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League of Legends: Diana Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Aug 162012
Diana, Scorn of the Moon
Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana, Scorn of the Moon is a reasonably dressed assassin with practical and realistic armour as well as a plausible crescent blade on hand. Contrary to this, her skins choose to display her wearing more fantastic and revealing apparel. Read further on this review to find out how well Diana adapts to such a drastic style departure.

Dark Valkyrie Diana
Dark Valkyrie Diana Splash Art Dark Valkyrie Diana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Diana dressed with feather styled valkyrie armour.
Model: New model for Diana and her crescent blade.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack and death.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Dark Valkyrie Diana’s splash art is very well done; but as a whole. That is, the background suffers from lack of detail or focus. What little is shown of the monastery or ruins behind Diana are very difficult to discern. Fortunately, the sky above and bridge on her right don’t have the same problem. Additionally, Diana is impeccably depicted: the shading, reflections and details are excellent. From the flow of her hair to the dents on her blade or the reflections on the feathers from her back: everything looks excellent. The blue, bronze and brown hues make an attractive combination of colours for her outfit while her glowing eyes and brand give her an in-human visage. In general, the piece is quite good and as a portrayal of Diana it excels; yet the uneven quality of the background disappoints.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Diana’s release skin seems to be the antithesis of what she represents in terms of style. For all the moderation and realism shown on her classic armour and blade this skin goes the direct opposite way. Therefore, Dark Valkyrie Diana is a skin that goes for form over function: her revealing feathered armour and her stylized blade are very clear about this fact; despite her lower body being unusually modest looking. Truth be told, this is Diana with a more traditional fantasy look. What kind of look is that? The look of an underdressed warrior because the valkyrie concept is too thinly executed: there’s barely anything that references it, mostly just the name. Furthermore, the colours look a bit messy like a pastiche of brush strokes without a specific design. In conclusion, if you expect an actual dark valkyrie look for Diana then this skin doesn’t deliver; the only valkyrie offered is on the name. Moreover, Diana purists will find that the skin delivers the exact concepts that Classic Diana’s style challenged. However, if you want a conventional dark warrior style for Diana then this skin will provide what you are looking for.

Lunar Goddess Diana
Lunar Goddess Diana Splash Art Lunar Goddess Diana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Diana as a Moon avatar with a lotus motif.
Model: New model for Diana and her crescent blade.
Particles: New particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities and recall.
Splash Art: The background is a fitting starry night with a crescent Moon dominating behind. In spite of the appropriate setting it feels empty despite the clouds made of dyed cotton and dust-like stars. Diana fares better thanks to the fascinating shading. The clothes almost seem ethereal which added to the moonshine adds a supernatural aura to her depiction. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t consistent and her legs seem dull amidst the clouds as well as the ends of her dress. All in all, it’s a fantastic yet uneven portrayal of Diana framed by a letdown of a background.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Lunar Goddess Diana seems like an adaptation of the Moon’s Scorn to Chinese mythology. Instead of simply becoming the avatar of the Moon she becomes an embodiment of Chang’e, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon. In that regard her aspect tells little of any ethereal or even supernatural power. In fact, at a glance she merely looks like a flamboyantly dressed lady; maybe even underdressed considering she’s a warrior avatar. This makes a contrast with the simple elegance of her crescent blade and also with the clear though somewhat whimsical lotus-based theme of her particles. Although Diana isn’t exactly bad looking in this skin she doesn’t instil a sensible touch of spirituality or even a satisfying Chinese style. In particular, the leggings not only look out of place but also discordant with the flowing aesthetic proposed by her dress. Ultimately, Lunar Goddess Diana is an uneven skin that also doesn’t communicate its concept well. In other words, the implementation fails at clearly realizing the theme. While the particles do a lot to help the skin stand out they simply can’t battle the general issues. Even if taken aside from its proposed Chang’e theme it still seems like it does many things without a unifying direction.

