Dec 102012

Today, 10th of December, the fire is extinguished and these champions finally escape back to civilization from Garen’s claws. Full Metal Viktor, Desperada Cassiopeia and Augmented Singed may be wondering how they got convinced to go camping with Garen but they are definitely sure that few things are as tedious. In fact, the boredom is so unbearable that these champions have changed their own prices so as to be summoned to battle more often and be as absent from the camp as possible.

Of course, no camp is full without marshmallows and tents so your RP collaboration, was obviously coming, will be put to good use between battles; as far from Garen as possible. However, remember that by tomorrow these discounts will disappear so rush to the store before Garen is left spinning alone in the middle of the woods.

Full Metal Viktor
Full Metal Viktor Splash Art Full Metal Viktor Model
975 -> 487 RP

It seems being a technology prodigy isn’t enough to escape from Garen’s constant nagging. Viktor may not be able to light a fire with wood sticks but he sure can invent a teleporting machine to sent him back to Demacia, or the Shadow Isles; unfortunately, the woods don’t deliver. Maybe Garen’s doesn’t get Viktor’s carefully designed cyborg body: lean, functional and great looking. Regardless, Viktor can rest assured that when the machine revolution takes places he can leave Garen as a lowly fleshling.

Desperada Cassiopeia Splash Art Desperada Cassiopeia Model
975 -> 487 RP

Desperada Cassiopeia would love to melt Garen’s annoying requests with her venom; however, that would be improper for a Noxian diplomat. Still, Garen should consider that even a classy dressed lady, despite her best efforts, has her limits. It’s said that when you hear the rattle, it’s already too late so it would be wise to leave Cassiopeia to her musings. Lest she throw her elegant Boss of the Plains on the ground in exasperation and give Garen a good gaze.

Augmented Singed
Augmented Singed Splash Art Augmented Singed Model
975 -> 487 RP

Augmented Singed laments that his vastly improved physique doesn’t let him outrun the bother of the spinning top. Why Mr. Dim can’t realize that a barrage of potent toxins is enough to dissolve people remains a mystery. The fact that his imposing muscular build doesn’t intimidate Sgt. Top is also a matter of concern. Maybe it’s the serum dependence, hard work and earning things is a common Garen-esque speech. At least, Singed can always fling Garen around some trees and see if that shuts his chatterbox; it would be just an experiment, obviously.

Additionally, there’s also another trio of champions that have put themselves on sale: Xin Zhao, Talon and Twitch. No price is low enough to get away from Garen so take pity in these poor souls and save them from the camp. They’ll be infinitely grateful for a trip back to the Fields of Justice.

Xin Zhao
Xin Zhao Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP
Talon Twitch
Talon Splash Art Twitch Splash Art
975 -> 487 RP 975 -> 487 RP

Source: League of Legends News: Champion & Skin Sale: Campfire Stories

  4 Responses to “Last Day of Full Metal Viktor, Desperada Cassiopeia and Augmented Singed Skin Sale”

  1. Good morning, im going to purchase augmented singed when its on sale again. Do you think it will be anytime soon?, just bought my first rp this week 😀 [By the way nice reviews I reccomended thos page to my friends 🙂 ]

    • Glad that you like the reviews.

      Seeing as Augmented Singed was discounted last year there’s a good probability that it will be on sale again this year. We are unable to give any specific dates but, as sales have now a higher amount of 975 RP skins in them than other prices, the chances are good.

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