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Lissandra, the Ice Witch
Lissandra, the Ice Witch

The mysterious Ice Witch finally makes her appearance in the League of Legends. Dark and foreboding shapes of ice mark her presence and only desolation she leaves behind. What can we expect about Lissandra’s look? How does she stand among so many champions? Read further into this preview of Lissandra, the Ice Witch.

Dressed to Chill

Impersonal, immovable, inevitable are all characteristics that befit ice but also Lissandra. She seems practically a manifestation of ice, thus carrying its characteristics, but put to twisted ends. As a monolithic ice statue there’s a clear reference to an immense power elegantly confined. Regal but detached, the Ice Witch seems beyond human comprehension despite her familiar shape.

Classic Lissandra
Classic Lissandra

In fact, her slender figure is far from frail as her lines reinforce her collected and planned actions. Her clothes are simple but with a design that gives the idea of something dark and hidden. Without doubt, the influence of H.R. Giger’s biomechanical works is present but fusing ice and flesh this time. Lissandra is a nightmare of ice with inhuman composure and unforgiving effectiveness.

Sinister Ice

Lissandra’s connection with her frosty abilities is evident but also nicely exploited. The pillar of ice from which she emerges becomes both a source and a manifestation of her powers. Her abilities make that evident becoming a malignant spectacle in ice form. While the ice doesn’t instantly seem as deadly as fire, her nightmarish constructs give it a new and welcome lethality.

Her movements give a sense of deliberate calm that makes explicit her lack of sensitivity but ample amount of judgement. Actions are well though but when in motion their result is unquestionable and implacable. Just like the ice that curses through her veins: she moves slowly but every step is inexorable.


Elemental mages are nothing new in the League of Legends as there are already some beings of unstoppable power in human shape: Syndra, Brand, Xerath; to name a few. However, none of them are as evidently sinister yet alluring as Lissandra. The fascinating Ice Witch brings something novel: a lugubrious taint to the otherwise pure and beautiful ice.

What do you think of her?

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