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League of Legends: Draven Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Jul 032012
Draven, the Glorious Executioner
Draven, the Glorious Executioner

Draven, the Glorious Executioner is a flashy executioner that enjoys viciously throwing his spinning axes. His skins tend to elaborate on this with equally flamboyant interpretations of various concepts. Learn more about the League of Draven and his unparalleled style by reading further on this skins’ review.

Soul Reaver Draven
Soul Reaver Draven Splash Art Soul Reaver Draven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Draven in the form of an armoured axe wielding wraith.
Model: New model for Draven and his axes plus new particles for his wraith body.
Particles: New particles for Spinning Axe and Whirling Death. New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: Processed voice-over for Draven.
Splash Art: This splash art homogenizes the colours to mesh the background and foreground into one continual unit. This results in a piece that uses light and darkness for contrast but looks a bit plain. In particular, the background seems quite simple and little more than a ground to stand on. Draven is very well designed with interesting use of shades to show where the armour ends and the ghost starts. The armour’s aggressive design is reinforced by Draven’s action; though it’s not very effective. Furthermore, the spinning axes complement Draven’s stance to give some dynamism to an otherwise empty piece. Overall, this is a splash art with a very good composition and interesting technique but without a relevant context it ends as a simple display.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: It’s said that thrice is the charm and for single release skins it certainly is. Soul Reaver Draven is a skin that goes beyond the usual changes to provide a unique and attractive feel for Draven. This is further supported by the new axes which also affect his auto-attack and abilities plus the modified voice over. Unfortunately, as far as the model is concerned it’s interesting but rather simple as the choice of colours makes it look monochromatic. Besides, there isn’t much difference between ghost and armour: they mesh together in one indescribable whole. Moreover, the actual design has a more barbaric than spectral style. Fortunately, the ghostly particles on Draven’s body provide some extra complexity that makes the champion appealing. In conclusion, this is a good skin that goes an extra step to deliver a cohesive feel for Draven. Its problems are significant considering its price but it still offers something novel and can be an appealing skin.

Gladiator Draven
Gladiator Draven Splash Art Gladiator Draven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Draven as a Noxian gladiator from The Fleshing arena.
Model: Major model changes for Draven and new model for his axes.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack. New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sound for his recall.
Splash Art: The background barely manages to show a gladiatorial arena which may probably be The Fleshing. The fiery effect on the ground produced by Draven’s axe is eye-catching but in general the setting seems rather dull and unexploited. Draven’s depiction is correct: his expression is surely eloquent and the spinning axe adds a lot of flare. However, he looks more like a happy lunatic than a stylish warrior which doesn’t really reflect his true nature. Overall, the shading is very good and the portrayal clear and polished. Therefore, it’s a rather nice splash art but it doesn’t seem to make the most of Draven’s personality.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: At a glance, Gladiator Draven’s looks are hardly astonishing. In fact, the limited armour and tattooed body are nothing novel. So, while his asymmetric axes have a couple of attractive designs the general aspect isn’t particularly exciting. That’s where the particles come in: the spark-emitting incandescent blades are quite a spectacle to gawk at. Whether it’s his auto-attack or his abilities Draven is sure to attract attention with such a display; especially when having a pair of spinning axes in full motion. These additions are topped by the perfectly fitting recall that summarizes Draven’s personality in a brief but eloquent moment. In the end, Draven’s fans will certainly enjoy this traditional yet eye-catching take on the executioner.

Primetime Draven
Primetime Draven Splash Art Primetime Draven Model
Category: Legendary
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Draven as a boastful esports commentator.
Model: New model for Draven and his axes.
Particles: New particles for his auto-attacks and abilities. New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New microphone howling sounds for his emotes, standing idle, auto-attacks and abilities plus new voice-over.
Splash Art: For the most part the background is a diffuse suggestion of a set. An audience can be guessed on the right and on the left the ethereal scenery. The setting is certainly suitable but it’s also quite vague. In the middle, attracting all attention as expected, we find Draven. The flare effects added to the vivid tones and detailed depiction make for a good portrayal. Not only can his aspect be clearly seen but he also looks bombastic and flamboyant as he should. There’s a degree of stylization that seems exaggerated, like his pose, and in places Draven looks sketchy; like his head and hands. Nonetheless, the result is a good display of Draven despite the piece not working to make a wholly satisfying splash art.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Adapting a bombastic warrior like Draven to a classy e-sports commentator is a move that asks for a degree of humour; particularly on a fantasy setting. Such humour won’t stay amusing for long but the idea of Draven commenting his very own moves isn’t just comical, it’s also to be expected. This helps make the preposterous axes a little more palatable despite how ridiculous they look; something more refined would’ve been better. Especially if we consider the elegant though flat suit. Additionally, the change of hair colour adds nothing, it’s there for variety, but the headphones seem to make an effort to dodge the spiky hair. The new particles keep the visuals consistent but there’s nothing worth noticing. Regardless, it isn’t the looks that set the skin apart but the striking sounds. Between the microphone howling and Draven’s quotes there’s a lot to listen to. Ultimately, the skin may wear down its humour after a while but it stays purely Draven in its conception. Seeing as the execution is rather good and the price is quite reasonable it’s a great option for fans of funny skins.

