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League of Legends: Hecarim Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Nov 092012
Hecarim, the Shadow of War
Hecarim, the Shadow of War

Hecarim, the Shadow of War mixes the interesting concepts of centaur and ghost of war to great effect. His skins add even more elements to the mix and further broaden the spectrum. With such a rich confluence of ideas, how do his skins look? Unleash the shadows with style by charging into his skins’ review.

Blood Knight Hecarim
Blood Knight Hecarim Splash Art Blood Knight Hecarim Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Hecarim as an armoured halberdier.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: It’s a visceral yet simple portrayal of Hecarim. The background is rather disappointing: a ground to stand, a lightning that suggests a sky and a few ghosts around. Hecarim is well depicted: muscles and veins are visible and the armour shines with the lightning. Nonetheless, what really sets this piece apart is the action: Hecarim charging on an enemy with his halberd while blood and soil alike fly in his wake. This composition elevates the picture and compensates for the plain setting. Overall, it’s a piece that should’ve been better framed but it still serves as an impactful portrayal of Hecarim.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Blood Knight Hecarim is a skin that tries to reinterpret the centaur as a mounted knight with mixed results. The look isn’t bad: armour, halberd and attire work in conjunction to deliver the concept. However, the mounted knight has to coexist with the spectre. Therefore, while the skin aims to ground the concept it can’t simply ignore Hecarim’s supernatural qualities. In the end, we have an armoured centaur with glowing head and tail wielding mystic powers. In conclusion, it’s an interesting take on Hecarim but the supernatural remnants clash with the underlying idea and he ends like a bit of the two but neither of them at all.

Reaper Hecarim
Reaper Hecarim Splash Art Reaper Hecarim Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Hecarim as the personification of Death.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The Moon shines over dark clouds and naked trees revealing ghastly spirits that find no peace. As if summoned by the eerie air, Hecarim appears as a herald of life beyond the grave. While the background is quite obscure and doesn’t have many elements, it does provide a good setting. Besides, Hecarim’s portrayal is quite good for a mere pose: it displays a mystical and deadly power cursing through him. More concretely, the clothes look good, like the apparel, and the shading clearly shows the moonlight’s effect. The pose adds dynamism and displays his physical strength while the energy that oozes from him hints at magical abilities. It should be noted that in-game Hecarim looks more decrepit and less ghostly as in the piece. Still, when considered as a whole, the piece does a good job at showing Hecarim’s look within a proper setting; even though not as faithfully as it should.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Reaper Hecarim takes the spectral centaur concept and develops it with a death theme. Surprisingly, the pastiche of Grim Reaper and Horseman of Apocalypse actually works quite well, in no small part due to the multiple elements the ideas have in common. The result is a ghastly apparition with a fascinating scythe and foreboding tome. Moreover, the particles for the head, hands and tail along with the decrepit skin effectively show that this centaur is more than a simple fantastic creature. In conclusion, the skin manages a mix of concepts that create a novel take on a reaper of souls. Sadly, it’s expensive for a re-model yet it’s definitely recommended for Hecarim fans or those that like to sow death with its personification.

Headless Hecarim
Headless Hecarim Splash Art Headless Hecarim Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Hecarim as a pumpkin-headed, blazing centaur.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd; flames for his head, hooves and tail.
Particles: New fire particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New rearing and kneeling animations when standing idle.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background is suitably spooky and even closely resembles the Twisted Treeline. Trees with faces and contorted branches flank an arid path. Along that path a centaur with red-hot hooves is found without a head. A coarsely carved pumpkin takes its place and its flames echo the tail. The setting and composition of this piece are excellent. Not only is the background attractive but also the portrayal. Hecarim appears passing by the viewer and threatens towards them with his weapon; he even looks amused. Moreover, the depiction is great: the flames and hooves light nearby surfaces, the clothes are nicely shaded, the flames contort like the tree branches and even the weapon shows its use. On the whole, it’s an incredible splash art that proudly joins the best of League of Legends.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Headless Hecarim is an accomplished skin that effectively exploits its juicy source material. The model shows a headless centaur wearing an elegant suit and long coat wielding a massive axe; perfect for decapitations. A burning pumpkin between his shoulders fills the cephalic absence yet isn’t the only supernatural element visible: the tail is made of flames like those from his red hot hooves. Additionally, the new particles further the flaming spectre theme resulting in a very cohesive skin. As a whole, the skin provides an attractive variation of the classic legend that manages to be more than the sum of its parts. In conclusion, Headless Hecarim impresses thanks to a clever concept and a polished execution thus becoming a satisfying product.

