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Poro King
Snowdown Showdown 2016


Period: 14th of December, 2016 to 9th of January, 2017
Bundles: The Original Gang, Frosty Fighters, Root and Shoot, The Slay Riders, Snowdown Speedsters, Chilly Companions, The Snow Day and Snowdown Snowtale Set
Note: the bundles include the respective champions and reduce their prices depending on which content you already own. In case you don’t own a champion or skin in a bundle the price rises by the appropriate price.

You better keep your poros safe because snowballs are flying and there’s no telling what could happen to them. Granted, the apparition of a certain saviour could change everything but he can’t possibly be everywhere and the Queen of Snow can be a cold monarch to appease. Perhaps you could tempt her with some gifts that might thaw her heart a bit. Then we’ll see who can dominate in this duel of propelled snow and ice.


Legend of the Poro King Is Back, All Hail the Fluffy King!

The usual repertoire for events arrives in this Snowdown Showdown and then some. Most of it is of the commercial kind but there are a few exceptions of note. For starters, Legend of the Poro King returns with a few extra snax to shake things up a bit and warm it all up. In addition to this, there’re lots of icons to get either paid with RP or crafted.

One exception is the Poro King icon which can be unlocked by simply playing a game of Legend of the Poro King by January the 9th, 2017. Speaking of icons, Dark Star and Star Guardian poros are back and they still work to outfit your faithful poros in the expected styles. Without doubt, they are the palpable choice for the discerning poro owner.

Hextech Crafting Galore, It’s All Really Simple

If you like Hextech crafting you may be interested in knowing that you can get Snowdown Sweets not only from Hextech Chests but also by buying them with 200 IP on the weekends; limit of two Sweets per weekend day. With those Sweets you can unlock the Snowdown icons and the respective emotes: Re-Gifted Amumu, Poro Snax Lover and also the Jolly Penguin and Gingerbread Man icons.

In case you find yourself in need of a hefty 10-pack of Winter Chests then you also get the Snowbells icon and emote as a bonus. Be warned that emotes and sweets expire on the 16th of January, 2017. There’re also all kinds of different chests and other stuff that the crafting specialists will find of use. For us, the uninitiated, we can rely on the support page for Snowdown 2016 – Crafting, Chests, and Legend of the Poro King; thankfully. There’s also a list of the daily new chests that appear for easy tracking of the various Snowdown Chests; in case it all wasn’t complicated enough.

The Legacy Vault Is Open Once More, but Only Halfway

Good, old, legacy skins are back on the store. There doesn’t seem to be any discounts though but there’s still the yearly, so far, possibility of getting anything you might’ve missed. Some skins that could be of interest are Professor and Tribal Ryze, Emerald Taric, Frozen and Yellow Jacket Shen, Blacksmith and Noxus Poppy, Desert Trooper Garen, Road Warrior and Secret Agent Miss Fortune, Deep One Kassadin, Firefighter and Guerilla Tristana, Longhorn and Matador Alistar.

All of the respective champions have had visual upgrades in 2016 or 2015 so the skins now reflect a more updated look. Of course, there are many more champions that have been upgraded visually and you can find a handy list at the Champion Update Schedule page. For more information an all the legacy skins back in the store consult the reviews for Legendary (1820 RP), Epic (975-750 RP) and Rare (520-460 RP) skins.

Snowdown Legacy Skins Old and New, Respect the Elders and Welcome the Young’uns

Even though the crafting bias is obvious there’s still the expected arrival of three new legacy skins and a new ward skin. Besides, you can find mystery gifting, to yourself or others, for when you are feeling generous; to yourself or others. For those so inclined, the Poro King himself arrives in plush form at the Merch store. If you find yourself needing a mobile dose of Snowdown Showdown you can do so with the Royal Poro Snax Factory.

Finally, there’s the usual return of legacy Snowdown Showdown skins. Skins from all past events return to the store and also do bundles. For this year skins are assembled in their respective yearly bundles. While this doesn’t eliminate the variability in quality it better organises expectations. There’s a quick rundown of the bundles below. Have a great and ironically warm Snowdown Showdown!

The Original Gang

Total Skins’ Price: 2600 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 1920 RP
Total Bundle Price: 4053 RP
Discount: 26%

A blast from the past, this set of skins shows its age but some retain their charm nonetheless. In particular, Earnest Elf Tristana stands out thanks to the recent visual upgrade that the Gunner received. The same should be said about Snow Bunny Nidalee but it’s only a re-colour. For the most part, this is a bundle for those that like the old school branch of Snowdown skins. However, if you prefer skins that venture deep beyond textures and slight model changes you won’t find much here. You could say that it’s a set for the connoisseurs, with ups and downs but no real highlights.