Pool Party Draven
Pool Party Draven Splash Art Pool Party Draven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Draven wearing a life jacket and ready to enjoy the beach.
Model: New model for Draven and his axes.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack. New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: A clear sky, fresh water and some palm trees make up the setting for this piece. There seems to be a strange fog as the trees don’t seem to be so far away. Regardless, there’s some context to the action. The champions all share the spotlight and, fortunately, they all have a place; even Pix. It could be said that some seem more important than others but the feeling of fun is easy to perceive. What isn’t so clear is how the personality of each champion is reflected in their actions. In fact, the actions performed seem to be rather pedestrian and lack the unique colour that is natural to each of them. Specifically, Zac is just standing, Lulu and Mundo merely float away and Rek’Sai and Draven perform a stunt. Therefore, none of them do something that is unequivocally identified as part of their personality.
This all doesn’t mean that the piece is bad: the idea is clearly exposed and as far as a pool or beach party is concerned the message is conveyed. It’s just a pity that Zac can’t be more elastic, Draven more egocentric, Rek’Sai more alien, Lulu more mischievous and Mundo more nutty. In the end, it’s a splash art that manages a balance between the champions and places them in context but without showing enough of what makes each of them unique.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: The strong and boisterous personality of the Glorious Executioner may lead some people to believe that he can get away with ridicule but that’s not really the case. Pool Party Draven is proof of that: the lifejacket along inflatable armbands make him look foolish. Besides, the foam or water axes don’t make much sense. They seem like toys made out of plastic that spread water all around. So, they are definitely not a weapon and as a toy they seem not very good at drenching people though effective at bruising. The lower body is simplistic with only flip-flops and a brief to keep his modesty; not that there’s much of that in any sense. The sunglasses and bandana on his head don’t say much either. To be fair, there’s a certain sense that the elements fit, as Draven is quite an unusual character, yet they don’t do so in a way that follows his extravagant and showy displays.
The same can be said about the particles and sounds: they are noticeable but also subtle and lacking impact. Draven is the complete opposite and he would surely make quite a show in a water war. The new recall tries to salvage the theme with a bit of fun but it’s nothing impressive. Besides, when arriving, Draven appears suddenly standing with his axes on his back; a remnant of his classic recall animation.
All things considered, Pool Party Draven wouldn’t be a bad idea had it fully prepared the Executioner for a devastating water war. However, the skin approaches the concept with ridiculous simplicity and without delivering the show everyone expects. As such, it conveys, thinly, the theme but wastes most of its potential.

