Jan 172012

Colours used to represent opposing features in League of Legends have always been close in the spectrum. For instance, teams are coloured purple and blue while health bars are green and red. The difference between these colours is the amount of red they have which isn’t easy to distinguish for those that suffer from dichromacy.

Colour-blind Mode in League of Legends
Colour-blind Mode changes several graphics

Fortunately that may be all in the past because League of Legends has joined the very short list of games that include a colour-blind mode. This mode was added on the 17th of January in the Sejuani patch along with the Wrath of Winter, controversial nerfs, welcomed buffs and a farewell to dodge.

How to enable colour-blind mode

While playing, press ‘Escape’ or click the ‘Option Screen’ button between the skills section and the mini-map to access the menu. Click on ‘Video’ and you’ll see the following screen. Under ‘Advanced Options’ you’ll find a check-box to enable Colour-blind mode.

Colour-blind Mode under League of Legends Advanced Video Options
Colour-blind Mode is found under Advanced Options in the Video menu while in-game

Colour-Blind mode in Action!

Champions’ health bar colours change, the former green bar becomes blue and the enemy’s an appropriate red. The same change is applied to minions’ health bars.

Colour-blind Mode as seen on League of Legends
Colour-blind Mode changes health bars colours

The mini-map also sports new colours. For instance, in Dominion captured points are blue while points in control of the enemy are red.

Colour-blind Mode colours on the League of Legends mini-map
Dominion points on the mini-map have distinct colours with Colour-blind Mode


Only time will tell if more games include options for colour-blind users. So far, colour-blind accessibility has been slowly gaining ground and League of Legends is one little important step on the right direction. Let’s hope that Riot’s move inspires other developers.

Source: League of Legends News, Sejuani Patch Notes

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