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League of Legends: Brand Skins’ Review – StrategyZero
Oct 112012
Brand, the Burning Vengeance
Brand, the Burning Vengeance

Brand, the Burning Vengeance is, for all intents and purposes, the fire elemental of the League of Legends. His skins don’t reflect this well and instead of playing with different facets of his theme simply give him a few clothes. Fortunately, there are exceptions to this rule and interesting ideas are implemented. Sear all doubts about his fireproof wardrobe by reading his skins’ review.

Apocalyptic Brand
Apocalyptic Brand Splash Art Apocalyptic Brand Model
Category: Regular
Price: 750 RP
Concept: Brand dressed as a post-apocalyptic wasteland survivor.
Model: Major model changes for Brand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: In the distance structures burn surrounded by the emptiness of destruction. A figure appears before them wearing a gas mask and a metal vest. That isn’t all that catches the eye, there’s something more strangely: his skin is ablaze, but he isn’t burning. That’s quite a good setting, showing devastation and a dense atmosphere proper of a nuclear apocalypse. Brand is reasonably depicted: the metal reflects light and the trousers look like leather, though the boots not much. Besides, the flames are subdued but passable yet the flamethrowers still look strange. On the whole, is a very interesting piece but it feels too mute and barren.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Apocalyptic Brand has a promising concept but a questionable execution. The clothes are uninspired but technically correct so as to resemble an inhabitant of a wasteland. In addition to this, his forearms are armed with flamethrowers which try to detach the fire from his self. However, his head still burns so while the flames on his hands can be explained he doesn’t come across as a mutated human in the end. Therefore, the skin aims to make turn him into a mutated survivor wielding flamethrowers but instead he resembles a fire elemental with clothes and unnecessary flamethrowers. To sum up, the concept is interesting but the execution doesn’t fully realize it.

Vandal Brand
Vandal Brand Splash Art Vandal Brand Model
Category: Legacy
Price: 520 RP
Concept: Brand dressed as a biker gang member.
Model: Major model changes for Brand.
Particles: No new particles.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: No new sounds.
Splash Art: Overly diffuse and without much detail the setting isn’t very clear but a reasonable guess is possible: a bar. It could very well be a cottage or similar rustic place but let’s say that a biker would prefer the former. Aside from a few items on the table in the foreground there’s only Brand to speak of so let’s get there.
The portrayal that Brand receives is appreciably good: not only does it allow for a rather clear view but also it’s sensible in the given context. The quality certainly is sharper around his body. The expressive face and well lit clothes allows each texture to display their own personality. The lack of hand flames is a bit strange given that Brand is uncontrollable fire; as the table and bar flames reveal. Regardless, it makes sense when having a pint of a rather hot beverage; literally it seems. The depth of field effect on the legs and left arm seems a bit abrupt as they aren’t that far from the central focus of the piece; especially the arm. Still, they are detailed and the general intention is good.
All in all, it’s quite a good depiction of Brand within a reasonable context. The background is too empty, even considering that Brand may dissuade patrons from staying, and the setting ends up feeling lifeless. The portrayal manages to rescue the splash art and as a presentation card it does perhaps too good a job for what the skin ultimately is. After all, the detailed depiction displays more than what the model can provide which can be a bit deceptive.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Vandal Brand is an unexciting skin that simply gives him some leather clothes and that’s it. On the one hand, the clothes are appropriate and convey the intended look. It even passes for a homage to Ghost Rider; something that can be a plus. On the other hand, he doesn’t appear particularly striking: it’s just a clothed Brand and nothing else. In summary, a modest concept joins an unimaginative execution and the result is a rather plain skin.

Cryocore Brand
Cryocore Brand Splash Art Cryocore Brand Model
Category: Regular
Price: 975 RP
Concept: Brand as an ice being wearing a complex containing suit.
Model: Major model changes for Brand and blue flames.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, taunt, joke and dance.
Animations: No new animations.
Sounds: New frost sounds for Pyroclasm and Blaze’s explosion.
Splash Art: The background shows an abandoned facility where machines are either broken or in dire need of repairs; even debris appears to be falling. It’s not very clear what sort of place it is: is it a place to contain Brand or a laboratory for experiments? Regardless, it sets the frame; though barely. Brand stands on a side wearing a complex suit; full of tubes that converge on his body. His hands look made of ice but not his head, still they all burn with flames with the aspect of frozen air. It isn’t a bad portrayal but, sans the flames, the depiction isn’t striking. Furthermore, the chest shows some problems with his pectorals. In conclusion, it’s a good splash art that serves its purpose well but leaves the feeling that it could’ve been amazing; it sure has elements to do so.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Cryocore Brand is an excellent skin that takes a good concept and accomplishes a stunning appearance. The suit is very interesting as it looks like it protects Brand as much as it contains his power. Multiple tubes course over the suit connecting the plates with his body and his blue-black aspect also reflect the theme which is perfectly rounded by the amazing particles. Actually, the particles are simply coloured blue to appear as cool flames but the resulting aesthetic is impeccable. It’s a good demonstration that how much is changed is as important as how well it is performed. In conclusion, Cryocore Brand is an excellent skin: it gives another feel to a classic theme while providing a fantastic appearance.