Beast Hunter Draven
Beast Hunter Draven Splash Art Beast Hunter Draven Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Draven as a fantasy hunter.
Model: New model for Draven and his axes.
Particles: New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Except for the weird, beaked dinosaur, or whatever beast it’s supposed to be, the setting lacks much relevance. It gives a place for Sejuani and Bristle to stand and fills the rest of empty space. However, the only significant part is what little we get to see of the hunted beast: the target of the hunters. In that regard, the creature is interesting as an explicit link between modern birds and dinosaurs. The maw is clearly something to be feared even if the upper part looks empty of details. Regardless, it’s fine game of which we only get a hint.
Moving on to the hunters, Sejuani and Bristle are too far away for details to be noticed. At any rate, a reasonable idea of Bristle’s reptilian physiognomy is perceivable; though to really understand the body shape some effort or an external source is necessary. Sejuani is so tiny that added to a pose that hides her legs and chest means that only a minimal glance at her aspect is possible. Fortunately, her action is probably the most relevant, having snared the prey, she is essential to the hunt.
Tryndamere appears floating in mid air, presumably, having hopped from the beast’s back. One hand on the beak, the readied attack means that a useful view to his aspect is possible. On the other hand, the usually large sword appears diminutive and even inoffensive for such a vociferous warrior. Actually, the general size of Tryndamere is small but, overall, the depiction works by having meaning and serving as a spotlight.
Draven does the complete opposite; though he doesn’t forget to take the lion’s share of available space. With his back against the viewer and an abrupt perspective his look has to be guessed for the most part. Throwing a spinning axe at the beast is his main contribution and while more are to follow we can only guess from where he leapt and where he intends to land. Besides, the blade of the spinning axe on his right hand seems rather small in proportion to its grip; yet if it were longer, as it should, it would slash his left hand. Aside from his big grin there’s nothing of the boastful executioner so it seems like a rather common action for his grandiosity.
Adding it all together, this is a splash art that tries with varying success to integrate three champions into a significant action. The problem is that they have to share with a fourth character: the hunted beast. This means that there can only be so much space for the daring displays of power that they intend to show. While the conception is quite good the sacrifices are evident; even though nothing explains the blandness of the background. In the end, it’s a good splash art but with too many concessions to be truly remarkable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Being so preposterous in every aspect the exaggerations posed by Beast Hunter Draven strike as no surprise. As far as functionality goes Draven isn’t known to give much thought to it. For that reason, the fact that his body is quite exposed by a brief jacket yet his arms and legs are covered by avidly spiked vambraces, cuisses and boots is to be expected. After all, somebody that goes out to battle with a hairstyle that draws so much attention, though exactly like in the splash art, wouldn’t mind some discomfort for a good show. Thus, even some makeup makes sense. The axes, strangely, make some sense as parts of the four parts of the jaws of a beast that, despite its size, was no match for the glorious hunter. Without a doubt, this is an outfit to grab people’s attention and never let go of it. The problem is that it may be too much.
Beast Hunter Draven follows the personality of the Glorious Executioner by making a daring and eye-catching display that doesn’t bow to any objections like practicality. In doing so, it becomes overloaded with a superficial style. That surely is a part of Draven but in this case it could be too emphasized. Therefore, this is a good skin that suits Draven but if you find his ostentatious personality a bit annoying then this could be more of the wrong ingredient.

Draven Draven
 Splash Art Draven Draven Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 750 RP (5000 RP discounted to 500 RP during Draven Day)
Concept: Draven with a giant, static head.
Model: New model for Draven’s head.
Particles: New sigil for Spinning Axe.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: The fuzzy, pencil style of the splash art gives it an instantaneous identity but the composition doesn’t leave any doubts about what it is: a simple display of a few costumed champions. That’s confirmed by the absent background. There’s not setting to speak of, only a flash of light for the champions to emerge from and jump towards the viewer. As homage to cartoon openings it’s clear but brief and, ultimately, simplistic.
The champions manage to share the scene though, even if they can’t manage more than a pose for a photograph. Going by altitude: Tahm Kench looks diffuse and concealed by too bright light. There’s some faint shade to make the surfaces more interesting. Regardless, only the mouth with its detailed saliva and blunt, separated teeth stands out. The grabbing of a cat-sapling does little to make the portrayal interesting; it’s something at least.
Vel’Koz almost gets out of the picture and its tentacles are largely omitted by either a blur or going out of borders. The colours are bright for the most part and the use of light is attractive. However, the pattern of the pinstripe suit is too difficult to notice, the watch is on the right instead of the left tentacle and the trouser seems to be on the front-left tentacle while the back tentacle seems to wear a sleeve. It’s a complete mess that makes getting an idea of its look more difficult than it already is given the convoluted posture.
Maokai appears with a warm, fuzzy look for his costume while his bark looks dry and his features supernaturally powered by magical energy: an eloquent presentation. Cat-saplings fly all over leaving multicoloured trails and sparks but their flat faces lack vivacity for living beings. The effect of motion on Maokai’s foot is subtle but noticeable yet also pointless because there’s no perceivable reason for him to be smashing anything. The body, large and simple, appears a bit diffuse and lacking relevance while the pose appears to twist him in an uncomfortable position that can make his creepy face reveal a delight in pain.
Finally, there’s Draven with a pose that it’s as fanciful as it can be foolish. The huge mask shows reflections that hint at its artificial nature. Still, it could very well pass for a consequence of his inflated ego. The body is actually quite well shaded yet the proportions of the limbs aren’t believable: thick, stubby legs and short arms with big hands. The body also loses details towards the centre becoming flat, muscle-less and deformed by a forced posture.
When all is added together, we find a splash art with a simple background that is content with just introducing a set of champions. Available space is shared unevenly and there are portrayals that are clearly superior to others. The general idea of the champions’ look is given but seldom do the depictions add elements that make them memorable. In the end, it works but it doesn’t capitalise on its best characteristics.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Draven Draven looks like a good example of when a joke has been taken too far; well over when it stopped being funny and it starts to get embarrassing. On the other hand, it could just be a shameless advertisement for its collectible figure on the merchandise store. In this day and age, nothing should surprise.
The skin’s main offering is a huge mask-like head for Draven. There’s a new sigil for Spinning Axe and that’s that. The new head is rigid and expressionless which may seem funny for a while but ends up feeling simplistic fast enough. The chance of displaying exaggerated expressions in each of his actions on the large face is completely wasted. It’s strictly a joke based on Draven’s ego that shows a particular lack of invention. In fact, it can be said that the ego-driven humour is being spread too thin and that anything seems fitting as a joke; this skin is proof of that.
Ultimately, there’s little else to say about the skin as it’s so plain and simple: Big head Draven because he’s so full of himself. Frankly, it’s surprising that such a dull approach was taken on a champion with such a rich personality. There’re myriads of ways in which Draven could’ve displayed how he’s the best: he could show a display of fireworks to celebrate himself, he could be his own supporter, fan or cheerleader, he could even use seemingly inoffensive weapons to display how he comes out on top regardless of what he wields. There’s a lot that can be done with a champion that is all about giving a good show. This skin makes the minimum effort to do so. Thus, unless you are a dedicated Draven fan, there’re better ways of basking in the Glorious Executioner’s glory.

