Apr 102012
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity
Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity is a long range mage with a devoted player base. While she is better played as an AP mage at mid she’s been built support at bot or even pure AD. The following guides provide a basic introduction to Lux classic mage style plus some extra advice.

Lux Basic Tutorial

ColbyCheeZe presents a basic tutorial on Lux’s abilities, generaly play-style and several examples of Finales Funkeln use.

If you liked this video you can find many more, like ColbyCheeZe’s podcast, at his Youtube Channel and blog.

Lux Combo Guide

If you want to maximize the damage from Lux’s abilites you should check Redmercy’s Lux tutorial. Redmercy explains how to trigger Lux’s Illumination in succesion resulting in a high damaging combo.

You can find more videos by Redmercy, like his LoL Moments series, at his Youtube Channel.

LUXtage: 100 Lasers Compilation

Sprelf has arranged with wonderful compilation of Finales Funkeln kills. If you are a Lux fan or like demonstrations of skill, good aim and ingenuity you should definitely check this video.

Source: League of Legends Forums.


Lux can be played in many ways but support-mage is the classic choice. Her long range and deceptively strong burst damage, thanks to Illumination, make her a solid pick for attacking opponents out of their range. While she may not compare to other mages in raw damage and her support options are few, Lux does provide an attractive mix of traits that few champions can equate.

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  1. How to get penta kill with lux can u suggest me some build ?

    • Considering Lux’s high range you may want to concentrate on building AP. Regardless, if you usually get close to enemies trigger her passive with an auto-attack a certain amount of defence would be good. We can’t recommend a specific build but a quick search on the most popular build sites should provide useful advice. To get a pentakill, you will probably need to make the most of her passive and ultimate so as to deal as much damage as possible.

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