised. The water ripples are a nice but too subtle a touch so that the extremely clear reflection becomes not very convincing as such. An idea could be to have a ripple effect right over her crystalline reflection to add depth to the depiction; perhaps extending one of the present ones. The lack of a background doesn’t let the piece develop its full aim. Irelia trains by the lake side but the vision of a temple behind her would’ve given a much welcome context to the displayed action. Without a proper setting one has to guess to get a full picture.
Irelia’s depiction has its ups and downs. The lines are clear and the colours soft though a bit too saturated for a reflection. Nevertheless, one can get a good idea of her Order of the Lotus outfit. It’s a pity that such an outfit only exists in the splash art because in-game it’s much bulkier and loose without such rich decorations as seen in this piece. For example, the starry decoration of her dress is misleading as it’s nowhere to be seen in-game. Blades, albeit important are only barely displayed, relegated behind her. Their floral design is difficult to appreciate and only partially depicted. Besides, her face doesn’t look like her usual self: it seems like a different person.
All things considered, this is a splash art with a very interesting composition that isn’t as well realized as it could’ve. It shows that it’s a reused piece which probably should’ve been done anew. The modifications try to fix the inaccuracies but don’t remedy the whole problem. In general terms, Irelia’s portrayal is effective and attractive but it’s isn’t a faithful representation.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Standing between priestess and martial artist Order of the Lotus Irelia aims for an attractive appearance that draws from Ionian mysticism; which is quite fitting. The clothing has a ceremonial style with its golden decorations but remains practical and fitting for a skilled fighter; at least in theory. After all, the clothes are heavily stylised and they do appear to prefer form over function. Strangely, colours are drab which make the model feel a bit dull. The open boots show curved toes as a clear consequence of modifying the classic model; something that seems unfitting within current technological standards. The hair looks thready and artificial with the textures aiming at showing details which only appear flat and unconvincing. Her blades styled with a floral design appear richly ornamented as if they were regalia rather than weapons. They may be deadly but also strike as brittle.
Particles are subtly re-coloured ending all too similar to the classic design. The changes are there but they don’t contribute to realising the skin’s theme.
For fans of Irelia and fighting mystics this is a good skin. The model has its appeal but also seems to fail to display elements in their best light. Besides, the theme mostly benefits from the classic personal as, in practice, it’s little beyond a change of clothes. For what it is, it’s shows flaws it shouldn’t but the basics are delivered so there’s something to like.

Divine Sword Irelia
Divine Sword Irelia Splash Art Divine Sword Irelia Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Irelia as mistress of dancing blades.
Model: New model for Irelia and her blades plus new glow and trail for her blades.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, high speed run and recall.
Animations: New high-speed run and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: For a background we only have silhouettes of buildings in an Eastern style and sky, a muddy, dull sky. Granted the setting isn’t the star of the piece but it surely struggles to bring an appropriate much less appealing context to Irelia’s portrayal. What does seem meaningful around Irelia is her swords and dragon totem yet all of them are partially depicted or diffuse.
Irelia’s portrayal has all the clarity and colour that the background lacks; provided we only look at her body. Her hair does descend into the blurry waters of the background as well as certain parts of her clothes. Fortunately, for the most part, Irelia is depicted with sharp lines and soft shading which gives her appearance a delicate, ethereal feel which suits her quite well. Colours are rather dim, though, which makes the golden lining of her clothes as well as the cloth rather sketchy and underwhelming considering everything should be glowing with her magic. At least her pose implies that she’s infused with magic and adept at using it so, such a dim depiction seems earthly and rough.
All in all, this is a splash art with a portrayal that is interesting for what it could be. There’s a lot of potential in the piece but it seems to need an extra layer of polish to reveal all of its glory. As it is, its effective but can disappoint at times.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: There isn’t much Eastern style in Divine Sword Irelia even though the concept tries to turn her into a swordswoman so skilled that swords obey her willpower alone. The new clothing looks rather modern, almost like a superheroine, and could very well pass for a stylish dress. For a warrior, there’s no hint of her nature in the dress and while it could be said that she’s so above in ability that she doesn’t need special clothing high-heeled boots seems impractical, nonetheless. At least, the clothes do look comfortable and allow a good degree of motion which is essential for a martial artist. The new blades that float around her could very well pass for fantasy swords but their one-handed design manages a degree of Eastern feel. The translucent strips of cloth hanging from her arms are too easy to miss at times yet they are a nice touch. The new hair styling is rather nice and fitting too.
The new silvery glow and trail of the blades given by Ionian Fervor match her dress well; as they turn gold they match her dress’ golden lining. It’s an eloquent touch of magic for someone so skilled that her ability becomes supernatural. Auto-attacks make the most of the trails as well as when Irelia walks around. Particles are notorious for their gold and blue colours and golden petals spread over each attack; colours stand out but seem a bit detached from the skin’s colour scheme. Abilities’ designs remain familiar then but the new patterns used for marked enemies and Vanguard’s Edge are appealing as well as Defiant Dance’s Dragon. It’s odd, though, that the dragon is not found in Vanguard’s Edge at all; this makes the ultimate feel less special.
Sounds remind too much of the classic aural landscape. They seem higher-pitched with a more metallic tone and echoes to communicate the magical, sword mastery. Regardless of their fitness, they lack a personality of their own.
The high speed run, used mostly by homeguard, sees Irelia sitting on a giant sword instead of standing atop her swords’ edge. It’s a more delicate and believable option for a skin that has a gentler, more stylish look. The new recall starts very similar to the classic one, it’s only the dragon’s apparition that makes it different. The dragon is interesting but also largely absent from most other aspects of the skin so how the dragon fits in isn’t explained anywhere. Thus, there’s no connection between the dragon and Irelia: it just appears.
Overall, Divine Blade Irelia feels like a skin that has good looks but doesn’t delve deep with its changes. There’s a lot that’s similar to the classic persona so the skin seems superficial. It’s appealing anyway and shows a gentler, stylish Irelia versus the armoured Classic. However, the magical prodigy of swords could’ve showed her skill in more distinct ways.