Santa Draven
Santa Draven Splash Art Santa Draven Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Draven wearing a stylish Santa costume and wielding ice axes.
Model: New model for Draven and his axes.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Animations: New high speed run and recall animations.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: In terms of setting there’re a lot of bricks to mention. We have a wall with a nasty opening on one side and a Christmas tree on the other. In the middle, there seems to be some stockings and perhaps gifts and bushes and even another tree but torn to pieces; also all this is burning. The fire is quite puzzling, while it does communicate the havoc that Draven is causing his ice axes and the snow on the air readily clash with it. There are also a couple of cute penguins on the foreground. Both are softly shaded with nice use of colour and light. The diverging reactions as well as their clothes make for a good contrast against Draven’s intrusion.
In typical Draven style the show is on wherever he goes. Making an impact with his entrance Draven appears half-bathed in blue light; from somewhere. His appearance is somewhat sketchy due to pencilled style that easily stands out among the diffuse background and softly shaded penguins. Lines are quite sharp but colours tend to mesh with each other. The good news is that this aggressive style suits Draven’s flashy and aggresive personality: it easily attracts attention. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the overall style of the piece well. The position of the right axe also occludes the vision of his torso. Being the one area where the skin’s design is elaborate it’s a pity to see it concealed. The axes’ perspective work well with the approach of the portrayal but can be distracting and eclipse other details; like the red bag Draven manages to carry. That said, smirk, slashing and destruction are all Draven’s hallmarks when done while catching the eye; this is no exception.
Overall, this is a piece that captures Draven’s personality but at the expense of everything else. The Christmas feel is thinly presented and the context seems unnecessarily senseless. There’s a lot of Draven as should be expected but measure shouldn’t be forgotten. As far as the portrayal, the splash art is interesting but as a whole piece the rest seems unfairly neglected.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Wearing a stylised and flashy jacket and shirt decorated with gold it’s actually the pointy hat that is the most clear element in Santa Draven. In fact, it’s surprising to see the Glorious Executioner accepting such simplistic trousers and boots; the gloves are alright. The Santa costume is suggested and while a clear effort is made to look cool, as Draven would demand, the message isn’t clear. The axes don’t really contribute either. The golden handles do match the decoration of the shirt. The ice blades provide some explanation to the prominent display of ice magic employed by Draven in his attacks. Regardless, it seems like the model has a little bit of everything: Draven, Santa, ice, gold but not an enveloping theme.
Particles are a bit of a disappointment. They only show blue trails and glows with a sprinkle of snowflakes most noticeable when throwing axes or catching them. It’s not exaggeration to say that every single ability lack significant visual additions. There’re the blue particles and snowflakes to communicate a thin ice theme, only supported by the axes but there isn’t anything new: tt’s still the same axes being thrown left and right. Whirlwind Death is more explicit about the ice magic thanks to the trails of snow that the axes leave behind. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s an addition that stands out; which is easy against the flatness of the abilities. The golden indicator used by Spinning Axe is eye-catching and ties in with the golden decoration. Still, the golden aspect seems to stand on its own in the skin; like any other aspect.
Sounds tend to be extremely underwhelming. Just like the visuals, they are all about throwing axes so the sounds mostly rely on the blades slashing. There’s a faint crunch of snow heard underneath the slashes but it’s weak and easy to ignore in a battle. It’s quite disappointing to notice that the aural side doesn’t make an effort to support the visuals.
Animations are few and not particularly striking. The new recall sees Draven making as best a Santa impersonation as he can. Strangely, it’s all rather measured and there isn’t much raw Draven or Christmas revelry to see; though gifts are given as they should be. The high speed run sees Draven running with a big red bag over his shoulder. It’s a clear Santa reference but done in a comical way which doesn’t really suit Draven. More fitting to a clown or a joke skin it’s an animation that reinforces the weak Christmas theme but feels out of place.
This all adds up to a skin with several unconnected elements and a central, assumedly, theme that isn’t really clearly exposed. Santa Draven may have a main message but it sort of skids around it with other related but not useful ideas that end up making the skin a mishmash of elements. There’s something to like behind all the superficial chaos but it isn’t much. Both Draven and Santa can do better than this.


