May 152012
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom

Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom is a mage that can easily turn the tide of any team-fight with his ultimate, Crowstorm. Crowstorm’s blink and area damage coupled with the healing from Drain make Fiddlesticks a viable jungler and effective ganker. Check the following guides to learn more about Fiddlesticks.

Basic Guide

This guide provides a basic introduction to Fiddlesticks, it shows how to use his abilities and how to combo them. Moreover, it displays several examples of good positioning and how important it is to effectively play Fiddlesticks.

If you’d like more videos by ThCakeIsALie, check his Youtube Channel.

Crowstorm Guide

Fiddlesticks ultimate, Crowstorm, can be used in many ways because of it’s initial blink and high area damage. Sunny’s guide covers the basics of how to use Crowstorm in addition to his other abilities. Furthermore, it displays several instances of how to use Crowstorm in the best possible way depending on the situation: ganking, tower-diving, team-fights, baiting and champion combos.

More videos by Sunny can be found at his Youtube Channel.

Jungle Guide

Fiddlesticks’ Drain is an excellent tool to jungle and his Drain make Fiddlesticks a very effective ganker. This guide shows starting items and a jungle route for Fiddlesticks as well as which abilities to use and how.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


Fiddlesticks is not only a powerful mage but also capable of impressive ganks. Additionally, his abilities allow him to fear and silence enemies making retaliation very difficult against a well played Fiddlesticks. Positioning and planning is essential to take advantage of Fiddlesticks. A a good amount of practice in this skills will greatly enhance the performance of any player and even more so with Fiddlesticks.

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  1. I played fiddlesticks many time just want to know what build is required to kill dragon alone ?

    • You’ll probably need some armour and even spell vamp to be able to tank the dragon and kill it. Also take into consideration that champions can’t usually solo dragon or baron until late in the game, maybe around level 16.

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