Arcade Hecarim
Arcade Hecarim Splash Art Arcade Hecarim Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Hecarim as a heavily armoured, prismatic centaur.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd; colourful flames for his head, hooves and tail.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, critical strike, recall and death.
Animations: New recall, death and respawn animations.
Sounds: Processed voice-over and new sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, critical stike, recall and death.
Splash Art: The background shows some light and icons but aside from filling space it doesn’t amount to anything else. The only thing that stands out is Hecarim’s distinct 80’s style. The bright and polished armour looks fantastic and the background also matches his colourful aspect. Regardless, his front legs, especially the left one, look too small and the proportions tend to strike as unconvincing. Overall, it’s a splash art with some impressive use of colour but that doesn’t do much more than spotlight Hecarim’s flashy appearance.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Arcade Hecarim is more of a tribute to the visual excesses of the eighties than to classic arcade games. The new 8-bit and death particles are surely a clear arcade reference. However, Hecarim’s aspect, recall and even processed voice-over combines the flamboyancy of glam metal with the art visuals of the 80’s making for a rather messy pastiche. In theory, they all share a theme but the intended arcade feel is somewhat lost when the whole is considered. Furthermore, the colour palette seems all over the place with bright effects and contrasting subdued metallic tones. Therefore, Arcade Hecarim is a skin that seems to aim for an old-school arcade feel but ends up being a mishmash of eighties references that can be appealing but lacks focus. Arcade-nostalgic and Hecarim fans may find some attractive elements but they’ll have to excuse its flaws.

Elderwood Hecarim
Elderwood Hecarim Splash Art Elderwood Hecarim Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Hecarim as a spirit warrior of the forest-
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd; green mist for his head, hooves and tail..
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A blurry forest, deer in the distance and a small river run through it. Before us a giant of a spirit forest stares back at us. The bucolic background is too diffuse but that aside it’s not only fitting but refreshing. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with depth and so the deer appear diminutive in comparison with the trees and Hecarim a towering colossus.
Speaking of whom, Hecarim looks quite nice in his forest guise. The shading on his horse body is almost photorealistic but his human parts appear a bit cartoony in places. Regardless, overall, it’s a portrayal with amazing quality. It brings to life a forest spirit with great detail, like the shadows mixing with sunlight, and the strange look of the halberd’s blade is fitting. Seemingly quasi-organic it appears like a live weapon that suits the wielder perfectly.
All things considered, this piece offers a wonderful portrayal of Hecarim on an appropriate setting. The problem is that the background has some strange qualities that distract from the presented fantasy and so much green can be a bit monotonous. Regardless, it’s a great presentation card.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The forest theme offered by Elderwood Hecarim is quite attractive but the implementation tends to rely too much on the same elements and doesn’t innovate. The model adapts the Shadow of War by giving him a vegetal body armoured with bark. The result is good but the body can feel monochromatic. In fact, the restricted colour palette can make the look monotonous as there isn’t much variety of greens and browns even. Regardless, the aesthetic is less oppressive than usual and so can feel refreshing.
The particles go from mere green versions of the usual slashes and glows to a pleasing green mist that fits the aspect very well along some leaves. There isn’t anything revolutionary but the mist on most of his abilities as well as the Spirit of Dread’s ethereal grove make for faint but satisfying spectacles.
The new sounds for Hecarim’s abilities are barely noticeable but there’s one fortunate exception. The sound of rammed or breaking bark used by Devastating Charge is a great example of what the skin can deliver but seldom does. The recall is a simple but effective display of growth that fits the theme.
Overall, Elderwood Hecarim is a nice skin but the attractive concept isn’t completely transported into three-dimensions. The model is conservative the particles timid and the sounds seldom impress. In spite of all that, the skin manages to have a distinct identity and is a satisfying option. The main problem is that the concept has potential far exceeding what is delivered and that is noticeable. For its price, much more is expected despite the fine adaptation so it’s better to get Elderwood on sale.

