Oct 122011

In Dominion team-fights happen very often, you could say that at every moment a team-fight is brewing as both teams try to capture the same points. Regardless, players sometimes ignore team-fights, instead going solo for a capture; sometimes ending dead after a good gank. Let’s take a look at the place and importance of team-fights in Dominion and how to capitalize on victories.

Team-fights can decide captures because every time you have a numeric advantage over the enemy team you can push aggressively and they have to defend. It’s more important to help your team in a fight than to attempt a backdoor.

A backdoor is only a temporary advantage and your team may be pushed back and lose a point without your support. Still, it’s important not to fight a lost battle. If the enemy has the advantage it’s better to retreat and stay alive to push a weaker lane.

Team-fights are so important that if your own team is pushing the bottom lane with four champions and you are alone at top against two or three enemies, you should consider abandoning top and joining the fight at bottom.

The reasoning is that if your team is able to win the team-fight you’ll have the advantage in numbers. No matter how powerful a champion is, or even if they have the Storm Shield; strength in numbers can stop them.

From a successful team-fight your team can continue pushing and capitalize on the numeric advantage. A split team is easy to defeat but a team that fights together can pick enemies one by one and dominate the space they move around.

Another benefit of winning team-fights is killing or simply forcing enemies to retreat and heal. This splits the enemy team forcing numeric advantage. Furthermore, re-spawn or healing time helps desynchronize the enemy’s strategy. It’s difficult to execute a strategy when you don’t have all members available.

One of the many good things of numeric advantage is that you can get it any time you are around your teammates. If your team has more members in a fight, the outcome is automatically inclined in your favour. This underlines the relevance of a fast and competent roamer.

A roamer can be deciding in case of successive team-fights; which isn’t uncommon in Dominion. Let’s suppose the roamer helps in a team-fight at bottom and you win 2v3; then he moves top and helps at a 3v3 fight.

Even though the second fight seems to be equal you know that the enemy won’t receive reinforcements because of the fight at bottom: the enemy has its members dead or healing. This way the enemies have to split their attention between the bottom lane being pushed and the fight at top.

The mini-map can help you position yourself and guess where a team-fight will happen. Not only can it show where enemies are headed and how many, but also the health relics available. If a relic disappears and no teammates are nearby, an enemy isn’t far. This can set-up the perfect opportunity to gank an enemy and gain a numeric advantage that can lead to a capture.

Finally, it’s important to coordinate attacks in team-fights. The initiator should remember to ping on the target enemy so that the rest of the team can focus on him. Spread attacks leave enemies alive but a focused champion will last seconds in a big team-fight.

Outnumbering the enemy is not the panacea of Dominion strategies but considering the frequency of team-fights, every little advantage helps. Not all games play the same, sometimes a backdoor is the right play. What is important to remember is that your team needs all advantages they can get, be it a backdoor or a numeric advantage. Anything that tips the scales in your favour with little risk is worth getting and you have to be prepared to seize the opportunity.

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