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League of Legends: Garen Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Dec 132012
Garen, the Might of Demacia
Garen, the Might of Demacia

Garen, the Might of Demacia has become a staple of League of Legends thanks to his bright tactics and elaborate strategies. Of course, running towards an enemy and spinning like a top may seem simple but not many can reproduce such tactics with similar success. His skins actually follow a similar trend, they seem simple but there’s usually more than meets the eye. To dispense Demacian justice with style, give a decisive look at his skins’ review.

Sanguine Garen
Sanguine Garen Splash Art Sanguine Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Garen wearing a red Demacian uniform.
Model: Moderate model changes for Garen and new model for his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A bleak landscape of a dusty battlefield is the setting. The hopeless emptiness of the background is interesting but also disappointing. There’s too much emphasis on suggesting instead of displaying and the draft quality of the depiction doesn’t help.
In bronze armour with tints of copper Garen appears under a dim sunray. His upper body is relegated in size to a point that perspective can’t account for. Metal glints with believable highlights but cloth is diffuse. The uneven surfaces join a look that is closer to Classic Garen than Sanguine so that the portrayal is of little use as a presentation card.
In conclusion, despite an interesting context this is a sub-par introduction to the Sanguine style. If the uneven displays aren’t enough to make the splash art questionable then the indifference to a faithful portrayal seals the deal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Sanguine Garen adds a fitting and interesting layer of bloodlust-inspired decoration that make him look deadlier and more vicious that usual. However, the armour and sword, while eye-catching seem too flamboyant and the colours too bright. For a skin that wants to add some darkness it surely lacks the required subtlety. Considering its low price it’s a good choice for Garen fans but its concept and execution seem be at odds with one another.

Desert Trooper Garen
Desert Trooper Garen Splash Art Desert Trooper Garen Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Garen wearing a bronze Demacian uniform.
Model: Moderate model changes for Garen and new model for his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: A sketchy city under siege is the chosen background. It gives backup for the portrayal but it’s evident that the idea can be much better presented. The thick brushstrokes provide a disapointingly simple and contrasting view of the surroundings.
The problems end up translated to Garen as his stubby legs are also a draft. The upper body shows clearer colours and an intense attention to detail. However, proportions are inexact which give his body a deformed quality: large shoulders, thin body, long arms, small hands, short legs, no waist, huge sword; his body seems to be all over the place. Because of this chaotic depiction and a good deal of artistic licence only his sword clearly resembles the in-game appareance.
Therefore, this is a splash art that is of minimal help in presenting the Desert Trooper. There’s too much deviation from the actual look and too variable quality of depiction for the splash art to be convincing and useful.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As far as adding a dose of Arabian style to the Might of Demacia Desert Trooper Garen succeeds, to a point. The scimitar is fine looking but its colour seems out of place. Additionally, the heavy armour hardly fits the intended agility that his blade hints. On top of this, the short length of the scimitar makes it less than ideal for such a huge warrior. Add to this that the bronze colouration looks rather dull and unexciting and we are left with a skin that seems to forget its purpose. Overall, it provides enough for its price but Desert Trooper Garen is hardly anything exciting.

Commando Garen
Commando Garen Splash Art Commando Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Garen dressed in a Demacian Commando suit.
Model: Moderate model changes for Garen and new model for his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: On the left, diffuse rock formations but on the right simple triangular outlines. A patch of rock as base and this is all the setting we are offered. As background, it fills space but there’s no relevance to be found.
Garen appears half spinning, half making a wide slash in front of him with obvious consequences on the ground; which makes for a more believable take on Judgment despite the thick swirls. However, that same action is responsible for concealing his body behind a large spaulder and with the help of omitted feet they prevent a complete view. Colours are restricted and dull but lines are clear. Sadly, even if the sword is recognisable Garen isn’t. Neither his body nor his face look like he does in-game. The clothing is similar enough but it looks like a leaner cosplayer instead of Garen himself.
In the end, it’s a serviceable albeit inexact portrayal of Garen before meaningless filler. There’s no context to mention but the general idea of his appearance can be gathered even if Garen can’t be found within.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Commando Garen mixes a modern military look with that of a traditional armoured warrior resulting in an appearance that has a bit of both but, ultimately, is neither. Truth be told, the skin doesn’t look bad but it’s an obvious pastiche of elements that doesn’t convince. That’s because the decoration seems more whimsical than practical. Therefore, while the beret, sunglasses and kevlar armour are good additions they have to coexist with heavy metallic plates and a conventional sword. All in all, Commando Garen does what it intends to but without much fanfare or effort.