Zombie Brand
Zombie Brand Splash Art Zombie Brand Model
Category: Legendary, Legacy
Price: 1820 RP
Concept: Brand as a brain-eating zombie set on fire.
Model: New model for Brand and green flames.
Particles: New green particles for his auto-attack, abilities, taunt, joke, dance and footprint trail when walking.
Animations: New animations for his auto-attack, abilities, standing idle, walk, emotes, death, re-spawn, recall and capture.
Sounds: New voice over for Brand and new sounds for his auto-attack, abilities, death and re-spawn.
Splash Art: In a dimly lit crypt a man in flames screams. Closer inspection of the subject reveals his tattered clothes and torn flesh. His dead body being animated by an unholy energy that erupts from his hands and head. The premise is attractive but the setting a little too blurry. Still, Brand’s portrayal is quite good, the perspective adds to his death-defying aspect to make him look menacing and even powerful. Besides, the clothes are very well delineated to show the abuse of his undead existence. Overall, it’s a nice splash art but leaves the nagging thought that it could’ve been spectacular with a little more refinement.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Zombie Brand really does turn Brand into an undead corpse: the skin provides a complete set of new animations as well as a new voice over and new particles to back his aspect. The decrepit look is accomplished despite the fact that a suit is rather ill suited for a battlefield; an undead mage or warrior could’ve fit better. The animations are excellent and truly deliver the strain on his body due to the failure of multiple muscles and sinews. In addition to this, the new voice over complements the previous elements with a rough voice and slurred speech for suitable zombie quotes.
Unfortunately, the green flames and imperceptible sounds are a bit disappointing. They do look good and appear a bit more capricious than his usual ones. Nonetheless, while a flaming zombie isn’t a bad idea it seems like the particles chose to stick to Classic Brand’s formula too closely while the other elements went an extra step to deliver the zombie theme. This is even more pronounced and noticeable after the particle update. Currently, Classic and Zombie Brand’s abilities look almost identical. Gone are the wavy flames and gaseous effects and all we have now is a re-colour of the classic visuals; the auto-attack stain is missing too. At a legendary level, this is completely unacceptable.
Therefore, the skin feels and acts like a zombie but a zombie with fire powers; his pyromancer nature remains intact. To sum up, it’s a great skin that truly delivers the feel of a zombie but doesn’t push hard enough to effectively round the theme.

Spirit Fire Brand
Spirit Fire Brand Splash Art Spirit Fire Brand Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Brand as a blue, flame-wielding shaman.
Model: New model for Brand and new spirits for his recall and dance.
Particles: New particles for his abilities and auto-attack.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack and recall.
Splash Art: With some effort a platform is noticeable behind Brand and, perhaps, some ground around it. That would explain where he may be standing but, given the abstract style of the background, it could’ve made more sense to have him floating in the spiritual world that he’s supposed to draw his power from. Except from mentioned elements and some twisting gusts of fog around Brand there isn’t a setting to speak of and, certainly, no context. Seeing as Brand is then, essentially, posing it should be a rather good portrayal. Mostly, it is but there are caveats to be had. For starters, from the waist down it’s all mystery as that’s omitted even though the perspective could’ve easily been farther away. It could’ve also taken the extra room to depict spirits and all kinds of supernatural happenings around him but we are too close for any of that. What is visible, though, is good. The flames suitably feel unnatural, not quite right and the same goes for the shaman they emanate from. His body is charred and cracked, he lacks lips and his hands are white, like his eyes, full with power; to the point that his tongue seems to be fire itself. Such power seems to overwhelm him as it tries to escape his body even from his chest and shoulder and part of his back appears to be crumbling. The only proof of normality, so to speak, is the golden ceremonial mask which the blue flames give a disturbing hue. If one conclusion is to be drawn is that it might be better to give this shaman a wide berth before the power defeats his will.
This means that we have an evocative portrayal that is full of feeling and that draws the viewer in with multiple significant and telling details. Sadly, there’s not much of a background to frame such a spectacular depiction. Regardless, it’s an impressive splash art that stands out among League of Legend’s pieces due to its moving display.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Part undead, part shaman it could be that the spiritual might that fuels his flames has made him blue; which could be understandable if it made sense. Colour whims aside, the tribal clothing and ceremonial mask have nice golden decoration but the bluish cloth gets lost on Brand’s body. Speaking of which, the mix of charred and burning skin looks rather nice but the parts that would course with magical power lack a bit of a glow. The head and hands get away with it thanks to their flames but a little touch in those places would’ve better communicated the idea.
His abilities aren’t just re-coloured they also receive new designs with ghastly white streaks and eerie sounds that communicate the theme quite well. Conflagration does seem merely re-coloured and the same can be said about his passive, Blaze. Conversely, Sear is styled like a claw and both Pillar of Flame and Pyroclasm have the shape of a spirit, the former also surrounded by additional spirits; whom aren’t that easy to notice in their movement but that provide the abilities with a different feel. The recall reinforces the concept of wielding a dangerous power that veiledly runs through the skin. Three spirits are summoned that immediately turn on the shaman and the message is clear: the price has to be paid.
All in all, Spirit Fire Brand is a fine skin that feels like a re-colour at times. It asks for a closer, more attentive look to really distinguish all it offers and doesn’t disappoint at that. It also doesn’t impress as much as it could as the flames still feel as such and don’t fully transform into evil spirits that consume the shaman’s victims. There’s room to develop the concept further and, at this price, it is expected. Fans of Brand will find a skin that finally dares to modify his flames from the stationary versions that even the legendary Zombie has been made to adopt. Admittedly, the changes aren’t as revolutionary as they could be but, along his tribal clothing and ceremonial mask, manage to define the identity of a shaman consumed by the spirits he draws power from.