Irelia’s skins are as eclectic in sources as they are in quality. Frostblade Irelia is the recommended purchase as it’s an excellent skin. It provides an unoriginal but appealing look for Irelia with a cohesive implemenation that realises the concept effectively. While the skin doesn’t have any fantastic features it also lacks any outstanding flaws. Therefore, it’s the best skin Irelia has to offer.

Nightblade Irelia is a skin that offers a dark style but without a clear focus. It’s different but without concrete features that stand out.

Aviator Irelia may not appeal to everyone’s tastes but if you want something original and nicely priced it does deliver. The model is highly stylised and the feel is that of a costume instead of an adaptation. Still, it’s refreshing in its own way.

Infiltrator Irelia is a skin that at times feels shallow because many element aren’t concrete about its theme of hi-tech subterfuge. Fortunately, that’s not always the case so the uneven adaptation shows a theme that, overall, has appeal.

Order of the Lotus Irelia has a fitting concept but an uneven execution. The skin aims for a colourful recreation yet ends up dull and unconvincing in many areas. The result isn’t flawed but the issues prevent the skin from realising its potential.

Divine Blade Irelia is an appealing skin but also superficial. Changes lack depth but the gentle and stylish look is attractive. Fans of Irelia will, essentially, find a lot of familiar elements with a lighter approach. There aren’t significant features to note it’s only the feel of the skin that stands out.

  125 Responses to “League of Legends: Irelia Skins’ Review”

  1. I love irelia
    Too bad she got needed

  2. Nerfed*

  3. You could see it as her abilities being balanced to be in line with the current state of sustain; after all, both spell vamp and life steal were nerfed. Had they be left untouched it would’ve been a completely different story.

    • I would’ve agreed to this if they had nerf Sion’s, Nasus’, Olaf’s, Vlad’s, or WW’s lifesteal. Plus, it’s not lifesteal, it gives her health per hit. She had a fairly good earlygame – far from OP, but not terrible. She starts at level 1 with 0.665 attack speed. Before the nerf, when she still had 10 health per hit without activation, she was gaining about 6 health per second if she continuously attacked a minion without being attacked herself. Nasus, another possible Solo-top, steals 7-8 health per hit without his Siphoning Strike or any items – hell, he doesn’t even have to put a point into any skill to get this lifesteal.

      Now, Irelia gains about 3 health per second while continuously attacking, or you have to use 40 mana to gain an additional 18 health over 6 seconds.

      This nerf was uncalled for, and just turns Irelia into a low-tier character. It’s not even worth it to get this skill until late game. And if you try to jungle Irelia now, you better pop a few Health potions when you start Blue buff. Hiten Style’s cooldown is 15 seconds at all ranks, so 3/5 of your fight will be without that additional health. Might as well start with Equilibrium Strike instead, just to give yourself a chance to survive.

      • The balance changes may be considering the champions as a whole so that they all stay at a similar power level. No doubt that the nerf was hardly a welcome change but it’s probably more important whether Irelia is still useful to a team or not.

        Besides, there may be incoming changes to the mentioned champions. After all, the life steal nerf didn’t immediately follow the spell vamp nerf. Therefore, none of those champions are exempt of receiving a future nerf to their sustain either. The general sustain nerf may still be ongoing by specific champion changes, as far as we know.

        • It’s been how long since Irelia’s most recent nerf? I’ve been following patchlists as well as checking things out on the PBE for some time now, and there’s no sign of a single nerf coming to those champions that have any lifesteal. I’ll say it again – this nerf was unwarranted. Pre-nerf Irelia had *alright* sustain, and that was if you put points into your Hiten Style early. Most guides I’d seen before the patch recommended it be maxed by level 9.

          You know why? Her other skills aren’t that great. Her Q, level one, gives you your attack damage plus a mere 20 damage – for 60 mana. Do you know how much mana she starts out with? 230. With 7 mana per 5. Her skills are so high-cost-low-reward, especially in the first 10-15 minutes, that her Hiten Style was the one thing that she could rely on for sustain.

          However, now that she has been nerfed, her E is the only reason she’s in this game at all. It does a decent amount of damage, and it only costs 50 mana per use. Sure, it’s only 10 mana less than your Bladesurge, but it’s not the damage that you really care about. If you’re being harassed by the enemy’s top-laner – which you definitely are – you finally have a chance to strike back. As Irelia, you have no ranged moves, so you have nothing to poke the other champion with. It may be fine if you’re soloing against an Udyr, but other champions? Not so much.

          The ONLY way to get a good poke, with minimum retaliation, is to Bladesurge to a minion right next to the enemy champ (if you’re sure you can kill it with that one skill), Equilibrium Strike to stun (only if they have lower health than you do), MAYBE get off an auto-attack or two if you’re feeling lucky, and then Bladesurge to a minion closer to your tower, preferably one you can kill just by using your Q.

