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StrategyZero’s first post was published on July the 13th. Since then much has happened: the site was redesigned from its basic layout, article series were incorporated and we’ve associated with great websites like The LoL Fansite and Dominate Dominion.

StrategyZero's look at the end of 2011

2011 is coming to an end and we’d like to take a moment to reflect on all that you, our readers, have helped to shape. Your input and interest is what has made StrategyZero what it is today, so let’s take look at what we’ve covered.

Cost Effectiveness Series

The Cost Effectiveness Series were born from the need to maximize certain statistics. There are champions that excel when building a specific stat like Ashe, Rammus and Olaf. Even particular builds can be centred on maximizing a specific stat like AD or AP.

In all those cases it’s important to know how to get the highest bonus for the least gold possible. This series provided a comparison to discover the best items for raising each stat. We covered: Attack Damage, Ability Power, Health, Armour, Magic Resistance, Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Mana, Health Regeneration, Mana Regeneration, Life Steal and Dominion’s Items.

Dominion Strategy Series

On the 26th of September a new game mode was added to League of Legends: Dominion. With a radically different style of play from Classic the mode asked for new strategies and a re-evaluation of established staples. The Dominion Strategy Series aimed to analyze the new game mode and provide advice on how to tackle Dominion’s new challenges.

We’ve explored quite a bit of Dominion’s gameplay in many articles. We saw the metagame evolve from those chaotic and fun first games towards the current matches filled with tough choices and dynamic use of tactics. The articles discussed Capturing and Defending Points, Roaming and Backdoors, Teamfights and Numeric Advantage, Countering Team Tactics, Pushing Lanes and Farming, the Shyvana Patch Update, Pushing and Backdoors, Team Roles, Poking and Harassing, an Analysis of the Different Openings and Defensive Play.

Video Tutorials and Guides

There’s nothing like a good example to learn about something. The video tutorials and guides have covered the basics and specifics of League of Legends: from zoning to using Vayne’s Condemn in a team-fight.

We’ve featured a great deal of quality videos by many uploaders but some stand out like Ciderhelm, Sullla and ColbyCheeZe. They all have showed a particular style and a commitment for providing the best information and we wanted to share it with you.

Skin and Champion Sales Series

Harrowing saw the birth of this series where we spotlight the last day of every skin sale. Among them the most prominent was probably the Legacy Skin Project Sale where 21 skins were sold at a 75% discount and phased into the legacy category.

We’ve also found skin viewers to help in your purchases. With the incorporation of WebGL, it’s much easier to make and informed decision when outfitting your favourite champion. Additionally, champion sales like the Triple Threat Pack and 75% discount sales are included so that you don’t miss on the best deals League of Legends has to offer.

Looking up to 2012

At StrategyZero we’re intrigued about what the League of Legends community will be up to in the following year. The community rapidly grew in 2011 to more than 32 million players and that’s a lot of interests, opinions and styles that congregate in the same place. We hope we have been useful during this past year and will do our best to provide the valuable content to make your experience in League of Legends the best it can possibly be.

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