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Riven, the Exile
Riven, the Exile

Riven is a highly mobile mana-less fighter designed by Xypherous. In Summoner’s Rift she’s viable in both solo top and the jungle. Besides her multiple gap closers she also provides some disables, a knock up and a short stun, that help in ganks and when chasing. To learn more about Riven check the following guides.

General Impressions

ColbyCheeZe provides a analysis of Riven’s abilities in respect to other champions and how they reflect on her role in a team. There’re masteries, runes and items’ suggestions and also play advice based on her kit.

If you liked this video you can find many more, like ColbyCheeZe’s podcast, at his Youtube Channel and blog.

Ganking with Riven

Several examples of ganks are shown by stonewall008 in his ‘Ganking as Riven’ video. Broken Wings allows for her other abilities to be used between activations, so there’re plenty of cases to watch about how to make the best of her mobility.

Jungle Guide

Riven is also viable in Summoner’s Rift’s jungle so stonewall008’s jungle tutorial is a good resource to have a default jungle route and know when to start ganking lanes.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


Riven is fun fighter that can make great use of her abilities for mobility. They also provide her with Runic Blade charges which greatly amplify her damage; especially coupled with Blade of the Exile. Overall, while she isn’t as durable as most fighters and doesn’t have as much damage as a carry her unique kit grant her versatility without having to compromise her damage.

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