Infernal Diana
Infernal Diana Splash Art Infernal Diana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Diana as a fire demon.
Model: New model for Diana and her crescent blade. New flames for her hair.
Particles: New fire particles for her abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: With regards to a background there isn’t much that can be noticed. There’s some sky, assumedly, a rocky ground and a couple of mysterious figures. The one on the left is massive and made of stone, almost Malphite, being slashed. The one on the right is lean and shadowy but lacks the iconic Nocturne blades and trails; though it’s near enough.
That said, there’s a lot of Diana to see but with a perspective that makes as difficult as possible to notice much of her appearance. What her left forearm doesn’t hide the lunging position takes care of. The lines are clean and the shading detailed. In fact, her clothing can look photorealistic; like her left forearm. In other areas it doesn’t shine as much but looks good. The skin is surprisingly dim, legs and arms, while the face appears glassy and a tad sketchy, like the forehead shards, with flames that appear as threads. Her crescent blade receives a subpar representation with a blade that is too curved to fit in the piece and a handle that makes it very unclear where her right hand grabs the grip. The several sparks and the slash amount to little despite the former looking rather good; the latter is quite weak and simple.
All in all, this is a splash art that doesn’t make the most eloquent presentation of Diana. The setting is lacking and the context unremarkable even with the possible cameos. Diana’s depiction is uneven and while some idea of her look is given it doesn’t make the most of even the most important characteristics. Overall, a splash art that barely accomplishes its goal.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Infernal Diana’s style is rather subdued for a fiery, burning demon. The flames on her head are as measured as the lines on her outfit or her blade. That doesn’t mean that she looks bad, far from it, but for being infernal one would expect, at least, a barely contained power that threatens with engulfing all surroundings in flames. That’s never felt. Actually, her clothes look somewhat similar to her Dark Valkyrie armour in general terms. Everything is leaner with golden trimmings finishing finely crafted obsidian plates. The skin easily stands out but the runes on her arms are barely noticeable like the floating shards in front of her forehead. The golden crescent blade is fantastic despite not being particularly original. It echoes the golden ornament floating behind her back which shows a burning half-moon. Everything is precise, richly gold-plated and yet devoid of any infernal characteristics. The truth is that the consistent contrast between lighter and darker gold hues allows the skin to have a special, delicate appeal. The design is much more graceful and composed than could be expected and even though that makes the name misleading it defines a distinct identity for the skin.
The new particles are nothing unexpected but appealing like the sounds. Abilities look adapted to flames but also incorporate a few extra touches to display a unique feel. The auto-attack doesn’t impress by its look though its metallic sound is quite nice. Nevertheless, the fire glow when Moonsilver Blade is ready and the ensuing Lunari icon in flames catches the eye. Crescent Strike and Pale Cascade are aptly adapted with no surprises except for the Lunari icon and unexpected metal sound when the latter’s shield is reapplied. Moonfall is somewhat subtle with its fire lines but the Lunari icon left on the ground again takes advantage of Diana’s identity. Last but not least, Lunar Rush transforms Diana into a ball of fire when she dashes to her target. The flames when reaching the enemy are nice but the fireball, despite having a pleasing appearance, seems too small. The result is an ultimate that feels weak due to its frail visuals. These last two abilities sound well with a distorted effect that makes them similar and a bit hellish as they should. The recall maintains the moderation present on the whole of the skin. It’s a fitting action but particularly tame for an infernal being.
All things considered, Infernal Diana is a wonderful skin that defines a unique identity for the Scorn of the Moon. Surprisingly, the skin never feels as hellish as it name intends though it does accomplish an attractive fire-mage feel yet a too temperate one; even for a fire theme. Everything is too measured and contained to feel like flames can explode at any moment with overwhelming might or, that there’s a hidden, unspeakable power about to consume everything in sight at any moment. Such composure and aplomb make Infernal Diana a special skin even though it’s not exactly what one would expect out of it.

