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League of Legends: Elise Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Oct 302012
Elise, the Spider Queen
Elise, the Spider Queen

Elise, the Spider Queen has a very distinct black widow style but her skins take different angles. Are floral arrangements a fitting present for a queen? What lies under a blood-stained moon? Don’t risk causing a skittering frenzy and rappel into her skin review to find out.

Death Blossom Elise
Death Blossom Elise Splash Art Death Blossom Elise Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Elise as a flower spider-woman.
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings. New glow for her spider legs in human form and her abdomen in spider form.
Particles: New particles for her auto-attack, her abilities and human form recall.
Animations: New animations for the petals of her abdomen in Spider Form.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The background is mostly a flash of light behind Elise with a few petals and spiderlings around. Maybe it could be inferred that there’s a garden behind all this display of light, but truth is that she seems to be floating in ether. At least, the spiderlings are well drawn with ample detail though some parts are too white due to the intense light; which obscures the vision. Something similar happens to Elise as some parts are either too dark or too light. Still, what is shown does look good and the pose is dynamic and eye-catching. However, it also prevents a clear view of her body so it doesn’t work that well for a portrayal. All things considered, there’s a huge display of colour and dynamism in this piece but the result is a bit lacking.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: A flower spider is an interesting take for Elise but the direction Death Blossom Elise took is more literal than usual. Let’s analyse each aspect in turn:

Human: at a glance, it’s mostly Elise wearing a flower-styled dress. Still, the dress’ dark colours make for a nice contrast with her skin. Besides, the flower theme is well executed with ample use of petals and soft colours. Additionally, the spider legs seem like blossom-inspired adornments that don’t look as terrifying as they probably should.

Spider: a cynic could say that it’s a flower with legs but it could also be said that it’s a rather extraordinary interpretation of a flower spider. Regardless of the view, it’s a good match for her human form as it echoes the amplitude of petals and soft colours that characterize the theme. Moreover, the petals of her abdomen are animated so they believably move depending on Elise’s position. The spiderling’s model is quite similar, but not identical, so much of what’s been said applies to them as well.

In addition to the model changes, her abilities receive new particles that effectively further the floral theme. Some abilities look quite striking, like Volatile Spiderling and Rappel, while others, like Poisonous Bite and Skittering Frenzy, almost look the same. Nonetheless, it’s a visually attractive skin in practically all aspects. In conclusion, it’s a cohesive and appealing skin that may not suit everyone, due to its theme, but it surely is well done.

Victorious Elise
Victorious Elise Splash Art Victorious Elise Model
Category: Promotional (awarded to Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger ranked players after Season 3)
Price: Not Applicabble
Concept: Elise wearing a suit of ornamented armour
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation in each form.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The severely foggy background has more than a good dose of empty sky. Still, there’s more to it than that as an ominous castle pays witness to an impressive display of spiderlings and victims. Amidst the viciousness and webs Elise enjoys her trophies. Her depiction has a style based on elongated proportions that conveys a sense of agility; maybe inhuman, which is rather fitting. The armour doesn’t shine as much as it could, despite reflections, but looks attractive even if a bit plain. All in all, it’s a nice piece which glimpses at Elise’s nocturnal activities and that is elevated due to her unique charm.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Victorious Elise is an interesting take on the Spider Queen that furthers her royal side and ignores her seductiveness.

Human: the armour has a stylized design that offers good protection but seems overloaded with decorations. Not only does it seem impractical but also a bit whimsical. Regardless, the aspect is elaborate and appealing even if not very innovative. As a skin that provides plausible protection and sensible clothing, Victorious Elise delivers.

Spider: armour again takes a front seat following the style presented in her human form but adding even more embellishment. In particular, the gem that passes for her abdomen has a fitting faceted shape but seems like a stretch. The rest of the armour follows the style but is hardly impressive. What remains unprotected doesn’t offer anything of interest.

