These are some of the best websites dedicated to League of Legends:

League of Legends Wiki: the top resource for information about the game. From detailed champion pages to statistics’ descriptions and lore of Runeterra; this website covers the whole game.

The League of Legends Social Networking Fansite: the social network for League of Legends players. This versatile website features a forum and a chat plus a platform that allows the formation of groups, sharing photos and videos, creating events and forming friend circles. Furthermore, you can find fan art, fan fiction, a tournament federation and site affiliates.

Dominate Dominion: dedicated to the Dominion game type this website offers guides tailored to Dominion’s unique game-play, a forum and live streams for ongoing Dominion matches. It also has an in-game chat, DominateDominion, for easy team assembly before landing on the Crystal Scar.

Leaguecraft: a website with many great features: champion guides, news and red post forum tracking. You can also find champion, masteries and skill builders to analyse the effects of each item and point spent before a match. It also provides a great directory of custom skins where you can find remarkable works like Starcraft Ghost Ashe, White Knight Poppy, Cloud Strife Tryndamere, Ichigo Yi, Samurai Akali and Harbinger of War Janna.

MOBAFire: probably the largest guide archive available covering anything from champion builds to jungle tutorials and laning advice. Guides are rated so the best ones are easy to distinguish, it even has a section for guides made by professional players. Additionally you can find planners for items, masteries and runes and a complete database on champions, abilities, items, masteries, runes and Summoner spells.

SoloMid.NET: home of Team SoloMid, it features a great library of guides and videos on champions and general game advice. If you want guides made by professional players, this is a good place to start your search. It also features a red tracker, game news, a forum and various streams. home of Team Counter Logic Gaming this website features guides by the team’s pro players, streams, red tracking, a forum and paid coaching.

Team Fnatic: a professional gaming team with players across many different competitive games. Team Fnatic is the winner of the League of Legends Season 1 Tournament, their website features: streams, a forum, blogs, tournaments, contests and a shop.

LoLbase: a database website with player and match statistics. From the most played champion to the amount of wins, loses and leaves a summoner has, LoLbase keeps tracks of an extensive quantity of data.

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