          IF you manage to pull it off *perfectly*, and that’s a huge IF, at level 2, you can do about 212 damage (before armor and magic resist), for 100 mana. If the last minion you Q doesn’t die, it’s 135 mana. If the first minion you Q doesn’t die, then you might, especially if you didn’t stun them with your E.

          Guess how you poke with Gangplank, Sion, Olaf, Nasus, Mundo, Shen, and nearly every other solo top. Q. *Maybe* a W if you’re Nasus. You can *easily* force Irelia out of lane and force her away from her minions – even more so now than before. Before, she had a reason to stay up and attack minions, and was able to shrug off *some* of the poke and get some farm. Now? Not worth taking a Parrrlay to the face, especially when so many GP’s I’ve seen have Crit runes out the ass.

          Do I think Irelia is important to any team? No, not really. If you wanted to build tanky dps, there are better champions out there, like Sion. If you wanted to build Assassin, there are better champions out there, like Talon or Akali. The only reason I would recommend Irelia is if you want to keep the other team guessing as to which you’re going to be, but that mystery might be solved when they see your first item. Not really worth picking Irelia over another champion who does their job better.

        • Oh my gosh, they’re buffing Irelia. The world is ending, I’m sure of it.

          +3 Starting attack damage, +31 starting health (and an additional 5 per level), and an additional 1 health per 5.

          Of course, this IS unofficial… and half of the “patches” listed were things that the site had in the last patchnotes and that were never actually put into the game.


          • The base stats buff is real according to Classick’s post, though the values accuracy may not.

            In that post Classick also explained why she was nerfed, mainly due to her durability and raw damage with Hiten Style. Apparently, the idea was to lower her durability without affecting her damage. The problem that wasn’t anticipated was that her early game suffered quite a bit.

            You made quite valid points so it’s probably a matter of waiting and seeing how much of an effect the new base stats have. If things don’t improve then something else will have to be done about it.

          • I feel like I should confess – I have been hard on Irelia; complaining and exaggerating some of her flaws. I was just sick of the nerfs and sick of everyone saying that her Hiten Style nerf wasn’t a huge blow. It was. However, her other moves allow her to jump in, get farm, and (hopefully) get out alive. I’m not saying she’ll be able to take on strong solo-laners and expect to get a ton of farm – not even close – but she SHOULD be able to face them after she gets some farm, and gets a few levels. Bladesurge almost always guarantees a Creep kill, and allows you to get in close, or to move away, if used correctly. She has her perks, I was just upset at all these nerfs when she can easily be outlaned…

          • Perfectly understandable, sometimes nerfs seem to come out of the blue and without a reason. In the end, it’s probably more important whether the champion can still stand up against the usual adversaries in the new form.

            We may not be able to revert changes but we can adapt to them.

          • Very true. Also, there’s a new Irelia skin out – Frostblade Irelia. The splash-art and model are done and correct, but a Rioter posted that her face in-game was a generic face that wasn’t supposed to be there. (S)he said that it would be fixed in one of the up-coming patches. But who knows, it might’ve been fixed in the patch my client just did.

          • Indeed, Frostblade Irelia is quite a nice skin; sadly the prototype head is quite a misstep. Fortunately it’s going to be fixed, especially considering that Irelia’s release head is probably laying around somewhere; hopefully.

            Let’s hope for a fix sooner rather than latter but at the very least it should be on Tuesday with the Varus release.

  4. I just discovered that Irelia has a second Frostblade splash art. Dunno which one is official tho.


    This is the one used on the loading screen and In the Lol Launcher.
    Imo this is better as it shows her hip compared to the other one.

  5. Update Irelia’s pic >.<

  6. In the model sections of her skins shouldn’t it be mentioned the changes to her Mantle of Decorum (the thing floating behind her head) be mentioned as well? Karma has the same mantle and her reviews mention all the changes to it in each skin.

    • Indeed it should, that’s a relevant change that should be noted. It also allowed us to check again model changes and adjust the notes. Thanks for the correction.

      • I find it somewhat strange that Nightblade and Aviator are both classified as only model changes while Infiltrator is classified as an entirely new model even though Infiltrator looks the most similar to the Classic Irelia. That is also the main reason I am most interested in Infiltrator and find your review of it quite harsh. Her other skins have nice concepts but I find flaws with them which I am pretty sure few others find. Nightblade is missing the long parts of her clothing around her waist and I do not like the style they did on the hair. Aviator still has something on her waist at least but I do not really like the hat. Frostblade has nothing on her waist and has short hair, which I do not like, though I love the ice theme. Infiltrator is the only one who keeps those things on her waist, and it also has those two things on her head removed, which I never really liked. Since Infiltrator is coming on sale tomorrow and also becoming legacy, I am really thinking of buying it. Could its new legacy label earn it at least one extra star?

        • Maybe the problem isn’t that Infiltrator Irelia looks bad but that, for what it offers, the price isn’t suitable. Infilitrator doesn’t, strictly speaking, look bad, nor is it a skin with serious inconsistencies. However, it’s a re-model that only hints, at best, at the cybernetic angle intended. Even if we ignore the premise, Infiltrator is just another armoured version of Irelia that looks different but doesn’t add much that stands out.