On the whole, Victorious Elise is a skin that fulfils the idea of a regally armoured monarch ready for battle. It’s certainly the option for a less enticing yet still eye-catching Elise. Unfortunately, for many it would be out of reach as its availability is heavily restricted; thus making half of her skins virtually inaccessible. In the end, you may consider it a reward for competitive players or a punishment for casual ones but it certainly feels like a disservice for Elise fans.

Blood Moon Elise
Blood Moon Elise Splash Art Blood Moon Elise Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Elise dressed and decorated in Ionian style.
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation in each form.
Sounds: New melody for her human form recall and new sounds for her spider form recall. New sound for Neurotoxin.
Splash Art: The setting appears to try to be as suggestive as Elise herself; or even more. It looks like some dark place where victims have been captured for the Spider Queen or, more accurately, for her spider god. However, there’s also a giant spider depicted that looks quite similar to her alternate form; from what little is shown. Truth be told, only the oil lamp is clearly displayed because the rest is buried in darkness and, while mysterious in intention, in actuality it portrays little. Elise alluringly weaves a magical web with her glowing fingers as she comfortably sits bathed in darkness. She surely looks attractive but also unable to say anything else beyond looking good. There’s some good use of light and refraction yet most of Elise seems unnecessarily shallow. This generates a splash art that attracts with Elise’s appeal and then reveals the horror of her victims. Only to disappoint when one wants to delve deeper in the mystery that it weakly suggests.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It could be said that Blood Moon Elise isn’t completely overt about its Eastern style. One gets the general feel but it’s subtle.

Human: Elise’s clothes have a certain Eastern flavour but they are mostly sexy and brief. The colours are well chosen so as to allow a clear contrast between clothes and skin. However, aside from some decoration, the clothes appear rather unremarkable.

Spider: going the opposite way of her human form her spider form is very explicit. While not dripping flavour from every pore the oni mask is really eloquent about the theme in question. Unfortunately, that’s all there is and while clear it seems insufficient.

This back and forth between the style and her forms is prevalent in most aspects of Elise. Moving on to the particles, some appear like re-colours but those that incorporate the oni mask pattern, Volatile Spiderling and Rappel, stand out. The same happens with her new recall animations. Her human form has a charming Eastern tune but her spider form is classically arachnid.
Therefore, Blood Moon Elise is a skin that struggles to implement its theme. That’s not to say that it’s bad looking; on the contrary. However, it has problems bringing its message through. Ultimately, it’s a fine skin that, despite lacking focus, has a pinch of Eastern flavour and a lot of appeal. For fans of Elise, it’s an interesting option with a distinct appearance. Yet, fans of Ionian culture may find that the skin isn’t clear enough about its theme.

SKT T1 Elise
SKT T1 Elise Splash Art SKT T1 Elise Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Elise dressed in a flashy, contemporary way.
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings.
Particles: New blue-yellow particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animation for human Elise.
Sounds: New recall sounds.
Splash Art: In terms of background, we can guess that the few flashes and lights around the champions intend to reflect an arena where they have proved their skill and ended triumphant. That’s all guesswork because there’s nothing concrete to reveal it. Although there’s little room for a setting, what is available is mostly filled with empty colours.
The rest is the shared display of the six champions. Colours are saturated but the excellent use of lighting allows for a contrast that makes the depiction full of detail, in places. There are simple surfaces, especially on the outskirts of the piece so it’s the champions on the centre that tend to receive the best work. It’s enough to compare how much of each champion is displayed and occluded to find the areas in-between where details are lacking.
Kalista manages to insinuate herself quite clearly while enjoying some great use of light. The highlights on the golden speak and the transparent ones on her back also catch the eye; better than the sketchy jacket. Alistar appears a bit simple in the large surface of his body but the head is sharply depicted. Metal and hair are nicely shown but cloth disappoints. Ryze stands in centre stage and is the only one whom more than posing is also displaying his magical might. Still, his face can seem cartoony and his legs foggy. Much more pronounced is that effect on Azir. In spite of the daring pose his back is mostly and empty shadow so there isn’t much to see. Only his outline and most salient features are noticeable. Elise seems to be web-slinging into action but the intense lights dull the colours of her body. Still, the evident contrasts manage to make her face clear. Renekton is the one whom struggles the most to catch a share of space. His face looks good though it’s not as vibrant as other areas of the piece. His body, is submerged in a blur that conceals what isn’t visible but also what is; like his arms. The blade is surprisingly hidden in darkness, which may make some sense, but is a letdown.
Overall, this is a splash art that provides an uneven distribution of space for the champions. Large ones struggle in small areas while smaller ones receive full depictions. It’s not just that, the portrayals themselves are also uneven with sharp areas against blurred ones. The composition isn’t bad at all. The daring and dynamic call to action is a classic choice that works well in any team. However, the result doesn’t take advantage of it and seldom organizes the champions in ways that make the most of their unique personalities. It shows that its an abbreviated display of champions and so the portrayal suffers for it.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: As far as changes of clothes are concerned SKT T1 Elise displays a rather straightforward even if sporty one. The existence of two forms means that one doesn’t have to carry all the team endorsement alone which lightens the design. For that reason human Elise look rather reasonable and appealing while the arachnid counterpart has a technological angle.

