Jun 122012
Warwick, the Blood Hunter
Warwick, the Blood Hunter

Warwick, the Blood Hunter is a viable champion both in lane and as a jungler. However, because of his innate sustain and ganking potential, post level 6, he’s usually played in the jungle. If you want a quick introduction to Warwick or some jungling advice check these guides.

Abilities Guide in a Minute

For a quick and intense look at Warwick’s abilities, check MalevolentVergil’s guide. In a minute it explains and shows how Warwick abilities work and they ways they can be used.

More League of Legends guides in a minute are available at MalevolentVergil’s Youtube Channel.

Basic Jungle Guide

This guide by iBlitzzLoL explains the basic game-play of jungling with Warwick. You can find a jungle route, how to gank and which abilities to use in team-fights.

More videos by iBlitzzLoL are available at his Youtube Channel.

Advanced Jungle Guide

For a precise jungle route and starting items check stonewall008’s guide. Also on display are useful examples of when to use abilities to maximize Warwick’s damage to neutral monsters.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


Jungle Warwick is probably the most common way to play Warwick. His abilities are extremely useful to catch a opponents from brush or to chase them down a lane. There are several builds in use but whether tanky or attack speed based, Warwick is a solid jungler for a team.

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