May 292012
Morgana, the Fallen Angel
Morgana, the Fallen Angel

Morgana, the Fallen Angel is a versatile League of Legends champion: she can fill the roles of both mage and support. Due to advantage her Black Shield provides against other mages she’s usually the AP carry of a team. To learn about her abilities and how to use them, check the following guides.

Abilities Guide

Ciderhelm presents an introduction to Morgana covering her abilities and her play-style. The guide starts with an interesting analysis of her abilities, describing basic and advanced details about them. Afterwards, several clips illustrate how to play Morgana and make the most of her abilities.

If you liked this guide you can find more videos, including the ‘Don’t Feed…’ series, by Ciderhelm at his Youtube Channel and webpage.

Game-play Guide

IZyze provides a guide on Morgana full of 16-bit nostalgia and gameplay advice. The first part describes Morgana, her role, pros and cons, showcases her abilities plus suggests runes, masteries and a recommended item build. The second part displays several clips of a Summoner’s Rift match demonstrating how to play Morgana in lane and in teamfights.

Warning: a couple of suggestive images and swear words.

More videos by IZyze are available at TheLuNaMaStEr’s Youtube Channel.

Stealing Dragon and Baron Nashor

Finally, Sullla’s short displays a couple of very well timed uses of Tormented Soil to steal Dragon and Baron Nashor from the enemy team.

If you’d like more videos from Sullla check his Youtube Channel, webpage and livestream.


Morgana is quite a viable support but as a mage she offers as much damage as she does crowd control so that the latter is the prefered way to play her. Moreover, Black Shield is a very useful tool to prevent incoming crowd control to her teammates or herself. Therefore, Morgana is quite a powerful mage that is equally able to deal damage and prevent it making her a great choice for any team.

  2 Responses to “League of Legends: Morgana Guides”

  1. She and Lux are so similar. I thought they were related in some way.
    Btw, can you review Warwick? Thanks.

  2. They are certainly alike, so much so that both have a spell called ‘Binding’ that roots the enemy. It could be said that they relate by the opposition of light and darkness.

    Speaking of reviews, we’ll gladly review Warwick; he’s now added to the list.

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