Human: there isn’t much to say except that the form-fitting tracksuit that Elise is wearing suits her very well. The jacket also has a hood, which breaks the traditional style, there are ridiculous shoulder logos and space age gloves; lest Elise didn’t wear any fanciful items. The sunglasses are quite nice, though, and the headphones can pass for the source of some music while training; the microphone doesn’t though. Still, the streamlined design of her shoes, trousers and, in general terms, jacket makes her look quite nice.

Spider: with a giant trinket over her abdomen that actually doesn’t represent SKT’s logo faithfully we find that spider Elise is forced to conform to unreasonable design decisions for, actually, little reason. The headphones seem out of place but the robotic style of her legs and head is rather attractive. The body is merely covered in SKT colours and the abdomen is, at large, an echo of the body; sans the unnecessary trinket. Because of such an obtrusive addition, even a large logo would’ve been an exaggeration despite making sense, the spider design seems burdened.

The new particles are actually blue-yellow re-colours that often seem out of place. They don’t suit the abilities so that we end with bright coloured venom and webs. It does set the skin apart but doesn’t make the abilities more appealing. The human recall is a nice, youthful display of spirit that follows the sporty theme.
The result is an uneven skin that looks quite good as sport clothes for the human and a spider robot for her counterpart. Sadly, the imposition of logos and a giant half-reference to it dilutes what otherwise is a lean and stylish design. Such additions are unnecessary and poorly incorporated. The presence of SKT logos is understandable but forcing them on the design prevents them from fitting with what is actually appealing. Still, there’re things to like about SKT T1 Elise. It’s just a pity that over such a good base a few misplaced elements can leave such a bad impression.

Super Galaxy Elise
Super Galaxy Elise Splash Art Super Galaxy Elise Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Elise as queen of spider-robots.
Model: New model for Elise, her spider form and spiderlings. New glow for her spider legs in both forms.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New recall animations for each form.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: Being so blurry one can only guess that there’s a city being ravaged by the mechanical spiders under the control of their Queen. For an invasion or the attack of an army there seem to be very few spiders. That may speak of their quality but, added to the intense blur, the setting ends up looking sparse in elements. There’s also a large spider-robot, Elise’s spider form apparently, that is so subdued and dull looking that is a letdown. Not only is Elise’s spider form difficult to appreciate but she’s also displayed in a way that no excitement from her interesting design can be got; not to mention that she doesn’t resemble the three-dimensional counterpart much.
Elise’s depiction is dark but not dull at all thanks to the use of light. The perspective also gives her a bit of a sinister air that hints at potential evil tendencies. With great shading on detailed surfaces her outfit is absorbing to appreciate; even if the legs start to sink in the background blur. The energy in her hand nicely illuminates her and also seems advanced yet ending in noting. It’s a bit of a contradictory display of power as it’s very complex, much more than in-game, yet nothing seems to come out of it. It may be a command for her robots, though. Sadly, as they are so diffuse it’s difficult to discern the effect of her action on them. Her robotic spider legs seem too detached from her body and too hidden behind her so that without proper attention they can be easily ignored.
The result is a splash art that has a great idea behind it: Elise and her spider army on the attack. Unfortunately, one has to struggle to appreciate all that the piece has to offer. Even if there’s a lot to like in the conception one has to wonder if the piece is actually finished. The background suggests at best and only Elise is clearly visible so she ends up standing alone without a context to support her. This makes the splash art feel partially developed.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: If we are to take Super Galaxy Elise as a mecha pilot then there’s little reference to such an aspect. At best the spider robots designs have an anime-like style with a touch of Gurren Lagann as displayed by the drill-shaped abdomen. If we interpret her as a futuristic Queen of Spiders but of the robotic kind then everything seems to fall into place.

