Dec 282012

Today, 28th of December, is Northern Storm Volibear, Arctic Warfare Caitlyn and Arctic Ops Kennen‘s final opportunity to catch the presents’ snatcher; before Snowdown is ruined. If you are interested in helping this trio of specialists then, of course, your RP will be welcome; because even in Snowdown RP reigns triumphant.

Truth be told, they seem to be in dire need of assistance so, embracing the spirit of generosity, they are offering their outfits and services at a discount if you help; yes, that desperate. You can’t say that it isn’t a good opportunity to help some friendly champions with their mission and get some nice extras in exchange.

Northern Storm Volibear
Northern Storm VolibearSplash Art Northern Storm Volibear Model
975 -> 487 RP

When a polar bear chooses to willingly wear fur clothes you can be sure of two things: the climate is completely uninhabitable and more than one can’t stop grinning at the irony. Maybe the coat isn’t as uncomfortable, heavy and oppressive as it seems but it does look that way. Regardless, he doesn’t look bad but it’s a rather peculiar idea.

Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Splash Art Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Model
975 -> 487 RP

To effectively snipe at low temperatures warm clothes are essential. They help steady the metabolism and allow concentrating when aiming; without shivering like a leaf. Still, Caitlyn just couldn’t wear practical snow boots: she needed her classy high heeled boots. She does looks quite nice and, to be fair, it could’ve been worse: she could’ve been wearing a fur bikini.

Arctic Ops Kennen
Arctic Ops Kennen Splash Art Arctic Ops Kennen Model
975 -> 487 RP

When meshing with the shadows, dress in black; when in snow, don white and warm attire. Kennen has definitely adapted to the cold climate with new suitable clothes and weapons. The clothes have a fine design, despite the wig, and kunai are surely more useful to carve ice than shurikens. Now, if only certain shadow ninja understood that white and lighting is his exclusive style.

Don’t forget that Volibear, Kennen and Caitlyn also offer their basic services at a discount as well. The situation sure looks bad so, as always, there’s no better option than to throw RP at the problem until it gets solved.

Caitlyn Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP
Volibear Kennen
Volibear Splash Art KennenSplash Art
975 -> 487 RP 975 -> 487 RP

Source: League of Legends News: Champion & Skin Sale: Save Snowdown!

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