Worldbreaker Hecarim
Worldbreaker Hecarim Splash Art Worldbreaker Hecarim Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Hecarim as an ice-based, armoured, Aztec eagle knight.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd. New blue glow for Hecarim.
Particles: New blue particles for Spirit of Dread and new trails for Rampage and auto-attacks.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A temple burns bright under intense blue light. A hapless human is sent flying with the sheer power of pure spectral might. The setup is simple and also briefly exposed. There’s an idea but hardly developed. The same applies to both Hecarim and Nasus. The translucent, glowing bodies place them between ghost and ice but nowhere specific. The portrayals also largely ignore their lower bodies and even aren’t very clear about what is actually depicted. Nasus has the sharpest portrayal with vibrant colours. There’s good use of light though it tends to occlude areas. Colours are limited to the point of everything appearing monochromatic. Even the golden decoration appears dull and dark.
Hecarim doesn’t fare any better. Being almost part of the background means that his look is a bit more diffuse in areas; what little lower body is visible mainly. Although there are some good touches of light and floating particles which resemble condensing air the same problems apply to Hecarim. The contrast between the lit back and the dim front is a small saving grace.
Sadly, even being a shared splash art isn’t excuse for the piece not to do a good job at presenting Hecarim and Nasus in an attractive way. Space is unevenly distributed, the limited colours make everything look monotonous and the setting is barely suggested. As a presentation card, it barely works.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It surely strikes as a strange combination to a frosty base finished with golden armour tinted by noticeable Aztec designs. Those are most visible in the ice-feathers on the back of the head and the large helmet that looks like a crown. The halberd, as well as the armour, also implies a royal nature with its large pauldrons and geometrical carvings. Even though eagle knights didn’t mount horses, they came with the Europeans, the lower body tries to echo the upper body as much as possible with interestingly carved armour.
While the blue body seems simple and somewhat caught between ghost and frost the armour is certainly attractive, like the halberd, and is the high point of the skin. Although there’s a perceivable cartoony style it actually works in the skin’s favour by reaffirming the geometrical shapes in the outline and decoration of the armour.
All things considered, Worldbreaker Hecarim is an unusual mix of themes but certainly an appealing Aztec-inspired, ice-ghost. There’s the feeling of a lack of focus but the good looks are delivered.