Human: Elise is dressed in an outfit that is as stylish as it is practical and even cybernetically enhanced; at least the spider legs ought to be something of the sort. Colouful, multi-layered, cleavage generous and supported by a fancy hairstyle the model delivers appeal; to the point that it seems centred on it. Being a hi-tech Spider Queen the unusual boots become more palatable than if she were an actual pilot. The similar look to her spider legs adds consistency to her look.

Spider: with a curved, open abdomen attached to a lean and sharp cephalothorax. Legs echo the sharp design with lean segments ending in pointy tarsi. Add to this the sharp design of the head and it’s obvious that the spider-robot was designed for speedy and agile movements. This makes the jumps and quick walking suitable and matching the approach of the robot. A lethal machine, indeed.

Particles’ most distinct feature is the horizontally distorted glow used in most of them when they hit the enemy or Elise changes form; similar to PROJECT skins. The effect, used in different colours across abilities, is quite pleasing and a good example of the digital power of the Queen and spider-robots. Another effect that stands out is the large, swirling explosion used for Volatile Spiderling. There are other things to appreciate. The electricity around Elise and spiderlings when Skittering Frenzy is active is rather subtle but a fitting choice. Cocoon’s stun also has a nice irregular design with circles lines with lights at the bottom and extra width on the top. The subtle edge of Rappel’s area has an interesting design. The human form looks like digital web which is a good fit. The spider form’s auto-attacks, have a very fine look with small crossed slashes that work great with the sharp design of the spiders. Speaking of which, spiderlings have a simpler but matching design to Elise’s spider form. However, Volatile Spiderling looks too much like a spider robot. The effect isn’t bad but if if were an hologram it would work better.
Sounds are high-pitched with a sharp energy or metallic feel for human and spider form, respectively. Considering the human form’s reliance on ranged attacks the choice of a digital-energy approach is quite good. There’s nothing really groundbreaking but everything is consistent and pleasing to hear. Something similar applies to the spider form sounds. The metallic feel backed with energy for special effects gives a suitable and distinct style to the abilities so that they match the human form yet feel different.
There are two recalls with one being much more interesting than the other. The human form recall sees Elise giving some good use to her spider legs as they turn into a seat. As a pilot reference it’s too little. As the throne of the Queen of the Spider Robots it’s a great touch. It’s a pity though that the spider legs on the human form end up not being used in any other way; which can make them feel whimsical. The spider form recall is too similar to the classic one: Elise hangs from a thread of web. The difference is that she rotates while hanging. As she turns we can get a good view at her body which is quite attractive and interesting; spider body. Sadly, despite the digital web, it’s all too similar.
Adding everything together, Super Galaxy Elise is a skin that doesn’t particularly do more than other skins nor does it have any magnificent features that make it stand above the rest. What it does have is a cohesive and attractive implementation of a Queen of Spider Robots. Sure, it should be pilot of a Spider robot but there’s actually less of that than there is of the Queen. In fact, the splash art seems to support the Queen idea better even. Models are eye-catching, particles are appealing and sounds pleasing with all characteristics adding together to a convincing and satisfying result. Granted, it’s probably not the result expected but it’s certainly one that is quite enjoyable.


Elise has good skins at her disposal even though they tend to suffer from a few flaws. Nonetheless, both Death Blossom and Blood Moon are fine choices for fans of Elise. The concepts are distinct and the executions manage to make them attractive.