Dreadknight Garen
Dreadknight Garen Splash Art Dreadknight Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP or free for followers of Riot’s Twitter account.
Concept: Garen wearing a heavily engraved armour with matching sword.
Model: Moderate model changes for Garen and new model for his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: While eerie, the background is notable for lacking substance. There are some creepy elements but, snow aside, not much can be discerned. Garen looks like a caricature of himself even if he reflects his visually upgraded appearance. The shading is evidently irregular: sharp in some areas and drab in others. The general idea is conveyed yet Garen’s armour looks more elaborate and interesting than it does in-game. To an extent, the spotlight is effective. However, it also lacks meaning and fidelity to the three-dimensional model.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: For a skin that aims at depicting Garen as a sinister warrior Dreadknight Garen seems a little too flashy and ornamented. The decoration isn’t particularly bad and it does add a nice layer of complexity to look at. Still, the look of the armour doesn’t convey a dark power nor does it look evil or twisted in the least. The problem is that while Dreadknight Garen doesn’t look bad it hardly inspires any dread. The point of the skin seems to be ignored in favour of stylish looks. As if that wasn’t enough, the armour’s design is quite close to the classic one and the colours look drab so it doesn’t have much of a distinct personality. In the end, Dreadknight Garen looks good but fails at delivering what it promises: a sinister version of a knight in shining armour.

Rugged Garen
Rugged Garen Splash Art Rugged Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Garen as a wandering swordsman.
Model: Moderate model changes for Garen and new model for his sword.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The lush background is rather lacking in terms of clarity yet does give the idea of a setting. Garen looks like the polar opposite with a clear and well delineated portrayal: except the drab legs. The clothes are nicely drawn and the armour shows cracks and impressive shading. The sword also looks good but is a bit diffuse. There are a few things: the right hand is too small, the left armguard looks sketchy and the placement of the head and arms make him look hunched or deformed. Nevertheless, it’s a good splash art despite some obvious abnormalities.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The look of a veteran of many wars, tired and weary yet proudly carrying the scars that mark his many victories seems completely absent from Rugged Garen. To be fair, nothing looks rugged in this skin: Garen looks young, inexperienced, naive and idealistic. Aside from a few dents on his sword, both his clothes and armour seem to have been just purchased while his clean skin and finely combed hair convey the opposite of what the skins aims to be. Rugged Garen’s aspect may be refined and polished but he neither looks hardened nor marked by any past battles; only by a fashion advisor.

Steel Legion Garen
Steel Legion Garen Splash Art Steel Legion Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Garen as a heavily armoured, futuristic soldier.
Model: New model for Garen and his sword plus new electricity for his sword.
Particles: New particles for Decisive Strike, Courage, Judgment, Demacian Justice, recall, auto-attack and critical hits.
Animations: New animations for his armour and sword when idle as well as for his recall. Modified animations for Decisive Strike, Judgment, Demacian Justice, death, auto-attack and critical hits.
Sounds: New thunder sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: The setting is hard to determine as the background is rather diffuse. Apparently, among the ruins of a city, Garen fights some sort of creature; perhaps an invader. What the background doesn’t offer Garen’s depiction makes up for. He looks astounding in the heat of battle: the exquisite design of the armour is incredibly detailed with all kinds of dents and scratches to show its heavy use. Moreover, the sword light seems to be a manifestation of his willpower; reinforced by his expression. Unfortunately, the lower part of his body looks a bit blurry, plus not much of it is actually shown, and his right arm is too dimly lit. Maybe the piece is too close to the action or the perspective shouldn’t place Garen so near to the viewer. Regardless, it’s a really good portrayal, with some flaws, but that definitely piques the interest in the Steel Legion.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Steel Legion Garen is a skin tailor made for the Might of Demacia: the massive, multi-layered armour and charged, broad sword perfectly depict a space marine. Add some fantastic electric particles and the theme is nicely brought to life. The new animations are actually modifications of the classic ones that adapt Garen’s movements to his bulky armour; at that, they succeed. Nonetheless, added to the rich amount of visual spectacle that the particles bring the skin certainly has a distinct identity and a lot of charm. Besides, the flashy recall animation follows the display trend; even if it appears a bit too pompous for a hardened war veteran. On the whole, it’s a skin with an attractive concept and a wonderful execution. Garen effortlessly makes the transition from fantasy to sci-fi and feels as massive and unstoppable as a juggernaut. Thus, if you like space marines, this skin is guaranteed to satisfy you. The price is definitely higher than usual yet Steel Legion Garen does more than the norm to effectively deliver its interesting concept.