Frosty Fighters

Total Skins’ Price: 5915 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 4436 RP
Total Bundle Price: 7856 RP
Discount: 25%

This is another bundle that collects skins with quite some Snowdowns under their belts. There are some nice skins anyway though others are evidently behind the times. Although they tend not to go far beyond model changes both Ragdoll Poppy and Silent Night Sona break the mold with a few extras; which allow them to stand out. Reindeer Kog’Maw does as well but the skin is too tied to the classic look. Candy Cane Miss Fortune benefits form a polished look thanks to the visual upgrade which helps its appeal as a re-model. The rest, sadly, clearly show their age. Therefore, if you are just after the best options of the bundle there may be too much fluff attached in this case.

Root and Shoot

Total Skins’ Price: 3900 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 3120 RP
Total Bundle Price: 5720 RP
Discount: 20%

This bundle also includes skins mostly restrained to re-models. Regardless, Mistletoe LeBlanc is rather charming, Snowmerdinger has appealing turrets and Toy Soldier Gangplank benefits from a few, subtle, new animations. Then, there’s also Festive Maokai, which stands on a league of its own as an example of what not to do. Considering that the discount is low and that the best skins aren’t that great, though nice, the bundle may not be interesting enough considering the paltry Christmas tree it comes with.

The Slay Riders

Total Skins’ Price: 3900 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 3120 RP
Total Bundle Price: 5392 RP
Discount: 20%

This may very well be the best Snowdown bundle and one of the best sets of skins for the season. For fans of snow and Christmas if there’s one bundle they shouldn’t miss, it’s this. Not only are the skins attractive in their interpretation of the festivities but they also are chockfull of new particles and even animations as well as sounds to make their personalities stand out. The discount is small but the skins are simply great so if you like this mischievous quartet then this bundle is the ideal way of catching them.

Snowdown Speedsters

Total Skins’ Price: 3300 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 2805 RP
Total Bundle Price: 3995 RP
Discount: 15%

Not unlike the previous bundle, though not as great, this is another bundle with some nice skins. Snow Day Singed easily stands out with its appealing Portablizzard backpack. Snowstorm Sivir and Winter Wonder Lulu aren’t bad by any means but they don’t embrace the concepts as they could. To a point, their implementations are more serviceable than florid though they remain appealing options. Overall, it’s a good bundle with a couple of skins that have potential for more but that shouldn’t disappoint if you don’t expect greatness to be reflected on their icy surfaces.

Chilly Companions

Total Skins’ Price: 2925 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 2486 RP
Total Bundle Price: 4730 RP
Discount: 15%

Practically in an identical situation as the previous bundle, this one has one skin that stands out and a couple that are good though not as impressive as they could. Snow Day Malzahar has an effective display of snow magic that makes the Prophet particularly appealing. Poro Rider Sejuani and Winter Wonder Orianna do have some attractive additions but their executions can feel uneven with areas that show less skill in capturing their themes. They remain appealing, though, which makes the bundle a good option unless you only want the best of the best.

The Snow Day

Total Skins’ Price: 3675 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 3123 RP
Total Bundle Price: 5610 RP
Discount: 15%

This bundle includes skins that show effort yet are unable to transcend beyond good. Snow Day Syndra may be the closest to reaching greatness because of its impressive display of snow magic and a charming set of clothes. Sadly, it’s a skin that offers just as much as cheaper skins of her yet without having any supplementary addition to cement its identity. Regardless, it’s an impressive skin at its best. Neither Snow Day Bard nor Snow Day Gnar have the same dedication as they seem to adapt what’s classically there in a rather straightforward, even if still charming, way. On the whole, this is a good bundle of skins that includes good options that only need some extra effort to justify their price.

Snowdown Snowtale Set

Total Skins’ Price: 4050 RP
Bundled Skins’ Price: 4801 RP
Total Bundle Price: 7446 RP
Extras: Snowflake, Red-nosed Poro and Snowflower icon, Santa Penguin ward

The skins included in this bundle have charming potential that is squandered by complacent implementations. In all cases there are additional elements that could be exploited to round cohesive personalities for each skin. Sadly, those opportunities are ignored in favour of conventional, even if effective, adaptations. That’s not to say that the skins are bad but they brim with possibilities unexplored. That said, when concentrating on the best aspects of the skins they reveal their appeal even if they aren’t up to the demands of their chosen price tier.

Source: League of Legends News: Gather ‘round for Snowdown

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