Blood Moon Diana
Blood Moon Diana Splash Art Blood Moon Diana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Diana playing the role of a dark spirit in the Ionian Festival of Fire play; which resembles a Japanese Noh theatre play.
Model: New model for Diana and her crescent blade.
Particles: New red mist particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Splash Art: An extensive fog, mystical and sombre, covers the surroundings with only some carved ground and dim lights insinuating themselves from beyond. That’s all the setting we get and as far as context is concerned we get nothing.
Diana is the whole responsible of saving the piece and she does so with flying colours. What the background lack is certainly present in her portrayal. Evocative and mysterious she appears credible yet also finely tinted by a thin undercurrent of supernatural power. The scrolls burnt with a magical fire add to the subtle dose of mysticism. Just as the elegant symbol glowing on her forehead and the mask verify.
Her clothing, though conventional in comparison, impresses with the exquisite attention to detail given to each surface. At times it can look sketchy, like the rope around the waist and at others the shading seems too soft; like the robe. The bead necklace can seem flat despite the highlights on the surfaces. The metal looks polished and ornamented with delicate carvings which tend to within the mist too much. Her skin looks delicate and believable as well as her fine features thanks to some impressive lighting. The tattoos glint like metal revealing that there’s more to them than just ink. The fur on the left shoulder appears like a draft but the quality increases as we move through the arm. The gloves appear finely crafted and the fingers strangely translucent in their unique hue. Her hair is a wonderful display of skill that crowns Diana under the pale moonlight.
In spite of some inconsistencies in the depiction there’s no doubt that this is an excellent and alluring portrayal of Diana. There’s only her to make the splash art interesting and she does so with class. It’s a pity though that the background is unable to support her better. While there’s no doubt that she’s the star of the piece little and that nothing could compete with such a depiction the background takes more than one step back. For as good as the portrayal is, the splash art on its whole seems devoid of meaning and, ultimately, somewhat empty.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although Blood Moon Diana isn’t explicitly bloody as one could expect it conveys its theme in as elegant a way as her portrayal in the splash art is presented. The clothes are a traditional equivalent of a Japanese kimono in Ionian style. It’s a clear representation of both cultures, so to speak, but there’s nothing novel about them. Fur and hair look like cotton but the clothes are visually appealing. The mask is a believable echo of an oni with the usual design but evocative enough. The crescent blade receives a dark grip flanked by golden guards and crimson blades. The specific red hue resembles a gem which makes for an interesting choice of ruby blades.
In terms of particles the skin reveals its subtle and suitable elegance. Auto-attacks and abilities employ red mists for their bursts and trails while the shield becomes a pale, translucent blood-mark. Lunar Rush stands apart by concentrating Diana in a large oni mask powered by the red mists so present in her activities. While the overall visual effect isn’t impressive it effectively conveys the tainted magic that powers the Blood Moon avatars.
Sounds adopt haunting, low pitched bursts that make them stand out collectively but not individually. While the style of auto-attacks and abilities is suitably sombre and supernatural they sometimes sound too similar to each other. Abilities usually rely on a mute gasps and muffled explosions which share a mysterious tone despite lacking variety. The recall is a fine tribute to Kabuki theatre with an evident supernatural vein.
On the whole, Blood Moon Diana is an attractive skin with a good concept realised in an elegant even if unimpressive way. Most of what’s present seems familiar but the subtle class with which the concept is conveyed presents it characteristics in an appealing way. For fans of the Scorn of the Moon, Blood Moon Diana is the supernatural counterpart that she deserved.