Rogue Admiral Garen
Rogue Admiral Garen Splash Art Rogue Admiral Garen Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Garen as a fictionalized scoundrel.
Model: New model for Garen and his sword.
Particles: New particles for Courage.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Was it a storage room or the hull of a ship? Neither now as the plain, dark room has been replaced by a shipyard. Such a dramatic change of scene leaves its mark on the piece. The contrast of light is too drastic and the outdoor brightness gnaws at the champions on the foreground, unwanted like pollution. Goods are still visible but the context isn’t clear. Instead of decorated doors we have a draft of Malphite but most is empty yellowish sky. The truth is that the setting remains too ambiguous to draw anything certain. Not much can be discerned and for the most part it’s just too much light and filler. The only other thing that matters is two pirates that calmly pose and one that isn’t enjoying the downtime before a diffuse ship-golem.
Valor is almost hidden by Quinn who seems to prefer to stay away from any attention. This means that they don’t give a good view of their uninspired aspect; especially as the colours are a bit diffuse. Besides, their pose says nothing about them. With confidence Garen stands in the middle of the scene with all his flamboyance. For the heavy stylization of his appearance the bright colours and elaborate lighting place him as the pivotal figure of the piece. Aatrox, in his fantastic guise, stands in opposition with his disgusted expression and tense demeanour. The lighting is also darker though the colours are sharp and details are abundant. From the cracks on his armour to the marks on his skin the depiction is very detailed but also confusing. Instead of mixing with the present crowd he appears to defy them but only subtly: context is noticeably missing.
On the whole, this is a splash art with an insipid background and straightforward portrayals. Said portrayals are from elaborate to eye-catching and timid yet they don’t really capture the personality of each champion. As a display of their look it works for the gentlemen but the lady seems unfairly relegated.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The idea behind Rogue Admiral Garen is good but the heavily stylized execution lends it a preposterous feel that, without being funny, can seem a bit ridiculous. Let’s start with his general look, the white hair, open chest with scars, eye-patch and officer clothes almost make Garen unrecognizable and place him well into the role of a maverick naval officer. However, we are talking of a clearly fictionalized approach to the appearance to the point that he looks like a character taken from a cartoon. The gigantic boarding sabre is another step into exaggeration but at the very least it looks quite good. What doesn’t help at all is the enormous spaulders on his shoulders. In spite of the shark head it’s an evident attempt to conform to the classic design. Perhaps it would’ve been better to have them as large epaulettes so that a middle ground between the classic look and sea theme could’ve been reached. As they stand, huge pieces of plate armour make little sense and further move the skin into the ridiculous.
All things considered, Rogue Admiral Garen is a fancy cartoon villain with a penchant for overdoing things. The general appearance departs quite a bit from the classic look but its legacy is still present. For fans of the Might of Demacia it’s a different skin that struggles to stand on its own.