Draven is a flashy champion, as his numerous emotes demonstrate, and his skins are just as dazzling; for the most part. The recommended skin is Gladiator Draven as it manages to believably ground the executioner’s looks while keeping his panache intact. As far as spectacles go, his spinning axes sure make for a good time and show. Thus, it’s a more conventional interpretation that still delivers a dramatic performance when the time for battle comes.

We can’t ignore the fantastic concept of Primetime Draven: Draven commenting on Draven; it couldn’t be any other way. The appearance is nothing impressive but the sounds and quotes finely set the skin apart. It may not be the most fitting option for fantasy but it’s a skin that offers a lot if you accept it.

One of the remaining alternatives, Soul Reaver Draven, isn’t bad because it not only gives him a new look but it also gives a new feel to the Glorious Executioner. The spectral theme is effectively delivered through model, particles, and voice over. The result is a product that doesn’t manage to be more than the sum of its parts but that remains distinct and interesting.

A skin with an evident funny angle is Pool Party Draven. The idea of the Executioner relishing on a water war is fitting but the execution instead ends up with a ridiculous appearance and the water displays are too subtle for his usual extravagance. The theme is recognizable to a point but the concept could’ve been much better exploited.

Exploiting and perhaps abusing his ostentatious nature, Beast Hunter Draven dresses for a hunt but with no regard for function and a complete obsession with form. That does fit his personality but may be too much despite the interesting spinning axes. If you don’t mind getting more raw Draven then this could be a skin for you.

A curious disappointment comes by the hand of none other than Draven Draven. It’s one of the simpler skins that could be done: Draven with a big head. That’s all there is, the head is not animated to show exaggerated expressions even. It’s such a plain skin that only the most fervent fans of the Glorious Executioner may find something to like; and there isn’t much of it either.

As the Christmas option, Santa Draven is a skin that lacks focus. It has its central message but diluted by related elements that don’t add up to a cohesive whole. This makes the skin feel like a combination of ideas without a unified link. There may be something to like beyond the chaotic execution but there’re also much better alternatives.

There may relatively few options available for Draven but they are definitely good. They cover the supernatural, warrior, water and supernatural themes while fitting him quite well. All that is necessary is to pick a style and let the crowds roar.

  67 Responses to “League of Legends: Draven Skins’ Review”

  1. In my opinion this skin is horrible in game

    • The implementation of the wraith look could be considered a bit messy but it’s a skin that offers a good amount of changes for a reasonable price. It doesn’t seem like a complete disaster but it certainly isn’t perfect either.

  2. Gladiator Draven will be coming out soon! What do you think of the preview? I think the splash is all that drags it down. Hope they change it.

    • We’ll have to wait for the finished product but the concept is good. The splash art seems to do its job as a portrayal though it doesn’t say much else; we’ll see.

  3. since gladiator draven is out now, could you please review it?

  4. Sweet. Gladiator Draven looks pretty cool, especially the particles. And that recall! Probably one of my favorites. Will definitely insta-buy. Thanks for the review!

    • No problem, Gladiator Draven may look conventional at first sight but when the axes get ablaze the show really starts.

  5. Zero, what is your opinion on having 2 skins for a champion? I bought the Draven bundle when he first came out, so I have Soul Reaver. However, Gladiator Draven looks really nice and I want to buy him. I’m just not sure if I should have 2 skins for 1 champion.