Dark Waters Diana
Dark Waters Diana Splash Art Dark Waters Diana Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Diana as an avatar of the depths.
Model: New model for Diana and her crescent blade. New glow for her amulet and sword gem plus new water underneath her.
Particles: New particles for her abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, auto-attack and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: In spite of the thick mist it’s possible to get an idea of a large ship, a galleon maybe, and a pale Moon: both witnesses to an event which raises questions. Are the waters allied in the pursuit of justice or is this a simple bounty being collected? The unsavoury character, victim of the hunt, may have gotten what he deserved but it surely was a terrible fate. The background does give a feeling of despair with its dark tones but the fog isn’t oppressive enough to be a significant element instead of a tool to serve the focus.
Diana holds her prey by the collar with water up to her knees and a whirlpool at the tip of her crescent blade. Moving from one side to the other reveals the uneven use of the fog: most of her body is sharply depicted with the reflection of the moonlight on the water covering her trousers and reflecting on metal. Even the amulet around her neck contributes to the spectacle of light. However, her right arm, as well as her long mane of hair, sinks into the fog only for the blade to resurface with clearer colours; though not as sharp as Diana’s main body. We also see colours that end up too similar to each other so that even bronze or gold look bluish; the rope decorations of her clothes look like sketchy, twisted rubber. The result is a depiction that can’t hide its uneven qualities. Add to this that water and its relationship with Diana is brushed to a side and the dark waters theme isn’t fully connected.
What appears to be a portrayal of gloom that ought to centre on displaying Diana’s water power becomes only a sample partially taken advantage of. The splash art captures part of the dark feel that a supernatural legend of the seas turned truth should have. This is despite the relegated context and a setup that doesn’t put forth the skin’s concept effectively. It does show enough to give a taste of what could be, though. What is, is good enough, but it isn’t sufficient given the great potential palpable.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Although it may not look like it at a first glance, Dark Waters Diana does have a water theme. It’s one that the model gives little indication of; except from the subtle waves under her feet. The clothes are quite attractive and, even though stylised, they fit Diana’s practical personality. They do look more like a fictional Renaissance adventurer than a pirate or similar. Regardless, they are stylish, elegant and appealing so the only thing missing is a clearer reference to her water powers. In that regard, neither glowing amulet nor sword help. The new crescent blade aims to look like an ornamented rapier, which reinforces the adventurer angle, but doesn’t show a degree of watery influence in the blade proper.
Particles can look like re-colours at times. Only when waves are visible do they differentiate enough from the classic design and still it’s a single element that can feel re-textured over the familiar look. The fact that the waves are a translating texture instead of having an animation makes the abilities look simplistic. The blue colour adds to the skin’s personality but the dark tones reminds of the feel characteristic of Dark Valkyrie Diana. While they don’t look bad they seem disappointing and cheaply made; lacking the elaborate technical punch that is expected nowadays. Perhaps the biggest letdown is Lunar Rush. The ultimate barely looks different with only a blue, translucent silhouette of Diana to stand out, one which hardly screams dark or waters.
Sounds aren’t bad but they are certainly direct and to the point: water splashes for all abilities. There are splashes of different kinds, deeper the larger the effect, which gives a different touch to each ability. Still, it’s an aural landscape that ends up monotonous and devoid of any dark feel. Easily could this sound be employed for a potential Pool Party Diana or any other water-based skin. The specific dark waters theme isn’t perceived, only the water part.
The new animation is the recall which employs a lot of show for what ends up being a sensible even if unsurprising whirlpool teleport. It can’t be said that it’s a bad idea but there’s too much focus on the flashy moves and not enough on the dark waters that are supposed to be the central theme.
In the end, Dark Waters Diana seems to be a skin that forgets what its main ingredient is. There’s a nice model with attractive clothes but no water references. There’re water particles and sounds but nothing supernatural or, even less, sinister about it. In other words, this is a skin that has appealing qualities but doesn’t focus on its theme and so ends up offering a few disconnected, albeit fine, elements. If that is enough, then it surely is good enough.


Seeing how Diana’s skins prefer to oppose her classic theme of a practically armoured warrior-avatar there are evident problems in recommending them. Taking that into account Dark Valkyrie Diana is the best option as darkness and moonlight go together. Diana as a character is bathed on a dim light and Dark Valkyrie makes her look more eloquent about it. Everything is recognisable under a darker shade but the change is attractive.

A more expensive but still recommended skin is Infernal Diana. The name is misleading as there’s nothing hellish about it. Actually, it’s a fire interpretation of her power that displays composure and acts with aplomb. The result is nothing short of attractive with golden visuals and measured flames. It lacks the raw power of fire but has the intense focus of a controlled flame and that makes it a unique skin among the many fire alternatives in existence.