Warring Kingdoms Garen
Warring Kingdoms Garen Splash Art Warring Kingdoms Garen Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Garen as an imperial guard.
Model: New model for Garen and his sword.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: In theory, this splash art intends to complement Warring Kingdoms Azir’s as a different perspective of his Sun Disc summoning. Unfortunately, the background is unable to effectively recreate the scene. The scenario is different, there’s the obvious absence of both Vi and Jarvan IV, the atmosphere is different as if happening during another time of the day and the colours are more varied and less restrained overall. Perhaps it’s another Sun Disc that Azir is summoning far in the distance but that strikes as too convenient an excuse.
That said, the background is notoriously scarce with details preferring to suggest in sketchy ways. That’s how the entire staircase with soldiers and Azir included looks. The building behind it displays a peculiarly crisp looking wall and softly shaded roof but the ones in the distance as well as the clouds return to the draft feel. It shouldn’t surprise then that the soldiers and buildings to the right, which are more concealed, fare much worse: they are only a general hint.
Garen isn’t a stranger to this draft tendency. The cartoony portrayal manages to convey his imposing size and relevance. Sword and armour’s elaborate details are pleasing to notice; especially the sword’s guard, left spaulder and vambrace as well as the cuirass. Sadly, the rest is noticeably sketchy. The cartoon feel alleviates some of the disappointment as it doesn’t require a photorealistic feel as the loincloth, surprisingly, reveals. Still, from the thick brushstrokes of the rope belt and its buckle to the simple lines of face and hands, there’s much that needs to be polished. In general terms, it’s an effective portrayal yet one that doesn’t resist a close look.
On the whole, this is a splash art that needs a good layer of polish. There’s a good base with a relevant context to accompany a nice depiction of its central character. Unfortunately, the sketchy feeling and ineffective background end up making the piece seem less meaningful that it can actually be.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Even though it can seem a simplification, Warring Kingdoms Garen looks like a dichromatic imperial guard. There’s essentially ornamented armour profuse in gold contrasting the darker plates of an unknown metal joined by an equally decorated sword of huge proportions. It strikes as simple yet that doesn’t mean that it’s plain because this streamlined approach makes Garen look different from the usual soldier; though the limitations of the approach are evident.
Particles follow a similar trend with bright-golden, heavily stylized slashes and swirls of magic. Only Judgment stands out with its orbiting though static dragon. Sounds follow a similar path, there’re metallic clanks for Decisive Strike and Courage and gusts of wind for Judgment. Both are used in conjunction for Demacian Justice. Particles, as well as sounds, are simple in their approach but stand out in their stylisation. The recall doesn’t dare to be the dissonant note: it’s a display of martial skill with the sword finished with a banner: simple and to the point.
Therefore, the simplicity of the model, particles and sounds give the skin a unique feel. Sadly, it’s a feel that is restricted by the rigid design and lack of elaboration on the many aspects that make up the skin. While effective, the minimalistic stylisation can end up like oversimplification. Regardless, it manages a style that sets itself apart from the norm so it’s worth considering.

God King Garen
God King Garen Splash Art God King Garen Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Garen as a monarch in leon-styled armour
Model: New model for Garen and his sword plus new translucent cape.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New standing idle, auto-attack, critical hit, Judgment, high-speed run, emotes, death and recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: For backgroud we’ve got two things: a heavy sky and an army. The army is only sparsely displayed so that it hints more than show its numbers. What little is seen, on the left, of the soldiers’ armour is interesting but it’s clear that it’s relegated. The lion totem stands halfway between foreground and background. He’s a bit diffuse but that helps his ethereal nature. However, despite his regal decorations, he’s little more than a suggestion.
Garen stands high and proud before his army. From the chest and up, arms included, colours are clear and the armour is detailed making an impactful impression; as befitting a god king. Sadly, as we go down, sword included, colours become drab and decorations are few. The perspective, with the transparent cape behind and glowing eyes give a magical power to his appearance that seems unsuitably subdued. In fact, it could be said that in most aspects the portrayal ends up uneven.
Overall, there’s the feeling that this is only part of a wider picture and so sacrifices are made in the name of quantity over quality. The message is communicated: that of a powerful monarch with magical might at his side yet in a rather understated way; which makes no sense.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The high fantasy aesthetic shown by God King Garen is appealing but also familiar. There’s no doubt that the skin tries to catch the eye. At that, the style is nice yet it leaves the feeling that the skin is playing safe by using the expected elements. The model shows Garen in heavily ornamented armour clearly stylised with form over function, designed with the regal part in mind. The translucent cape is a nice touch to emphasise light on the side of the despot protector. The sword is thick and heavy yet decorated so that it’s far from a crude weapon even if its use relies on its weight; this is the strength befitting a monarch. The whole approach is effective in being visually attractive but there’s nothing novel in it. This extends all over the skin.
Particles make an effort to be eye-catching too. Throughout abilities the intense glows and animated lion provide monochromatic visual spectacle that is interesting thanks to the various designs used. There’s a lot done to provide a good show but it’s one that relies on the same element every time: glows and lion. While it initially is attractive, after a while the strict design ends up asphyxiating the particles. Besides, Demacian Justice, for a legendary ultimate, feels somewhat simplistic. The flurry of swords communicates power but it’s too brief to be clearly displayed.
Sounds are different but strikes are adapted with twinkling magical tones supported by a single lion roar on Courage. The echoing gong employed in Demacian Justice ends up being somewhat memorable. It’s a powerful effect that slowly dissipates leaving the impression of an incredible force; which is exactly what the ultimate is about.
Animations are mostly the same that Classic Garen employs. There are a few changes but they aren’t always significant. An example is the auto-attacks which use wide strikes yet seem quite similar to Classic. A few animations are noteworthy though: Judgment shows Garen spinning and then unleashing a second sword for a more deadly attack. The sword materialises from thin air and while the cartoony approach of the skin and animations works well relying on hammer space seems like too much. Decisive Strike is actually different with Garen leaping into the air to slash with one hand but the ability is so fast that it can easily be missed. Standing idle with the sword vertical on the ground gives confidence to the King’s demeanour, which is fitting. Emotes and recall fittingly make use of the magical lion but the fact that such a relevant aspect is barely seen on the rest of the skin removes significance from it.
In the end, God King Garen is a skin that feels too much like a partially developed legendary. There’s a lot of Classic Garen left and even relied upon with a lion totem that is clearly relegated to a sideshow. Regardless, the cartoony high fantasy style is attractive and the skin does have some appealing features. However, in many areas the skin falls flat of the spectacle it can sometimes give. This uneven result ends up making God King Garen a skin with things to like but also evident flaws.