    • From our point of view, if you really like the champion and usually play them then having two skins can be a welcome change from just using one skin all the time. Technically, you always have the classic skin but it’s not exactly the same as a skin that shows the champion under a different light. Moreover, if you really like Gladiator Draven then chances are that you’ll enjoy the skin too.

      Conversely, if Draven isn’t a champion you usually play then there wouldn’t be much reason to buy more skins for him. It would just be left unused just as if you didn’t like the skin. You should prioritize what you enjoy and if Draven is the case and you like his Gladiator style it will be a good purchase.

      Just make sure that it isn’t a temporary fascination or that you will play Draven enough to feel satisfied with having two skins. The idea is not to feel disappointed with a product you ultimately don’t use. If you are still unsure, waiting for a sale is always an option as the discounted price can help prevent the pressure from playing with the skin just to get its worth.

  6. Hey zero,

    I have noticed that soul reaver draven has gone down to 3 starts due to the price increase. however, it is now on sale for 675 rp. at this price, do you think it is worth getting? how many stars would you give it at this price?


    • You could add a star if you want but as his other skins can also go on sale too they stand on equal terms. The sale is definitely the best option to get the skin so if you like it now is the ideal time. It’s not a perfect skin and the high price does it no favours.

  7. How could you give soul reaver a lower score? its better

    • Soul Reaver Draven does have more additions but it’s also more expensive. At its price we think that more should be offered even though the skin isn’t bad.

  8. Primetime Draven is gonna be 975 permanantly in case you don’t know, and any thoughts on the skin?

  9. primetime draven is released already, could you review it for us?

  10. I have been stuck deciding which skin should i buy; primetime draven or surprise party fiddlesticks? They both really offer great and nice changes for a good price, sadly I can only buy one 🙁

    • The advantage is that both skins are legendaries on permanent sale so you can always get the other one later.

      More to the point, first be sure which champion you play the most. Then Primetime Draven is a more recent skin so the model is more elaborate and also has a new recall. However, Surprise Party Fiddlesticks has aged quite well and it’s visually very attractive and eye-catching. Both have good sounds but Primetime has the advantage of a new voice-over. All in all, both are great skins but with differences.

      In summary, Primetime has the advantage of a new recall and voice-over but the particles aren’t as striking. Conversely, Surprise Party has striking visuals but lacks a new recall and voice-over. It can be a matter of preference but, if you really like them, neither should disappoint at this price.

  11. Hey Zero,
    i was kinda playing draven for a while now, one of may fave champ definitely. I was thinking of buying a skin but soul reaver in-game is like one-coloured(for me), gladiator portrays its role but there are “but’s” 4 me in buying, lastly the primetime 4 me is not as cohesive as it should be. When do u think will be the next draven skin? Do you hav any idea of the timeframe when will a champ will get a new skin aftr say he/she just got a new skin release today.

    • Draven is a popular champion but already has a few skins and many other champions are still waiting for new skins. After a quick search we haven’t found information about any new skins for Draven but it shouldn’t be ruled out. However, chances are that it’ll take a while. Primetime is not that new but Draven did get a new skin on 2014 unlike other champions.

      If you aren’t convinced about the skins he currently has it’s better to wait and get one you really enjoy. Unless you like a skin it’s probable that it’ll end up unused but if you do enjoy it then it’ll be a reasonable investment. You could wait for a sale on a skin that you like but not enough to buy at full price; so that the price becomes less of an issue.

  12. Hey Zero the new Pool Party Draven skin is out soon I’m a big draven player and will get the skin no matter what but what are your early impressions on it personally I’m not getting the craven vibe his other skins give.

    • It seems to be a skin similar to Pool Party Graves. That is, it merely adapts Draven’s style to water weaponry but doesn’t go an extra step to realize the theme in a way that fits the Executioner better. We don’t think it’ll be a bad skin but it seems like it could’ve been better.

  13. Can you take a closer look at the Gladiator Draven skin? I’m almost positive it has a new autoattack sound, much higher pitched instead of the clang of metal.

    • We don’t notice any difference in sound though when using Spinning Axe the sound is different, softer. It’s the same as in the classic skin though so we don’t think the skin actually has new sounds; recall aside. The particles are good enough but we can agree that new fiery sounds would’ve helped.

  14. Pool party draven has a new pretty awesome crit animation and I might get him just for that. And also I pike the joke aspect of those skins

    • Sorry to disappoint but the critical animation for both Classic and Pool Party Draven is the same; unless there’s been some new unannounced addition. The joke in this kind of skins can be hit and miss as everyone has a different sense of humour. If you do like it then it can be a pro.