Lancer Zero Hecarim
Lancer Zero Hecarim Splash Art Lancer Zero Hecarim Model
Category: Promotional (forge 10 gemstones or reroll skin shards and permanents in Hextech Crafting)
Price: Not Applicable
Concept: Hecarim as a fantasy, armoured centaur.
Model: New model for Hecarim and his halberd plus new glow for his buckler.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, death and recall.
Splash Art: Rays of light come in or make their way between buildings, it’s not clear, until they reach the large, automated figure that protects, attacks or defies the odds. It’s clear that there’s terror in the simple figures at the bottom and that attacks, of the diffuse kind, are coming through the air. The greyscale of the setting, everywhere the light doesn’t touch, is an interesting choice that fails to have much meaning. For the most part, it’s mostly a way of simplifying the surroundings; as if they weren’t abstract enough. Some interesting architecture can be seen behind Hecarim but it’s not clear what it is or whether there’s a door or just large windows. There’s nothing certain.
Speaking of Hecarim, where the light does shine he displays sharp lines and bright colours. Perhaps too bright because, though the light may be intense, tones start to mesh into a uniform white. Elsewhere, as some darkness collaborates against the intensity of the light, things get more colourful but also sketchy. If we move right to the lower body it’s shown in black and white and quite diffuse. There’s little of a middle ground where things are displayed with sensible use of colour like the lance.
Overall, this splash art is a letdown. It barely depicts Hecarim while surrounding him with a setting that isn’t able to say anything concrete. There are only hints about what is going on and a clear view of either setting or Hecarim is out of the question. With so much to improve there’s no doubt that this piece isn’t the best of presentation cards.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: With a style taken right from fantasy but modified by the aesthetics of anime Lancer Zero Hecarim is a skin that catches the eye from the very first sight. The armour in tones of blue and gold is elegant, practical and stylish but without overt exaggerations; except for the helmet’s crest. Although the legs and tail look simple and the middle body a bit dull with its dark grey the rest is a fantastic assortment that looks modern, sometimes mecha-like, and imposing. The halberd is turned into a bit fanciful, but believable enough, lance with a simple handle but a greatly decorated vamplate. The buckler on the left hand adds a suitable counterpart to the lance which the glow makes more relevant.
Particles are quite classy. Auto-attacks leave a blue trail behind and generate a small hit of sparks that suits the elegance of the skin. Abilities are more eye-catching but always appealing. Rampage slashes use golden trails and also bright particles floating around which gives a proper magical feel to the ability. The hit is a large and satisfying though simple sparkle. Spirit of Dread relies on a blue circle of supernatural magic which shows sparkles and eloquent yet simple trails from enemies to Hecarim. Devastating Charge starts with an appealing soft glow most prominent on his lance; which has been used in other skins. As Hecarim gains more speed the glow remains on his lance but a glowing echo of his figure trails behind as a barrier forms at the front. Without doubt it’s a distinct design for an ability that stays in the mind. Onslaught of Shadow is a bit too straightforward though effective for an ultimate. Spectral riders are glowing echoes of Hecarim leaving behind bright particles and ending in an equally golden circle. It does what it has to but, for being the high point of Hecarim’s power, it ends up feeling flat.
In terms of sounds, though fitting, auto-attacks reuse classic sounds. Other abilities, luckily, fare better. Rampage has a distinct tubular blow for the slash though the hit seems to sound identical to Classic. Much like in the visual side, Spirit of Dread sounds aptly supernatural and, even if a bit grim, the sounds are vivid enough to communicate more fantasy than horror. Devastating Charge has a three step aural landscape: starting with a magical vibration that subtly changes volume it transitions into a low-pitched twinkle that is repeated in a higher pitch at the end. The hit, again, sounds just like Classic. Onslaught of Shadow is also direct in terms of sounds. The echoing and vibrating whoosh works well enough but isn’t impressive. For a third time, hits have their classic sound.
The recall is flamboyant and classy in equal parts. Starting with a pointless but perhaps suitable demonstration of vigour Hecarim ends up circling and hitting the ground with his lance, only to bow with elegance before simply vanishing in a golden ray of light. Truth be told, it may very well be a good demonstration of Lancer Zero’s personality. Auto-attacks as well as Rampage remain slashes which, for a lance, seem suboptimal moves. As there’s no change in this are we’ll have to believe that they are deadly enough.
All in all, Lancer Zero Hecarim is a very nice skin yet hardly unmissable. The model is instantly attractive and has enough complexity not to bore. Particles are equally eye-catching and well supported by distinct sounds; that is where there are. There are several, unexplainable, classic leftovers that, sure, work with the skin but that dilute the fantasy personality. Also changes tend to feel rather straightforward in places without aiming for something with more style which would better reflect the identity of the skin. In spite of certain issues, Lancer Zero Hecarim is a pleasing skin; though not one worth worrying about getting.


In spite of the pastiche of ideas that make Hecarim’s skins, they manage to provide good alternative appearances to the Shadow of War. Reaper Hecarim is the recommended skin, from what’s usually available, as it draws from attractive concepts and implements an interesting aesthetic. It’s certainly a bit expensive for a re-model but the concept is attractive and the execution is effective.

If we are to include legacy offerings then Headless Hecarim is an excellent option. It adapts a fantastic theme with a pleasing execution. The clever model and eye-catching flames makes for a satisfying display and an appealing as well as fitting adaptation. If you can wait for a Harrowing then Headless Hecarim isn’t to be missed.

Blood Knight Hecarim isn’t a bad skin but its centaur knight concept is at odds with Hecarim’s firm supernatural roots; making for an unfocused look. It can be a valid option for something different but it’s a skin that doesn’t convince.

The same can be said about Arcade Hecarim: it incorporates the broadest changes and an interesting concept. Yet, the execution is a montage of 80’s references that doesn’t effectively deliver its intended arcade style. It certainly has its identity but it comes through as a mishmash of elements that doesn’t convince.

An alternative at that price is Elderwood Hecarim. The forest theme of the skin is appealing and the representation can be quite attractive even if shy. Nonetheless, the concept manages to come through in some features and despite being conventional it’s a satisfying skin. For its price, it’s a fine option but it doesn’t go as far as it should so a sale is advised.

For a re-model, Worldbreaker Hecarim has a patent lack of focus. The idea seems to be that of an Aztec warrior made of ice with ghostly tendencies. Regardless, the result is that of a mildly cartoony eagle knight that is a mix of many things that is also undeniable appealing. If you don’t mind the wild combination then it’s a quite a fine skin for the Shadow of War.