Battle Boss Brand
Battle Boss Brand Splash Art Battle Boss Brand Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Brand as an 8-bit level boss.
Model: New model for Brand and new alternating lights for his suit. New pixellated flames for his head and hands as well as his dance.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New high-speed run, death and recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: Chaos in 8-bit world as the presence of the gigantic level boss disrupts the very engine of the game. With collapsing surroundings several ghosts fly and platforms of earth float. It’s certainly a perilous situation from where only a true hero can emerge victorious. Sadly, he seems to be right at the centre of the boss’ attention. The setting doesn’t have much rhyme or reason except for showing the destruction that the boss is capable of. Hero, ghosts, digital barrier and low-poly platforms are good features but the only ones that have any meaning. The rest, even if the context makes sense, is empty and devoid of relevance.
Titanic in proportions and with a presence that disrupts surroundings we find Brand between elaborate and simple shading though lines tend to be sharp. The lower body is largely omitted with a noticeable blur to cover most details and a difference in size between thighs that seems too abrupt to be believable. Moving up, the left arm is completely concealed behind a knee while the right arm, though a bit diffuse, shows its familiar design; though the energy is not very convincing: neither pixellated nor vibrant enough. The torso shows nice shading with good use of light and several details. The chest light is a good touch to make the conflict with the hero the centre of the piece. The energy on the head, like the buster-hand, is just as unconvincing because it also doesn’t have a concrete design. The face also appears cartoony and simpler in contrast to the surrounding areas which show good use of light. The visor, on the other hand, is quite well done in its pixellated yet hi-tech glory. In few words, even if the portrayal is interesting, it’s noticeably uneven.
On the whole, this is a splash art that has a good concept behind. The setting partially supports the idea while the portrayal ends up hitting almost as much as it misses on the proposed scene. There’s a lot to like about the piece and it really has potential to be great but the problems it has certainly work against its lofty aspirations.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Somewhere between Cryocore and PROJECT there’s Battle Boss Brand trying to find its place. The new model isn’t bad looking and original in a way. It’s also somewhat bizarre halfway like a suit Megaman style but never fully robotic. It’s certainly eye-catching not only for the fanciful design but also because of the lights that lit up on his back; it’s a nice touch though it can go unnoticed when in action. The pixellated flames are mostly a consistency addition yet they work wonders in defining the identity of the skin; when they do look like pixellated flames and not simple energy. Seeing as the model doesn’t seem to have a clear message to tell the flames are a welcome, concrete piece of information; usually.
Particles follow on that trend and while they are attractive the blue flames do bring memories of Cryocore, more than Spirit Fire even, and too many times they look like undefined energy. The strict adherence to the classic design also restricts the appeal of the particles. Without exaggerating, most abilities look like their classic counterparts but with less granular pixels. Fortunately, there are exceptions that add some personality to the abilities. Auto-attacks are just an array of pixels flung at the enemy. Although different from flames they aren’t innovative. Blaze displays stacks as little flames at the top of the burning enemy and also adds a soft and appealing glow as well as some flying pixels; the stack counter seems useful. Sadly, the explosion as stacks accumulate is just pixels following the classic flame template. Something similar happens with Sear as it’s just a pixel fireball. That also extends to Pillar of Flame but to a point. The grid on the floor is a good touch and the binary code at the centre of the eruption of flames lets the ability stand out. Conflagration was never particularly visually impressive and Battle Boss doesn’t dare challenge that. The few pixels that mark an affected enemy are as subtle as they are weak. Pyroclasm mostly follows the classic routine but has the little advantage of transforming the bouncing fireball into a Pac-Man ghost with alternating blue and white tones. Add to this a bounce counter and, while the ultimate is far from impressive, it does have personality; the counter also seems useful.
Sounds stand between chiptuned flames and static. They are noisy and usually without saying more than that. At times it seems like the classic flame sounds were processed to sound in low quality midi or chiptunes. Sometimes, they simply add loud chiptunes that would fit any generic attack. If there’s one sound that does stand out it’s the countdown tone of Blaze’s explosion. It’s a subtle in crescendo that merely warns of the inevitable with a clear yet appealing low quality. There are other specifics worth noting. Pyroclasm’s bounces also have a high-pitched sound that sticks to mind as well as the explosion of Pillar of Flame; though they are less memorable than they should be. Sadly, the rest of the sounds mostly mesh with each other like white sound.
The recall is a demonstration of power that only leads into something relevant at the end: the portal. The new high-speed run animation, majorly used by homeguard, shows one arm providing sensible propulsion while the other lazily hangs around instead of holding the whole of Brand on the air. Finally, the death animation pixellates Brand and leaves a mark of pixellated ash. It’s a great call back to his classic death but it would fit him better if he actually seemed to be a flame-based being. Battle Boss isn’t very clear about whether flames or energy is Brand’s source of power so the death, though quite appealing, can feel detached from the idea of technological power that fuels the Battle Boss.
All added together, it’s clear that Battle Boss Brand suffers from a lack of focus that never integrates the classic and Battle Boss personas together; even if it draws heavily from the former. There’s an evident respect for the classic design while the Battle Boss concept is never well defined; as if the skin is never fully sure of what it entails. In fact, aside from the pixellated powers it’s difficult to assert of any concrete element. There are references and ideas but nothing that truly defines the concept. With such a loose concept the skin lacks a clear direction to follow and that is felt across all aspects. The result manages to bring some appealing 8-bit style but never adds up to a well defined personality.

