Jan 112013

Sometimes, it takes a different kind of hero to win a war. This commando unit has been assembled with serious specialists that prove that size helps avoid enemy fire. Greet Guerilla Tristana, Recon Teemo and Urfrider Corki a team to make enemies explode; literally.

Spectacular feats are they call but good ammunition can get expensive. So welcome the RP pull of the week: half price for their services. You can’t say that they won’t repay you with pretty fireworks.

Guerilla Tristana Splash Art Guerilla Tristana Model
975 -> 487 RP

Some say this is her war, as she’s been seen shouting exactly that while shooting at the air. Probably didn’t think about the price of the wasted ammo. It could be the reason for the sale but no one wants to argue with a mentally unstable yordle that permanently hugs her cannon.

Recon Teemo Splash Art Recon Teemo Model
520 -> 260 RP

The unseen one, camouflage is just one of Teemo’s skills. Still one can reasonably raise an eyebrow when seeing his equipment: a blowgun and mushrooms. Considering that few have walked away from his poisonous clouds there are no complaints. At all, the makeup even makes him look fierce; really.

Urfrider Corki Splash Art Urfrider Corki Model
975 -> 487 RP

Air cover comes from the hand of ace pilot Corki; piloting a hi-tech manatee. Yes, a manatee, and you thought that Teemo’s gear was ridiculous. How about when someone gets critically spatula slapped or receives a fish in the mouth as bombing? That should teach them.

Teemo, Udyr and Ziggs will support the team with their unequalled abilities. Because there’s nothing better than Teemo taking cover among a mushroom field while a huge bomb lands on your head and a mauling bear chases you.

Udyr Splash Art
790 -> 395 RP
Teemo Ziggs
Teemo Splash Art Ziggs Splash Art
584 -> 292 RP 975 -> 487 RP

Source: League of Legends News: Champion & Skin Sale: Mushroom Minefield

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