Also worth recommending despite the price is Blood Moon Diana. It’s not a skin to impress with florid spectacles of magic. However, the theme is communicated in an effective and elegant way. Elements tend to feel familiar but the treatment exhibits a care that transcends it limitations. Because of its appealing concept and fine execution, this is the supernatural skin that the Scorn of the Moon has been waiting for.

The alternative is Lunar Goddess Diana, a personification of Chang’e that isn’t as ethereal or Chinese as it should probably be. Even on its own it’s a skin that lacks a clear direction. Lunar Goddess has an interesting concept but the execution doesn’t properly materialize it.

Another option could be Dark Waters Diana, provided that you don’t actually expect much of what the skin’s name mentions. There’re classy clothes and water particles as well as sounds but hardly anything supernatural or sinister; water is also finely compartmentalised with little link to the model. This makes the skin unfocused but it’s appealing in its own way.

At any rate, Diana fans won’t find the elements that make her attractive in neither Dark Valkyrie nor Lunar Goddess Diana. Conversely, those that prefer the skins’ look probably find Diana’s classic style lacklustre. As a fantasy warrior the skins are good enough but they seem ill suited to fill the interest of Diana’s fans. To sum up, her skins are good but the implementation of the concepts clashes with Diana’s classic counterpart; only if you accept that they might be worth purchasing.

  39 Responses to “League of Legends: Diana Skins’ Review”

  1. When is the next diana skin gonna come out?


    • Hope that you enjoy the skin.

      We gave a look at Lunar Goddess Diana and while it’s not its final form the skin has an interesting concept but a messy execution. More precisely, it doesn’t look like Diana instead it seems like a stylized, Asian-inspired warrior. The idea isn’t bad but it’s barely related to the Scorn of the Moon.

      It seems like some additional changes are possible though not confirmed. Regardless, it’s far from a good first impression.

      • Hey strat zero nagi here a fan :3 i would like to hear your opinion on what you take into importance in a skin ex the following:
        Concept vs Original Champion Identity *How radical the skin changes the champ*
        Price worth

        • Actually we take into account all of those factors. The only one that doesn’t affect the rating is the splash art as it’s significance in-game is minimal. However, the concept and implementation: model, particles, animations and sounds are the most important. Taking those features in consideration with regards to the price we can get an idea of the value of the skin.

          Ideally, five stars skins would have a good amount of features for the price along an appealing concept.

          • well Ok that again reassures me because i always use this site before i decide to buy a skin and or when i am torn between 2 skins your reviews helps me alot 😀 thanks

          • Not at all and glad that you find the reviews useful. We always appreciate feedback and if you have any ideas to improve the reviews, format or any other aspect of the site they are definitely welcome.

  3. Hey Zero, I’m genuinely curious about your opinion on this as a Diana skin…
    I’m thinking this with gold particles/abilities, maybe?

    • That’s totally Diana’s style and quite a nice piece of art. A skin with such looks along golden particles sounds like a great idea. Let’s hope the powers that be consider it a worthy addition even if they should be amazed by it.

      Thanks for sharing it.

      • No problem, I was really taken with it when I saw it and thanks for sparing some time to look at it. Slightly disappointed with Lunar Goddess Diana at present, hopefully they improve it before it’s released.

        • We also hope so as Lunar Goddess Diana doesn’t seem to incorporate a substantial godly feel. Dark Valkyrie may also have its problems but, even if it doesn’t feel sufficiently valkyrie-like, it surely is dark.

  4. Will Lunar Goddess Diana be on sale during Lunar Revel? And if not, when will it be on sale? Thanks in advance!

    • Non-legacy event skins tend to make it difficult to determine when they’d go on sale. Lately a few Lunar Revel skins have gone on sale like Dragon Fist Lee Sin. So, in theory, it should but, as an example, Officer Vi was discounted around Harrowing yet Haunted Zyra still hasn’t reached a sale. We’d say that it’s a possibility but with sales as they are now there’s no telling when a certain skin would be discounted.