Arclight Brand
Arclight Brand Splash Art Arclight Brand Model
Category: Regular
Price: 1350 RP
Concept: Brand as an ascended being of light.
Model: New model for Brand and new alternating lights for his suit. New light-based flames for his crown and hands. New flames for his joke, taunt and dance.
Particles: New particles for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall.
Animations: New recall animation.
Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto-attack, death and recall plus processed voice-over.
Splash Art: A temple of simple yet tall columns and a vaulted ceiling is the place where a group of hooded figures have summoned a creature which could very well be their doom. There’s a context but, as the description indicates, it’s superficial. The background’s lack of clarity only supports such a claim.
Brand appears with a comic book look to him. The shadows and highlights make him look like a superhero instead of a supernatural being. The shading is rather good but dark and only in clothes and skin. The armour looks dull, more like bronze than gold, which is a missed opportunity to take advantage of reflections and refractions from his glowing hands and crown. It’s clear that he’s a being with light powers but his portrayal says nothing else.
All added together, we have a shallow piece which catches the eye with its use of light and shade. The context also captures attention but with few clear and relevant elements. Architecture says nothing just like Brand’s stance. The nuances which add depth to a splash art are unused. What the piece does is give a useful look of Brand’s new look.
Rating: Star clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZeroStar clip art used in skin reviews at StrategyZero
Conclusion: Arclight Brand intends to look like a fantastic being wielding light as a power. The problem is that he can very well be a superhero from a modern film. Between the decorated suit and partial armour as well as eye-catching visual effects the model seems at odds between fantasy and comic book heroics. There’s no doubt, though, that the model is pleasing to the eye. It just doesn’t seem supernatural.
Abilities changes flames for light effects with shards of light which still behave like fire. They are supported by metallic vibrations which give a quiet but distinct feel to attacks; though they seem brief and frail. Ablaze’s light-based flames are nice while Pillar of Flame’s shards and ground mark stand out the most. Projectiles look rather simple with Pyroclasm almost looking like a bigger Sear; at least the brief trail of shards is good. Explosions seem weak and lacking personality. The death effect is an appealing touch and while the modified emotes are nothing noteworthy the adaptation is welcome.
The recall is a joke as explained in the PBE thread: “Brand breaks through the glass ceiling to truly ascend.” It’s a lacklustre and meaningless animation that fails to add anything meaningful to the skin’s theme so, it’s a wasted opportunity.
All in all, Arclight Brand seems not to be focused enough in being a magical being of light. There’s a superhero look and light effects which seem too shy and too afraid to demonstrate their real nature. The result is a skin with an identity that lacks strength. Looks are good, in many cases, but nothing is memorable or striking.


Brand’s skins mostly give him a set of clothes, or zombify him, and call it day. At least, Cryocore Brand stands as a glaring exception: the skin takes another angle for his fire theme by choosing a distinct and appealing polar interpretation. Thanks to this it’s the recommended purchase though the other offerings aren’t terrible.

