May 222012
Janna, the Storm's Fury
Janna, the Storm’s Fury

Janna, the Storm’s Fury is one of the most used support champions in League of Legends. She provides multiple crowd control abilities in addition to shielding, buffing AD and healing. To learn how to make the most of Janna’s abilities, check these guides.

Basic Guide

Folie presents a basic guide on Janna that serves as a good general overview of the Storm’s Fury. The guide starts with an explanation of her abilities plus suggested runes and masteries. Subsequently, several clips are included that demonstrate Janna’s play-style in lane and team-fights as well as some tips on warding.

More videos by Folie are available at his Youtube Channel

Team Curse Guides

Team Curse provide a set of guides that cover in detail all aspects of Janna’s abilities and game-play. These guides are brief but filled with useful advice; some that stand out are:

Core Build Guide

The Core Build Guide recommends items and purchase order for effective support.

Synergies and Counters Guide

The Synergies and Counters Guide explains which champions work well with Janna in the bottom lane and which champions easily neutralize her.

Tactics Guide

The Tactics Guide offers advice on positioning, support during team-fights, protecting carries and assisting in kills.

More guides by Team Curse can be found at their Youtube Channel and their website: LoLPro.

Jungle Guide

Finally, stonewall008’s jungle guide is the best resource for a reliable jungle route plus tips on how to take advantage of Janna’s abilities to kill monsters more efficiently.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


While Janna isn’t known for her damage output she can be decisive in a team-fight and is certainly great help to secure kills. Support is without doubt the role Janna excels at though other builds are possible. Ultimately, Janna’s utility makes her one the best support options and a great addition to any team.

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