After the visual upgrade, Garen seems to have been firmly placed in the role of a bright knight in shining armour; regardless of suitability. Therefore, the skin that furthers and refines such concept is the one that stands out: Steel Legion Garen. In spite of its high price, it the recommended skin due to its attractive, albeit somewhat flashy, look and visual display.

Of course, given that Dreadknight Garen is a free skin there’s no reason not to get it. Especially, because it’s an acceptable, barely darker style that does suit the Might of Demacia. For its actual price, it’s only a passable option but free it’s a decorated diversion that has its appeal.

Unfortunately, his other skins have been homogenized towards his classic look and mostly differ just in colours and decorations. To an extent, they all depict an armoured knight with a certain degree of flamboyancy. If you have to choose, then maybe Rugged Garen stands out a bit from the rest but not by much as it fails at being actually rugged.

The rest of the skins are very similar in look and mostly differ in colour. In fact, the design of the armour is almost unchanged and only the sword differs. Sanguine is too flashy, Desert Trooper plain and Commando preposterous yet they all have something unique; even if barely.

One of the most recent additions is Rogue Admiral Garen with a stylish cartoon feel. The naval theme is accomplished but marred by exaggeration and constrained by the classic design. On its own it fights to stand out yet it can be a different option for fans of Garen.

The minimalistic stylisation of Warring Kingdoms Garen makes for an interesting proposition that stands out with its distinct approach. Sadly, the effect can end up too simple and at times even plain. For that reason, despite the unique style of the skin it can feel like it skimps on details even where appropriate. Still, it’s a skin that stands out from the usual.

The legendary God King Garen is a skin with an appealing, cartoony high fantasy style. The intent on providing a good show is clear but not always achieved. There’s quite some reliance on the classic counterpart while the aesthetic is hardly original. In the end, there’re things to like but also flaws so that, as a legendary, God King Garen is a skin that doesn’t always reach as high as it should.

  62 Responses to “League of Legends: Garen Skins’ Review”

  1. Very nice review! I personally use Desert Trooper Garen and i think its totally worth the price because i bought it for very low in his legacy skin sale.

    Anyway it’s always great seeing you post these reviews and i would love it if you did one for Olaf!
    I’m waiting for it for a LONG time! 😛


    • Yes, we are aware that it takes a while to post reviews. Still, we prefer to stick to quality over quantity so that when you read a review you can be sure that it’s as thoroughly analysed as possible.

      Regardless, we’ll bump Olaf in the list.

      • Zero, I really like playing garen. I was planning to buy a skin for him. Do you think I should buy steel legion garen or wait for the new skin?

        • From what we’ve seen of Warring Kingdoms Garen it’s a skin that stands out because of its minimalistic approach. The armour exhibits only two colours, black and gold, and particles are limited to a single one, gold; broadly speaking. It stands apart from the usual bright soldier but also leaves the feeling that the skin is rather simplistic in certain areas. The sounds are also only use metal or gusts.