Without a doubt, Spirit Fire Brand is a skin that stands out but the first impression is certainly of his strange colour. The shaman overwhelmed by the spiritual power he wields is noticeable, with some effort, and the evil spirits are a constant presence in his activities; though they seldom truly overwhelm him as they should. It’s a skin with a distinct personality but probably too much unexploited potential for its price.

Battle Boss Brand is an appealing skin but despite its lack of focus. Pixels and chiptunes aside it’s never clear what or how Brand is powered and identified as. There are some attractive features but the skin is unable to add up all of its characteristics into a concrete and appealing whole. In spite of that, it does have its charm and the 8-bit touch is certainly there.

Both Apocalypse and Vandal Brand are simply clothed versions of Brand but if you like their style they can be worthy purchases. Still, be aware that clothes are all you are paying for because it’s all these couple of skins provide. A theme is stated but simply and without any fanfare.

The legendary option is Zombie Brand which does a great job in all areas except for the particles. For all intents and purposes they are the same used for Classic Brand. There are some minor differences but in practical terms they are too difficult to notice. The rest of the skin, though, is great, which is a pity, as a legendary skin can’t get away with such an uneven implementation. Fans of Zombies and Brand will find much to like but also a letdown in the visual department.

Arclight Brand tries to offer a fantasy-based theme but the result is a skin that looks too much like a superhero. It surely doesn’t help that light effects, in both visuals and audio, are seldom interesting and lack the feel of proper light. Looks are good in many areas so the skin has its appeal but there are many rough edges.

  78 Responses to “League of Legends: Brand Skins’ Review”

  1. Good job, really nice reviews. Keep it up. Can you review the new championship riven and miss fortune skins please?

    • Thanks, glad that you like them.

      Both Championship Riven and Miss Fortune reviews are on their way. The former as soon as she’s released and Miss Fortune soon this week.

      • Man i got zombie brand and i know its minor but in death animation hand supposed to go out in grave right ??? in mine hand goes out somewhere else..:D is that bug with skin or just for me,is something with settings???

        • That certainly sounds like a bug. Drop a line to support in case you want to make sure Riot is aware of the bug.

          • how can i do that ???

          • And can they fix that ???

          • You can submit a support request in this page. The problem would most certainly affect everyone that uses Zombie Brand so it’s in their best interest to solve it.

          • i forgot email cant log in ….can u do that ?? im not that good with this kinda stuff just wanna play 😀 copy my text and i don’t know 😀

          • You can still play even with the bug. It’s just a small annoyance when Zombie Brand dies; which he shouldn’t as he’s already dead. It’s bound to be fixed anyway.

            You only need your username and password to log in; not the e-mail. If you have login problems, check the support pages or try to contact support some other way. Perhaps on social media. If you do so, remember to keep your personal information and passwords secret.

          • Can it be couse i play on laptop ?? i mean configuration and that stuff ??? maybe on better com it works ??

          • Strictly speaking, it’s possible that there’s some compatibility issue that could make things difficult. Support should be able to help in that regard. Still, that wouldn’t be the first suspect when talking about bugs or login problems. If you can’t contact support try to get some technical advice if you keep having problems. Hope you can solve everything satisfactorily.

  2. Hey, the reviews are really great, and I mean all the reviews on this website. But is it possible to review Mordekaiser, Pantheon and Nautilus? Since they are my favorite champions with some nice skins.

    • Thanks for the kind words, we are glad that you like them.

      We’ve added them to the list and we’ll review them as soon as possible.

  3. Hey there,
    I’ve read all your reviews and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you an answer of a pretty general question(LoL related).The question is:
    If you can put in order 5 of the best 975RP skins, which will be they? (won’t ask you why because you have pretty much everything explained in the reviews)
    I’m asking because I bought a 20$ RP card and I’m completely torn about which skins to buy ( when they go on sale of course lol).

    • In your particular case we would recommend to also consider how much you like the champion. There are some fantastic skins that may belong to champions that wouldn’t ultimately be played much. However, if you really like a champion then the skin may be used a lot despite any flaws it could have.

      Still, as a general rule, five star skins are a purchase that will very rarely disappoint and may even make a champion more attractive. In the coming future, Blackthorn Morgana, Tyrant Swain and Sad Robot Amumu will probably go on sale and are all great skins. The same can be said about Soul Reaver Draven and Full Metal Jayce.

      These are just a few good skins, in no particular order and not necessarily the definite best, that will be on sale soon. As you see, there’s a wide variety of champion roles and concepts: from pure fantasy to sci-fi. You may even want to wait for Mecha Kha’Zix to go on sale as it’s not a bad skin at all, just a little overpriced.

