May 062014
SKT T1 Skins
SK Telecom T1 Season 3 Commemorative Skins

SK Telecom T1, the World Champions of Season 3 inspire a set of skins with a distinctly modern style. At a glance they seem like mere merchandise but a second look reveals a few relevant details that add to the personality of each skin. Do you want to know more? Keep reading the SKT T1 skins’ review.
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Feb 272014
Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void
Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void

Knowledge, the most precious of resources, but something so valuable asks for sacrifices. To learn, it’s necessary to break, disassemble and take apart that which is under study. No piece should be ignored and all shall be considered as part of the whole. Come and take a look at a thorough analysis of our present sample: Vel’Koz.
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Feb 082014
Team Spirit Anivia, Vancouver Amumu, Ice Toboggan Corki, Union Jack Fiddlesticks, The Mighty Jax, Festival Kassadin, Whistler Village Twitch and Curling Veigar
Winter Games 2010

Winter, snow covers every surface and the stern face of the competitors is reflected on the pristine ice. Their minds are focused and their bodies ready: there’ll be no other outcome but victory. Alas, only one can come on top, who could it be? Let’s take a look at the valiant participants of the Winter Games.
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Jan 292014
Lunar Goddess Diana, Dragonblade Riven and Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere
Lunar Revel 2014

The Moon looks down from her dark throne on the ravaged land below as warring kingdoms vie in incessant skirmishes and drawn-out battles. Their mundane stakes don’t concern her divine interest but the courage of those that protect the defenceless elicit her blessings. Whether with a dragon-blade or a humble stick this Lunar Revel they’ll find their bravery shines like never before.
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Dec 202013
Snowstorm Sivir, Winter Wonder Lulu and Snow Day Ziggs
Snowdown Showdown 2013

Snow, snow everywhere! Well, not in Shurima at least. A white coat has covered the whole town so it’s only natural that everyone wants to join in the fun. Decorate the fa├žade with ice snowflakes, bring your poro out and leave a snowy trail as you slide with your sledge. It’s the time of snow everywhere, around these latitudes actually, so brave the cold and have a day on the snow.
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Dec 202013
Candy Cane Miss Fortune, Ragdoll Poppy, Silent Night Sona, Reindeer Kog'Maw, Nutcracko, Re-Gifted Amumu and Santa Gragas
Snowdown Showdown 2010

Santa is here and it seems he’s had more than a pint too much. Fortunately, the helpers are ready to shoot the right spirit; even if it means literally. They can also smash it into people and if anyone feels threatened remember that there are lots of gifts and nuts which you won’t want to return. Never mind all that, it’s time to stop worrying and enjoy a wonderful interpretation of Deck the Halls surrounded by family and friends. Let the Snowdown Showdown start.
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Dec 202013
Snow Bunny Nidalee, Earnest Elf Tristana, Happy Elf Teemo, Old Saint Zilean and Sasquatch Nunu
Snowdown Showdown 2009

The elves are here and they bring presents, sweets and good wishes for everyone. They also wield some ranged weapons so naughty ones may choose to stay away. While they won’t do anything that Old Z couldn’t Chronoshift back to normal it’s usually wise not to anger the sasquatch. With that out of the way, let the Snowdown Showdown commence.
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Dec 132013
Yasuo, the Unforgiven
Yasuo, the Unforgiven

The wind marks a destination but also an origin. As Yasuo wanders the world following breezes and the gusts, his travels take him to all kinds of unusual places unlike his native Ionia. Knowing well that meshing with the locals is quite helpful Yasuo has started to add variety to his wardrobe. Let’s see what identities this ronin can adopt.
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Oct 302013
Officer Vi and Haunted Zyra
Harrowing 2013

The night’s murmurs carry the whispers and cries of something alien, inhuman. The forces of order will have to investigate the nearby forest, because the trees have darkened and their forms have been twisted lately. There is a presence that is affecting the vegetation and it won’t be long before its influence spreads towards the city. With one step, an officer treads into the darkness and the leaves send the message.
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Oct 292013
FrankenTibbers Annie, Bewitching Nidalee, Definitely Not Blitzcrank and Haunting Nocturne
Harrowing 2011

There is a certain night when the veil between what we see and what we aren’t supposed to wears thin. It is said that during that time it’s possible to bear witness to events that challenge our comprehension of reality. There are occurrences that may very well shatter the delicate glass container that holds one’s sanity. But that’s what makes it all so interesting, isn’t it? So keep reading and find out the strange visitors we welcome tonight.
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