Sep 272011

Gamebase covers many games on different platforms: Diablo III, Maple Story, Angrybirds. League of Legends is no exception and besides the mandatory news and pro videos they have a great skin viewer that shows the models of each champion, and each skin, as they would appear in-game.

The viewer constantly spins the model around the vertical axis but you can click on the Flash window and rotate it as you see fit to check every little detail. You can even zoom in and out by using the mousewheel. Each champion’s lore, abilities, spotlight video, wallpapers and more are available albeit in Chinese.

You can embed the model viewer in your own webpage as it provides the code to do so; just like we did in this post. It really is a must before making a purchase or to plan your next one. You can visit the skin viewer here.

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  1. Here is an English League of Legends skin and model viewer:

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