      To sum up, buying great skins is definitely a good idea but don’t forget how much you like the champion. Soul Reaver Draven is quite nice but Draven’s attitude may be something that not everyone can stand. Something similar can happen with a role, Frost Queen Janna is great but some people find supports boring.

  4. Well, I have a few more questions and they are:
    Do you think buying a legendary skin is a good decision or it’s just a skin which is not worth it for that much? If you think it’s a great investment, I would ask you to point out some of the most worthy skins of the legendary ones.
    Are there any particular dates when limited skins come out ?

    • Firstly, legendary skins are a large investment so it’s always better to buy them if you really enjoy and regularly play the champion. There’s little point in spending so much and not using it. Besides the skin itself should be attractive in both concept and execution. Considering their price, it’s reasonable to expect a skin that goes above and beyond to please the player.

      Secondly, recent legendary skins are finally modifying the whole of the champion: model, particles, animations and sounds. In other words, practically nothing of the classic skin remains; though there are always a few particles or details that stay. Eternum Nocturne and Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath are interesting offerings for fans of the respective champions.

      Gatekeeper Galio and previous legendary skins aren’t bad but they aren’t as developed as those previously mentioned. For instance, Gatekeeper Galio doesn’t have any new animations for his emotes or recall while Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath even has a new animation for critical hits.

      Limited and legacy skins are released during special events, two of the most famous are Harrowing and Snowdown Showdown. Although, there are others like Lunar Revel. Still, they may be released at any time, like the end of a Season.

      Limited skins never return. Legacy skins return depending whether they are seasonal or not. If they aren’t seasonal they return in sales from the Legacy Vault. If they are seasonal they return during the related season. Therefore, Harrowing and Snowdown Showdown skins will be available at least for a few weeks each year.

  5. Hello. I wanted to point out that Vandal Brand may be a referance to “Ghost Rider”.

    • Agreed, it has some elements in common. Unfortunately, the reference is rather light but it could be an attractive trait in some cases.

  6. There’s new sounds for Cryocore’s abilities. His ultimate, at least.
    And by the way, did you happen to take a look at the autoattack sounds for Dragonfist Lee Sin? Just wondering.

    • Will have to give Cryocore Brand another look as we haven’t noticed any difference; nor for Dragon Fist Lee Sin’s auto-attacks. We’ll keep looking, as there seems that little changes are being sneakily added; like Blitzcrank’s dance receiving the sounds from iBlitzcrank.

      • Yeah, even if there aren’t officially new sounds, I still hear them and they improve the skin’s quality for me. Thanks for taking another look though.

        • Not at all, actually, every bit added to make the skins more special helps and it’s good to know they are there. We’ll keep watching; and hearing.

  7. IMO Brand also has a slightly different sound that resembles icy sounds when using his Cryocore skin

    • We didn’t notice anything but considering recent sneaky additions it’s possible. We’ll give it another look, thanks.

  8. Cryocore’s ult has a new sound when it hits a champion.

  9. Hi. Can i still buy This Zombie Brand Skin in November?>????

    • Yes, Zombie Brand is a legacy skin and should be available this Harrowing/Halloween by the end of October and beginning of November.

  10. Great reviews, I really like and appreciate the detail that you go into!

    Do you have any speculations as to weather the zombie brand skin will be available the coming harrowing?

  11. Dear Zero.

    I was wondering if is it really a good idea to wait for Zombie Brand for October?. Im still thinking of buying Corporate Mundo. Even though i got TPA Mundo, Corporate seems a interesting skin.

    • Take into consideration that Corporate Mundo is an old legendary skin so it does show its age. Zombie Brand, on the whole, is a more elaborate skin. There are some qualms to be had but the skin displays another technical level with respect to old legendaries.

      While both are interesting options for fans of the respective champions the technological difference is noticeable. In fact, old legendary skins sometimes only justify their label due to the new voice-over; like Gentleman Cho’Gath.

      The safest course of action would be to wait until Zombie Brand is made available and then, with both options on the table, pick one. In the meantime, you can further investigate each skin and see what they provide and which one you like the most. Also consider the concept and which champion you play more.

      In the end, Corporate Mundo isn’t going anywhere, except where he pleases, so you can wait and make a good decision. Legendary skins are quite an investment so it’s a good idea to be really sure that you are going to make the most of your purchase.

  12. Zero, you seem to have missed the distinct purple trail left by Apocolyptic Brand’s auto attacks and spells! Was this on purpose or just kind of forgotten?

  13. i dont know if i want to buy dunkmaster darius or zombie brand? or maybe infernal nasus? what do you think about those skins?

    • They are all quite nice or at least Dunkmaster Darius also gives that impression. Of course, they all have differences, not the least that some are more serious and a better fit for a fantasy battle than others. In general technical terms they all appear the justify their legendary category well.

      You should consider which champions you play the most and which concepts you like more. They are have clear and different identities so that can help you decide.

