Dec 142011

How do you manage a losing streak? I have no definite answer to that question. I have to admit that I’m not a very good player, or in other words I’m a bad player. I lose a lot so I have some experience on losing and experimenting losing streaks. We are all different so I don’t think there’s only one answer to this question. Nonetheless, I can tell about my experience and you may find something useful.
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Nov 302011

There’s been much talk recently regarding the rework of Sivir. Some players love the new Sivir and other hate her. I won’t try to convince anyone if she’s good or bad now; or if she was. The truth is that she was underplayed but the few players she had, loved her.

After the rework many things changed for Sivir. Let’s see where she stood and where she stands now. Sivir fulfills three roles: carry, pusher and, to an extent, support. The roles are clear and they imply that Sivir was viable in any of them.

In reality, the old Sivir was a weak carry, a good pusher and a respectable support champion. However the remake was aimed at making her a better carry, as stated by Statikk here. Let’s go over the patch notes to see what was modified:
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Sep 152011

The new game mode for League of Legends, Dominion, will add more than another map to an existing game. From its capture mechanic to the new items, Dominion presents itself as a strong alternative that can completely eclipse Classic.

In all fairness, Dominion is nothing new to battle arena games. Demigod did it before and while interest on it has waned the concept remains fresh. Many questions arise about the impact of the change: we are moving from simply destoying turrets to capturing points and undertaking quests.
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