      • No,no please dont dissapoint me. I swear to God that his crit animation is like shooting streams of water.

        • Sorry, we don’t mean to disappoint but we don’t notice anything different. His auto-attacks all have new water particles including critical strikes and Spinning Axe. However, we don’t notice anything new exclusive to criticals. The new auto-attack partices though are new to the skin.

  15. I will make sure that I am not mistaken and will try to capture it in photos. Wait for me! He he

  16. Why is Gladiator Draven the suggested skin when Primetime is the same price and rated 5 stars?

    • Because Primetime is a bit of a departure from Draven’s style. Gladiator is something that every fan of Draven could appreciate. On the other hand, Primetime is a bit of a diversion that fits him but can feel a bit alien due to the modern aesthetic.

      The recommendation tries to be more than a simple summary of the ratings; though it often follows the same order. This is a specific case where we think that Gladiator is a more conventional and even safe recommendation than Primetime.

      As we say in the conclusion Primetime presents a fantastic concept for Draven and is a skin well worth recommending. You just have to accept the digresion from traditional fantasy. If you do then it’s a wonderful option that offers even more than Gladtiator but from a different angle: more aural and less visual.

  17. Primetime got 5 stars after the price reduction, nice.

    • Primetime was released as a legendary on permanent discount at 975 RP; like Surprise Party Fiddlesticks. It always had five stars but we don’t think it would’ve reached so high with a heftier price.

  18. Beast hunter Draven, Tryndamere and Sejuani have been released for 4-5 days now. Can you do a review?

    • They may be available on the PBE but we don’t seem to find them on live. We don’t have a PBE account and prefer to review finished skins; though we can agree that what reaches the PBE is often finished sans a few minor adjustments. Regardless, we make reviews when the skins are released so, while we’ll keep an eye on this trio, we’ll wait a bit to release the review.

  19. So I was thinking of maining draven and thought which skin I might chose. Would It be a better option to either buy gladiator at half price or just but primetime Draven?

    • That’s a good question and it depends on how much you want to get into Draven’s little, huge Draven world. Gladiator is starightforward but visually attractive thanks to the particles. Primetime is one for the true fans. It’s preposterous and breaks the fourth wall with gleeful abandon but it can be funny to hear Draven commenting on himself. It also depends on for how long the joke can stay funny because with repetition even the best one gets old.

      Both skins are good but offer very different features. Gladiator is more about enjoying the spectacle while Primetime relishes on his unique personality. It can be a matter of taste but in the long run Gladiator might be the safer option as one could have too much Draven in one’s life. He would disagree, of course.

  20. Are you sure your review of Beast Hunter Draven is accurate? I’m almost certain that his Spinning Axe, Stand Aside, and Whirling Death all have particles (they’re purple-ish). He’s also got a new sigil for his axes.

    • After some detailed analysis in slow-motion we think that the purple particles were always there. However, as the bone blades are lighter in tone than the classic, metallic ones with a black part in the middle it’s more notorious.

      However, we completely missed the new sigil for Spinning Axe. Thanks for the information, we’ll add it to the review.

      • Thanks for the response! I see that the purple-ish particles on his Q are indeed the same on both the classic and Beast Hunter skins. But still, shouldn’t the Whirling Death and Stand Aside be considered to have particle change because they use the new axes?

        • In cases where an ability uses the weapons’ model we don’t list it as new particles and instead note the new model for the weapons. It’s far from unarguable but we think it better differentiates from abilities that actually add new particles.

          This is a case where the new weapons affect the abilities but only because the champion uses them. In other cases, even though the weapons are re-modeled they don’t affect the abilities’ visuals but that’s all dependent on the champion’s design.

          It surely isn’t a clear-cut argument but it’s the way we found to make changes to abilities the more specific and useful.

          • Thanks for clarification! I read your reviews often, and was glad that you were able to clear up some confusion. Did you know that Gladiator and Soul Reaver had their sigils changed? Thought it would be a nice piece pf info to add to the review.

          • Not at all.

            We weren’t aware about the sigils. We checked and found the new sigls; it seems to be quite a recent modification. We’ll update the review as necessary as it’s something worth noting about the skins. Thanks for the information.

  21. Hey Zero which skin would you suggest and why? My choices are Primetime Draven and Justicar Syndra. Both full priced.