      Next we should check the implementations. Dunkmaster is a funny skin that is charming due to the effort in making Darius a basketball player.
      Zombie also makes an effort in transforming Brand into a zombie and it also has a funny angle though not as pronounced.
      Finally, Infernal is Nasus after a bath of hellfire. It fits the fantasy style well but has some trouble feeling like a great improvement over the classic style as the visual upgrade improved Nasus a lot. It’s still a great skin with an interesting and clear identity.

      Each skin has a high point: Dunkmaster and Zombie their animations while Infernal has an impactful ultimate. So each skin provides something unique that sets it apart from others. The question is: which of these characteristics do you appreciate the most?

      Take that in mind and don’t forget about your personal preference: you may like basketball more than zombies or Greek mythology. Consider which skin would ultimately get the most use and you would enjoy the most. After all, it doesn’t matter if a skin is technically impeccable but you don’t like the idea behind it.

      • Really, thank you :D. You really putted a lot of work into this site, and to give people really good answers ;D thank you very much, I hope many more people will see this site.

  14. I think Cryocore Brand has frost sounds for his autoattacks and Q too, not sure about W and E. Would you mind checking?

    • Just checked and we think it’s only for his ultimate. The sounds seem somewhat frosty but it’s the same crackling fire as in his classic incarnation.

  15. It should be mentioned that in his Cryocore and Zombie skin that he has new particles for his Joke, Taunt and Dance as well, since such details are mentioned in many other skins.

    • You’re absolutely right; specially, considering that Cryocore Brand, along with his classic self, have gone on sale over the weekend.

  16. What about Spirit fire brand?

    • Looks nice though for a new model with particles and sounds it could perfectly fit at 975 RP. We’ll see if anything else is added. For now, it’s certainly good but not enough to shine at 1350 RP.

  17. is it possible if you would take a look at spirit fire brand on pbe, and help me decide if i should get spirit fire or zombie brand?

    • Certainly, if you value particles over animations then Spirit Fire Brand is a better option. After the particle update Zombie Brand’s abilities mostly look like the classic ones. The new animations are good though and Spirit Fire only has new particles and sounds; besides the new recall.

      Take into account that Zombie Brand will be available during Harrowing by the end of October. It’s quite possible that by that time Spirit Fire was released and there would be a review ready for it.

      Regardless, it depends on what you are looking for in a skin. As a legendary, the classic particles have made Zombie a bit of a letdown but the rest of the skin is quite good. Spirit Fire is more centred on the particles and sounds, which are rather nice, but it doesn’t offer as much as Zombie.

  18. As a huge fan Vandal Brand, I was hoping the splash update would be cause for an update to its review here. Do you have plans to update your reviews along with Riot’s changes to older splash arts?

    • We always try to update splash arts reviews when new ones are released. We had this review ready to publish in fact but we forgot to update. The new splash review is published now; thanks for the notice.

  19. Hey zero

    Just was wondering when the next time zombie brand will come back out


    • It should return with the new Harrowing event that is being quite conspicuous by its absence. Perhaps it’s just delayed. We’ll have to wait and see.

  20. Hi zero
    I’m so confused where is horrowing patch ??
    Do you know when it will come ?? 🙁

    • It could be delayed due to the World Championship. We have no idea what’s going on with Harrowing but we hope it’s only a matter of time before it arrives in all its glory.

  21. I believe he has a revoice in Crycore brand, does he not?

    • Not as far as we know, he should have the same voice-over as in classic. Perhaps there’s a specific server that has a different voice-over for Cryocore but we only know of Zombie Brand to have a fully different set of audio.

  22. I was wondering if Zombie Brand will be on sale in 2016.

  23. I like how Brand’s updated passive made his skins alot more appealing. Cryocore makes it feel like you’re shock freezing enemies, while Zombie brings out the “virus outbreak” setting ingame.

    Speaking of Zombie Brand: the addition of Zombie Nunu’s green goo with matching liquid sound effect compliments really well with the skin.

    • We weren’t aware that Zombie Brand had borrowed some green goo from Zombie Nunu. We gave all of Brand skins a proper re-check and the truth is that our opinion on the particles hasn’t changed. They are all rather similar to classic with only a few changes to display the few different themes they reflect.

      We did notice a new sound for Cryocore Brand’s Blaze’s explosion though. Sadly, Zombie Brand still doesn’t have particles worthy of its legendary status. They aren’t bad but neither are they at the expected level; particularly like current legendary offerings show. Thanks for the information.

  24. So with this new shop in the client I got spirit fire brand for 70% off at 405RP. I already own vandal brand via hextech chests but is this buy worth it, it is quite an expensive skin I suppose and the price is way lower than when it will be (possibly next year) on half price

    • You certainly won’t see Spirit Fire Brand this cheap again; sans some special sale or event. If you like the skin’s style and you play Brand then this is a great price to get the skin. Spirit Fire is not as big of a departure from the fire-wielding persona he often has; even if the intention is to make him all ghostly and supernatural. Still, there’s enough to make the skin worth playing. At that price, we’d say don’t miss it if you like Brand.