  5. I am stck between choosing which diana skin to get, I mainly go for the skin which changes the most, can you help me on that. Im also wondering which has the best splash art. As lunar goddess diana is on sale im leaning towards that, but will DV diana get a sale soon? Thanks for ur help! 😉

    • Dark Valkyrie Diana should definitely get to a sale soon because it hasn’t been discounted since November, 2013. Truth be told, neither of Diana’s skins stay true to her classic Moon warrior persona. Dark Valkyrie makes her a sexy, gloomy assassin while Lunar Goddess fails at representing the Chinese Moon Goddess even if the lotus particles are nice.

      Dark Valkyrie is more conventional but also consistent. Lunar Goddess has a an uninteresting model but attractive particles. Depending on whether you can tolerate an uneven skin or not and which theme you prefer you can choose which skin to get. At any rate, try to get them on sale, especially Lunar Goddess, as both skins have some issues.

  6. Dark Valkyrie has new dark particles for her auto attacks.

  7. How do you feel about the upcoming Infernal Diana skin?
    Personally I think they could have done more with it, especially her E, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.

    • We agree, Infernal Diana seem rather quiet and collected for a hellish demon. It’s appealing but subdued and measured. It does have its appeal but the concept could’ve been much more. Her E is nice but, again, isn’t an uncontainable explosion of infernal power; just like the rest. It gives more the image of a focused and disciplined fire-mage than a demon.

      • I believe Riot stated that it was supposed to be Diana on fire/made of fire, rather than a demon like you stated, but like you said- it seems too ‘passive’ for a fire themed skin.
        Thank you for your reply, though!

        • Not at all, we understand the idea despite the skin’s name. We like the idea of fire Diana anyway but it’s so quiet and moderate. Fire is suppossed to be unpredictable and uncontrollable. Sure, it can be focused but that doesn’t reduce it’s strength if it’s going to be intense. In Infernal Diana everything seems subtle and discreet. It’s nice though as it gives the skin its own identity but it’s not the most exciting way of applying fire.

  8. What do think about the new coming Diana’s skin, the ‘Infernal Diana’? A pre-release video was recently uploaded.

    • It’s nice looking and appealing but doesn’t feel demonic enough. It gives the idea of a well trained fire-sorceress than a hellish being. It’s nice but surprisingly moderate in every aspect.

  9. You know, it just occurred to me how hypocritical you are when I compare your review of Infernal Diana and Siren Cassiopeia. On Infernal Diana you mention how she does not fit her name but are rather gentle about it, I assume because of the particle and sound work. On Siren Cassiopeia you are really harsh about her not living up to her name, but that skin is 520 so of course it would not have new particles. I just think it’s only fair to make some slight changes to the review of Siren Cassiopeia and the Conclusion lines for it. Despite feeling like you rated Infernal Diana as rather high in comparison to some other reviews of 1350 skins that add nothing more than new particles, sounds, and a recall, like Risen Fiddlesticks, Spirit Fire Brand and Elderwood LeBlanc, I don’t ask you to subtract or add stars anywhere. Infernal Diana doesn’t even have an interesting theme, we’ve seen the fire theme over and over and this one has no notable twist or anything to make it unique.

    • We were initially surprised about the four stars for Infernal Diana because, at a glance, the skin isn’t anything special. However, the tame and collected approach it has makes it different to the usual overwhelming display of flames. Because the skin manages to do something different, even if subtle, with a concept we’ve seen before we think it’s rather interesing; despite having room for improvement.

      The problem with Siren Cassiopeia is that it’s mostly blue Cassiopeia with a few coral clothing. Infernal Diana may not be truly hellish but there’s clear fire and an identity of its own. We agree that as a 520 RP skin mistakes are more forgivable. However, we have to evaluate what the final feel of the skin is after all the different aspects have been added together. Infernal, manages to be interesting despite or because of its shortcomings whereas Siren doesn’t seem to end up like much.

