Nov 232011

In spite of the absence of a defined laning phase in Dominion, laning phase tactics are as effective in the Crystal Scar as they are in Summoner’s Rift or Twisted Treeline. Whereas pushing a minion wave allows for a turret to be destroyed in Classic, in Dominion it allows for a safer capture of an enemy point. Still, there are more tactics that can be used.

We have already discussed the benefits of pushing waves so this time we’ll concentrate on poking and harassing the enemy. Poking or harassing the enemy means to attack the enemy in a way that you deal damage but they are unable to retaliate; for example, using a ranged auto-attack on a melee champion.

Let’s start at the beginning of each match at the Crystal Scar: the battle at Windmill. Poking the enemy is enough to disrupt a channel so the enemy won’t be able to capture the point. Moreover, poking is a safe way of dealing damage as you use ranged abilities, a ranged auto-attack or an escape skill to get away unharmed.

League of Legends Kassadin attacks Shyvana

The damage done is significant, not in quantity at early game, but enough to give an advantage when focusing on an enemy. If the enemy captures a point you can poke them to make the defender recall or get a health relic. If you are defending you can wear down the attackers forcing them to retreat.

Whenever a point is involved, poking is a useful tactic to gain an advantage. Furthermore, it’s even useful when pushing a wave or roaming the inside of the map. When you have an advantage in damage dealt, focusing an enemy in a team-fight or one on one is more probable to result in their death. Killing isn’t enough to win but while the enemy waits to respawn you can capture a point or recall to defend again at full health.

League of Legends Kayle and Ryze attack Twitch

The gameplay difference from Classic to Dominion is remarkable but that doesn’t mean that all the tools used have to be replaced by new ones. Pushing waves and harassing the enemy are a couple of tactics that should be used in a match as they convey little risk and a high reward.

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