  25. Hey Zero, would you recommend Cryocore Brand? Its gonna be on sale this February.

    I’ve read your review of it and watched it’s spotlight. However, the blue flame particles is just basically are recolored? and the sound effects sounds the same as base Brand? is it because of his Mage Update months ago or I’m not properly checking.

    Well I like the cool blue flames but if it only offers a recolor particles will it be a worth buy? I mean since the voice over is the same and there are no recall animation.

    There reason I’m considering Cryocore is because I can’t afford both Zombie & Spirit Fire XD. But if both Spirit Fire & Cryocore are on sale which one will u recommend?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Yes, we would recommend Cryocore Brand. It’s a very nice skin with an interesting concept and a good execution. The particles are, indeed, re-coloured blue but after the VFX update most of the skins employ the same base particles with only a few modifications added on top for Zombie and Spirit Fire. Cryocore also has a couple of new sounds to further the cold flames idea.

      Truth be told, despite Zombie and Spirit Fire being more expensive their particles don’t deviate much from the classic design. In fact, it’s one of our main criticisms of both skins and especially on a legendary like Zombie.

      For a fan of Brand we don’t think that Cryocore would disappoint. It doesn’t have the extra additions like animations or a full set of new sounds. Regardless, we think that Spirit Fire doesn’t go all out into the supernatural ideas it has and so much feels familiar. With regards to Zombie, it’s a skin to get for the animations more than particles or sounds.

      In summary, Cryocore has a relevant and distinct feature: a new colour for the flames. Neither Spirit Fire nor Zombie venture far from it with only small additions to the flames. They add animations and more sounds but, given the higher prices, Cryocore does a very good job.

  26. Nice skin review, again.
    What do you Think is The Best brand skin with The New Battleboss Brand?

    • Thanks, glad that you like the review.

      We still think that Cryocore Brand does a lot with, admittedly, simple changes. The feel of the skin is accomplished and it stays distinct despite new offerings. Zombie is nice but expensive and its main appeal is in the animations; a skin for dedicated fans. Spirit Fire has potential but not all of it is realised. In many ways, it ends up standing out more for the new colour than the new flame shapes; which aren’t always as obvious as they should be.

      With Battle Boss Brand we find that the skin lacks focus and so does many things but never coalesces all the changes into an appealing whole. It’s good but we find that the changes don’t stand out as much as they could’ve.

  27. Another great review.

    What dk you Think about the new Battleboss Brand?

    • We like the idea of the skin but we find that the concept isn’t well defined and so the implementation doesn’t have a clear direction to follow. The model isn’t clear about what it tries to show, the particles rely too much on the classic flames with only a few distinct additions; sans pixellisation. The sounds are mostly apt support and the few new animations, while good, aren’t enough to make the skin stand out.

      Overall, the skin could’ve been quite appealing but we don’t see final product taking advantage of all the features it could and should’ve.

  28. Hey there Zero!
    I always love reading your reviews, as I learn a lot from them. For Brand, I really liked the design of Spirit Fire Brand, but after reading the review, I also found some major flaws about the skin. To be honest, Cryocore Brand does look pretty neat, but I prefer the 975 skins with new recalls, like Frost Blade Irelia. Battle Boss Brand looks OK in-game, but a bit too chunky, and all the other skins deserve their ratings. Should I just buy Cryocore Brand, buy some other skin at the same price (Would you recommend Ravenbore LeBlanc? If so will it go on sale this October, like it did the last year?) or should I just wait for a better Brand skin to come out?
    Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work!

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      We agree that Cryocore Brand is starting to show its age a bit but it’s still well done even if there’s no recall and the execution could have more depth. Perhaps if you get the skin on sale it would offset the lack of a new recall. Truth be told, the recall isn’t as used as abilities are and those are nicely adapted in Cryocore.

      Spirit Fire Brand doesn’t feel like it takes advantage of its tier to have a deeper execution of its theme. It has good features but the classic base is clearly visible. In the future a new skin for Brand ought to come, eventually. Still, it could be something you don’t like or the skin may not be good. There’s Battle Boss for instance though with its retro concept.

      We would surely recommend Ravenborn LeBlanc, we gave the skin five stars. In our opinion it’s one of the best skins there are with the only problem being that it’s a legacy skin. This Halloween it should be available again and, if you are a fan of LeBlanc, you can’t go wrong with that skin. Perhaps Cryocore Brand at a discount and Ravenborn LeBlanc would be a better option than hoping for a great, new skin for Brand. It could happen, no doubt, but this two skins are a reality that you can analyse to see if you do like them.

      Not at all, we’ll keep the reviews coming.

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