Oct 052011

Roaming and backdooring is a viable strategy in Dominion. They are situational tactics that aren’t useful if you constantly apply them and forget to defend your points. However, used at the right moment they can help solidify your lead or help in a comeback.

When you plan to roam the first purchase should be Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility. Both are good items: the former’s bonus is constant, the latter’s is temporary but higher. If your champion’s base movement speed (MS) plus the boots’ bonus MS is at least 400 buy Boots of Swiftness (bonus MS: 90), if it’s less buy Boots of Mobility (bonus MS: 130/70).
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Sep 262011

Dominion is a very different game mode from Classic. Moreover, the layout of Crystal Scar drastically changes how the game it’s approached. At this point the metagame hasn’t fully developed and modifications to Dominion are to be expected. Because, after all, tanks and off-tanks (fighters?) do reign supreme. Regardless, the map layout won’t see any big variations and therefore there is much that can be planned before a match.

The first thing that has to be noted is that all along the control points and lanes, everything is visible. Only the ring between the lanes and central part, with the Storm Shield buffs, is covered in fog of war. Map visibility makes map awareness key to be effective in capturing and defending points.
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Aug 052011

Armour and Magic Resistance (MR) provide a percentage of damage reduction (DR) against physical and magical attacks; respectively. The percentage is neither direct nor is it linear. In other words, 10 armour or MR doesn’t provide 10% DR. Moreover, adding 10 armour or MR doesn’t increase DR by 10%.

Taking the damage multiplier (DM) for armour and magic resistance from the League of Legends Wiki, the equation behind damage reduction is DR = (1 – DM)*100 < => DR = (1 – (100/(100 + V)))*100; where V equals the value of armour or magic reduction and DR is the percentage of damage that is reduced.

In-game values verify this formula: for V = 30 armour or MR then DR = 23.08% damage reduction. Table 1 shows the corresponding DR for values of V from 10 to 1000 with increments of 10.
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Jul 142011

A carry champion can be built in many ways, the most obvious ones being focusing on attack damage and attack speed. Which one is better? Is a combination of both feasible or is it better to have a pure build? What happens if we add critical hits? With some numbers and calculations it’s possible to get an answer and to, at least, have some backup theory for building a carry.

For the first part of the analysis let’s ignore critical hits or assume that they don’t happen; probability = 0. Under such assumption the following table shows how the average damage per second (ADPS) is modified by attack damage and speed.

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