          If compared to Steel Legion it sadly pales in comparison. Steel Legion is much more elaborate and makes a great job at communicating its theme with lots of fine touches. Surely, if you don’t like sci-fi it won’t appeal but we still see it as a superior skin. If in doubt, check some videos to make sure of what each skin offers in-game. At any rate, consider getting Steel Legion Garen on sale; it’s really well done.

          • Thanks zero. Do you know when it will get on sale?

          • Not at all.

            According to this website Steel Legion Garen was last discounted on June, 2016. Considering the size of sales and the amount of skins vying for a place among them we’d say that Steel Legion will have to wait until the middle of next year, perhaps.

            There’s no doubt that the new sale will be next year; it could appear in a bundle but that’s something else. It’s probable then that, sans some special event, the skin will have to wait a year for another sale, at least. It could take less but the previous sale seems to have been on January 2016. Therefore, patience will be required.

  2. Are you doing another special skin review for the Christmas skins?

  3. Are the Steel-Legion Skins counted as a normal skin and can go on sale like any other normal skin? Because to me, the only real skin that really stands out in game-play for Garen is Steel Legion, except the only con is that its a pretty expensive skin. The new flashy particles and animations really makes the skin stand out. The other skins such as Dread-knight and Rugged Garen have really nice re-textures and a remodel however, the down point in my opinion, are that their abilities look the same. Do you think the Steel legion skin worth the price of 1350 RP? Or would you take the turn of the other Garen skins? Of course any one would prefer to buy the skin they want cheaper, but patience for a skin can get unstable after a while. 😛

    Thanks, EvilD33ds

    • Steel Legion Garen is considered a normal skin and, just like all 1350 RP skins, can go on sale. Therefore, with a little patience you could get it for 675 RP when it’s discounted; which shouldn’t take that long.

      Rugged Garen isn’t bad but it’s a more modest skin in both price and implementation. Steel Legion Garen can be a good purchase for 1350 RP as it offers many new particles and animations. Regardless, as it could go on sale soon there isn’t much of a reason not to wait and reduce the impact of its price.

  4. I would like to point out that Steel Legion Garen has new sounds for his abilites. Those thunder-like sounds.

  5. I was thinking about getting steel legion garen and Oktoberfest gregas, or should I get Oktoberfest gragas, commando garen and prestigious leblanc?

    Both the garen skins look cool IMO but I personally like steel legion more.
    Any thoughts on which I set of skins I should get.

    • It’s usually a good idea to buy what you think you’ll enjoy. If you like Steel Legion Garen then don’t settle for Commando as there is a huge difference between the skins. Of course, the price is also much higher but you can’t really say that one skin is worth two cheaper ones. You can always wait for a skin sale and get the skin at half the price but, if you don’t want to wait, then prioritize what you really like.

      Prestigious LeBlanc is also a nice skin but being a different champion a direct comparison isn’t so straightforward. Steel Legion is without doubt the most elaborate of the skins you mention so you may find that re-models like Prestigious and Commando seem simple. It also depends how much you plan to play with each champion and each skin.

      In the end, it all comes down to what you like. If the one you like the most is Steel Legion maybe you’ll find that Commando isn’t enough. Conversely, if you aren’t so passionate about Garen then Commando may be a cheaper alternative.

  6. When can we expect a full review of all the updated models of Garen? I mean a lot of the skins changed extremly (to the positive as I think)….just dying for it 😀 I love your work and passion so much, keep going what you do! 🙂 (Excuse my English skills, please! 😉 )

    • The review was updated the day following the release so you should be seeing the new images and ratings. If you aren’t you may have to refresh the page or even clean your browser’s cache as it could be loading the old version. If you still have trouble please tell us and we’ll see what we can do.

      • Thats mysterious…first I opened this page, it was still the old images….but when I refreshed the site after I read your reply, it suddendly worked 😐 …. Thank you very much either way! 🙂

      • but still I have to add, that they remade the models for Dreadknight and Rugged Garen and now they look diffrent from these pictures….just want to help 😉

        • …and Sanguine Garen was made darker then this picture shows….still just want to help out 🙂

          • Could’ve been the cached page in the browser being loaded, a refresh usually renews all content.

            We are aware and have considered the most recent look to make the reviews. We simply couldn’t find more accurate official images for the post. We know the images aren’t exact about the skin’s looks but as the changes aren’t very significant we thought they gave a good idea of the skin’s appearance.

  7. I wonder if it would be a good idea to somehow incorporate the previous rating of the skin pre-change (“upgrade”).
    Then again, it’s content that’s not present/accessible anymore.

