May 082012
Tristana, the Megling Gunner
Tristana, the Megling Gunner

Tristana, the Megling Gunner is a long range carry with ample mobility and a few extras like a healing de-buff. Tristana’s range allows her and easy time harassing the enemy and a safe position in team-fights. However, there’s more to Tristana than her range; like ability combos. To learn more about her play-style and take advantage of her abilities check the following guides.

Basic Tutorial

Reginald provides a basic tutorial about playing Tristana. The video starts with a rune build suggestion, then proceeds to explain Tristana’s actions during the laning phase. Afterwards, advice is provided on using and abusing her range, thanks to her passive Draw a Bead, and her Rocket Jump; in particular the cooldown reset. Additionally, there are examples of good positioning and kiting.

Buster Shot Tricks

Reginald offers a couple of interesting tricks with Tristana’s Buster Shot. The first is using Buster Shot to cancel a suppression. The second trick revolves around using Buster Shot while airborne after a Rocket Jump to increase the gap between an enemy and Tristana.

If you liked this tutorial and would like advice from professional players, check Team SoloMid’s Youtube Channel and website.

Game Commentary and Guide

LegendsCommentaries provides a traditional guide explaining Tristana’s abilities, with suggested runes and masteries. Next, a set of clips from a match are commented demonstrating Tristana’s game-play plus some additional tricks.

More game commentary is available at LegendCommentaries’ Youtube Channel.


While Team SoloMid videos are a bit lacking in terms of quality they do make up for it with good reliable advice by professional players. Besides, as illustrated by LegendCommentaries, there’s no doubt that Tristana’s range and mobility make her a good option for carrying a match. Moreover, her ability to harass at long range and reduce enemy healing help in providing a strong early game in addition to her strong late game. Overall, Tristana is a nice and viable carry with quite a unique set of abilities.

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