Jan 112012

It looks like Snowdown Showdown 2011’s last day wasn’t the only inaccuracy on the part of Riot recently. Yesterday, Lunar Revel skins were added as part of a new holiday on Valoran and to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The skins were announced on their own page, just like Harrowing and Snowdown skins are.

Lunar Revel Skins at the Store in 2012

In Harrowing this didn’t use to happen

As similar as these skins may seem their availability varies greatly. Harrowing 2011 skins are limited, which is clearly specified in their webpage, but Snowdown 2012 skins aren’t. Regardless, there’s no mention that they are legacy skins, just like Lunar 2012 skins. This led some League of Legends players to assume that they were considered legacy skins as well and so triggered a series of unfortunate events.

The fact was exacerbated by Lunar Revel skins appearing on the store under the ‘Limited Availability’ filter. Today they no longer appear under such filter and these inconsistencies have prompted several threads to ask about their status: one, two, three, four; just to link a few.

A few players have expressed their desire of a refund as the availability of these skins wasn’t clearly specified. A perfectly reasonable refund but the situation also raises a few questions: if they are regular skins: will they eventually go on sale? Furthermore, will the refund count towards the one-time-only policy?

Communication isn’t at its best

Looking back, something similar happened with Snowdown Showdown 2011 skins. Their availability wasn’t specified and so people wanted a refund, which Riot clarified, wouldn’t count towards the one-time-only policy. However, all this could’ve been prevented have the skins status been clearly stated, on both opportunities.

We’d love to know what you think about all this. On our part, the feeling we get is that the new regular/legacy/limited skin types policy has been more trouble than benefit so far. Especially when you find official responses like this which lead the reader to believe that as all holiday skins are legacy skins, Lunar skins should be considered legacy as well.

  2 Responses to “Lunar Revel Skins: Not Limited, Not Legacy”

  1. I bought the Panda Annie Skin.
    If i knew this I would have still bought it. I was waiting for Reverse to go on sale but I was under the assumption that Panda Annie was limited.

    However, I am happy with my purchase as she’s just so adorable =D
    I will no’t be asking for a refund

    • Panda Annie is a wonderful skin and it will take a long time for it to go on sale. There’s no reason to feel bad about a good and satisfying purchase.

      Lunar Revel skins seem to have been placed in a strange place as they are normal skins yet they are tied to a specific holiday. It’s a bit confusing but at least the quality of the skins makes purchases worthwhile.

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