If we centre on hextech crafting then Lancer Zero Hecarim is a very nice even if not essential option. Model, particles and sounds define an appealing and interesting fantasy centaur that is rather memorable. There are classic remnants and some changes are too direct which leave certain aspects feeling flat. Nevertheless, Lancer Zero Hecarim is a satisfying skin yet not worth worrying about crafting.

All in all, Hecarim has nice options available but they aren’t all equally satisfying.

  76 Responses to “League of Legends: Hecarim Skins’ Review”

  1. Zero,could you write a review about Anivia?!:)

  2. omigod ive just discovered this page and its awesome. really cool infos , design and great reviews. simple, short, but jucy. thanks!

  3. ¿How can Arcade Heca have only 3 stars? Its one of the best skins of de game, is very detailed.

    • It surely has a lot of additions but also a rather high price. In our opinion, as an arcade skin it isn’t very focused. That’s not to say that it’s a bad skin, on the contrary it’s certainly good. However, we feel that at this price point the skin needs to go an extra step to stand out.

      • The “high price” of free, eh :>
        It was 975 when he came out, too.

        • Indeed, free but only for those that paid to attend an event so, in practice, money was spent to acquire the skin. Besides, the initial sale is only temporary and an explicit promotion. We understand your point but the truth is that the skin’s actual price is high while the skin isn’t as satisfactory as it could be.

  4. Arcade hecarim is a reference to the game robot unicorn attack. Also the halberd is a clear reference to guitar hero. I think the skin deserves at least 4 stars due to the great animations and the neat concept. The splash isn’t great but it gets the job done, besides, the focus is hecarim.

    • What you state reinforces the fact that the skin seems quite unfocused. It references contemporary games while trying to evoke an 8-bit arcade feel. Surely, Robot Unicorn Attack employs a decidedly classic game-play and the guitar-halberd doesn’t look bad. Regardless, there isn’t a firm 8-bit arcade feel; instead it seems like a pastiche of too many elements weakly linked together.

      We agree that the splash art works; if nothing else. The animations are good and the concept is nice but in theory. In practice, the particles do evoke an old-school arcade aesthetic but Hecarim’s look merely seems flashy. It’s definitely not a bad skin but, considering the price, the skin should be more effective at delivering its intended arcade feel.

  5. What if arcade hecarim’s price is 975rp? will the skin get more star?

    • Maybe, because even though the skin has a lot of features they don’t work together towards executing a unified theme. You could say that if the skin were cheaper, considering all its elements, it could be a better option. However, the skins problems are more serious than a high price: it’s the concept and execution of the skin that lack cohesion.

      • But Arcade Hecarim has all element changed as it’s just like a legendary skin and juz sold at 1350rp… @.@

        • If you like the skin then you shouldn’t worry about other people’s opinions. We simply aim to guide and provide advice about what we think a skin offers. However, personal preference comes first and there’s nothing wrong with liking the skin, after all it’s not a bad skin. It’s simply a bit unfocused but you are right: it does offer a lot.

          • Is it worth buying it for 675?

          • If you like it then it’s one of the best opportunities to get the skin. If you like Hecarim and find the features offered by Arcade attractive then the sale is the time to get it.

  6. Zero, can you please tell me the champions(and skins) that have the best league of legends splash arts?

    • We really don’t have a ranking as we don’t find splash arts to have a significant relevance once in-game. Lately, splash arts have been quite good though most disappoint with the background and setting. If you are only looking for a good portrayal then modern splash arts deliver. However, if you want the full piece to be satisfactory then it’s more difficult.

      You can try searching the site for ‘one of League of Legends best splash arts’ as that’s usually how we label the best ones; Google can also help with that. Those pieces are the the cases where both background and foreground, champion and setting work together to be more than just a spotlight of the new look. There are pieces as old as Cottontail Teemo and they are quite nice.

  7. Hi Zero, Arcade Heca will go on sale soon (18-22) in your opinion should i w8 for Headless Heca or catch Arcade Heca at it’s sale?!?!

    • We would recommend Headless Hecarim as it has a more fitting concept and attractive visuals. Arcade is certainly more elaborate and incorporates many more changes. Being on sale, Arcade becomes a cheaper option that offers a lot. Still, we think that Arcade’s elements lack cohesion despite the distinct look.

      Sometimes less is more but, on sale, Arcade can be tempting. It could be a matter of quality or quanity when choosing between Headless and Arcade. Additionally, there’s the matter of exclusivity as Headless is a legacy skin and that could be of relevance. In the end, consider which theme you like the most as well as the changes versus price ratio.

