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Aatrox, the Darkin Blade
Aatrox, the Darkin Blade

Through the eons a hidden force has changed the outcome of wars and battles all across Runeterra. The earliest accounts come from ancient times and speak of adversary factions that felt its presence and witnessed changes they wouldn’t have conceived possible. If you want to know more about the Darkin Blade, meet Aatrox.

A Varied Recipe

At first sight, Aatrox looks like a pastiche of Kayle, Morgana and Galio carrying Varus’ stance with a huge, unwieldy, mystic and probably deadly weapon incorporated; similar to Varus’ bow. Closer examination reveals quite a bit of influence from the Soul Reaver and Darkstalkers series of videogames. Specifically, Jedah’s outline is filled with Raziel’s aesthetic and theme as a soul wraith to form the base of Aatrox.

Classic Aatrox
Classic Aatrox

His sword apparently echoes the design of the Daggertail from Prince of Persia: the Two Thrones but without any extensible capabilities. At a distance, Aatrox’s outline gives an insect-like feel but after closing the distance it isn’t as evident. Regardless, if Kamen Rider were another influence it wouldn’t be surprising.

Beyond the Surface

When we consider Aatrox’s personality and nature we find that some influences are rooted more deeply than just superficially. While his sword doesn’t actually thirst for blood, as the Soul Reaver would do for souls, he does. Conversely, Raziel constantly absorbs souls but he looks more decadent and nefarious than him. Moreover, his gracious fighting style and desire for carnage draw a lot from Jedah though their manners wildly differ while in battle.

Visuals aside, Aatrox feels like a god of war with the abilities of a wraith and the personality of a sociopathic demon lord. Surprisingly, this strange mixture feels more solid than one would expect. Aatrox can’t hide the multiple influences that mark its being yet becomes a credible and mysterious figure in a world filled with legends.


Aatrox appears as something more than a simple warrior in pursuit of glory and fame. He could be considered a force of conflict that revels and gets empowered in bloodshed; of which there’d be no shortage in the League of Legends. Ultimately, Aatrox leaves a good first impression as he seems to be an interesting character with an appealing and fitting aesthetic.

Even so, Aatrox’s concept raises many questions: will his influence affect Valoran or was he drawn to its constant conflicts? Who are the other Darkin? Will they join the League of Legends as well? What is behind the wraith look? We’ll have to wait and see what his announced arrival uncovers.

What do you think of the first Darkin to grace the Fields of Justice?

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  1. He looks..AWESOME <3

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