Death Blossom Elise is a skin with a particular theme but a great implementation. The theme may not appeal to everyone’s tastes with its delicate floral aesthetic. Nevertheless, there’s ample proof that the skin was carefully designed so as to provide a visually consistent and interesting appearance. Unless Elise needs to look dark and deadly in your matches, Death Blossom Elise is a great choice to expand her wardrobe.

Blood Moon Elise is another great option for the Spider Queen. The skin looks quite good and has some distinct additions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come across as Ionian as its concept indicates. There’s a subtle Eastern flavour that ends up spread too thinly over the skin. Communication issues notwithstanding, it’s a skin that offers nice looks and a subdued but present Ionian style.

The team skin that is SKT T1 Elise is actually quite nice if we are to ignore the forced incorporation of logos and references to them. The human sport clothing and the robot spider design suits Elise well and both are appealing appearances. However, the imposed logos dilute the lean design and unnecessarily burden it. The result is an uneven skin that has its appeal but with flaws that have to be excused.

With little of an actual pilot but lots of a Queen of Spider Robots, Super Galaxy Elise is a skin that appeals from every angle. With well realised models, particles and sounds the result is a cohesive interpretation of a hi-tech Queen that is always pleasing to see and hear. The result is probably what the skin set out to do but there’s little of that and much of this Queen. Given how attractive the skin ultimately is, there’s little reason to complain.

  44 Responses to “League of Legends: Elise Skins’ Review”

  1. Man this is AWESOME site and excelent all-about-skin description.
    The best one i have ever seen, and thanks to this website informations i bought a lot of skins.
    Another positive thing is detailed informatons about every single skin, even more detailed that one can expect.
    Thank U for your work with this all and I wish U all the best.
    Your fan.

    • Thanks for the kind words, we’ll keep trying to improve to provide the best information possible.

      • because of this review i just bought the bloodmoon skin. Thx

      • hey zero, which skin would be good to get right now?

        • Right now, it’s still between Death Blossom and Blood Moon Elise. Both are nice and have a good price. If you are willing to pay more there’s appeal in Star Galaxy Else. It’s a skin that costs more but also delivers something more elaborate.

          Overall, Elise has pretty good skins. Between these three it’s a matter of taste. Still, the cheaper ones do have an advantage. Star Galaxy shouldn’t be ignored but as the price goes up it’s better to get the skin on sale.

  2. Are you to add Championship Elise to this review?

  3. Let me just start over. Are you going to add Victorious Elise to this review?

  4. Wait a second, is it a small mistake you did there or the skin isn’t given to Challenger tier players?

  5. sorry , but victorious elise 1st skill in human form is color blue and her stun is color gold. not only volatile …. nice review in splash art too.! XD

  6. Hi could you do a preview for Blood Moon Elise? I want to know if it will be worth it to buy it for my mian or keep using Death Blossom 🙂

    • From what we’ve seen, as long as the price is reasonable, it seems like it’s going to be a good skin. There’s the matter of the colour though which appears to be a contested subject. It initially had a fitting pink tone and now she’s clad in red. The first choice seemed to suit her better but Death Blossom has a similar style so there’s no telling what the final product will end like.

      Still, right now Blood Moon Elise is a promising skin that could very well be a good alternative to Death Blossom Elise.

      • Thanks,the price is 975 RP.I will be looking forward to your review when it comes out I always come to strategyzero when buying a skin ^^,your reviews are insightful and mature,are you sure you are not an artist? An estimate,how long does it take you to write up the review for a skin when it comes out?

        • Thanks for the kind words, we are glad you find the reviews useful and we’ll keep working hard.

          At 975 RP it seems a good price for Blood Moon Elise, considering it includes new models for both her forms as well as new particles. We’ll have to see the final product to have a verdict though.

          A review is usually done over several days so that we can gauge the first impression of a skin as well as the lasting effect it has. Nowadays it’s easy to get a first look thanks to the early PBE releases. Then we ponder on the skin until the final product is released when the last word on the subject is said.