          If the price were lower the skin would certainly receive a better rating. However, at 975 RP the standard is much higher than what Infiltrator offers. Making it a legacy skin isn’t doing it any favours as all it means is that its availability is restricted. Therefore the skin needs to be even more special to justify such a condition.

          In the end, personal preference is the most important part of the equation. There’s no point in getting a technically good skin that you just don’t enjoy. If you like Infiltrator Irelia then catch her, it’s not a bad skin and it has its charm. The armour is nothing remarkable but the skin has its own style. Just be conscious of the fact that you might be paying a little more for a little less on the technical side.

        • I actually have to agree there, as I fail to find anything appealing in the Frostblade skin. If it wasn’t for the particles and spell animations I would have difficulties recognizing it is supposed to be an ice themed skin. Literally nothing catches my eye when I look at that skin, it is mostly just all blue. And the hextech like weapon looks weird to me.
          On the other hand the Infiltrator seems really nice to look at, and the armor is really beautifull with nice details in contrast to the frostblade one. I would rate it equally to Nightblade and Aviator if it wasnt for the price, so maybe just a star below them. And the Frostblade doesn’t look like a 5 star material compared to other 5 star skins, so considering the fact that someone actually likes it I personally would give it only 4 stars at max, but would still pick Infiltrator over it.
          And the name/appearance mismatch I believe is not that impactfull since you get kinda exactly what the splash art shows.
          Well, I have only Nightblade anyway. 🙂

          • We agree that if we take Frostblade particles away then the model doesn’t say enough about ice or anything else for that matter. Frostblade may be one of those skins were the sum of its parts add to more than the individual features.

            Infiltrator does have a good idea behind it but the execution isn’t as good as it could or should be. From looking at Frostblade one gets the idea of the ice theme and when in action it’s rather clear. However, the cyberpunk style of Infiltrator is quite tame.

            Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. However, we still think that some skins make a better job at communicating their message than others. This is one case.

            Nightblade, though, is rather nice and clear for what it asks for. In spite of its simplicity, its one of Irelia’s best options.

  7. i love irelia i main her

  8. I noticed something with Infiltrator Irelia when her W is active, the color of the blades changes into red.

  9. Hi,

    I believe that Infiltrator Irelia is a Legacy skin, because it has a Unavailable message.

    • Yes it is. We have updated the skin list with the new legacy status for the retired skins. However, we haven’t yet gone through all the champion reviews. We’ll do so as soon as possible.

  10. We all know why people buy Frostblade.
    They love that big,juicy….
    Ice shards.

    • Of course, what else could it be? Those frosted blades look like they could saw through flesh and bone with ease. Fear the Will of the Blades!

  11. Hello! I know this is an unusual question, but do you know if its possible to undo a refund? I refunded Nightblade Irelia but the update changed my mind. I really don’t want to purchase it again after already wasting one of my precious refund credits.
    Thank you!

    • Firstly, you should be very careful about using refund credits as that’s all there is for the lifetime of your account. That’s why we insist on carefully considering before buying a skin. Still, there are three of them so losing one isn’t the end of the world. You just need to be more careful.

      Secondly, the situation is somewhat unusual. Technically, purchases are final as well as refunds. Your best option is to contact support and perhaps indicate that you are somewhat new to the game and not used to the system; as you previously mentioned you recently discovered League.

      Hopefully, they’ll be able to help in some way. In theory, refunds are no longer handled by support but that’s not the specific issue at hand so you should have a chance of getting help. We don’t know what the outcome would be but we hope you are able to get the best possible result.

      Ideally, refunds would be unnecessary because people would only buy a skin that they actually like. That’s not reality so you have the tokens but treat them with care because they are limited and too few. Riot should probably find a way to allow more refund tokens for people; especially those that regularly buy skins. Best of luck.

      • Edit and update:

        Hi again, thank you for the reply. I know this May sound strange, but I have O.C.D, and I had this idea that I would only have one skin for each champion. I bought Nightblade, because I liked it, but then discovering your sight, I discovered Frostblade had particle effects. I thought people just bought it because of the sex appeal, while true, there is more to it. Because of my one skin rule, I refunded Nightblade and got Frostblade. But now I’ve decided to let that rule go. I want Nightblade and my token back, but I highly doubt support will give it to me. I know I sound completely weird, but it’s a perfectionist thing.

        Support has replied and declined my request, in your opinion, is there anything else I can do?

        Thank you very much.

        (Please delete my previous comment.)

        • Besides the fact of insisting and maybe trying to appeal to their generosity, based on the fact that you are new to the game, we are afraid the there’s nothing else we can think of. It’s not the end of the world and it’s a valuable lesson and reminder about thinking before acting. Let’s look at it with perspective: it’s a game and you actually only lost a refund token; of which you should ideally need none. In the real world there are much worse things and, if one is to learn a lesson the hard way, better if it’s through a game where the stakes are, often, just virtual.

          Now, all we can do is see where we are and where we are going. In our opinion, don’t worry about it at all. You made a mistake, it happens to everyone, and you learned from it; the best possible outcome as mistakes are unavoidable. In the future you will be very careful about purchases and you won’t even need to refund anything.

          With regards to Irelia, you have Frostblade which is her best skin but now lack Nightblade. So, a possibility is to wait until Nightblade goes on sale. It was last discounted on November so it’ll take a good while. In the meantime you can see how much you like Irelia and if it’s really worth having two skins for her. If that’s the case then you can buy it when it’s on sale. Whether you buy it or not you saved money; it’s not much but it’s an advantage.