      • As u said i’ll w8 for Headless!

        • Remember that it’s just our humble opinion on the matter. Give both skins a good look and decide based on your personal preference. Arcade may lack cohesion but it offers a lot. Besides you might like the skin’s theme and implementation. Headless is quite good but more modest in comparison. Also, as a legacy skin you’ll be paying for its exclusivity as well.

          In our view Headless seems like a more satisfying choice but if you like the Arcade concept then that would tip the scales.

  8. Hi again, seems that Headless Hecarim has 1 or 2 new standing idle animations!!

  9. zero why isn’t headless hecarim in the sugar rush legacy skin sale, isn’t it i the legacy vault? also why aren’t silent night sona/snowday ziggs there?

    • It seems that seasonal-legacy skins need to have a theme related to sugar, like Lollipoppy. The other skins from the Legacy Skin Vault were retired from the store. Fortunately, Harrowing isn’t that far away for those that prefer a pumpking to a head.

  10. zero any idea why the other legacy skins like snowday singed or Nosferatu vlad aren’t in the sugar rush sale?

    • Apparently, those are seasonal-legacy skins that aren’t related to sugar in their theme; aside from retired skins.

      • so headless hecarim won’t be available anytime soon? also i thought retired skins were removed and they were made into legacy skins, after compensating the original buyers?

        • It should be available around Halloween this year; like it was last year. Retired skins became legacy skins and usually return once per year. Limited skins were made legacy and new loading screen portraits were given to previous owners. They usually return in their related event but there are exceptions to all this; like Sugar Rush.

  11. I have to mention that Arcade Hecarim has a noticable sound for his recall. It should be added.

    • Sorry, I meant death, not recall.

      • I also noticed Headless Hecarim has new fiery particles for his autoattacks too.

        • We’ll give it a closer look because we didn’t notice anything of the kind. The auto-attack does have new particles similar to Rampage that make the skin more consistent and appealing. However, we couldn’t notice anything different about his death or even recall; we checked both. Could you be more specific? Thanks for the notice.

          • I could only find a video of Headless Hecarim’s death animation for comparison to Arcade, but I think it is fine since Headless’ death animation is the same as classic. However, when I attempt to post a reply with the video links it does not appear. You can go to the skin spotlights for the Headless and the Arcade skin for comparison, since Blood Knight and Reaper do not have spotlights with the death animation included.

            Arcade has explosion sounds upon being slain and metallic sounds for when he falls to the ground.

          • We checked in-game so as to have the latest look for his abilities. It wouldn’t be the first time that particles are added without a notice anywhere. That’s probably what happened to Headless Hecarim’s auto-attack particles but for his death animation we found no difference from the classic one.

            Regardless, we missed the sounds for Arcade Hecarim’s death; among other things. Thanks for the notice.

  12. all of hecarims skins are beautiful. i think i want to go with the reaper one but it’s so hard to decide

    • If you are a fan of Hecarim then Headless is one that you would enjoy. The concept is attractive and also well delivered. Reaper is simpler but also quite nice so don’t ignore it either. The others are more uneven and don’t work as well as one would expect.

  13. Hi there, since Arcade Hecarim is on sale and Mecha Kha will soon be as well, I was wondering which one I should get, I play both champs equally. Their the only champs I play. Thanks for the advice.

    • Arcade Hecarim is the kind of skin to get on sale or skip. If you like it then get it now while discounted. You may also want to consider Headless as it’s another skin that is quite nice for Hecarim. If you like the melange of 8-bit and metal horse style of Arcade then don’t miss the sale.

      Mecha Kha’Zix is a good skin but Guardian of the Sands is technically equivalent and cheaper. The decision in this case is whether you prefer a sci-fi theme or a desert one.

      Between both champions the skins are good but Mecha and Arcade are a bit expensive. We think that Mecha is more consistent though it asks for a bit more development to really stand out at its price. Arcade is a bit of mishmash but has its charm.

      In the end, we think you should choose based on which theme you prefer the most. Both Arcade and Mecha are good, even if a bit expensive, so the deciding factor is on the concept behind them. Besides, you can always get another skin for each champion if the ones discounted don’t convince you. Try to buy what you enjoy, sales come and go and with some patience you can get specifically what you like best.

