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  1. I would realy love to see more skins for rengar. It’s sad that he only have one skin.

    • He’s not the only one in dire need of another skin. Truth be told, champions with only one skin should receive another sooner than champions with multiple ones. From the look of things, we’ll have to be patient.

  2. riven pulsefire or talon blood moon?

    • They are quite different skins but we did find Blood Moon Talon rather disappointing. Pulsefire Riven doesn’t capitalise on all of its potential but it’s an appealing skin. Consider which champion and skin concept you like more as they are so different. That stated, Pulsefire Riven’s adaptation is better realised than Blood Moon Talon’s.

  3. dreadnova darius or soulstealer vayne?

    • Depends on what you are looking for. Firstly the concept: Soulstealer Vayne has a supernatural theme while Dreadnova Darius is dark sci-fi. Secondly, the execution: Soulstealer is more even but a bit superficial while Dreadnova has some nice features but there are areas that haven’t been changed from classic.

      Neither is a bad skin if you are looking to craft. The questions are which concept do you like the most and what kind of execution you prefer. You can find a more detailed evaluation of each skin in the respective skin reviews.

  4. hello, a question, is it worth it to buy yourself a odyssey kayn?

    • If you like the skin we’d recommend to wait for the early sale to get it at 1350 RP. It usually happens six months after a skin release and Odyssey Kayn is a good example of a skin that would benefit from it. The adaptation doesn’t realise the skin’s potential and a legendary skin should definitely feel special.

  5. Atlanten Syndra or Star guardian Syndra?

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