Nov 022011

In Dominion there are many strategies, tactics and team formations possible. However, something that keeps working is to be on the offensive. This isn’t to say that you should 1v2 at a point for a capture. On the contrary, playing safe is important and if you are aggressive while having the advantage of a nearby point or minions your chances of success are higher.

It’s common knowledge that it’s better to defend a point than to capture a new one. On the one hand, the more points under your control the more difficult it is to defend them. On the other hand, the more points you control the more places you have available to fight under cover fire. Moreover, it takes the enemy team more time and effort to even the odds because they have to neutralize and capture more points.

Before the Shyvana patch it was a bad idea to be overly aggressive when controlling three points. Your team could be aced or outnumbered and the enemy team, especially if losing, would revive faster and capture points left and right. However, with this patch the rubber-banding is limited to a +2/-2 seconds penalty/bonus to the winning/losing team.

Now, a winning team can be aggressive and not be fighting the respawn timer; at least, the effect is less pronounced. This means that a losing team receives less help but it also makes a good early game more significant. An early capture of the Windmill can allow your team to push the following lane and keep the enemy at bay with minions. This is time available to recall, heal, shop and return to defend.

This all has to be taken with a grain of salt. Matches in Dominion are very dynamic and there aren’t recipes available. Regardless, as the rules of Dominion change so should the strategies employed. Strong rubber-banding mechanics forced a winning team to play defensively. With the current rules, teams can clash at any moment and over any point. Moreover, the early stages of the match become more relevant and starting on the lead is less of a detriment as it used to be.

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