          A more general rule to consider before buying a skin is to purchase what you really like. Don’t enforce unrealistic or arbitrary rules because humans aren’t structured as such. Buy what you like and what you will use. If you find that you love a champion and want to get all the skins then do so but be sure that’s the case. If you don’t like a skin or champion there’s no need to collect skins that won’t see use. The point of a skin is to provide fun so it has to be something that you will enjoy and would like to play with.

          This is just advise so take it as such. You may find another way of doing things that works better for you. What we are sure of is that there’s no point in worrying about losing a refund token. You’ll just need to be careful in the future. Take your time before making a purchase and see if you really like what’s offered. Don’t try to fulfill rules that actually serve no purpose. Be patient, look at the big picture and think long term: with time everything finds their place. Try to enjoy what you do and, by extension, purchase what you like. Life’s is too valuable to worry about the trees and forget about the forest.

          Sorry we can’t be of more help and that it all sounds preachy.

  12. hi i love all your reviews and always look to you before i buy a new skin so i want to know will you be doing a review on the upcoming “Order of the lotus” Irelia skin? I know it has only recently been announced but I would appreciate your opinion on it whenever you can give it

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We’ll certainly have a review ready once Order of the Lotus Irelia is released. As a model change it’s looking good. Regardless, it’s a theme that would’ve welcomed more work so as to make a more impressive skin. It sure has the potential to be more.

      • Thanks for the quick reply and i think i know what you mean. I for one really wish she had a new recall at least because with all skins the only changes seem to be new models and particles. Also if it is not to much when the time is available can you please let me know which you think is better between the order of the lotus and the Nightblade skin because i cant make up my mind because they both look good (although i have not seen the splash art for order of the lotus as yet) Thank you in advance

        • Well, the splash art won’t mean much in-game though it’s always good when it’s an attractive presentation card.

          From what we’ve seen of Order of the Lotus it’s a full re-model which Nightblade isn’t. The difference in price is reasonable then though Nightblade is more on the simple side of things than Order of the Lotus.

          In this case, paying more gets you more in terms of model changes. It may all come down to personal preference: kunoichi or warrior-monk Irelia? Also, Nightblade has a more sober aesthetic while Order of the Lotus is more colourful and upbeat.

          The styles are certainly different but, for their prices, they boh seem adequate options. Remember that you can always wait for a sale to cut on expenses; if you are patient enough.

  13. Thank you for the quick reply you guys are the best such detail an thought go into the reviews thanks a lot i think I made up my mind and will get Order of the lotus however i will still wait until you give the full review. Thanks a lot for the quick responses an please keep up the good work

    • Not at all and we’ll certainly keep working hard to make good reviews. Hopefully, Order of the Lotus Irelia will be a great skin to have.

  14. Hi ! I love your skins reviews and they have been very useful over the years. What do you think of the new Order of the Lotus Irelia skin ? 🙂

    • Oops, I didn’t notice some of the comments posted already discussed this ! Sorry and please ignore.

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

      With regards to Order of the Lotus it seems a good re-model for Irelia. It could’ve been a more interesting skin had it been more developed. Besides visual and aural effects new animations could’ve given the skin a distinct identity. As it stands it’s a nice change of clothes but with untapped potential.

  15. When I first saw Order of the Lotus Irelia, I knew I had to get it, Riot did an amazing job with the splash art
    and I think its the best splash art in the game. Can you think of any better ones?

    • Splash arts can be rather subjective as different styles appeal to different people. We do think that there are a few pieces that are among the best; which you can find by searching the site for best splash arts. Perhaps we should have a page with some of the best pieces, just for reference.

      A couple that come to mind are Sewn Chaos and Winter Wonder Orianna. Cottontail Teemo’s is also very well done. There are many but one of their characteristics is that the background and champion spotlight work together to do more than they could on their own.

  16. I recently got Infiltrator Irelia and her W ‘Hiten Style’ when activated turns her blades from blue to purple. I think that is a particle change.

    • There seems to be a very subtle change of colour; good catch. It’s rather insignificant to be fair but we should note it as a change. Thanks for the information.

  17. I got infiltrator irelia on the free hextech chest. what do you recommend me to do?

    • There are better skins for Irelia and in general. If you like the unconvincing cyberpunk feel of the skin you can keep it. If you reroll it you could get something better but be mindful that there’s worse than Infiltrator. It depends on what you like and what you are willing to risk. In the end the house always wins when gambling is the medium so do a reasonable risk assessment: what you can get versus what you can lose.

      • Strangely enough I just opened that one as well. Since the other skin I would want is quite cheap or the one I would get on sale would be fine enough to wait for I am still most likely gonna activate the shard. I actually got Irelia as a champion through hex not too long ago as well so it was a cool surprise to pull her legacy skin 🙂 And the updated splash still isn’t bad and tbh I like how the colors on Infiltrator stand out as opposed to the other sort of darker and harder to see colors.

        • Infiltrator is a flawed skin but not without anything of worth. It doesn’t look that bad but doesn’t communicate its theme effectively. In the end, what really matters is whether you enjoy the skin or not. If you like it then the rating is of no consequence. The review only aims at communicating what the skin does well and what it doesn’t. It’s not intended to tell people what to like. Enjoy the skin.