          However, we also welcome feedback and we have changed ratings and reviews when we have been made to notice aspects of a skin we didn’t take into account. We are fallible so we appreciate all corrections.

      • I completely agree, pink is so much better IMO. Now that the product has been released, it seems they have decided to compromise. It is now in-between red and pink, although I still preferred it completely pink, its an improvement that can satisfy both sides of this debate.

        • Hopefully that would be the case. It’s, indeed, a bit of both but neither of them. Well, at least it’s something; so to speak. Pink seemed more unique though and a better fit but red is probably necessary for a Blood Moon.

  7. Hi Zero

    They have released the Blood Moon Elise splash art and changed her back to pink,IYO what do you think about the splash art 😛


    • The splash art seems attractive at a glance but when you look behind Elise there isn’t much else. It could be said that it’s attractive but lacking depth.

  8. Blood Moon Elise has been released!

    • Blood Moon Elise has been reviewed!

      • I see! I noticed you said it was lacking theme, but http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2qb1iw/blood_moon_elise_discussion/ this seems to say it’s based on a Japense legend. Just wanted you to see.

        • From what we’ve read there certainly is a theme underlying the skin. However, if one is oblivious to the legend of the Jorogumo there isn’t much that says Eastern or Japanese on the skin. For instance, the clothes have no excuse not to better reflect an Eastern aesthetic. The spider form can be tricky but one doesn’t immediately associate Blood Moon Elise’s look with something Asian.

          We agree that there’s a theme to the skin; now that we have been told. However, a skin should, at the very least, tell part of the theme with its looks; the basics if nothing else. Blood Moon Elise references the Jorogumo but doesn’t really look Eastern, Japanese or Ionian.

  9. Thanks for this review Zero! I love the model of Elise’s Blood Moon skin but when the splash came out it was a total disappointment. No vibrant colors, can barely see the spider…at a distance you can’t even really tell it’s Elise. She looks like a generic fantasy pin-up girl who just got her nails done.

    • Not at all. We agree that Blood Moon Elise looks good but when one gets into the details things don’t work that well. The splash art, as you say, could’ve showed more about what the skin truly is about; the Jorogumo, as we are told.

  10. Early in it’s PBE stages Blood Moon Elise had pink clothes (instead of red).
    Do you agree with that change?
    Also, the BM splash art has Elise sitting on somebody, you can see him screaming.
    Love your reviews Zero, keep up the excellent work 🙂

    • Glad that you like the reviews. We’ll surely keep working hard.

      We understand the need to make the skin red to better reflect the Blood Moon aspect. However, for Elise pink seemed like a better choice. There was the problem that Death Blossom is quite pink too but with a nice design they could’ve integrated both pink and red in a way that stood apart.

      We are aware of Elise’s victims in the splash art and knowing that the skin is based on the Jorogumo makes it even more disappointing. The splash art should’ve better displayed the legend but what we get is just a glimpse at an horror that lacks depth and that isn’t really novel.

      For instance, Elise could’ve appeared as an alluring Ionian woman in an Ionian setting playing her lute; with the shadow of her spider form ready to prey on any victim. It’s probably not the best concept for a splash art. However, the current piece doesn’t say anything new. We already know that Elise is a Spider Queen that preys on people. As it is, Blood Moon doesn’t add anything different except for a thin layer of Eastern style that isn’t explicit enough.

  11. Now that the beautiful new Blood Moon Elise is out, maybe you should rewrite her review’s opening paragraph because it only mentions about Death Blossom specifically.

  12. I am considering to buy one of the elise skins and this is where I come when I cant decide exceot for the 2 purchasable skins, they both have 4 stars. In your opinion which one is better?

    • Depends on what you are looking for. Death Blossom can be considered a bit more elaborate, as it also has new animations for the spider form’s abdomen, but could be a bit too exotic. Besides, the flower theme may not suit everybody even if it suits Elise.

      Blood Moon is more traditional in its approach but perhaps too much as it doesn’t feel really Ionian. It does capture some of the intended Eastern feel and has new recalls and some new sounds unlike Death Blossom.