    • That’s precisely the problem, while it can be of interest it refers to content that, sans something very special and unusual, will never return to the game. That’s not to say that we couldn’t have a traditional or original review for champions. Still, such a review wouldn’t be the most useful.

  8. Hi, Dreadknight garen is free if you follow riot on twitter:)

    • Apparently it’s a promotion only available in Europe. If it extends worldwide and lacks a time limit we’ll update the review. Thanks for the notice anyway.

      • It’s worldwide now.

        • So it seems, we’ll look for an official announcement but get ready to update.

          • I looked up on Riot’s Youtube account. I followed their instructions to get Dreadknight Garen for free and I’m on the NA Server.
            I got the skin for free.

          • From the look of things the promotion of a free Dreadknight Garen skin for followers of Riot on Twitter is here to stay. There was never an official statement, except on Twitter, and the skin is still available on the store. Nonetheless, it seems like it’s high time we add this way of obtaining the skin to the review.

  9. I think that wearing black clothes makes me look like more slim. Also Dreadknight is a free skin 🙂

  10. I think the screenshot of the rugged one is not up to date. Since I like to check your page for decisions on skins, the image made me not buy this one. But today I read something about a final update of rugged and dreadknight, before they released it from PBE to normal servers. Anyway, keep up the good work. 🙂

    • You are right about the images they aren’t entirely up to date. In spite of that we don’t find the changes a convincing argument to change our opinion.

      Rugged is indeed somewhat darker and Garen seems to have been roughened up a bit. Still, it’s only a bit he still looks rather claen and fashionable. There are some extra dents and a face scar but it seems like too little a change to alter the general impression he gives.
      The same can be said about Dreadknight: darker and with a somewhat more evil visage but still not really causing much dread.

      The visual upgrade homogenized the look of all his skins so that they are all based on the classic Demacian knight in shining armour; so to speak. There are differences but they aren’t as significant as they once were. Besides, with better technical features the skins have less of an excuse not to represent their concept well and these two skins in particular don’t seem to do a very good job.

  11. I have 750rp and was looking for a garen skin, now that i have seen your review, it has helped me a lot. I think i will wait until steel legion garen is on sale then buy it. By the way do you think the skin will recieve a sale anytime soon? Thanks for the great review!

    • Glad we could be of help. Steel Legion Garen is a very nice skin and on sale it’s a fantastic option. If you like Garen then the wait would be justified.

      Steel Legion Garen was last on sale on November 2013 so it’s high time it receives another discount. However, take into account that while some skins may go on sale in just over six months others are still waiting for over a year to reach a sale.

      In theory, it shouldn’t be a long wait but there’s nothing sure with sales as they are nowadays.

  12. Will we see the chromo pack skins reviewed?

  13. I got steel legion garen in a mystery skin gift ;D

  14. Maybe you omitted the sounds for his recall? Maybe you can check that out. I’m pointing out to steel legion.

    • You’re completely right. We’ve been slowly updating such oversights but there’s always something new to divert our attention. Thanks for the notice.

  15. They may have named the skin Rugged Garen because of this definition: “of a man’s face : having rough but attractive features” – specifically the fact that he has a beginning of a beard and long hair, being a little more “rugged looking” than his usual self, and that would be why his clothes do not look rugged…? Just a guess and trying to find a reason here since it’s one of my favorite skins ^_^

    • We appreciate the appeal of Rugged Garen but we have to admit that such a name is only subtly applied in the skin. The previous version of the skin, pre-visual upgrade, was clearer about the concept. It’s not something that is evident in the more polished and refined appearance so, while it can be appealing, it’s not exactly a well executed concept.

      • They also said that while they are planning on upgrading most of the splash arts for Garen (with original pieces, not chinese ones), they want to leave Rugged as it is. What do you think of it? I mean, you reviewed it as a pretty good one, but seeing that they are going for a unified realistic aproach lately, wouldn’t this one, regardless of quality, with its sketchy feel, kinda stand out as a sore thumb?

        Also, please give some love to Dreadknight in the conclusion with a small mention.

        I want to say that your professional, thorough answers to every comment, suggestion or mere rambling you receive is outstanding. I hope you don’t mind I’m commenting so much as I read through your reviews.

