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Trundle, the Troll King
Trundle, the Troll King

A usually overlooked yet powerful fighter, Trundle has been the victim of a concept with limited appeal: a decomposing curse. His brutish aspect and powers of decay are addressed by the re-work and turned into an ice-themed fantasy. Let’s take a look at how the new Trundle will be.

Out with the Curse, In with the Royalty

Trundle’s rotting flesh was never an attractive image despite the troll’s good nature. Now as a smart member of his tribe he raises a kingdom and becomes a more approachable but also more generic troll. His image changes from a caricature-esque pariah bent on saving his people to a deceiving monarch set for territorial conquest.

Classic Trundle
Classic Trundle

The new Trundle sure looks more sleek and polished, even more civilized, but he also doesn’t stand out much from the usual primitive yet sapient monster. The rough, spotted skin, ape-like feet and prominent nails are clear primordial features that his face and gear fight back. The club feels a bit disjointed and too advanced but makes for an effective connection to his ice abilities.

The spiky hair, humanoid face added to the crafted clothes and armour add a necessary example of Trundle’s intelligence. Strangely, his abilities don’t explicitly reinforce this as they rely on his brutality and newfound magic. Incidentally, it’s that same use of magic that subtly hints at a creature that isn’t as primitive as it seems.

A Club of Skins

Lil’ Slugger Trundle adopts a rather polished and somewhat comical approach at Trundle. The clothes are perfectly fitting so that he looks as a bestial but well adapted baseball-player troll. However, the bat has numerous nails on its end and the clothes some holes which affect the clean lines and aspect otherwise stated. The aim seems to be of a clean and clear baseball look so the rough additions don’t feel welcome.

Junkyard Trundle deviates more from his former look as it now embodies an almost wasteland aesthetic that greatly enhances his appeal. The crudely crafted armour and club work well with his inhuman aspect to practically embody a mutant. Conversely, the left sock seems unnecessary as the asymmetrical but plausible design of his armour already speaks clearly of Trundle’s inventive.

Traditional Trundle
Traditional Trundle

Traditional Trundle isn’t a bad throwback to his original style despite being evidently more refined and less visceral. The decay is present in a few visible muscles but the general style is rather polished for the theme. For instance, while the club and rags seem primitive they also feel clean. Still, the conventional look is conveyed so, if it also keeps the former voice-over and particles, it would make for a great choice for those that will always remember Trundle as a good natured troll-saviour.


The new Trundle feels more like a new champion than a revision of the selfless troll. It sure adds more civility and seems more fantastic thanks to his new ice powers. Regardless, as a powerful and territorial conqueror he keeps little of his previous goodwill and admirable determination to help, not use, his people despite the odds. The corruption was probably an issue but his good nature wasn’t and not much of that is left; whether in looks or in feel.

What do you say?

  4 Responses to “League of Legends: Trundle Rework Preview”

  1. Will Traditional Trundle have the original particles for his Pillar? Otherwise it would look just odd.

    • The reveal doesn’t specify so we’ll have to wait until launch to know for sure. Still, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to keep or adapt a bit the old particles.

  2. I’ve got to agree with you on the changes in Trundles storyline. Trundles story was actually what made him one of my favorite champions before.

    I’ll keep using traditional trundle after the rework set in, just because it still resembles the good-hearted old troll

    • Indeed, Trundle’s story of sacrifice was something admirable and worth supporting despite Trundle not looking his best. It’s possible to relate to the plight that the traditional Trundle bears but the new Trundle seems to put himself first instead of his people.

      Besides, it’s not just present in the lore but also in his looks. Good old Trundle looks like a good guy going through a rough spot whereas the new Trundle is in the opposite position. Sure, the new Trundle looks powerful and imposing but he just seems another tough guy set on world conquest.

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