  14. Uhmmm.. I think Arcade Hecarim has new sound for his critical strikes.
    You’ve to check it out.

  15. Hey Zero, it’s me again. Just wanna ask whether the upcoming Elderwood Hecarim skin worth to get? I realized most of his skins are going with the spooky/haunting theme. Although I own Headless Hecarim, but I still feel like getting Elderwood Hecarim as it brings out the good and noble sides of him as a forest guardian or an elk king.

    • It seems interesting though a bit pricey for essentially being a new model with new particles and sounds. The aesthetic is certainly appealing and the theme is something different despite clashing with his quotes. It’s probably a good choice but not really something that feels great.

  16. Hey zero , thanks for the reviews its so useful to me . I just want to ask of what 1350 rp skins is recommended to get

    • Not at all, we are glad to help.

      We are yet to find a 1350 RP skin that reaches five stars. There are many at four but at such a high price a skin has to really to satisfying to deserve such a rating. You can check all skins at 1350 RP ordered by their rating at the Skin List. You can click on the ‘Price’ header then hold the ‘Shift’ key and click on ‘Rating’ to order skins according to price and rating.

      There are quite a few good skins at 1350 RP so it largely depends on which theme and champion you like. With regards to Hecarim the soon to be released Elderwood may be a better option to Arcade as it’s more focused and fits better on a fantasy setting; though it may still be a bit expensive for what it offers.

      Before buying a 1350 RP skin we recommend to try to get it on sale as the price cut is significant at such a high price. RP expenses add up quite quickly so if you can save with a sale it’ll pay off on the long term. In the meantime you can check the skins and better decide which one you like; hope the reviews help in that regard.

  17. Hey zero. I was wondering if u could review the elder wood hecarim as soon as possible. It’s off sale (975rp) by this Sunday. And if I’m gonna get it will have to be on sale so I will highly value Ur opinion. Pls try to make it as soon as possible 🙂 ty

  18. Eagerly awaiting your review of Elderwood Hecarim…

  19. Hey Zero, quick question. I know you gave arcade hecarim 3 stars, but since it will be on sale this February for 675 rp, will it be a good skin for the sale price? I’ planning on buying it and your advise would be really helpful

    • If you really like the skin then the sale is the best time to get it. With Arcade Hecarim the price isn’t the only problem we find but, at least, the discount diminishes its impact. Nevertheless, if you like the skin then get it on sale. Skins at 1350 RP are expensive so there’s much RP to be saved that way.

  20. Hey Zero! I really love this site and sometimes search up random champion reviews just so i can read your reviews. Anyways, I really want Arcade Hecarim and since it will be on sale this February i was thinking of getting it. However on my Lunar Revel Shop I got Bloodknight Hecarim at 70% off (292 RP) And also Warring Kingdoms Katarina skin at 70% off( I also have Amethyst Ashe at 70% off, and if you do tell me to get Bloodknight Hecarim I also kinda want your opinon on which i should get, Warring Kingdoms Katarina Or Amethyst Ashe. I want your opinion on which i should get. Thanks Zero!

    • Glad that you like the site.

      First things first, if you really like Arcade then Bloodknight, not matter how cheap, won’t be able to deliver what Arcade offers. If you do like Bloodknight, then it’s a nice discount to get it. We find it the least convincing of Hecarim skins but it has an interesting concept behind. Therefore, if you like Bloodknight then it’s a good chance to get it. However, it is by no means a substitute for Arcade. If Arcade is the one you like then get it on sale.

      With respect to Amethyst Ashe and Warring Kingdoms Katarina they are two of the best skins that each champion has available. At a 70% discount it’s a great opportunity to get them provided you like the skins and play the champions. The price is certainly rather good so if you are interested in them and will use the skins there’s no reason to skip the opportunity. Just make sure that you get the skins because you like them and want to play them not because they are cheap.

  21. So as an entire skin concept, do you recomend the entirety of arcade or project skins, I like arcade because it seems fun and fits well but the project skins I have the same opinion about, although I will certainly be able to catch more on sale arcade skins this year, and arcade hecarim is a good place to start. Overall, project or arcade skins?or does the answer relate more to my personal opinion?

    • Personal opinion should always be the ultimate deciding factor as you are being a skin to enjoy it yourself. There’s little point in getting a skin that is considered good if you don’t actually like it.

      That aside, when considering Arcade vs PROJECT the first is a more playful, less serious and even not as suitable for the specific fantasy of the game. Regardless, it has a unique charm that makes it quite attractive. Much of the same can be said about PROJECT but as it’s a more serious take on sci-fi it can elbow its way into the fantasy with a bit of time displacement or other stuff.