  18. In our server here in the Philippines, Frostblade Irelia is on sale. Just wanna ask if its worth it to buy

    • If you like Irelia then Frostblade is one of the best skins she has available. Nowadays more elaborate skins are possible but Frostblade still is a great option. It adapts the ice magic in a sensible way and Irelia works quite well with the added frosty effects. All in all, a skin that may not do as much as possible but what it does do it does very well.

  19. There is a little typo I noticed in the conclusion for the Aviator skin. “If want to get a refreshing look for Irelia then Aviator Irelia delivers but some people may find it a bit out of place.” You is missing after ‘if’. Just wanted to point that out!

  20. Zero irelia aviator skin is coming on sale next month what u suggest should i get it or wait for the frost blade one.

    • Definitely wait for Frostblade Irelia. It’s quite well realised and eye-catching. Aviator is interesting but it doesn’t fit as well in the fantasy of the game as Frostblade so easily does. Besides, while it’s cheaper it also offers less. Frostblade is a skin with a lot to offer so it should be no disappointment.

  21. Aviator Irelia or Order of the Lotus Irelia?

    • Aviator Irelia is a skin if you want something different and off the beaten path. Order of the Lotus fits her identity quite well and could be taken as a reference to a time she spent training or as a look at a former time of her life. Both are good skins but Order of the Lotus is more interesting. However, Aviator stands out for being somewhat weird. It depends on what you are looking for in a skin for her. Different and distinct: Aviator. For something suitable and with relevance: Order of the Lotus.

  22. Reworked Irelia coming * ^ *

  23. Wow the rework is officially dank. Imo the reworked skins looks stunning.

    • If we are talking about Classic Irelia then they did a great job in adding the feeling of flowing grace that a dancer of blades would have. If we are talking about the skins then there’s nothing novel there: it’s the same variations of the classic base with some added work but the familiarity is clear. Reworks and visual upgrades are great for Classic but skins usually end up homogenised and losing much of their unique personality.

  24. when Irelia gets reworked do you think i should get Nightblade plus Aviator or frostblade alone or infiltrator alone if it’s available for rework?

    • Frostblade Irelia is a great skin and the rework won’t change that. Infiltrator has improved quite a bit though it isn’t at the level of Frostblade. Nightblade and Aviator are modest but have their appeal. Take into account that Infiltrator is a legacy skin so you won’t see it around often.

      We certainly would recomment Frostblade. Infiltrator is better on sale because it’s a better skin after the rework but not something wonderful. Nightblade and Aviator are extras mostly useful for variety as they are simpler than others. Perhaps together they add more variety but Frostblade is still the best skin for Irelia.

      • But her booty is gone :c

        • There’s still some sex appeal in the splash art. To be fair, the skin’s main point was never about showing Irelia’s sexy side. If they are going to do it they might as well go all out. Frostblade is something else, more practical than form concerned.

  25. Honestly, I’m disappointed with Irelia’s reworked skins.
    The only one which truly stands out is Infiltrator. The entire spy/superhero theme works so well, and all the changes to VFX and SFX, alongside great model and splash art, easily make it the recommended skin. Well, for those who pick it up as soon as the rework hits live, considering it’s legacy and won’t last for more than 2 weeks in the shop.
    Frostblade was great before the rework, and it’s even better now, but everything else.. g-a-r-b-a-g-e.

    Aviator is a wasted potential. What could’ve been another 520RP excellence, like Shadow Evelynn, turned out to be a complete fail with minimal work put into it. From adding propeller sounds and some windy effects to her abilities, this skin deserved much more love and instead got absolutely nothing besides a new model.
    Nightblade seems like it’s half-finished. But compared to Aviator, at least it has a set of changes that make it stand out from base.
    And Lotus.. hideous model, weird and lazy changes to splash, plastic blades, 0 changes to VFX.. with a higher price than two previously mentioned skins. It’s tragic.

    I can’t wait to see your review though. Pay special attention to Nightblade though. I’m not 100% sure, but I heard some changes to her VO. It’s a bit deeper, like she’s speaking through a mask. I could be wrong, but I still recommend check it out.

    • We agree that Infiltrator Irelia saw the biggest improvement but we have to admit that it was quite bad before. Still, the new particles and style, while not revolutionary, do make the skin quite nice. Frostblade is still the best Irelia skin so there’s not much else to say there.

      We also agree that the rework is a wasted opportunity to improve and maybe even relaunch the good old re-models as something more elaborate and intersting. While we wouldn’t say that they are terrible they surely are modest and nowadays it shows.

      We didn’t notice a change in Nightblade’s VO but the skin is finished yet. We’ll give it another a proper look after release. While a filter to the VO wouldn’t be able to make the skin great is surely would be a welcome touch to make it stand out.

  26. Do you think Project Irelia might happen ? Rea3 from riot has been asking the skin team to do it.

    • Now that she’s received a visual upgrade it’s certainly more probable. The question is if the Project Irelia would be an impressive skin at the level of the best of the line or something just acceptable; as many others.

  27. Irelia rework came, hope you can update the reviews!!

  28. It might be time to update the review sometime. No rush tho mate.

  29. The updated Infiltrator and Frost Blade have unique recalls.

  30. Pretty sure Infiltrator has new SFX on her abilities and even recall.
    And as far as Lotus and Aviator go, are you sure she has new color for her abilities? The only noticeable change I found was Lotus’ AA color change during passive.