        • The oldest splash art are definitely due for an update; specifically, Sanguine, Desert Trooper, Commando. The others aren’t that bad and while they aren’t perfect they work, Rugged included. If there’s a huge improvement in quality the Rugged’s splash art could stand out due to its flaws. Perhaps they’ll improve the same piece; they do sometimes. We’ll have to wait and see.

          We’ll add Dreadknight to the conclusion; thanks.

          We appreciate the time everyone takes to make a comment. That’s why we try to answer to the best of our ability: it’s the least we can do.

  16. I read your reviews just for fun and as a means of entertainment, and I thoroughly enjoy each one as well. However, I have one request. Many skin splash arts have been updated like every single Commando Skin. If you could do a re review in terms of splash art and judge then on that basis, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Look at Temple Jax. His new splash art is much better compared to the previous one.


  17. Any review coming up for the Warring Kingdoms Garen? Really want to know if it’s worth it.

    • We’ll have a review when the skin is released. We can tell that it’s a distinct skin with its minimalistic approach. It’s, practically, based on two colours: black and gold. Besides, particles only rely on a single colour though their designs are good. Sounds are also based on metal and wind only and a combination of them in the ultimate.

      What sets the skin apart, its simplified style, also makes it a bit underwhelming. It has potential to be much more elaborate and impressive. However, things are done in a ways that sometimes can feel plain. It’s still a distinct skin for Garen though it has its caveats.

      • I don’t have that much RP so do you think I should get Desert Trooper Garen? I think it looks good, just lacking the particles although the cheap price is a plus. Also, Project or Pool Party Fiora?

        • Desert Trooper Garen is closely tied the classic style so while the price is low the skin doesn’t offer much. There’s a different sword and some changes for the armour but it’s a shallow approach. If you like it for what it is then it’s not a bad skin as the review notes simply that it doesn’t make a real effort.

          PROJECT: Fiora was recently on sale at the beginning of December. It’s a good skin but we find that it lack additional work to fully embody the cybernetic theme. It goes through the usual motions which ends up making a fine but not really impressive adaptation.

          Pool Party Fiora is a joke skin but has the decency of also animating her pool noodle sword. Being key to her actions it adds to the whole style and is the extra step that helps defines the identity of the skin. The problem is that the concept isn’t as attractive as a cyborg. However, the implemenation shows an effort to appeal.

          In essence, it’s a battle between concept and execution. PROJECT has the better concept but Pool Party Fiora is better realised. On the whole, Pool Party Fiora is a better skin but that doesn’t take away from the great appeal of PROJECT. Neither is a bad skin but they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  18. Is sanguine Garen Unavailable now? I noticed in the new “skins” tab its not marked as legacy but not available to purchase either? I don’t really care for the skin just thought it was curious

  19. could you please do one on the god king series?

  20. The second sword God King Garen gets while he is in his e is actually his sword but split into two. You can notice it in the end of the animation when he puts it back together.

    • It may be a subtle effect. We didn’t notice it. It could very well be as you say but we saw two identical swords. It’s not really a big deal but a peculiarity of the skin.

  21. What do you think about God King Garen at 1350 rp (December early sale price)

    • If you like God King Garen then the early sale is the time to get it. As a legendary skin it won’t see another discount; at least, until Riot decides otherwise. Given the skin’s reliance on the classic template it’s a better price for a legendary that sometimes doesn’t feel fully legendary.

  22. It is more likely that I will play Garen on a more consistent basis than Lucian. However, I tend to like the Demacia Vice Lucian skin particles, animations, recall, sounds, etc more than Garen’s. Garen doesn’t seem to possess the same kind of flair and worth the skin offers compared to Lucian. Which Demacia Vice skin should I get?

    • From what you say you would play Garen more than Lucian so we’d think that you should get a skin for him Besides, it doesn’t have to be Demacia Vice, it could be something else like Steel Legion which is great. If you were to play Lucian more because of Demacia Vice then you could consider that skin. What we mean is that there’s little point in buying a skin for a champion you won’t play much. Better to spend on a champion you like.

      You already have a clear idea of how each Demacia Vice skin feels. If Garen is who you like to play and he doesn’t have a nice skin from that line then Lucian won’t fill in what Garen offers. In our view, you should choose a skin you like for a champion you enjoy playing. If not you either force yourself to enjoy a champion you don’t like as much as another or you buy a skin you won’t use because you prefer to play another champion.

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