      In terms of collective ratings, the Arcade set of skins have a better average as it includes to skins at four stars, Miss Fortune and Sona, while PROJECT only has one; Yasuo. Overall, PROJECT skins tend to be a bit more elaborate but that’s also why they sport a higher price. It’s not that obvious which set of skins is better. Both have their strong and weak points so it depends on what you look in each set of skins. Arcade can deliver a fantasty that is different form PROJECT and viceversa.

      All things considered, we see little point in collecting skins from only one set or the other. It would be more reasonable to get the specific skins that you like the most from either Arcade or PROJECT. Each one has their highlights and others that could’ve been better. As the themes aren’t that far away it’s better to get what stands out for you and not to worry too much about which one is actually better.

  22. If u HAD to choose between edlerwood or arcade what would it be a why?

    • Elderwood has some advantages over Arcade Hecarim. It’s more visually consistent and also fits the fantasy of the game better. Arcade seems to lack a unifying theme and also doesn’t convince as a futuristic version with retro inclinations.

      In either case, the skins could’ve done a better job at developping their themes. In the end, Arcade doesn’t really start with a strong concept as opposed to Elderwood. Add to that the problems in the implementation and, while both skins could be improved, Elderwood seems better realised.

  23. What is better between elderwood and arcade hecarim if u had to choose and why?

    • As ststed above, Elderwood has a better concept and more consistent execution. Arcade feels lacking in those respect and also doesn’t fit the fantasy of the game as well as Elderwood does.

  24. Hey dude ,I got a discount on arcade hecarim it wents to 592 rp or something like that(below 600 rp for sure) is it worth to grab it? together with the headhunter caitlyn which also went 292

    • As the five star rating reflecs for Headhunter Caitlyn it’s an excellent skin. Arcade Hecarim is much less focused. If you like it then the less you pay the better because it’s issues are evident.

  25. I got Arcade Hecarim at my shop for 540 rp,Is it worth it?

    • Only if you really like the skin. Arcade Hecarim is a skin that seems made up of disconnected elements. Together they don’t work together into a consistent entitiy. If you can get it cheap then it’s the best option. It’s a skin with problems that it simply can’t dissimulate.

  26. this is THE best skin review site for league and i always come here to check before i decide to buy a skin for a champion i play

  27. Theres a new hecarim skins so please add it too. 🙂

    • We don’t know if its been released and made available yet. We know that it’s to be crafted only but no specifics have been given. When we have more information we’ll finish the review.

  28. Hey Man, there is a new Hecarim Hextec-Only Skin, could you do a review of it? 😉

    • We don’t know if it’s been already released. No official announcement has been said only a minor note in the patch notes 7.16. If time goes by and we don’t see any news on the subject we’ll finish the review and publish.

  29. Does it bother you that Lancer Zero Hecarim whacks people with the lance instead of, well….stabbing?

    • Certainly, it’s foolish to do so and only a comical skin would justify it. It’s one of several classic remnants that we think dilute the appeal of the skin. Lancer Zero Hecarim is a good example of a skin that needed extra development. What’s done is good and so Riot probably thinks that’s enough but the wasted potential is notorious.

  30. In the description of the splash art for Elderwood Hecarim, you write:
    “[…] deer in the distance and a small river run through it. Before us a giant of a spirit forest stares back at us. The bucolic background is too diffuse but that aside it’s not only fitting but refreshing. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with depth and so the deer appear diminutive in comparison with the trees and Hecarim a towering colossus.”
    – Well, you seem a bit contradictory, calling him first a giant and then complaining that he appears to be a colossus. I see nothing wrong with the perspective; if you look at the other deer in the front, the trees, and the size of the birds, both Hecarim and the trees are gigantic, purposely (Elderwood, old, giant trees, and their giant guardian).

    • You have a point.We tried to explain that Hecarim appears as a giant in front of us. He remains colossal but the deer appear too small for the distance they are supposed to be at. The trees are too big or the deer to small. Perhaps we shouldn’t mention Hecarim when making that comparison as it makes the explanation less clear, that we understand. We might’ve found Hecarim too large for a forest but we agree that it isn’t well conveyed in the text. The idea being that the forest is too thick for a giant spirit to roam; though if he’s a spirit he should be able to move through things.

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