    • No, we aren’t fully sure. If there’s a change it’s so subtle that we didn’t consider it a major feature. We just checked again and we notice a yellowish hue added to some parts of the abilities but it’s something minor. We may have to do a side by side comparison or simply remove the feature from the review as it’s so difficult to notice.

  31. Infiltrator has new sounds. It’s a quality work and deserves at least 4 stars for it’s price.

    • You’re right Infiltrator does have new sounds. However, in tandem to the particles they still make the adaptation feel uneven. In some abilities the electric-energy touch is clear and in others practically absent; the ultimate disappoints in that regard. Because of this we are hesitant to give it four stars. Also, being a legacy skin doesn’t help either.

  32. Hi Zero, my english isn’t so good but I’ll try to explain. I’ve noticed that aviator and frostblade have some new voice quotes in spanish, my language, I don’t know if in english there is some voice changes but thats what I’ve heard from these skins. Thank you.

    • You’re right, there are a few new quotes and interactions added to each skin. Thanks for the notice, we’ll add it to the review.

  33. New Frostblade Irelia has entirely new set of quotes or mostly i guess :3

    • There’re new quotes and interactions for the skins. It’s not a whole voice-over but a subset of them. Thanks, we’ll add it to the review.

  34. Do you think Lotus Irelia is a good purchase? I’m 150rp short on Frostblade, and most likely wouldn’t be able to buy it in quite some time and the only other alternative that I fancy is Order of the Lotus (don’t understand the hate this skin’s getting).
    Great theme, gorgeous splash, nice model with the only drawback being her un-intimidating blades and lack of new visual effects. But again, for 750rp it offers enough.

    So yeah, do you think it’s a nice purchase? I don’t like her other skins except Frostblade and Lotus, but since I can only afford one of them now, do you think I should buy OoTL?

    • We would counter with another question: do you prefer to get Order of the Lotus Irelia now or wait for a sale to get Frostblade at half price? We think that Order of the Lotus is a nice skin but it’s noticeably simpler than Frostblade. Sure, it’s enough for 750 RP but on sale prices become less of an obstacle and so the question is which skin you like the most.

      If you really like Frostblade, we think that you should strive to get it. A sale will come if you have the patience. If you prefer Order of the Lotus, we still recommend a sale. Expenses pile up fast and Irelia has just received a rework. Unless you play a lot she won’t get old too fast; even more so if you also play other champions.

      In summary, which skin do you really like the most? Are you willing to wait for a sale on either of them? Perhaps analysing the purchase from this perspective can give you an answer.

      • I honestly like them equally. If I were to put one against each other and simply HAVE to pick one of them, I’d go with Frostblade. Simply because all of the changes it brings will surely make my Irelia games much more enjoyable.

        However, it’s been merely 2 months since Frostblade was last on sale. So it should be at least a year until it returns on sale. I simply can’t afford it atm. And again, the only alternative which I really, REALLY like in both the theme and execution of the skin is OoTL, which I can purchase this very moment.

        So I’m really conflicted. :s

        • Then it seems like it’s a matter of waiting for what you really like or settling for something that you like less but that you can get right now. Patience has it advantages yet there’s the wait to consider: it isn’t for everyone.

          From what you say you only have one choice to make: wait for what you like or get a lesser alternative. We’d say that patience is usually worth it. Better to get what you really like than a substitute. However, you may not want to wait.

          Why wouldn’t you be able to wait? If you have a good reason then perhaps OoTL would be a good option. If you can wait then Frostblade Irelia is the skin to get. You can play Classic Irelia or another champion in the meantime and when the time comes for Frostblade you can fully dedicate yourself if you have played Classic and other competing champions and skins. In the end, you have to choose what’s right for you.

          • I absolutely agree that patience is usually worth it. And Frostblade is surely worth waiting for. But a whole year? That’s far too much. I’ll get those needed 150RP way sooner than that and purchase the skin for it’s full price.

            And OoTL isn’t a “lesser” alternative. It’s a CHEAPER alternative which I can afford right away and like I said above, I pretty much love the skins equally. So, as a whole, it comes down whether I want to purchase and play with OoTL right at this moment, or give it a month or two and purchase Frostblade for it’s full price.

            Sooner or later, I’ll own both of them anyway since they’re fantastic. But this very moment, do you think OoTL would be a good purchase for me?

            Oh and I just saw that Nightblade will be going on sale in May. What are your thoughts about it? I fancy the concept of the skin and it’s fairly cheap, so how do you feel about it? I just read your review and you seemed quite disappointed in many fields as far as it’s execution goes. (btw, this question doesn’t fit in with the one from above, I’m still in dilemma between Frostblade and OoTL, but this is just an additional lil’ bonus if I get left with any spare change to purchase it lol).


          • Oh and sorry if I’m I’m bombarding with a bunch of questions at the same time. I just really value your opinion, since you helped me out in a very similar situation which I was in between buying Masquerade and Tango Evelynn.

          • Don’t worry, ask away; we are glad to help.

            We mentioned Order of the Lotus Irelia as a lesser skin due to it being less elaborate than Frostblade. We also think it isn’t as well developed as we note in the review. That said, if you like both skins equally then it’s a simple matter of which you want first.

            Take into account that OotLI was last on sale on the 30th of May to 2nd of June, 2017; unless we are missing something. So, by the looks of it, a sale is incoming. Whether you want to wait or not is another matter.

