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Today, 3rd of December, it’s your last chance to get in good graces with Lord Darius by helping him along Renegade Talon and Jurassic Cho’Gath apprehend the escaped prisoners. As if the Blood Brothers House wasn’t in bad enough state the Lord has to cope with the humiliation of a breakout. He’s even been forced to employ monsters and yordles; totally unfitting of a Noxian aristocrat. Therefore, your help in this matter will be rewarded accordingly.

As you can imagine, donations in RP are always welcome in Noxus and the Lord himself assures you that they will be put to good use in the capture of the prisoners; you head depends on believing his word. However, as he’s such a benevolent, and desperate, ruler he wouldn’t like to see you leave empty handed or handless. The Lord has agreed that for your entirely voluntary contribution you will get access to these individuals in his service:

Lord Darius Splash Art Lord Darius Model
975 -> 487 RP

Lord Darius is a man of his word and so he sets the example by offering abilities of such quality that they will make you lose your head; better not literally. In the end, he’s just trying to get more funds to pay for a more regal outfit. The one he wears may seem elaborate from the waist up but it’s actually quite dull and overall not regal enough for his stature. It’s your head and RP; so choose wisely.

Renegade Talon Splash Art Renegade Talon Model
520 -> 260 RP

Renegade Talon seems to be following his Lord’s orders but he’s actually trying to sneak away some currency to get himself a new set of clothes. It’s understandable as he’s been practically left to wear rags, well not exactly, but that’s no professional outfit for a keen assassin. It may be useful for blending in among crowds but with that aspect no court would receive him.

Jurassic Cho'Gath Splash Art Jurassic Cho'Gath Model
975 -> 487 RP

Now Jurassic Cho’Gath is a whole different case: he’s been starved to bones; literally. In spite of the pitiful state he’s in, as a true devourer from the Void, Cho’Gath manages to stay deadly albeit bony. If you want to see him return to a healthier state then he’ll reward you with spikes, screams and other peculiarities natural of his sort. Not a bad deal if you like your monsters huge but light.

In addition to them, Lord Darius would like you to know that another trio of individuals can also offer their basic skills for a small donation: Renekton, Corki and even Darius can join your battles. Yet, now wouldn’t be the best time to question what happened to his lordly armour. With the end of the month around and salaries to be paid; it’s a delicate topic that one.

Renekton Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP
Corki Darius
Corki Splash Art Darius Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP 975 -> 487 RP

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