    • We instead prefer to recommend sales and to get a skin that you like because of its theme. The reviews are to guide in getting one that is well implemented and also to indicate when the concept is able to shine in a champion. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference. Both skins you mention are quite good but others may prefer different options. You’ll have to be a bit more specific if you want to advise. What we can tell is that Gladiator Draven is also worth considering as well as Atlantean Syndra.

      • Might have been worth pointing out that I have decided on those 2 skins because:
        a) Justicar Syndra can be considered her best skin
        b) Primetime got a slightly better rating

        Otherwise what would be the main differences between Primetime/Gladiator and Atlantean/Justicar? Btw love your reviews. Helped me a lot before.

        • Glad that you find the reviews useful.

          Gladiator suits the game fantasy better while Primetime breaks the illusion with glee. On the other hand, Primetime is much more attention grabbbing; though it could get annoying. Gladiator catches the eye with its fire particles.

          With regards to Syndra, Justicar offers a richer concept directly tied to what she could’ve been or become if she left the dark. Conversely, Atlantean’s particles are stand out more dues to the water effects though in both cases they are well done.

          In the end, these four skins are all great. It’s largely a matter of taste as none should disappoint. There are some differences but nothing major that should disappoint. If possible, try to get them on sale as you can save a lot of RP once you start adding up the cost of a few skins.

  22. Make sure to do a review on the Draven Draven Skin

  23. Do draven draven lmao its out now

    • We just can’t wait to be near the glory of twice the regular amount of Draven. We’ll try have a review ready soon.

  24. Draven draven is legacy and is 500rp on live servers

    • It could be a promotional price for as much as we know. There’s no way of telling until the skin returns in the future after the Draven Day promotion. As skin tiers are clearly defined and 500 RP isn’t one of them we went with the information we had from the PBE. If there’s clarification about the price we’ll promptly change it. Still, we clarified the price so that it’s clearer how it all goes. Thanks for the notice.

    • So I bought pool party draven recently, and the sound effect on hit with spinning axe was more annoying rather then being like a smooth squeek, was quite disappointed. Still don’t know if I should buy beast hunter or not.

  25. I honestly have to express my disgust that you would even consider giving that Draven skin any stars at all. I’m sorry, but I have to be blunt about this. I hate this “event” Riot staged more than anything else that has happened in League over all these years.

    • Draven Day is overloaded and lacking in alternatives for those that aren’t swept away by Draven’s appeal. It’s a case where a joke is regarded as funny so more of it surely is better. Worst may be that people were eagerly waiting for Urf mode and instead there’s a mediocre joke. We don’t see any reason why Urf couldn’t have been added but we seem not to see eye to eye with Riot on many things.

      With regards to Draven Draven we could give it one single star but we reserve that rating for skins that offer absolutely nothing and for which we just don’t see any value. The appeal of Draven Draven is surely narrow but it does have something to offer; even if it’s simplistic and niche. We suppose that hardcore Draven fans will find it attractive but for the most part it’s a skin with little of interest.

  26. Primetime Draven at 50% off? Is it worth than Gladiator? I like the legendary status of PT Draven.

    • Gladiator is a better fit though more conventional take on Draven. Primetime throws caution to the wind and lets Draven comment on himself. Among Draven’s funny skins, it’s the most convincing. The price is permanently discounted so you may want to wait for a legendary snowdown or spinning axes which would grant a free mystery skin.

      Gladiator is the skin we recommend for fans of the Glorious Executioner. It’s well done and gives a good show without going overboard. For a Draven fan it’s a safe bet; especially If you can catch it on sale. There isn’t such a great difference in technical terms, except for the sounds, so both are great options for Draven. It can be a matter of taste on whether you prefer something traditional but fitting for the fantasy or if you don’t mind breaking the fourth wall almost into the modern world.

  27. Who is better Primetime Draven or pool party ?

    • For a Draven fan Primetime offers a legendary-level, mostly, skin at 975 RP. On top of that the concept is much more intersting going to a pool or beach: Draven commenting on himself; obviously telling the world how great Draven is. That’s pure Draven and while it’s a bit preposterous it’s also suitable. Pool Party Draven is a diversion from the usual. It can be funny but it’s not something with the lasting appeal of Primetime.

  28. Hey zero

    Will primetime draven ever be on sale in 2017?

    • As a discounted legacy skin Primetime Draven is not supposed to ever go on sale. In theory, Riot has changed the rules before so there could come the time when the skin receives a price change; up or down. However, as with Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, these skins are legendaries on permanent sale, so to speak, so they won’t appear in any sale. If they can get into a bundle we don’t know but sales are, based on the information we have, improbable.

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