            Nightblade we see as an option if you want something different but fantastic. It’s certainly stylised but without a focused theme. For a low price it can add some diversity to Irelia’s wardrobe. It’s a little extra for a little price for when you want something different or darker.

          • Glad to know that!

            Yeah, I’ve researched OoTL sale dates too, and it should probably come in about 2 or 3 months, as May sales schedule has already been released. But again, I honestly don'[t feel like waiting for a sale on a skin that’s already not that expensive.

            That’s kinda what I’m looking for with Irelia.. diversity. I don’t want to play her as this bright lotus warrior at all times. Something darker could be nice, especially when I’m moody lol.

          • In that case then a sale on Order of the Lotus plus a sale on Nightblade Irelia should give some variety for a while. At least, it would help with the wait for Frostblade to go on sale.

            If diversity is the objective then cheaper skins are better. Fortunately, even Frostblade isn’t that expensive; compared with prices nowadays, at least.

            We would still recommend sales because even with cheap skins expenses add up. Consider that just buying Order of the Lotus and Nightblade Irelia together without a sale costs 1270 RP vs 635 RP on sale.

  35. Great review! This might have already been said but I’m like 90% sure that Nightblade Irelia has a muffled voiceover bc of the mask.

    • We’ll have to check well to make sure. It might be there but it may not be that clear with all the noisy battles she’s always getting into.

  36. “It does allow for her svelte physique to be appreciated”

    That’s an interesting way to describe the focus of the Frostblade Irelia splashart. 😉

    • Technically, the whole of her svelte physique can be appreciated but there’s an obvious focus; it’s somewhat difficult to ignore.

  37. Oh man, I totally missed Infiltrator Irelia, since I just returned to League after a 2-month break. I’ve been wanting to purchase that skin even before the rework, and now I’m terribly angry at myself, since this skin looks even more spectacular after the recent VGU.

    Which other skin would you recommend the most on the new Irelia? I already own Frostblade, which aside from her gorgeous butt, I’m not a fan of. The new model is gorgeous, but particles and sounds fail to amaze me. Aviator seems cute, but I don’t see any other changes besides the change of costume, hair and blades. For cheap price, I guess it works. Nightblade still looks badass as before, but I think they kinda screwed up the theme, and it seems unfinished. Like they could’ve taken it to the next level, give it new particles, sounds and make it fantastic, but decided to save up money and left it half-assed. And Lotus as a whole just isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe if it had some additional particle changes, but we know how lazy Riot gets when doing such stuff for cheap skins.

    All things considered, which skin would you recommend me to purchase/use? The only one I’m truly dying to have isn’t available anymore. I know that in the review above you are recommending Frostblade, but as someone who already owns it and isn’t digging it, which other skin would you think I’d enjoy?

    • From what you say it seems difficult to recommend any skin except Infiltrator because it’s the only skin you have good things to say about. With that in mind, Nightblade is the most similar to it but it’s still a skin that should’ve been better developed. We agree taht it has appeal but not enough focus.

      If the style of Infiltrator is what you like then Aviator and Order of the Lotus won’t be able to covince you. In fact, only Infiltrator can because there aren’t similar skins to it. Short of waiting for an opening of the Legacy Vault we can’t say there’s a skin to recommend if what you want is Infiltrator. If you want something cheap and dark then Nightblade or cheap and cute for Aviator. As you mention, they are alternatives with their charm but something different.

  38. Hey, what do you guys think of the new irelia skin+the chromas? Can’t wait for the review, keep up the amazing work ?

  39. Hey I wanted to mention that riot posted a connection between the dragon and irelia lore-wise, i cant seem to finding it anymore though, the gist of it was that talon was the dragon and irelia stole it to render him into a mortal form or something to teach him a lesson. Although I agree it should have been much more present in the skin itself. Great review once again, thanks!

    • Not at all, glad that you like it.

      We read something like that but, as you mention, the relationship between dragon and Irelia should’ve been present in the skin.

  40. Which would you recommend between Frostblade and Divine Sword?

    • Frostblade Irelia is the superior skin even though Divine Sword had every advantage to be more elaborate and interesting. Regardless, Frostblade ends up being more satisfying and better done. Add a sale to the mix and there’s no way of dethroning Frostblade.

  41. where is IG irelia?

    • We haven’t reviewed the Invictus Gaming skins yet. We’ll try to review them as soon as possible. We just saw them in the store but haven’t noticed the release announcement. Do you know if there’s one?

      • Now it’s released, waiting for your opinion 😉

        • From what we’ve seen of the Invictus Gaming skins they are pretty straightforward. They have a nice aesthetic but we don’t see anything novel about them. That’s not to say that they are bad skins but it seems like the usual change of clothes and mildly modified particles and sounds. We need to give them a proper look for the review, though.

  42. Hey Zero, do you know when the next irelia skin sell is going to be? I am thinking to buy a new irelia skin but I will wait for a sale, so I am curious as to when the next sale for her is going to come.

    • Currently, accoring to the LoL Wiki Sales page Frostblade Irelia is on sale which is a skin we recommend for her. Check the store before the sale ends.

      As for other skins we have no idea and even less so with the new format. In the past only one skin per champion could be discounted in a single sale but now you could very well find two Irelia skins on sale and with discounts as different at 35% and 60% off. Unfortunately, sales have become rather chaotic to make a good prediction. However, we can tell you that skins are supposed to go on sale at least once each year. Besides, sales now include more skins so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a skin on sale without having to wait too much; in theory, of course.

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