Aug 292012

We’ve decided to change the format of the front page to allow a section where news related to StrategyZero and League of Legends can be published. Twitter has been the platform used so far but its performance, or effectiveness, has been less than stellar. It’s true that we don’t tweet as much as we should but we are unsure about what kind of news or information, besides reviews, would really interest you. On the plus side, we can say that we’ve been busy re-designing the website to provide you with a better experience. So, we have a good excuse; as could be expected.

Actually, the website has seen quite a bit of tinkering on the unseen side. Pages are now lighter and load faster and the website should be more resistant to attacks; knock on wood, let’s hope nobody gets any ideas. Still, your guidance is paramount to helps us focus on content that you enjoy so if you like a champion to be reviewed or an article on a specific topic, please tell us. We may take our time but no suggestion is ignored or discarded without thorough analysis; just like any skin.

We sincerely hope you like the new design and please don’t hesitate to comment your ideas and thoughts on the whole of StrategyZero.

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