      Ultimately they both add up to rather good skins but their theme and implementations are quite different. Death Blossom is more imaginative but also doesn’t have all the bells and whistles we expect from a skin nowadays; namely new recalls. Whereas, Blood Moon is more conventional but has changes in most of the expected areas.

      You should consider which theme you like the most: a flower or an Ionian Spider Queen? The executions of the themes are different but end up being good. Thus, you can decide on those two areas to see which concept and additions you like the most.

  13. which skin do u prefer death blossom or blood moon

    • Depends on what you are looking for. Death Blossom has floral theme that may not suit everyone but is rather well done. Blood Moon has a more popular concept but the implementation isn’t as focused as it could be. Both are really good looking skins and neither of them should disappoint. The key is what concept you prefer and what aesthetic suits your taste.

  14. Are going to had the new skt t1 skin for her when it comes out??

    • Certainly, we’ve been eyeing what’s been shown of the skins already. They seem to have gone back into production as they appear rather simple and dull. It makes sense but we wonder how much of a difference and how deep the possible changes would be. We can only hope for the best.

  15. The new Elise skin actually look like Eva from Evangelion.

    • We didn’t notice such a strong similarity. However, we do admit that mecha anime has several designs that are shared between franchises and not just for the robots.

  16. Hi zero, im planning to buy Super Galaxy Elise its such an amazing skins all the particles & sounds are very well made its just a pity that Elise doesnt have many fans. I havent seen Super Galaxy Elise any matches 😕

    Anyway Death Blossom was also offered to me at 50% off on my Snowdown Shop. Do u think I shud get it? Im a big fan of Elise and Ive already owned Blood Moon and about to get Super Galaxy too. Or should I jst save up and get a skin for champs that doesnt have one. The 50% off is quite tempting tho lol so what do u think?

    • We are of the opinion that you should get a skin you really like. There’s little point in trying to buy a skin for a champion that doesn’t have one just for the sake of it. Different would be if you want a skin for a champion because you are interested in them.

      Death Blossom Elise at 50% off is a good option but no better than a regular sale. If you are patient you can wait for a sale and get it without wasting a single penny. However, if you really like Super Galaxy then you should go for the one you really like instead of the cheap one.

      Still, we would recommend to get Super Galaxy on sale as it’s an expensive skin. You could get a skin now and then another as it goes on sale. Perhaps you should try to get the one skin you like the most if you don’t play the Spider Queen enough; how dare you abandon our arachnid majesty?

      The good news is that Elise has mostly good skins. It does sound like Super Galaxy is the one you like the most. Death Blossom won’t disappoint either but how far you should go in your appreciation of the Spider Queen only you know; and her. By the way, we agree: Elise is a fun champion and she should be powerful enough; given her Victorious skin. Besides, who doesn’t like spiders?

      • Sometimes I missed out on important things when a skin that I like are on Sale until u pointed it out to me like this one where the 50% sale on DB Elise is just the same as any regular skin sale 😓.

        I actually got a mostly bad skins (for me) on my Snowdown Shop. The only (2) I can consider is DB Elise and Soul Stealer Vladimir.

        Anyway Super Galaxy Elise is a must buy for me Ive been saving up for it. And yess I agree Elise is widely popular on Pro players but outside of it I can barely see Elise once every 10 match or so.

        Thanks for your opinion Zero, I appreciate it and Merry Christmas to you and your team (I assume you have one) 👍

        • Not at all and happy holidays.

          A 50% on Death Blossom Elise isn’t bad at all but it’s nothing so good that you can’t wait because you won’t see a discount like that again. If you are patient it’s not problem. Soul Stealer Vladimir isn’t bad either though we find it a bit superficial. Depending on whether you like Vlad, the skin and the discount it could be an option.

          Sometimes information gets neglected because there’s a lot to process. With practice it’s supposed to get better. Still, it’s always good to have some time to consider everything because at the last minute much can be forgotten.

          If you like Super Galaxy Elise then go for it. You could wait for a sale but that depends on how much you want the skin. If you are going to play it a lot it could be justified; that’s rather personal. We hope you enjoy the skin.

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