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Akali, the Fist of Shadow
Akali, the Fist of Shadow

Akali, the Fist of Shadow is an energy based kunoichi assassin. She is based on quickly closing the distance to an enemy and dealing high damage using her abilities. Her kit provides quick ways for killing an enemy but it’s quite important to know when to attempt a fight because she is quite fragile and seldom builds much health or resistances. To learn more about how to effectively use all of Akali’s potential, check this guides.

Basic Guide

If you are just getting acquainted with Akali or would like a light review of her abilities, exploreforce’s Akali Guide is your best option. The guide gives a rundown of her abilities, provides build tips, game-play advice and a few tricks about using her abilities.

If you liked this guide you can find more at exploreforce’s Youtube Channel.

Advanced Tutorial

As a devoted Akali player, Redmercy provides a deep analysis of Akali and her game-play. The tutorial starts with the compulsory abilities’ examination, runes and masteries; though the suggestions are a bit outdated. Then, Redmercy displays a great amount of plays showing Akali’s burst and anti-carry role in team-fights.

You can find more videos by Redmercy, like his LoL Moments series, at his Youtube Channel and additional tutorials at Machinima Realm’s Youtube Channel.

Jungle Guide

Akali’s passive Twin Disciplines allows her an easier time jungling due to spell vamp from Discipline of Might. If you need advice on a jungling route and starting items stonewall008’s jungle guide provides it.

If you want more jungle guides, check stonewall008’s Youtube Channel.


Akali is an assassin type champion whose best role in a team is that of an anti-carry. While she has enough damage to kill a tank it takes her too much time and they may even escape. High damage champions that don’t build health and resistances are her best targets. Any carry or mage will find it very difficult to escape from her Shadow Dance and survive her burst. However, Akali only has Twilight Shroud as an escape mechanism so she has to be very careful when initiating or she can be caught behind enemy lines unable to run away.

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