      Perhaps the review of Siren Cassiopeia is a bit too harsh. Different skins are to be assessed differently. We try to be consistent but we are fallible like anybody else. We appreciate your corrections and help in improving the reviews. Yet, do take into account that our aim with the reviews is to help people and not to be proven right. We have no problem in accepting we are wrong and changing our mind. Because of that we don’t intend to deceive or mislead anybody. Our reviews are our honest opinion of skins’ value done at the best of our ability.

      • I understand, the thought just came to my mind while looking at the two reviews and thought I’d ask, sorry if I seemed attacking.
        I just always keep in mind this as your general reasoning: “We might not rate a skin highly, but that should never stop you from loving it, even if it is flawed. Likewise, rating a skin highly is not meant to make you fall in love with it, as the theme/champion might not be for everyone.”
        Isn’t that precisely how it is?

        • We understand and it’s sensible to challenge perceived assumptions as they might be held by fallacious arguments. The only way to know if they hold is to challenge them.

          You nailed the idea of the reviews very well. The reviews are meant to guide not to tell people what to like or purchase. The idea is that you have an evaluation with which you can agree or disagree but that, ultimately, will help you in forming your own opinion and allow you to make the best choice for you.

          People are different so we can’t have a general solution to which skins are better and which are worse. We all have different tastes and rate different characteristics with different weight. That’s why, having one opinion as a frame of reference it’s easier to get an idea of what the skin offers. We do think that there are certain basic features to consider but it’s largely a subjective affair.

          Keep the challenges coming. We are ready to defend our opinion or change it if we are wrong.

  10. any thoughts on the upcoming chromas for lunar goddess diana? I feel like a couple of them shore up some of the weaknesses of the original skin by incorporating more somber and metallic tones (turning what currently looks like pure costume into something more along the line of ornamental armor).

    In general I’m also wondering if or how you will incorporate chromas into reviews in the future, especially since
    1) the new slate of chromas seem to take the concept much more seriously by incorporating minor texture changes as well as palette swaps, and
    2) semi-annual IP sales for chomas and the option to buy them individually mean that they have a much smaller impact when considering how much more expensive they might make a skin.

    Thanks for these reviews, I don’t even check the store without reading up now – love the insight and attention to detail!

    • Glad that you find the reviews useful. We work hard to make them a good guide for the prospective buyer.

      We have separate reviews for the base and skins chromas. As chromas increase the quality of the textures the ratings will reflect it. We specifically made the reviews in view of the IP sales. We don’t recommend buying chromas with RP because they are expensive and not all of them are unpacked even. When all are unpacked we might have to offer individual ratings for the chromas but for now the pack reviews work.

  11. I think the blood moon diana is beautiful, and you rated it only 3 stars? Can I ask why?

    • As far as supernatural skins go for Diana, Blood Moon is the best. However, Blood Moon seems like a combination of Dark Valkyrie’s gloomy feel and Lunar Goddess spiritualism. It’s good and improves on the previous skins yet technically offers as much as a 975 RP skin and practically reminds of the similar themes. That doesn’t mean that it’s a bad skin but at 1350 RP a skin is expected to define a distinct identity. Instead it relies on previous skins but, more importantly, can be just a superficial as other skins.

  12. First of all – I find these reviews compelling and enjoyed reading through your summaries.

    I hoped that the Blood Moon Diana would bring some new flavour to our ever bland pot of skins, but I was soon to be disappointed. The creators have just missed the plot with Diana’s concept skins and how they relate to the ‘defender of the moon’ concept. All very unassuming and skins that don’t suggest any kind of threat – more of a self-proclaimed assassin without much threat, and anyone that mains Diana knows this burst power that is often so shocking.

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We agree, the explosive feel of how Diana attacks is often absent from her skins. With Infernal they could’ve done something interesing by employing bursts of fire. The skin is good still but because of its calm, smoldering personality rather than her explosive charm. Blood Moon is similar, instead of gushes of blood we get subtle mists of crimson. It’s not bad but not exactly what would fit Diana the best.

  13. When will your review of Dark Waters Diana be released? Looking forward to it :3

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